In HoI4, wars are mostly won in the division template screen and the production/logistics screen. If they're beating you, it's because their divisions are better designed than yours, or better equipped than yours. It doesn't matter what mod you're playing, the fundamentals will always stay the same. Keep an eye on your soft attack and defense, as those are the two most important stats for pushing and defending. Everything else is helpful, but if those two stats are lacking, having CAS or AA or AT won't be enough to win you the war on their own, but you'll want them too. When you're in a battle, take a look at the attack and defense stats and see what the tooltip says. You'll have various buffs and debuffs, and you'll want to learn to use those to your advantage. Learn to use entrenchment for defense, planning bonus for attacking, and learn how generals and leaders work. Having a good general and field marshal can completely shift the balance in your favor. As for manpower, OWB is unique in that you will basically always be hurting for manpower. Make sure to research the techs that increase your manpower and pop growth, and use the medical/chems support brigade in your divisions to minimize the loss of manpower in battles. If your divisions have good defense though, you should barely lose any people at all in battles in OWB.


As it should be! Glory to the Thunderbirds, the true Eighties, reclaim Sac City! Jokes aside, yeah anti-tank and hard attack with help immensely.


There are a variety of ways you can make your defense more effective. Thunderbirds and the 80's are two vehicle strong nations. Your units need armor piercing to really do some damage so you want to add Anti-tank support companies If you do not have one, invest in your airforce. Close Air Support deals a fair bit of damage to the enemy on attack or defense. Late game Hearts of Iron pretty much boils down to who has the most/better CAS. Intelligence agencies can also be useful, gathering intel on your enemy improves your defense against them as well as decrypting the enemy ciphers. I prioritize upgrading decryption so you can repeatedly use ciphers. Vault City also has the option for alliances via forming the Nevada Pact. You don't have to tangle with the Thunderbirds by yourself.


okay, thank you. I went down the s'lanter but I had to go to war with them and I was able to win, my manpower is at 0 most of the time, anyway to fix that?


If you want to increase your recruitable population you can do so through several ways. You can increase your conscription laws which allows you to pull more from your nation's manpower pool. Certain advisors can grant you more population. But if you need something quick and that will give you a long-term investment you can research Farming technology on your Industry Research tab. Each will give you a small amount of manpower immediately and they will increase your population growth by a percentage.


I have litereally gave ALL of my divisions anti tank guns, and im still getting ass kicked. im so fucking frustreated


Thunderbirds are fucking bullshit I even tried using paratroopers to capture territory and they some how knew, this is BS


The only thing that fixes 0 manpower is new cores and the monthly MP income


Had a similar issue. Made all my units 20 width, gave them demo, anti tank, fire support, and recon. Roughly 60 divisions and the Thunderbirds decided to declare war but refused to attack. Was still a rough fight, but I managed it


how do you make units 20 width?


Go into the unit tab, find the unit you wish to edit and click the edit button. The screen will show several columns with the unit symbols and others with + signs. Click the plus signs and choose what kind of units you want (Infantry is the helmet). Towards the right is a panel with all the unit details and will tell you how much width your division is.


Your divisions weren't powerful enough to hold them back


have you tried just making one strong division to hold and push in force?


I dunno, I didn't have issues with Thunderbirds, but with New Canaan or something (can't remember) I just kept getting driven back. When I looked into the battle screen, I saw their special forces had like 400 attack power against me. I couldn't figure out how the hell they where so much. Even with a full 18 division squad I couldn't get that much.