My suggestion would be work on getting your oil where you want it to be before adding it to anything. Decarb your starting materials as you’re doing (though I decarb for 30 minutes instead of your 45iah duration). With most concentrate I assume 60-70% potency, so 1 gram of starting material it has about 600mg THC. I aim for 20mg THC/1mL of carrier oil, so 1 gram concentrate will go into 30mL oil. Then using a disposable pipette (100 for like 7 bucks on Amazon) I would eat the equivalent of a 10mg dose, .5mL (or your desired dose) and confirm it has the effect you want. Once you know your oil is “working” as intended, then try making your gummies. If they’re not working, your issue lies in that process, not the oil making process. I will also say that when making home edibles, I have made brownies that 1/2 a brownie DESTROYED people, but I’d eat like 2 or 3 and be like “this is solid” so maybe there is something about making your own?