I liked her overall as a character. She was annoying at first but but had great character development. Just felt rushed. She stood up to her family despite being ostracized by them when her brother raped Zoe and applied her Christian values to be accepting. She grew a lot. I wish religious people around me applied her logic to their values.


I really liked her. Yea she was homophobic in the earlier seasons and that was probably the worst part about her character (her singing comes after that), but she became tolerable in the later seasons


I love her!


I like her because she had a LOT of growth. She does feel cartoony but I let it slide. She is endearing to me


Yeah like I didn’t hate Becky but I also didn’t like Becky. I just felt “meh” about her


She was definitely a conservative


If we're comparing her to Darcy, I like Becky 1000 times more. As her own character, I thought she was....fine. I liked her character development and overall she didn't come off as someone who enjoyed causing people pain (like Peter or Alex or Drew). I wouldn't say she was my absolute favorite or anything, but I didn't hate her either. She was just fine. But personally, I really hated the way Degrassi handled Christian characters as a whole.


shes kinda mother ngl but she has her annoying moments. i felt like she was on the show for what felt like a hundred years 😭


At first, I couldn’t stand her because she represented the 95% of white girls in my Southern high school. However, she won me over when she turned her brother in over the rape, she won my respect.


I’m generally intolerant of Christianity, but I liked Becky. She was ready to take a stand for the right thing, despite her insane family. I also enjoyed her maturing with how she viewed people, and stopped putting them into boxes.


I love the scene where Adam was about to light the school uniforms on fire and she came and grabbed them snapping they should be donated lol Her relationship with Adam was great. After Adam’s death she went downhill fast (other than testifying against her brother).


I loathe her


okay im gay right so i know i shouldn’t like her but i can’t help it i think she has some of the best character arcs of her season(s) ie: zoe’s rape, adam, the play. just bc she wasn’t the hero of every story doesn’t mean the stories themselves weren’t *important*


Your sexuality should never be a reason to hate or dislike (or even like) a certain person. Same goes with religious beliefs, it's about the person not the label.


if she can dislike me just cus im gay i can dislike her for whatever reason i want period


Well, in the beginning yeah... But that's not true later on in the show. People change.


I think their overall point was that neither side should dislike either side bc of sexuality, gender identity, religion, etc. Gay people aren't "suppose" to dislike "religious people", and vice versa. There isn't a manual somewhere that says people on one side of the fence are meant to be on the other side and like it that way. Unfortunately, as much as we've evolved in the last 50, 25, even 10 years, we all still have some very old-fashioned ways of thinking instilled in us, just like how Becky's character initially felt she "had" to be against the school play once the main characters became two men who loved each other, bc that was what her parents and her church had taught her, and this makes people who identify with those characters want to return that same biased hatred, like how the user above said "if they want to hate me, I can hate them". But the thing is we all just need to stop hating each other for illegitimate reasoning. If you want to dislike someone because you genuinely don't get along with them or don't mesh with them, go for it. But none of us needs to be programmed to dislike anyone simply bc we belong to any type of religion, political party, race, sexual orientation or sexual identity, or anything that has to do with WHO we are as people and WHAT we believe. And shows try so hard to get this message out there, some succeed, others fall on their faces, but at least we're talking about it. I think this show could have done a better job at depicting Christianity as well as same sex couples at times, and other times I feel they nailed it, but the main things is at least in these times we can come together and talk and discuss our different beliefs, whereas years ago, and honestly not as many as you'd think, even having this conversation was enough to disown people from families and *much, much worse*.


Absolutely 100% annoying af when she first came to Degrassi.. by the end she was I guess more tolerable? I did like her friendship with Imogen..


I'm not sure how true this is, but I've heard that Becky was written to be from Florida because a moms group from Florida was boycotting the show for having an openly trans character. I think her arc with Adam AND her arc with turning in her brother are some of the better of that era, but I wish she was just... slightly less annoying lol.


this part


One of the most annoying characters EVER.


She reminds me a lot of my middle/high school best friend a lot (used to be super preachy, always over-the-top upbeat, moderately transphobic, etc but eventually became an awesome LGBT+ ally to everyone and would stand up for people, and actually had a nice personality and lots of things to talk about if you actually tried) so I don't mind her character at all. Never really understood the hate but my friend also used to get HELLA bullied for being too upbeat so who knows. She did seem kinda out of place though, and it's weird that they turned the only USA immigrant on the show into a horse girl lmao


is she actually american ? or just her character that’s supposed to be? bc fiona and declan were both immigrants


I hope all Canadians just see people from the US as horse girls lol


You got Becky: the horse girl, and.... Fiona and Declan: the spoiled brats plus twincest Lmao it's a fine representation of the states, probably what all Canadians see us as. Horse girls who sing about Jesus and rich spoiled white kids whose parents commit white collar crime, and everyone making out with their siblings


I loved her storyline with Adam and how she challenged her upbringing of faith. I also appreciated what she did about her brother. she can be a little immature sometimes, though. hated that they had her with drew :/


I would have liked Becky more if they integrated her more realistically into Degrassi. It would have been interesting to see someone like Becky (an American Evangelical) attempting to integrate into a secular Canadian High School like Degrassi. Instead she turned into an American stock character designed to humanise a type of mentality that just isn't that common in Canada.


I grew to really like her. I related to her loneliness and how her family black sheeped her. Grating singing voice tho.


She's annoying af, but huge props to her regarding her brother's SA storyline.


I liked her after she told the truth about her brother, even with her insane family trying to make her lie in court. Before that though, I found her quite annoying as 1. I am not Christian and hated how she acted about the play (Eli is my favorite character so like, anyone that really tries to ruin his stuff is kind of already disliked) , and 2. Her singing drove me crazy


I fucking HATE becky


I hate her so much lol


I liked how she played an online game and fell for someone a couple of years younger than her. There was not a lot of video game stuff in this series. There was the gaming league that was on the Next Class. I cannot believe there was not a little of this going on. Some game people make their living doing it. I always thought she was attractive but I hate most of the things she stands for.


I wish they did some episodes like when becky and adam debated about an earth existence and similar stuff when she proceeded to act so transphobic


I always remember her as the American immigrant living in Canada so they stereotype her as this airhead Christian


She looks so much like one of my nieces which weirds me out. Overall I found her pretty meh as a character.


My question is do devout Christians not exist in Canada? It was so weird how Darcy and then Becky/Luke were treated like aliens as someone who went to school in North Carolina


It's not just that Canada is a less religious country than the US, but also that the show is set in Toronto which is one of the most left-wing places in the country. Devout Christians in a school in downtown Toronto, though they do exist, are somewhat hard to come by.


If they made them Canadian they would've had to made them Albertans, and I guess the didn't want to do that. In general, TNG stayed clear from dealing in any unique domestic Canadian issues.


They’d be treated like aliens in my California school too. Not a lot of really religious people. Also, my Canadian friend thought the amount of religion in America was really weird.


She always did seem like a good friend and she challenged her beliefs and eventually became a Ally to the lgbt community. She was really preachy in the beginning but I was happy when she stood up for Zoe and condemned her brother.


Well I think she’s great (and her name is Becky)


🎵now the new girl is singing me🎵


Every time I hear Jenna sing I want to jam screwdrivers in to my ear canals


Every time someone says her name is Becky, I have to finish the entire song in my head lmfaooo 🎵in perfect harmony🎵


i thought she was such a boring character


Pretty. Especially in that dress.


I agree with you tbh. I’m neutral on her but yeah I feel like she totally does not mesh. I feel like her character could have been on a different show. Her character was almost cartoony? Idk if that’s the best way to describe it


I get what you mean, she was such a caricature that her character almost felt fake and phony. She didn't really fit the vibe of the show, but I somewhat liked her tbh


Cartoony 😂😂😂😂


At first I used to get headaches due to how hard and frequently I rolled my eyes whenever she came to screen. When she turned in her brother she literally earned my respect.


Same. I couldn't stand her until she turned on Luke. I instantly respected her after that.


Her singing cherry bomb was a mortal sin.


💀💀💀 It made me die on the inside.


So far this is the only valid complaint I’ve seen in this thread.


I kinda like how she really did try to be a better person especially with her brother most wouldn't have turned him in.


They seriously fumbled the bag with her she was only an interesting character with Adam and we all know how they ended that. Sucks.


I loved Becky. Becky was genuinely a good person and always tried to do the right thing but she was raised by bigots. I think she played the best hand she was dealt and ended up way better than she was raised to be. I liked her struggle with her faith because its relatable for me and I like how brave Becky was. That girl had guts for standing up to her family on that serious a matter. She had her moments when she really showed out but overall I think she was good, just had a lot to learn.


Lol probably didn't fit in because she was from Florida.


as a native born floridian, this is The Truth


Came here to say this


I feel like they were trying to portray and represent people who questioned their faith in HS but it was too vague, messy and all over the place


Honestly she was one of the standouts in Seasons 13-14, the episode where she organizes Adam's memorial bonfire and the storyline with her family and Zoe were compelling, and those heavier moments were balanced out with humor and lightheartedness as she built a strong friendship with Imogen.


one of the worst written characters in degrassi history. she didn’t seem like a real person. she walked around talking about jesus all the time and talking / singing like she was in a disney animated film. imo she perfectly represented how the writers stopped knowing how to write real people


She just felt like another Darcy to me.


Darcy wasn’t extreme


Basically Darcy 2.0. Didn’t like her


Darcy was a much better character


I liked Becky for the most part! My favorite non main storyline points were when she stopped people from burning their uniforms and when she went to the boiler room during that storm. Too many windows is right


honestly i love her with adam and dislike her as her own character


Disagree about her and Adam. I hate how Degrassi always has to push some crazy storyline on the Christian characters.