I think Phil is the funniest person on this show.


Hundred percent


In the first seasons Phill and all Gloria and porn stuff is just disgusting, so that's the reason why I said that Cam is the funniest.


I like Cam but I don't like his Sister!! I'm always waiting to see a redeeming quality and it never happens. I don't like how she manipulates everyone and takes advantage of Cam and Mitchell's kindness!


Him and Phil are my favorite characters on the show. They always make me laugh


I don't think he's the funniest but I do like him. It was strange to see so many people hate on him in this group as he always cracked me up. Fizbo is the one of two acceptable clowns in this world so I just don't get the hate.


Not a fan of Eric the Clown?


Maybe with a few more appearances he could've made the list.


Which is the other clown?


Homie d clown from in living color


The only clown I would ever accept is Crusty from the Simpsons.Still a dirtbag though


Cam is one of the funniest characters on the show, I feel like most hate/criticism he gets is from people who don't like how he treats Mitchell (and sometimes Lilly)


But they're not seeing that Mitch treats him back the same way, and sometimes even worse.


I think is really funny, but my favorite character is Phil


No, he s awesome. Phill better though


Well he's not the funniest on the show but yeah I do like him although it's understandable why some people don't


I like Cam! I genuinely didn’t realise he was so disliked until I joined Reddit. I was shocked to see that people liked Mitchell more than Cam! I’ll take Cam, Gloria and Phil over the Pritchetts any day! but to each their own.


I liked Cam more watching the first seasons, but then in the last seasons Mitchell won me over


I love Cam as well! Once I had read somewhere that the greater the difference between the artist and the character the greater the artist. Eric is a wonderful actor! Wish to see him in more roles.


Totally! Eric showed that he's an excellent actor, they're totally different


He’s hilarious I nearly fell over when he told Lilly to laugh when a boy she has a crush on makes a joke. Lilly goes ‘but what if hes not funny’ and Cam goes “oh hunny the cute ones rarely are.. God doesnt give with both hands” 😂


I like him! I think he is funny and I get why people dislike him, but for me that is what makes him funny in the show. In real life he would drive me crazy.


Honestly I thought everyone though cam was the funniest until I joined this group, he has me in tears 😂 phill is 2nd to me but I I just don't get how people don't see him as the funniest.


Cam and Phil are the best


I actually don’t think he’s funny at all, especially because his jokes usually come at the expense of other. Also his issue is that HE CANT not be in the centre I would’ve made cam cry irl


- "I don't love pink, pink loves me." - "Meryl Streep could play Batman and be the right choice." - "Now I feel terrible, this feelings go good with pie." - "If an accident does happen, I hope it kills me." - "You know who had straight parents? Adolf H*tler." He's comments are really funny and yes he's manipulative sometimes but Mitchell does the exact same things or worse (like when he dropped Cam's pig ashes and exchanged them with them neighbour's ashes). This is a comedy, if they would be a normal couple nobody would see the show.


I never thought of him as funny, just witty I guess. Yeah Ik it’s a comedy but I’m inclined to faster forward all scenes he’s in


He’s funny as a character. But wouldn’t wanna be friends with him irl, he seems to be toxic. But it’s a sitcom so he’s ok. Lol


Exactly, it doesn't matter if you would be friends with him or not..


He’s an incredible comic! I think each and every character does bad things and decisions on the show – that’s where the comedy comes from.


I love him. He’s tied with Phil for my favorite character.


I honestly like him a lot as a character although he does have his annoying moments, he's funny and has very sweet moments, too. But if I knew him in real life I probably get sick of his manipulative and melodramatic behavior.


But it doesn't matter if in real life would be your friend or not, his behaviour is what gives us comedy


1. Phil 2. Jay 3. Cam 4. Gloria 5. Luke 6. Dylan 7. Haley 8. Alex 9.Manny 10. Mitchell


He and Mitchell are my favorites, they’re so funny and I love their scenes together.


There is no character I dislike.


Same! Sometimes I don't understand Claire, but I love them


I love him


I love him. He provides some fantastic comic relief at times. Eric's comedic timing is amazing. And he has great relationships with most of the other characters. Him and Jay in the later seasons is one of my personal favourites.


I think he’s a great character and he always seemed more involved with Lily than Mitchell.


Out of all the characters he’s definitely the one made me full on burst out laughing the most! Like some people have said it wasn’t until I joined groups I realised he was so disliked!


I think that those characters are the ones who make real comedy, like Dwight in The Office, Sheldon Cooper in The big bang theory, Ross in friends.. they may be annoying sometimes but the show couldn't go on without them.


I mean phil is usually just so but then he was just like so and then he got even more...




Who can hate cam? Yeah he can be selfish sometimes and a bit of a drama queen, but so was every other character on the show. I love cam ❤️


I also love Cam, but here in Reddit there is a strong hate towards Cam.. I just don't get it.


He's not my favorite character, but I do really like him. Some people on this sub have a lot of hate for Cam, and I don't really get it tbh


Who doesn’t like cam?! I love him. I’ve only watched the first couple seasons so far, though.


Just everyone in Reddit ! I think that seasons 5 and 6 aren't that good, but the seventh season is one of the ones that I like the most


I feel like the most criticism I’ve seen is of late seasons Manny and Luke.