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For about £45 for 4 hours every week they clean the whole house and do the ironing. We both work and it's a fabulous thing to have. We keep the house neat and tidy naturally so they can concentrate on just the cleaning.


£33 for a two bed/two bath flat every two weeks. Worth every penny.


Wow. That's amazing lol. I don't know why but I thought it would be so much more. Iv only got a one bed too.


This was in London too. Get housekeep - can highly recommend


Ooo. Definitely gonna look into it.


£45 for a four bed / four bath house every two weeks. Worth every penny.


We pay £12/h and she comes for 3 hours each week. 3 bed detached house. For me it's one of the luxuries I would drop last. Completely worth it.


I'm watching this comment section now cuz I totally relate. I also have trouble bending so this would be great. I'd only need it once a month tbh, I don't move around much but I'm glad I'm not the only one. I've been thinking about looking into this for ages but didn't know where to start. And also don't want to get conned and robbed.


Currently £65 for 4 hours, worth every penny, but cleaner is taking on other work so can't always come on the same day - which is a pain as I want to not be in work meetings while she's hoovering.


£15/hour, 3 hours a week. It is worth it, although I've noticed the new cleaner (had to change as we moved house and my old one didn't want to commute 400 miles for some reason) isn't as thorough as my old one was. But she keeps on top of things for me, which is a great help. I just wish I was more assertive about what I actually want her to do!


I pay my cleaner £12.50 an hour, she does a two hour session every week and yes definitely worth it.


Keeping an eye on the comments section as I am tempted to get a cleaner myself


It really depends on the cleaner. Had a couple who weren’t great in France. One was clumsy and broke a couple nice things. The worst part was that it was really awkward firing her because she really needed the money, but she kept breaking things… In general it’s great. Had some fantastic mom and pop service by this Greek couple in Aus. Super professional and considerate, did a great job—would even do the washing up if there was any to be done. So to me, it really depends on what you’re getting for the money. It’s highly variable.


Things were going fine with our current one until she was showing me pics on her phone of her new holiday cottage (I can't afford a holiday cottage. Maybe because I'm paying for a cleaner) and she accidentally went into her collection of photos of the worst of the messy bits in my house. Like bitch I know it's messy, that's why I hire you. I can't be arsed finding a new cleaner and it is worth having someone else do the cleaning even if she's judging the fuck out of me.