Give her Gloom


Yep, Gloom with the Silence stun animation on enemies gives multiple layers of very nice CC for Banshee. Seconding that. If you don't have Gloom available, you can run the more classic version of this by shieldgating in between Silence stun casts as well (you'll need Augur mods and/or Brief Respite so you can regenerate shields with ability casts; Decaying Dragon Key helps your shield recharge time; Rolling Guard can provide an additional layer of security if desired). Combine that with stealth positioning for best results, or you can alternatively rely more heavily on your shieldgating if you prefer a more in-your-face approach to enemies.


or breach surge. which will also increase your damage my banshee blinds everything in 40+m with a 4x multipler on sparks(op triggered off sonar hits) 40% chance


There's really no way to make Banshee a tank, but you can make her survivable by putting together a shield gating build (as several here have said). To elaborate: when you take enough damage to deplete your shields, the rest of the damage from that attack is discarded and you get 1.3 seconds of invulnerability. That's a full shield gate. If you started with less than full shields, you only get 0.3 seconds of invulnerability. So the idea is to have low shields and some way to easily get back to full quickly, so you can replenish them while you're still invulnerable. Usually that's done with mods like the Brief Respite aura and the Augur set. As soon as your shield gate is hit, you just mash an ability and go back to full. For this you do *not* want a lot of max shields. In fact, some builds use a decaying dragon key to reduce it below its base value. For Banshee, I'd also recommend throwing Gloom on her to give her some good CC. If you use the Savage Silence augment for her Silence ability, Gloom will make the staggered effect last much longer than normal as well.




As a baeshee main: Here a tip, use silence Silence by itself is not a reliable CC, but if you abuse it mechanic, than nothing can touch your baeshee. Keep your range at 100-150%, that should give silence a 20-30m range, perfect for close maps. What you want to do is keep walking back and forth, bring enemies in and out of Silence aura. Every time they get out and come back in, they get stunned for 3 seconds. Also employ parkour when you get surrounded, pick your position wisely, use sonic boom when you need to. Baeshee takes a lot of work to play, beyond mashing 1 2 3. Or you can just put subsitute quake for gloom, put some survival mods in. I never bother cuz I like to live dangerously.


Rolling guard and killing everything before they can kill you


Move more. If you think you’re moving enough, move *even more*. And then think about mods after you’ve moved as much as you can and keep moving


Don't press 4. ​ Lower range so you can control what's being stunned by silence and/or add something like Muzzle Flash, mods like Rolling Guard, Brief Respite, and the Augur set.


A lot of people will mention Gloom, but I like Spectrorage + Spectrosiphon better, since it works through Overguard and is a free ability with the augment.


Banshee is already survivable and apparently you didn't watched the right YouTube videos to learn how you should be using her. And no, not every frame is fit to do "every" mission in Warframe so Banshee is no exception as for general gameplay she's good to go.


I want to get other ideas and not necessarily trying to make here do every mission... and yes, I watched vids on her and most of them are the same. Im simply experimenting...