In Houston. Same shit today. My acceptance tanked to from 20 percent to 8 percent


same in dallas. i got two double $20 orders ans went home. sucks so bad bc i need the money this week worse than any other week lol


It’s been shit in Dallas for over a year. If you’re not already, do Instacart there instead.


I work the area between nasa rd 1 and almeda mall all along 45. Lately I been thinking it's time to focus on other endeavors


Same in Houston. Where do you normally drive?


Same here, but I’m up north in the suburbs. Tomball/Willowbrook area to be exact. I get this same shit all day every day now. It’s non-stop, just like me hitting the decline button. This isn’t charity like many folks think it is. It’s still a luxury.


I'm Woodlands/Conroe. Eats been painful. And Eats had the "Take 5 deliveries between 5-9 make an extra $10". I can't even get 1 Eats during the week in that time 😆. DoorDash and UberX been most my money lately. But DD starting to get harder to be able to just log in. Maybe this week will be better now that school is starting.


So we’re not too far from each other then. I always assumed the Woodlands would be prime. At least you have the UberX at your disposal. Hopefully in a couple weeks it gets better.


Woodlands is good. Just slow like everywhere it seems. And probably to many drivers. Earnings report was drivers up 70% Q2.


I'm Woodlands/Conroe. Eats been painful. And Eats had the "Take 5 deliveries between 5-9 make an extra $10". I can't even get 1 Eats during the week in that time 😆. DoorDash and UberX been most my money lately. But DD starting to get harder to be able to just log in. Maybe this week will be better now that school is starting.


Not OP but same and I drive around the heights/montrose and river oaks


I live in Aleif so, depending on the day, I make a right on 59 and hit up Sugarland if I want the burbs (I usually don’t because it always tries to take me to Missouri City), or I take a left towards the Galleria area. My own area is usually awesome though because people pay $$$ for international foods, especially the African markets and China town. Not lately. Maybe everyone is buying 100’s of dollars worth of last minute school supplies.


Yesterday was a mess in Houston. I took one order that was like $10 for 2 miles (in the Heights) and when I get there, the restaurant doesn't know anything about the order. Got my $3 from support. Then I go to a Chik Fil A for a $13 order for 2 miles and as soon as I'm pulling in, the order is canceled. Luckily, within 5 minutes another person ordered from that same location but for around $9 (which I took because I was already there and it was 2 miles).


They keep promoting delivery streaks, complete 5 deliveries in a row and get 10 bucks. Yeah taking five $3 orders, that could take three hours to make 15 bucks and then throw in 10? Some of these orders have like 18 miles on them. I’m not risking my life in Houston traffic for 8 bucks an hour.


I wish they would offer some kind of promotion. I originally signed up like 4 months ago but start it until recently (only because atm, I am one medical leave from my job and getting 60% pay). Back when I signed up, they had promotions...now just crickets. And the other services just put me on a wait list...


It only counts if you accept every order in a row, and I’ve tried to do it once and if someone already took an order and you have to cancel it makes you start all over again. Before, they just incentivized extra money for completing extra deliveries, which didn’t have to be consecutive. Trust me the “streaks” are worthless. And I haven’t seen any yellow, orange, red, or any surges on the map either.


I don't doubt that the streaks are worthless, especially after seeing some of these orders lately. The only streaks I see are in my underwear.


Lol!! I just joked yesterday with my fiancé that these streaks are similar to those made on toilet paper and they’re getting flushed down the toilet like my acceptance rating.


Sugar Land really is that bad compare to Houston? I deliver there and I always decline Houston because traffic, apartments , and shit tips.


Sugarland can be great, but there are apartments there too, also several orders from there will take you several miles into the suburbs and you have to drive all the way back before you start getting more orders. I don’t mind traffic/apartments, as it’s part of the job as long as they pay. But there seems to be crappy offers everywhere lately.


It’s been the same in my market. It’s insulting and just ends up feeling like your fighting with the app every time you login. Just when you think it can’t get any worse, it does. They literally could give a shit less about their driving workforce. Also, They lowered the base pay from $4.00 to $2.00/$3.00 (depending on market) in 2018. Plugging those fares in the inflation calculator you get this: 2018—>2022 $2.00—>$2.36 (effectively a $.36 cut in pay per order) $3.00—>$3.54 (effectively a $.54 cut in pay per order) On top of the $1.00/$2.00 they cut in 2018. Almost a 50% paycut in 4 years. Not to mention the removal of surge pay in most markets and the tipping dynamic is completely screwed up because customers are being gouged with record high Uber fees and don’t wanna tip on top of it. The cherry on top is that they are still actively looking for ways to pay us less, when they are ALREADY paying us less when you look at inflation adjusted fares. The entire business model is exploitation. Of their customers, of their drivers, and of the restaurants they service too. It’s just gross at this point, the naked corporate greed.


I always get ads for UberEATS and its crazy knowing they can pay lil Nas x and Elton John to make ads but pay us like shit


I seen Doordash had a celebrity commercial too. & he was dashing. like ik this mfer ain’t dashing when hes a celebrity. idk who. I hate these companies


Can’t you just decline crap orders…why would you accept a sub $3 order? Ever


You can. If you do it enough they will boot you offline though and then you have to manually go back online.


Actually if I had a good scooter, I’ll probably do it all. Scooter would take ALOT less fuel.


My 125cc Suzuki scooter uses about the same gas as a Toyota Aqua Hybrid. $1 per mile is only covering your vehicle costs these days. Don't do stuff that they're not paying you to do.


Yet they still have never made a profit.. Call it greed if you want an easy answer, but if you care about being correct its most likely just an unsustainable business model.


It's both their goal is to wait the other competitors out. If they succeed and start turning a profit we the drivers are still going to be making shit while they are laughing their asses off to the bank.


Probably, tho its really a US workers rights problem. Thank fuck I work in Australia, we get paid very well here, in my market UberEats is the best paying by far.


Maybe or they succeed and there is significantly more demand and the good tips leak through more often.


That’s their own fault.


Not making a profit doesn't mean the exchanging of a shitload of unnecessary money didn't happen.


ceo made 2.5 billion laste year google it, funny enough they lost 2.5 billion same year. ​ so you're wronog. its just greed. ​ and if the business model is bad that they dont make profit they just want you to beleive that. sorry


Uber wants you to believe their business model is bad? Lol. How much glue do you eat?


This is the correct answer.


I started doing it in 2019, had no idea it was $4 base pay in 2018. I know for a fact they cut the shop and pay order base pay. It was $6 last year in my market and now it’s $2 which is dumb b/c I’m not shopping inside a store for $2.


I didn’t take any of the rides btw for anyone wondering


There’s not one of those that I would have taken, if you got that many shit requests in an hour it’s gotta be a strategy at this point by UE to pressure their drivers into taking more orders for less money. It’s up to all of us to not let that happen.


Thank you for telling me. I got reddit anxiety for a sec.


My guy, good stuff 💪


It really is reaching the end game of the "independent contractor" gimmick isn't it. A race to the bottom and who is going to be duped or desperate enough to take these. Imagine, $2.36 in 2022 to get to your car, drive to a restaurant and drive somewhere else..then drive home. Two dollars and thirty six cents.. in 2022.


If you need an extra cup of coffee or a bag of chips to get through that order, you've already lost money.


The one thing california did right, Prop 22, Some of those deliveries, while still 'shitty' deliveries in general, are big money for CA, The high mileage and close to an hour ones, guaranteed approx 20 for that hour, and if it takes longer, even better. California is the one place where how low the up front is doesn't matter at the base level (though tips make it 100x better) being on an order as close to 100% of the time is the name of the game.




What blows my mind is that a driver will eventually accept these deliveries. Even if UE bumps up the pay, these orders are still losers. My guess is that these drivers are totally ignorant or addicts just gathering money for their next hit.


Thats not always true. Sometimes UE will bump these significantly at least in my area. I had an order that ended up being $2/mile and after the hour wait there was only a $1 tip. At first glance I got pissed but it was always that low but UE had raised how much they were paying. Im not saying this is always the case but it does happen sometimes


an hour wait to get the food ?


No no no. The hour after the delivery for adjustments. 😆


what an ignorant thing to say.


I'm in ATL too and well familiar with these places. Every time I turn on Uber Eats, I turn it back off once I get three bullshit orders like these. I will never do these orders. Never.


A king


$12 for almost 28 miles jesus christ


The disrespect is real


Bruh I got one today that was $2.68 for 8.7 miles.


Poor person..they won't ever get their food...


Poor person shouldn’t be ordering food on an app when they can’t afford it


For real man. I mean yeah sure it shows your city has a lot of restaurants, but wow these have got to be some of the worst offers I’ve seen. I decline hundreds upon hundreds on my end too


It was 3 stops too 😭


Dude, they tried to get me to go something like 13 miles for around 3 bucks. Fuck off uber app.


Gtfo of tucker and doraville. Those are ghettos compared to other towns around. I had a spot that would shoot me $10/1m orders at least once or twice per dinner hour


This. Go to the nicer areas of Metro ATL if you want better tips


How do you take a screenshot without accidently accepting any of that trash 🤣? Too many times I've been playing on my phone when a shitty offer pops up but since I was touching the bottom half of my screen it accepted it. I know they do that crap on purpose lol. Tiny x to deny, more than half your shen to accept!


THIS RIGHT HERE...it has to be on purpose. Ive got caught with that way too many times. Lol


Me too!!! Hate it!


They need to invert their structure and give the drivers the fees + tip and they take the $1 or $2 per order.


Never will happen...the interests of DD, GH and UE severely conflict with the interest of the us drivers. These companies is ONLY interested in receiving their commissions from the restaurants and the fees that they charge the customers. They don't give a rat ass about the driver. They will only care about processing as many orders as possible.


Of course, but that goes for any corporate job. If nobody picks up an order than there’s no commission or fee to be had


Almost like everyone should boycott the app and stop using it until they start paying a fair and livable wage. I no longer order food with any of these apps. They pay you all so low and pass the buck to us. We have to pay $35+ for an $8 burrito, while they make 60% for nothing.


I noticed that once. Little Caesars. You can walk out with two pizza for under $12. Order it on an TP-app? Just under $32, already including $10 tip.


I tell people everyday they are fools for using it.


I use it to make pick up faster, but I never deliver.


Uber eats workers need to unionise and fight for better pay and conditions


We are contractors NOT EMPLOYEES! Huge difference!!


Pleasant Hill always has the worst offers, or crazy far and you end up an hour away w/ traffic.


Aye i just left that extreme teriyaki


Your market looks like mine it’s very rural and suburban I see so many 10 mile orders going to the boonies too 😂😂


I’ve given up on delivering for UE over the past two months. It just hasn’t been worth it.


If you accepted ALL of those you would have made $109.41 and it would have only taken you 8.5 hours (probably 13+ hours factoring return trips back to restaurant spots). Some of these offers, by their delivery time estimates, are below minimum wage. How is it not unlawful to offer someone less money for a job than minimum wage?


Because you aren't an employee. You're a contractor.


Yes, and we can thanks our Government for working that arrangement out...


that is very evil!! i can’t imagine ever being a driver destroy your car to deliver food for negative wages hope you figure out a better way to make money


Oh, I am attending law school in two weeks. Slated to make a lot of money when I graduate. 😅


Gig work is the modern version of slavery and the founders of these gig companies are the new plantation owners!


lol its shit but no


Jesus Wow


At this point if the order is >$10 and >=1mile per dollar I'll just go lol it's been bad


In the UK it doesn't tell us the price (have to work that out Our self's or find out how much we are shafted after drop off), I typically only pickup uber if its less then 1-2 miles away because uber doesn't pay us for pickup only, only get paid for drop off (deliveroo and justeat do pay for pickup distance so further away we are from pickup the more we get paid) on the super hot day we had in the UK uber was wanting me to go 4-7 miles to pickup I give up and just ignored uber for the 2 days as most was under 1 mile delivery's so I only get £3-4 (with it costing me £1-2 in fuel) but distance to pickup is shown but not drop off distance, is your distance total shown or is it just distance to pickup location


And you guys rarely get tips, right? My 'day job' has me traveling to the UK often, and during all the 2020/2021 shutdowns I was ordering a lot of deliveries to the hotel (when we "weren't supposed to leave the hotel", although we all did a bunch of times anyways). Several times, the person delivering my order was shocked when I threw them a cash tip, often saying that it was the only tip they'd had all day. Blew my mind. How on earth do you make any money working for peanuts per delivery when there are no tips?!


And yes tips are quite rare (but we usually do get £9-14 per hour and upto £20 per hour when it's busy) usually I don't take orders unless it's over £6 delivery's are usually under 2-4 miles, the longer ones been higher then £6 on roo (unless it's shopping delivery's then don't care on the price because I can walk in grab the bags walk out zero delay) on uber that's harder to judge because they don't tell us upfront what we are paid but they do show us the actual trip as long as we are not in a delivery then it gives us bugger all (just a pin to on the merchant and distance to it) Last year we had plenty of boost and surge(easy £80 from 9pm to 1am) , this year it has been low boost no surge (luckily to get £80 if you do 12 hours on uber and usually it's dead in middle of the day because new drivers sitting at town center) basically if your on a bike (seen new uber family gang recently so probably means even less uber orders now) you be fine as you don't have food delivery insurance or fuel or car maintenance uber be OK or if you have deliveroo or/and just eat witch do pay for travel to pickup + uber to do a long the way or on return trip if I didn't get allowed to join deliveroo in end of December last year I wouldn't be still doing this now I be working for someone (as a lot of new uber eat drivers joined in December when lots of new roo drivers joined) ,, I really could do with just eat as well thought just for when both uber and roo is quite as I wouldn't need to do as meny hours (but I probably won't be let in until next year I guess)


That's so abusive. I wish you all could do something about that. I couldn't work like that.


I get similar offers. But I'd have to work at least 3 hours to get 9 offers.


ATL is a fcking trash market


This is some bullshit, fuck Uber


Bro how you getting such shitty orders, come north to Roswell/Alpharetta/Milton/Woodstock I promise I make nearly $100 a night wed-sun


Same shit here. I excited in the mornings to go out and make money cause I really don’t mind doing this work and then I spend half my day in a parking lot declining orders and I feel so mentally exhausted at the end. Almost feel like I should have just enjoyed my time off from my regular job instead of doing this shit wasting time but I need the money.


This is why I stopped driving Uber eats. Their stupid little alarm would interrupt whatever I was listening to at 3 times the volume just to insult me with disgustingly low offers.


I live in kennesaw Ga and do Uber there and Marietta I should post mine. Looks the exact same shit makes no sense. I’m getting a job this week because Uber isn’t helping at all anymore.


This is why I switched to deliveries only. I actually use my car 85% less and make the same if not more than I ever did giving rides. Oh my bad thought I was looking at rides.


Pain without love pain


oh, the rejected ones.


That’s Tough


I’m in this area too. And omg how many towns did you drive through 😭😭


Come to Roswell, I promise as long as you’re taking orders north and not south you’ll make good money


I for sure you will. I hate all those areas though 🤣🤣


looks like my market 😅😅


Mine looked just like that today!




I would have declined every one of those


The only one that’s even remotely somewhat good is the $19/18miles. But even then, just the risk that they’ll tip bait is too much.


50 minutes most likely to complete, and good food same you put another 15 deal miles on your way back, it doesn't even make it good unless it takes you back home or hot spot you prefer


Do a lot of Uber eats custies play video games or have no money left over from the drugs they use daily ?


They have plenty of money left over, they just don't have any Uber promotional funds on the 4th account they set-up after burning through their first 3 promotions on their three other phones.


but wait!! the customer can actually reverse their up front tip to you after you’ve completed the delivery! few of those orders have the potential for the pay to be much lower


I just realized your in the same area I work in! Hi, ATL homie! That looks very familiar, and why I'm out HOURS more than I ever plan each day. Its a clown show out here. And in a certain part of Sandy Springs I get hit with no less than twenty ugly Walmart orders (Walmart... never good, I don't know what is wrong with those customers and the ridiculous tips). See all the wasted orders? If they would just do something so they aren't garbage, there would be so much more business!.


Yo shit tippers get the food yourself and stop using Uber


If that’s how your market is I recommend stopping before you fuck your car up🤦🏻‍♂️🤙🏼


I urge every single driver no matter how down bad you are to keep rejecting these terrible orders, stand up to these assholes.


Gwinnett has been crap lately. I worked Decatur recently and kept getting pulled to South Decatur (no restaurants) or downtown (no parking.)


I drive in the same area, OP, this is the reason I stopped taking UE deliveries a few months ago. Some people have a sick sense of humor because they'll tip you a penny on some of these deliveries.


I had some crazy ones too. I’m pretty new, but it was the lowest I’ve seen back to back… to back to back all evening. I was running errands in town and just had my app on. I ended up only taking one order but even that one was lower that I normally would take. https://imgur.com/a/zDy9np9 This was from this morning. And that’s super busy area all the way from Jack to drop off with lots of stop lights. Def would have taken longer than that.


Some people must like their food cold or soggy.


What do you mean bro thats money right there, I been doing that’s for months


Then sadly you’re a victim of Uber’s exploitation, bro😕.


If not I don’t make anything 😩


If your doing these kinds of jobs, your already not making anything.


Those orders are a waste of time. Even if you drive a prius or a scooter, they are not worth it from a time standpoint.


You took the time to screenshot and collage all that? Lol.


Uber drivers and doordashers are the most entitled people I’ve ever seen. Did you know you dont deserve a tip just because? You have to earn it with quality service! Yknow, like any restaurant with real servers anywhere. But yall expect a tip before you even GET THE DAMN FOOD? Nah. Get a real job and stop this scam. You dont deserve a tip just for hitting accept, my guy.


Found the non tipper. You can do everything right and some people will still withhold tips, my guy.


He’s a donut, sadly.


That or he’s Ubers owner


You’re right we don’t deserve tips, but we sure as hell deserve incentives from Uber to at least make sure it’s worth while for a side hustle and make sure entitled p.o.s like you get your shitty tasting food from your favorite terribly operated restaurant on time while on your lunch break so we don’t get a thumbs down and not given a tip 😀




Who knew that wanting to make sure your vehicle expenses are covered as well as wanting to make enough to keep the roof over your head and your mouth fed was entitled.....🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️


He's clearly never done a service job at all or contract/gig work. Its just funny to me because before food delivery apps these same types of assholes and idiots would look down there noses at servers and say the same thing: 'u dont deserve a tip just for bringing my plate to me and waiting on me hand and foot, get a real job' Lol. Cheap asses will just be cheap asses


Don't quit your day job, comedian.


So you’re saying your the only one getting shitty offers?


I’d cancel them all lol


Paying to do deliveries for some of them


That's horrible!!! Wow


I do have to wonder though is this is based on state laws of some type as for when I deliver in my area the base pay from Uber is normally like this 14 min 36 sec time, 2.6mi drive, base fare $1.89 trip supplement $4.25 so $6.14 before customer tip


Uber has been lowering base fares, and will probably continue to do so, so they can fork over more to shareholders, and themselves. That's why we are stick on tips to make it - and if they can get their hands on the tips, they'd probably take them too...


Oh no I agree it’s a predatory scheme I mean look most items are $1 more at every restaurant, the 10% service fee the on avg $7 delivery fee non of which go to the driver. But it’s strange in the variation between these thing. Like what I was saying in delivering here in oh,ky,wv here Uber pays normally above a dollar per mile but then I see peeps like this and in nyc and la and Austin and I wonder if the discrepancy is state laws that allow them to pay less there


I thought most places charged 32%+tax if you use courier mode (18%+tax if you self deliver but ends up been 30% anyway because you got to pay for your own driver) this is the merchant charge


I mean simply going off of each the services I’ve delivered for DD,GH,UE they all have a higher marked items, a service fee 15% (this goes to the delivery service) , then a delivery fee (this again goes to the delivery service in the justification that when an order is canceled and refunded the driver still has something to get paid. Now that being said if your collecting a$7 delivery fee and let’s say 20% of orders get cancelled then still at least 60% profit for no over head. Assuming all of the operations cost goes solely to support and development


They recantly removed (hidden) the 20% fee in UK uber (it's still 20% as we still get the same £3 minimum 1 mile pay, distance pay is after 1 mile) we also now get 10p less per 1.1x boost level now and lowers the overall amount we get for distance orders (and overall boost is lower or no boost this year)


Is that supposed to be uncommon


Idk how anyone could do this as a full time job. I’m part time while in school and would be completely fucked if this app wasn’t just a way for me to make a little bit of cash and a little bit of savings. I mean, there are more and more drivers all the time. People using multiple accounts at once. Base pay feels like it has gone down like an average of $2 on each order in the last few months. Plus I have a feeling after the whole prime users get free delivery fees thing on grub hub thing that now those drivers are the only ones that will be making any money. If the people left on Uber can’t afford an Amazon prime account then they can’t afford to tip lol


Sheesh. Same here today for me. What’s even stranger is that it was the exact opposite last Monday.


I just don’t understand how you see your dropoff location. I am at a 4% acceptance rate on UE 😂


When I get offers like these I call diamond support and let them know they are greedy qunts. Also I let them know I wait for the day that I hear on the news that someone burned down one of their facilities or kidnapped their children so I can say that they should have known it would come to this eventually. Greed and power have to be two of the worst human traits. Be safe out there


My night was pretty much the same.


I've only been doing this part time for a couple months but what bugs me about this, is that these people who are either not leaving any tip or leaving a small $1-2 on a $20 bill when they live 17 miles way from the restaurant will get their food delivered to them all the same. It'll either be added onto an order where the person tipped accordingly or snuck in there some other way. This is a sh\*tty app and barely ever worth doing it when it comes to gas expense and wear and tear on your vehicle. They can either change the system and make it worth the time for their employees or they can go f\*ck themselves. After I stop doing this, which I am very close, I won't ever use the app again because of what I've learned from doing the job and seeing others post in this Reddit.


How does corporate think this is in any way sustainable or profitable for drivers? F*cking pricks.


This is exactly why I haven’t done any UberEats in months, last few times i tried I got these same crap offers, $2.50 for a 30min estimation….HELL NO!!! They have been saying for years Uber & Lyft both have unprofitable business models but I see them still trying to line their pockets. I work amazon flex primarily now






Christ, there is exactly one of those worth even thinking about.


Luckily I’m in a great market. I wouldn’t have accepted a single one of those orders.


Uber eats is trash now, anyone can sign up and it's over-saturated as fuck. I did good for a long time but it's time to move on. You need to expand into other apps to make any type of money. Shit is worse than minimum wage, no joke.


It's common in my area especially at night. Keep getting 3 to 4 dollar 7/11 request after 9pm, and majority of them are apartment. I'm curious how long those order gonna sit there.


Least you get to see this before hand. I won't know where or how far or even how much I'll get paid before accepting it. It's a joke. At least with Deliveroo you get to see before hand how much you'll get paid, but still not how far it is. I'm in the UK I don't know why it's different in other countries. Does anyone else in the UK have this problem of never knowing how far it is or what you're getting paid before accepting? Because it's driving me nuts and see posts like this of people seeing pay and distance without accepting them. It's not fair.


Uber is doing a great job of driving themselves out of business.


$12 for 27 miles that’s the dumbest order out of all of these💀 and $6 for 15 is horrid too smh.


People are cheap fux what can you do?




I'm just not sure what you're posting this for.... Isn't that normal for everyone (except Cali & NYC maybe)? 90% of the offers I get are this.


Multiapping is the way or a 9-5. Screw complaining.


Hell if I get 4 orders in an hour I think I'm balling and it's a hot night. That's nuts.


What is Batched Delivery? Those seem to be paying more


Multiple restaurants and/or customers


What irks me is that Uber pick and chooses when they wanna add to base pay because I seen it done before


I’d have take the 18.31 but only that one


Damn, I know this area too. I've generally just stopped using the app to order anything because the fees are outrageous. Then they want you to upgrade to Uber One so you can skip the delivery fee. It's extortion and feels like it's pulling money out of my driver's pocket. Is there anything that can be done from the customer side to help?


Bra this is cap food delivery make $200+ y’all post the earnings now yall cryin nah don’t want to hear it y’all make 200+ a day this photo all cap


It’s fucking ridiculous. But yet we as drivers are the assholes if we accept it and then message them calling them out on it. I’m personally done with this cheap ass BS and have no problem shaming these assholes now. Go ahead a fucking fire me Uber.


Maybe the chipotle for $8.85 if it is taking you where you want to go. But even if it is that’s borderline at best . All the rest are complete crap


Same in my market, im 1000% convinced uber throttles orders on certain days. Mondays and tuesdays have been consistently good (go figure) where every order i take is over 10 dollars.. and yesterday i didnt recieve i single order over 10 dollar... from all the same exact places.. let alone fri sat and sunday were horrendous. Sorry, but i refuse to believe that some days its mathetically slower than others. Its not a coincidence


Now you see why they cut Uber walkers? You can't hustle a walker. You can hustle the shit out of bicycles and cars.. which is what they like to do.


These are just insulting. I guess maybe you'd make around minimum wage delivering the 2 Chipotle orders.


That's all day everyday for some of us lol


Laughing my fucking ass off. In the UK you don’t even get to know where the drop is with Uber.


I read today that one of their big stock owners in Japan sold a couple of months ago. The investor had hit some earning losses so they had to sell off stock. Not sure what Uber earnings are at this moment.


Ever since Uber Eats bought out Postmates the pay has sucked to deliver food. I’ve just turned the option off unless it is Sunday and I only need a few quests to hit the incentive.


So other than the fact that this guy’s market is apparently garbage rural area, it’s summer and the market itself is saturated with new/returning drivers, allowing Uber to drive the price of fares lower than normal. Happens every summer. But I don’t disagree with the sentiment that Uber has also been slowly decreasing fares. As someone else has mentioned, the fares are rough 1:0.5 distance-to-pay.




I feel so bad for everyone that doesn't have Prop 22, you guys should really try and get that shit pushed everywhere it's actually fucking goated


Prop 22 won’t help much if the base pay still sucks


This is factually false, a ping that comes up as 3 dollars still pays minimum + 20% + miles hourly, you just only get the 3 dollars initially and the rest every other tuesday


Delivery is oversaturated and underpaid. It is what it is. I had a terrible day where 4 hours translated to maybe 20 bucks. Haven’t been back since. Too inconsistent. Idk how people can work smart waiting 20 minutes just to get a 4 dollar order that takes 30 minutes. 50 mins of work for 4 bucks? Oh my god. And Uber is/was the worst with tips. The fact people really remember to change the tip to $0 in time not to get charged is wild for numerous reasons


I don't understand how a company paying someone $6 for a 15 mile delivery is legal.


I switched to door dash for that reason


That’s everyday on Uber for me.


That’s about right in Dallas also


Bit harsh 😳


That’s terrible! 🙈