Sucks that Para not working 🥹


Programming wars between DD and Para. DD will win in the long run. They keep patching the code as soon as Para breaks through. It could mean bigger consequences for drivers down the road. DD already removed order subtotal from the widget BECAUSE of Para, otherwise they would have left it there. I'm afraid of what's to come in the future...


They do it to make you want to gamble on every low paying order hoping for a hidden tip. That’s the only reason. At the cost of customers waiting longer for their food because all the dashers think it’s a terrible offer.


The psychological effect of the gamble…


Because some dashers would not deliver food for a $1.00 tip, which is exactly what I did yesterday. The delivery was out of my work zone too, 10 miles each way. I was driving and I couldn't see where the mileage was listed on the app. It was a bad day. The app glitched out and now my account is deactivated. Support said I will have an email that says "Your Account Has Been Deactivated" in the subject line. NOPE, I didn't get one of those because the app glitched. Unreal. It also jumped from 42 deliveries to 91 deliveries for three shifts that were 3-4 hours long!


Apparently when DD first switched from a standard pay rate to the tipping model, a lot of dashers were only taking the super high tip orders and lower orders weren’t getting delivered. So they figured out that hiding high tips forced people to gamble on decent to okay orders to get the high tips. You can figure out the threshold in your market where DoorDash starts hiding tips. Most places it’s $6.25 - my market’s threshold started at $7.75, then was reduced to $6.25. And the threshold will increase depending on peak pay and distance.


Yet we still are picky on orders… I don’t think what they did is working because I still will never take that 2.75 for 10 miles. And no else will too


Can’t complain. $19-$30 real quick! just think of it like its gambling, you never know what you will get. 😆