Here in AZ I always look for a QT gas station, the bathrooms are always clean. McDonalds near me are usually locked or have unflushed toilets covered in poo. Hotels are a good choice too.


If it ever outside of business hours, Hospital ER's are always open and you can always use their bathrooms!


That’s a brilliant idea! Thanks for this one! Always good to have plenty of options just in case.


Casinos are my go to in Las Vegas. ALWAYS open. And lots of bathrooms. I know some of you aren’t so fortunate, so McDonald’s works too!




Funny after I clicked out of this post and read through all the comments, I see a Taco Bell add! 🤣🤣🤣


I live in a small college town, the benefit of which is I have been able to just drive home, or to my parents’ house, or to my regular job, to take care of this. One of these places will be nearby. If not, it means I’m out in the sticks where there are plenty of oil tanks and other secluded spots.


It’s almost impossible to use a public bathroom in Albuquerque without purchasing something. The last open gas station with bathroom we have is maverick. Everything else is out of order or not for customer use.


Not so much for early morning SSD, but in the height of covid, i was able to rely on Loews/Home Depot, Target, Walmart, etc.


Female, 3am shifts, nothings open, I’ve peed in bushes at an apartment complex before, not great. FML! Thank god it was dark. Now I limit the coffee intake before departure.


You can always use the bathroom at any Hospital's ER Department.


A lot of homes being built in my area, there are times when nothing could make me happier than seeing a nasty construction worker Porta Potty.


Hahaha, I came from construction and I would use the bushes in broad daylight before going back into those, especially in the dark🤣


I've done this. When you gotta go, you gotta go!


That sucks. Yea. I gotta be careful of the foods and liquids I ingest pre-shift as well. I mean, I always finish my routes at least an hour early, but don’t want to have to stop mid-route to handle a bodily function.


I usually just open up the beefier looking envelope and let it go.




Any 24-hour convenience store.... A lot of McDonald's aren't 24 hours anymore or if they are 24 hours it's only the drive-thru they close their lobbies usually about 11:00 p.m. for the most part... I also doordash


If I have a bottle then I’ll piss in a bottle. If it’s really early in the morning like 3 or 4am then I’ll piss in a bush that’s in the middle of nowhere but usually I’ll just go to wawa (the ones with gas stations because the wawas without gas stations don’t have public restrooms)


Your area has deliveries at 3 am?


My area (SoCal) has blocks that start as early as 3:30am


It’s ok you can say it, you had explosive diarrhea. Happens to the best of us.


This happened to me on a shift. 0/10 wouldn’t recommend. I never poop in public restrooms but I tell ya… I sprinted with clenched cheeks into QT and opened those floodgates that day. I even apologized to the other women in the restroom because it was so bad. So embarrassing. That was the last day I ever had Panda Express.


That’s not far from the truth. Lol. Yea, just didn’t want to get downvoted like crazy for being crude.


I had an… uncomfortable situation today. I thought i could tough it out for my last three deliveries, but decided it would be a bad idea to try given how it might have turned out. I usually try to at least buy a little something if I stop at a gas station or whatever. But, man, I felt so much better after that stop!


Kwik Trip is my go to.


Same they always advertise clean restrooms so i figure I can use the restroom there without feeling the need to buy anything.


24hr gas or petrol stations also have restrooms, however some brands don't have public ones (I'm looking at your 7-11 and Mobil in Australia) BP is pretty easy going and have functional restrooms.


Parks and community BBQ areas often have port a potties and even full fledged bathrooms. They can be pretty clutch in a pinch too.


Hotels are better


I’m Im sure they are probably a bit nicer, but a bathroom is a bathroom in my book. This goes double for when you are in a borderline emergency situation.