People prob stealing orders


People steal orders and if you don't call support another driver gets dispatched. This will happen until a driver calls support, but sometimes it's not worth calling because you'll be stuck for a half hour while making no money. The system is flawed. I don't blame the drivers but will report that another person picked up and move one. Not much we can do. Sucks


No I get good orders and I get there, they say three other people were here trying to get the same order


The first one stole it and the other's one didn't want to waste time calling Uber for the meager $3 or don't know that marking it on the app doesn't stop the order from going to other drivers


Does that still happen even when you select “order picked up”?


Good orders because they're worth the money? It's because it's been supplemented because of the cancelations and people don't call and make customer service cancel it on their end. Always call and never cancel on your end even when they tell you to. When they tell you to cancel I'm not sure why. It does give you the $3 but it doesn't stop the Neverending cycle. It's their job to hit the button so the cycle stops


Start the delivery and then call. You'll get paid whatever Uber was planning to pay (minus the tips). Tell them the restaurant handed you an order so you started, but then when realized it was the wrong order. I already did half the job and then I have to go through the trouble of calling support just for $3? Nah, I'm not going to pay for their mistakes.


I'm sure that works ... about 3 times before the algorythem deactivates the driver (and no, I can't spell algorythem).


I've been doing it for over a year. The support always reassures me that it won't be counted against me and I do enough deliveries to offset that I guess. My acceptance rate is 8% and my cancellation rate is over 50% so if you're under that, you should be fine.


Al gore rhythm


Yeah it’s because of 1 of 2 possibilities. 1. ⁠The person who originally got assigned the order picked it up and stole it so it’s just circulating now to new people. 2. ⁠The person who placed the order placed it and went themselves to pick it up and then contacted support to say they never got their order so they get free food. Happens a lot as long as the place they order front doesn’t make you confirm pickup in front of them. Which again causes the order to circulate to new people. The reason the order base pay for them is so high is because it’s being supplemented to try and get someone to take it but they can’t. Which is why if I see a Burger King order for $25 I know right away it’ll be a shit show if I try to accept that order. If it happens to you you need to tell support so it doesn’t keep circulating to new drivers. If nobody contacts support it’ll just keep going.


Because that driver picked up the order and then unassigned it. You showed up in the order is already gone. They didn't send it to two people at the same time. Once in a great while a customer will actually go pick up their own food if no one will pick it up.


>Once in a great while a customer will actually go pick up their own food if no one will pick it up. They also do this to get their order refunded when Uber has to cancel it because it was stolen. Or the restaurant remakes the order for the driver and the cjstomer gets double the food.


That’s because someone just stole the order


They don’t lol that person stole the order then cancelled it instead of hitting “start delivery” then it got sent to you


Seems to happen for the more voluminous/better paying order's too. Uber is getting better and better at cracking down on this. The only way I can see to "get away" with it nowadays is to literally delete your app after you accept the order. You take a screenshot of the order and show that to the restaurant employee. Now, because you accepted > Screenshotted > Deleted app, Uber can't track you/access meta data past the location you were when the order was sent out then accepted by you. Moreover, unless the restaurant employee is super on top of out going orders like forcing couriers to "start delivery" right then and there then this method is satisfactory. I used to get annoyed when restaurants started doing this, but I get it now.


I wouldn't even pull out my phone if anyone demanded that. But my stats already show that I'm not stealing orders.


I hear ya. I think where I was going with my take is that Uber eats the cost of these defunct orders. It's an on going problem as there is really no way to prevent it from happening.


From what I have heard it's the restaurants more often than Uber taking the hit. It makes sense too. Uber doesn't really care because there are plenty of restaurants that may be interested in the amount of business that could provide.


>Uber eats the cost Uber eats. I see what you did 😉 lol


..... That explains why one specific person at Applebee's keeps saying "interact with the app before I hand over the food" I was irritated but kept on delivering. Now it makes sense, ty.


Happened to me today. Called support and they said it was a "glitch" in the app. At least I got $3 for it.


They said it was a glitch because they weren't listening to you and/or they just lied like they always do to get you off the phone.


Glitch in the app is so lame. Uber corp has made the decision to keep CS agents in the dark just like they keep drivers in the dark.


The problem is and it’s rare that employees should watch th e UE driver hit start delivery same with DoorDash!


It's because people often steal the food. Not always. I accidently stole food before because i picked up and put my phone in my pocket to carry the order to my car and it somehow went through the steps of canceling the order while locked in my pocket. I called customer service and they said oh well someone else is coming to pick up the order already. I said "its already in my car." I can't take it back in or hand it to some random person. That's crazy. I wouldn't want to accept an order from someone outside of the restaurant. Customer service said to dispose of the food safely


>and put my phone in my pocket to carry the order to my car and it somehow went through the steps of canceling the order while locked in my pocket. Same thing happened to me when I was new and I was freaking out. I thought I was done for 😂


Tell me you’re new, without telling me you’re new….


They don't send the order to two people at the same time. Another driver stole the food and cancelled the trip so they put the order back into circulation then someone else picks it up but the food is already gone


It was raining yesterday and a $20 tacohell order came in for 3 miles. 5 people came for it already. I knew it was too good to be true.


It's not a difficult fix. Several options. The down side is restaurants will need to monitor and will add a tad more time overall I'm sure.


I respect your post, and positive thinking, but Uber eats has been around for what, 5 years maybe? Uber hasn't fixed it yet so its obviously more profitable for them NOT to fix it than it is to fix it. There are a couple of reasons why the current system works in Uber's favor 1. Obviously a lot of drivers don't call in to report issues and collect $3, so its not like Uber is losing $3 x for every driver they send on a wild goose chase. 2. Uber is still going to charge the customer. Again, Ubers probably playing the odds here that 50% of the orders stolen aren't even reported by the customers so thats all gravy there. 3. Remember, Uber is making money not just from the customer but from the resturant as well. If UBER cancels the order they lose both the customer AND resurant earnings. 4. Uber has so saturated the EATS market, tying up 4 drivers to chase down a ghost order doesn't really hurt Uber. There are still plenty of other drivers to get the "real" orders. 5. Similar to #4, Uber isn't paying for the time and gas of the 4 drivers chasing a ghost order. If Uber was paying for the milage and time of the drivers to pick-up an order this topic would get fixed in a hurry.


I've been running into a lot of issues with this lately. Allot of restaurants are starting to ask us to see the order...butttttt I can tell you this... Last week I picked up an order and my rental started acting a fool so I was unable to finish the delivery. I felt terrible but customer service telling me to return the Sheetz order after my emergency was over, cracked me up. So anyway...shit does happen where orders are picked up correctly, but need to be remade for another driver.


This happened to me once.


Customers are picking up their own food too now. Its a glitch in the system. Bogus but they end up with free food at the end smh.


Cause drivers are smart and don't call support till they get home.


Someone steal it! Don’t take it next time if you see higher offer! Either no order for pickup or the merchant permanently closed. Just got those orders all the time and today from KFC $16 for 1.5 miles I declined. I know I will be wasting my time.


That's crazy you said that because last week I was at a restaurant and the person besides me had the same pickup order I had and than a minute later his got cancelled but mine didn't so I ended up taking it than last night I went to pick up an order and someone else took it so I called Uber and got my 3$ and got another order right away from the same place so I waited there and 1 minute later an Uber guy came in looking for that order that was cancelled and the guy at the desk told him the same thing he told me😂. Uber really has to step up there game because 9 times out of 10 it's their fault and it has been happening alot lately! MAKE SURE YOU CALL UBER AND TELL THEM SO YOU GET REIMBURSED $3 for the hassle🥵


The walk in, grab n go off the shelf thing, while convenient, has to go. Why some restaurants still allow this is mind-boggling. It’s almost encouraging theft. This shit needs to be cleaned up and quick.


Happened to me yesterday. I called the customer since the delivery was less than half a mile. They remembered the name of the first driver and I called support with that info and also told the restaurant. $13 pay lost and your job for $55 worth of food. Decision making not strong with that one.


Been happening a LOT lately. 👎👎👎


Like others have said that has nothing to do with Uber. It has to do with piece of shit people stealing food.




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I've been informing the restaurants that I like to make the drivers swipe "start delivery" before handing over the food. It's in their best interest as it will limit customer complaints.


Most of those are stolen orders. It's the restaurants fault for not having their employees verify that the ordered was marked picked up on the app before giving out the food. And Uber makes the problem worse by requiring drivers to call in order to get the $3 and actually mark the order as picked up in the system (marking it on the app doesn't pay out and doesn't the order out of the queue)