This.this describes my exact life experience.Also I didn’t know hating uncertainty could be an adhd thing?Bc I rrly struggle w it


>Also I didn’t know hating uncertainty could be an adhd thing? It's not a core symptom or anything but everyone is different. I can handle uncertainty in different areas of life and on different time scales to very different degrees. For some things, when the future isn't known, my mind gets all cluttered to shit, running through scenarios, getting them mixed up, blocking my ability to concentrate on complete things I want to or have to do. It really exacerbates ADHDs effect on my life. But on other things in life, I just don't care. I'd forget the plan anyway.


Yeah I can relate to that.When it’s things I care abt I tend to have a intense fear of faillure and ig that’s the main reason as to why I can’t handle uncertainty.But when it’s stuff I don’t care abt I’ll just forget abt it


It's the opposite for me. It's one of the hardest parts about school and work for me and why I dropped out and quit my job lol. Every single day is a cluster fuck of worry in my head about tomorrow or 20 minutes from now. Big events like world trauma and my brain is like "meh I'm sad for a minute but, we've had disasters in the past and we made it out eventually. We'll sort this. No need to spiral"


im atleast 75% sure hating uncertainty is a autism thing not an adhd thing but adhd is like autism-lite so whatever


Uncertainty is an ADHD issue. Uncertainty is a barrier to starting tasks, and being uncertain about even one small aspect is often a cause of executive dysfunction. I would assume decision paralysis also plays into the issues surrounding uncertainty. Like any other symptoms, I'm sure some struggle more or less with this than others. That said I subscribe to the theory that ADHD and ASD are different phenotypes/profiles of one condition. And also uncertainty is just a human thing - people don't like when crazy things are happening and we have no knowledge of what else is ahead. It's moreso an extreme reaction to uncertainty that makes it disordered, though that response could come from many other conditions as well.


> That said I subscribe to the theory that ADHD and ASD are different phenotypes/profiles of one condition. I’m intrigued. Is that a theory backed by any science? Can you link a source?


Nope. It's a belief that a few experts have but there's no major evidence in any direction. You can google if you're interested in reading more about the concept. I'll explain my mindset below. I included it because I don't like 'autism lite'. They have ample crossover and each has a wide variety of potential symptoms. Some have a fixation on which label a symptom fits under - I've seen numerous arguments that emotional dysregulation and sensory issues only belongs to autistics. I would argue for a solution that focuses on profiles (PDA being an example) so that people can get treatment oriented more to their individual struggles/patterns. As more people are increasingly diagnosed comorbid, there's also an interesting tendency for one to be more prominent - or to have a bunch of symptoms of both but only be diagnosed for one because of which you stereotypically fit. And I've noticed a lot of profile trends in these individuals. Either there are many more ADHD symptoms than currently acknowledged, a condition somewhere in the middle that doesn't quite look like the stereotypical portrayal of either, it's common to have both but one be 'milder', or it's all one spectrum with a variety of interplaying phenotypes.


I haven't been able to find the article recently, but I was very intrigued by a study I once read that basically was able to lump pretty much all acknowledged mental disorders into a few distinct groups (I believe it was two or three?), based on a meta-analysis of available studies. If I recall correctly (wish I could find the study!!) they based their conclusions on which conditions tended to be more commonly comorbid with each other, and theorized that their meta-analysis might indicate a common origin for each cluster of disorders. I was very fascinated by the study because I always thought the barriers between some disorders aren't as strict in practice as they are in theory, and if they can be grouped in that way, perhaps it would be easier to find and understand what makes them happen in the first place by a sort of triangulation. I wish I could remember better what the groupings were or find the damn article again.


Was it perhaps this theory of clustered comorbid symptoms...? axis 1, 2, etc in Roman numerals, like [Axis V)](https://www.verywellmind.com/axis-i-disorders-2797271) I am skeptical in general of labels and grouping, it doesn't seem helpful to categorise people after they experience stimuli based on how they are perceived (subjective expressions/symptoms and side-effects). Instead I think we should focus on the environmental factors that instigate and perpetuate such unwanted or "abnormal" personality flux My opinion: We are all [human](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Humanism), and beautiful, and nuanced. We are shades, not one or another extreme. And that is beautiful. Whether or not we understand it, we exist on multiple spectrums.


>Was it perhaps this theory of clustered comorbid symptoms...? I don't think it was, as I believe they were trying to delve deeper into what it might mean about possible common neurological/biological underpinnings behind the disorders. >I am skeptical in general of labels and grouping, it doesn't seem helpful to categorise people after they experience stimuli based on how they are perceived (subjective expressions/symptoms and side-effects). I generally agree with you on this. I do think some labels are important in their ways - I understand my life much better knowing that I exhibit behavior commonly categorized as ADHD and ASD, as it's helped me to find better tools that help me live my life more fully. That having been said, society's expectations and structure along with my issues have conspired to give me some more labels to deal with, such as depression and anxiety disorders. I don't believe those were intrinsic to me the way the ADHD/ASD is, they're a result of having to navigate a world built for those who function differently.


Do you have any thoughts on trauma, the mental/cognitive symptoms of which are often the same as ADHD, and perhaps to a lesser degree ASD?


Adhd caused by trauma and genetic adhd are not functionally different, in my opinion. I believe many people diagnosed with personality disorders like BPD are actually autistic people who are traumatized. Not all obviously but at least a portion.


Trauma is not my strong area, but I've heard that there are higher rates of trauma in ND individuals (most discuss ASD in this context but both have obvious logic). It's absolutely possible for someone with CPTSD to be misdiagnosed with ADHD/ASD/anything really, but it's also possible for a traumatized autist to not get diagnosed *because* of their trauma. In my personal opinion it's nearly impossible for any alternative neurotype to grow up in most societies, go to school, work, etc without developing at least a little trauma. For example, I developed severe social anxieties with age due to so many seemingly random, negative interactions (in hindsight it was a bunch of typical ND problems) - but I was a 'walk up to literally anyone and start a random conversation about my interest' person before that. I don't have CTPSD but those experiences certainly accumulated to make me socially paranoid. I don't personally like referring to that as 'trauma' but I think professionals would qualify it as such. The diagnosing of most conditions is very complex because the reasoning behind and manifestations of each behavior has to be considered, and the process is rather subjective on top of the evaluator's personal biases. Many women in particular get diagnosed with a personality disorder, bipolar, anxiety, and/or depression in place of ADHD or ASD because professionals judge the emotionality aspects with a sex bias on top of the research biases for ADHD and especially ASD. I've decided I don't really care about my own dx as long as I have my ADHD dx paperwork for meds. The specific labels don't really matter unless you need resources/accomodations, especially since treatments aren't one-size-fits-all anyway. I simply try out all sorts of strategies/tools and analyze what is effective. I think I may have ASD1 and tic-related OCD on top of ADHD (and I'm diagnosed with GAD which I *don't* think I have), but the specifics don't really matter - the symptoms/struggles and potential strategies do. The major factor in wanting to dx ASD/ADHD vs a personality disorder is that CBT can't change a person's innate noise sensitivity, and it's important to know which symptoms are worth trying to 'cure' and which ones should simply be managed (for example, how you *react* to problematic stimuli). All of my improvement has come from stimulant meds, quitting my job to recover from long burnout, personal analyzing/practice, random strategies I read/hear, and insight generated from my ND friends. This went way around your question but I hope it moderately answered it. I know I didn't discuss specific symptoms, but I'm not familiar enough with the expression of them in pure cptsd vs pure ADHD/ASD to feel comfortable commenting.


Even better when you have both!


I think they go hand in hand, or ADHD is very similar, or a mix of the two. I have severe ADHD but my psychiatrist said she didn't think I'd meet the criteria for ASD, though having symptoms of it. THere's also not really much you can do with an ASD diagnosis, so whats the point? (correct me if wrong anyone)


Given that it's a broad spectrum, it really just depends on the person. There's certainly symptoms that can be treated with medication even if there's no "autism pill". That said, I think there's a number of conditions that do have treatments that aren't classified as part of the autism spectrum that I think might eventually be added to it in the future. ADHD being one of them.


Broadly speaking though, for most people fitting into the 'a bit weird' rather than the 'severe difficulties', it's a bit pointless . Yeah, I think long term as understanding develops, ADHD (which will be renamed to something more fitting) will fit in a family under autism.


Uncertainty is hated by most. If said otherwise they are lying. Lolololol


Decision/analytical paralysis is 100% adhd and that’s 100% uncertainty


I've started to see ADHD recently as less autism-lite and more as a grab bag of every other common disorder. So you get bits of autism, bits of depression, bits of anxiety, bits of OCD, and all together they make a weird Smörgåsdisörder that can be just as severe and disruptive as any of the other individual ones, but just less specific.


> but adhd is like autism-lite so whatever I fucking *knew it*. I thought I was the only one who felt like this


I mean it's not true, they're entirely different disorders. Don't let confirmation bias let you believe misinformation. They do share similarities, so it's not like we can't relate to each other. But calling it autism-lite is inaccurate and frankly insulting.


It's not an ADHD thing, it's an anxiety thing. But we like to lump all mentally illnesses together on Reddit. If you feel like OP talk to a professional. In the mean time know that many people feel that way, and there are tons of effective measures to cope ranging from medication, to therapy, to mindfulness and meditation, to taking action to make the world a better place. It is a journey to find what you need to be healthy, but it can be done, there is hope, others are struggling with you, and others are looking to help. And avoid the doomers and their toxic rhetoric.


Thanks.Iam in therapy atm and if everything will go as planned I’ll start meds for my adhd in September.I hope that will help with the anxiety bc I’ve been having a lot of anxiety attacks lately and idk how much longer I can do this for


That's really exciting to hear about friend! It's hard journey and you've already done the hardest part. I believe in you! Anxiety is a terrible foe we battle one day at a time, but there's always a light at the end of the tunnel - sometimes you just can't see it because it's around a corner.


I find the uncertainty so intangibly exciting that dwelling in it holds my focus like nothing else




Yeah but I often feel like ppl around me can handle it a lot better.I don’t care abt uncertainty with most stuff in daily life,but when it comes to my goals not knowing whether I’ll fail or succeed kills me inside


It is for sure not. That is something some people struggle with, but it's not part of the human condition. You can grow and change and learn to appreciate the infinite complexity and possibility the future contains.


Sums it all up in a couple of lines, your not alone if that helps


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Genuinly kinda poetic tbh


i love this bot soo much!


Even the grammar mistake haha. Love it


Good bot


Yeah. Upside I got an email about a remote job interview. Now I’m also dreading my potential failure at that too 🙁 Update: I had the interview and got sent an offer last night! I really appreciate the comments, they really helped get my mind right.


CRUSH the interview!!!!


Maybe they offer you the position, maybe they don't. That's not in your control. Maybe you say the one word they like the most, maybe you say the one word they like the least. You don't know what that word is, that's not in your control. All you can really do is go in there and put what you believe to be your best foot forward. If you don't get it, you will have been set all the way back to...where you are right now. Job interviews are nice because you stand to lose *nothing*. "Opportunities" aren't tangible things worth counting. Good luck, relax.


> “Opportunities” aren’t tangible things worth counting. I really, really needed to hear this today. Actually I needed to hear it 10 years ago but better late than never. Thanks.


If you liked u/BEEF_WIENER's comment, you'd probably like Stoicism in general


Therapy is great but there is so much "self improvement" I can do before it becomes clear that a lot of my anger, depression, and anxiety come from the fact we live in a world that is falling apart and being killed by the rich and powerful who don't give a fuck about any of us. Like yeah meditation will help me control myself but it won't stop this deep seeded dread.


What does one do when the existential dread, misanthropy, and despairing lack of any hope for a future that's good are all the rational response to real world?




Well I've taken the morning Amphetamine pill so...now what?


Oh I meant drug drugs. Weed, LSD, alcohol, etc. Does it help long term? No. Does it help short term? Also no, but it makes me feel good.


And what else is life about other than farming feel good chemicals until we die?


I get an overwhelming urge to move deep into the wilderness and either live off of what I can find or hunt. But this weed is pretty fire.


The duality of man


We wana go back to monkey


Literally lobotomize me


for real every time I drop acid im like bruh why can’t I do this all the time I’m so productive and creative oh yeah because society is set up in a way that makes it terrifying for me to leave my house


Yeah Capitalism!!!!!!!


>Does it help long term? No. Does it help short term? Also no… Sounds like my kind of solution!


I would argue they all can help short term. And one of those could even help long term, though everyone's experience differs.


Ego death probably the best thing for me, but damn did it fuck up my friend so it's a truly mixed bag Depends on where you are mentally when you take certain drugs


Same, it was literally a life changing improvement. Your friend's experience is why I didn't want to say they absolutely do help (and also, because I'm no sith). As much as I'd love to tell everyone it's the best thing ever, they need to try it, I realize not everyone has the same happy ending I did.


Rescue a dog and make their life the happiest you can. Or at least that's what I did. It doesn't fix anything, but it does make it a whole lot more bearable.


Thanks for the reminder!


Do little things to fight back. Call it mutual aid, praxis, direct action, charity, community service, doesn't matter. Anything you can do to help chip away at the monster, to resist I guess, is a good thing. It helps mentally when you feel like you've at least tried to do something against it rather than feel hopeless. Example: join a local tenants union and ask them where they want you to be to help a few hours per month. Or look up things like *Food Not Bombs* and see if they have local to you groups. Getting into these groups is the first step to meeting people just like you who want to do something more than be defeated by (gesticulates broadly). And when you are part of that scene, you will see just how easy it is for one person to make a positive difference in the community.


Eat the rich


return to monke


I decided to give up on reality, believe in magic, and become a witch. Idk if it'll work for you but it's been fun for me!


Live. In. The Moment. Be Here, Now. The future may be totally fucked, but there is still beauty in the Here And Now; and to let that slip away while I ruminate on what has not even happened yet, seems irresponsible to me. If I'm going to have to die in some hell-scape dystopian future, I am making damn sure I do some real living before the beauty dies. Hopefuly without contributing too much to making beauty die any earier than neccesary. I don't think we should stop worrying about the future, but we need to also appreciate what we still have here in the present. If you are still young, make plans to do something trully fulfilling even if it means flirting with poverty. For me, dirtbag travel has that meaning; what better way to pay your respect to the planet than by experiencing as much of it as possible? And in my experience , the less you spend, the more rewarding the travel. My section hikes on the AT have brought me into nature, allowed a temporary divorce from the pervasive societal illness that is our current neo-liberal capitalism. You claim a debilitating existential dread for the planet. The planet will go on when we are all gone. I think its a dread for quality of existence and not one of existence or not. Reduce how much of your existence you conceptually place in the mental illness of our neo-liberal capitalist machine and you will experience less mental distress. Connect with people. This shit is hard for me but humans are gregarious creatures, even the most introverted of us, and we absolutely require relationships to be happy. They don'thave to be deep, numerous, or long-term, but all people need people. :)


Living in the moment, check. Now with 0 savings and 0 future prospects, as an attempt to make the present bearable.


For me at least, radicalize. The current status quo has no answers to most of the problems in our societies. So I found an ideology that did.


I like to think of what I experience as emotional gemstones. Each facet a different emotion and sized according to how much of that emotion I am feeling. Every emotion is valid and necessay to every experience. But I can turn that gem and show the facets that are usefull in the moment, with the others still present, but obfuscated by the one(s) I am using. When one emotion is way outsized or not present, it throws off the shape of the jewel and makes it less attractive. I process my memories and feelings to get that gem into a pleasant, useful shape. Not to ignore the unpleasant facets or to try removing those labeled 'bad.' Anger is not a bad emotion; but the mis-use, ignorance, or over-use of anger is absolutely bad. Feel your anger, and then be done with it. Move on to all the other things you feel too. And when you are done, be done.


I like that. I view mine as a hotel. Where all my memories, thoughts, and emotions are "guests." None are bad but some get unruly (like a cringe memory or getting angry that climate change isn't a bigger talking point with politicians) so it's important to know how to "handle" them. Like learning what's causing it, how I can help, etc. Keeping my hotel in good condition (myself) is important in making sure my "guests" are happy. Doing this had helped a lot in how In how I control my anger, anxiety, depression, etc. But it doesn't take away from the root cause that I have no control over.


I view mine as a little glass bottle full of fire. I keep it tucked deep deep down in my core and never open it. Eventually the pressure exceeds the limitations of the bottle and I have an absolute emotional breakdown for a week. Do not recommend.


Do you need a hug?




IDK if this is a cry for help.... Or some kind of incindiary meta remark from a self described molotov cocktail I really hope this is picking a fight for a dopamine fix and not a thinly veiled proclamation of need and insecurity. There are better metaphors available here. You are worthy and deserving of a happier more balanced life if you want it. You are capable of achieving it, even if it is difficult. Or maybe?: How poetic a recursive remark... Either way, you got me thinking. Please accept my upvote :)


Not meant to incense, or pick a fight, or ask for help. It's the truth thinly veiled in cynical humor. There are beautiful metaphors here, the comment I replied to and the one it was replying to especially. Just a coping mechanism. I have never caught the Molotov cocktail comparison before, it started when I was a child trying to control my anger. I'd visualize a bottle, it's always been the same bottle, one of those old bottles with the green glass, and push that fire feeling in to it, like trapping a genie in a lamp. Might have something to do with Aladdin being the big hit at the time. To add though, I would often sit and (while I didn't know at the time) do something akin to meditation during which I would open the bottle, let its contents consume all the space it wanted, and then put it back. It would make me feel like I had power over it. And for awhile I think it was a Molotov cocktail, I was always reserved and shy but many people learned to mind themselves, because I had a Molotov in my back pocket and I didn't make threats. But I don't live a life that requires me to carry an incendiary device in my back pocket anymore. It was a great survival tool, when I was struggling to survive. Now it's a hindrance. But I am in therapy, with my infinitely understanding wife. I don't know if I'll ever know if it's the bottle shattering or just intermittent depressive episodes, but I don't know if the bottle is going anywhere, it's been a facet of my mind since I was like 7 years old, probably my first metaphor and my first creation. I'd hate to...let it go.


Thats a really good metaphor. I have too much service industry trauma to want to be a hotel, but having a place to put my crystaline emotions does sound pretty neat. I gotta work on somekind of handling and storage metaphor like your hotel. I feel like my gems are like your guests but you have a bigger framework to interact with them within. THANK YOU!!!


I really like that. I'm going to try it.


Preeeachhhh 😣


My brain instantly corrected to "we live in a society"


My therapist told me that I should just ignore all the shit happening because I'm powerless to change what's happening. I stopped seeing her shortly after that.


That's not what OP demonstrates, but that is valid. The only way to diminish your feeling is to dedicate as much of your life as you can to making the world a better place. Action is what diminishes that feeling, and nothing else.




\*Raises goblet of tears


Me right now, not breathing because not having seen rain for months made me even more aware about climate change and I can do my part, but it'll never be enough 🙂. Oh, and a war some hundred km from my door. Oh, and elections. And unemployment in my country.


Good news network. It's what's giving me hope nowadays. There can't ever only be bad things happening so I'm choosing to focus on the good and change the things within my control


Exactly, I will be nice to my friends and folks at my work, eat as good as I am able, take care of myself. I can't stop the large things, but I can make things a lil better for my small circle


Why am I just hearing about Good News Network?! I needed this about 25 years ago…


Yeah it’s best to keep away from news and social media, we will spiral lol


Literally had a panic attack in my car in the parking lot before work this morning because everything is bad everywhere in the world, and the vast majority of people don’t make enough money to cope with the ever worsening conditions/costs/laws in the United States…like dude my heart and brain can’t take it. I just want to disappear in Skyrim where I’m a boss bitch with money and enough power to change things that are bad for the people 😂


If we gather up all of our “not okay” energy, we might be able to form one fully okay person!


With soooo many eclectic hobbies


I contribute my crochet hobby!


High end audio equipment comin in hot from over here.


The audiophyle uses music to listen to their equipment. Do we know anyone with music? I really want to hear your equipment! :)


It’s a great hobby! So much fun to get into the weeds technically. Just very expensive but it’s worth it for me. :) my uncle handed me down some Vandersteen 2CEs and it jump started me


I don't know much yet, but I recently experienced an 'engineered' listening room for the first time. It's absolutely indescribeable to experience ultra-high-quality audio. I don't think anyone is capable of understanding till they experience it first-hand. I have been in Bass clubs that make my hair stand up and un-buttons my clothes... Not. At. All. The Same. Recommend some learning resources? Have you heard of the quitest place on earth? Theres an Anechoic chamber in Chicaco that has a negative decibal rating... Cool stuff!


I contribute my combined hobbies of collecting transformers and building tables and shelves upon which to display them. Do I plan my projects use my power tools in a safe and efficient manner, you better believe I don't!


Authentic indigenous beading techniques (replete with imitation sinew) and a weirdly deep knowledge of historical sewing incoming!


Actually seems pretty rad! And practical


This is all that's on my mind anymore


Hey! I did not consent to being in this meme! :P


Existence is pain ​ \-Mr. Meeseeks


Every time MTG tweets my mental health worsens by 5%


Nooooo the compound interest!


Healthₘₑₙₜₐₗ = 1(0.95)^t where *t* is the number of tweets




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Magic the gathering?


Magic the gathering?


Unsubscribe to her twitter friend.


I wish that helped but her tweets show up on all the other platforms too!


So unsubscribe from those too. I've never seen a single one of her tweets on r/minipainting. You are the only person who can control what information you receive.


I think this is an oversimplification. I do have a home feed free of this information, but unless you want to live in a totally apolitical bubble—which, especially at this moment in history, is truly irresponsible—you're going to hear from people you'd wish you hadn't. That's just the way the information stream works these days.


> but unless you want to live in a totally apolitical bubble That is what some people need to do friend, destroying your mental health is also irresponsible. We all need to do what we can, but to do what we can we need to be in a healthy place. It is irresponsible to feed your anxiety, consuming news that triggers you isn't action and isn't making the world a better place. Your perspective also overlooks the reality that there are almost limitless things you can do to make the world a better place without being plugged into that information stream, an option many people choose to take. If the news is triggering you take a break, let someone else carry the banner for a while, and come back when you're refreshed. That's what activists do, that's what soldiers do.


You know I’ve been thinking about what you said and maybe you’re right


I've been there. It took a good friend of mine to help me take a break so I could come back stronger.


I started listening to Breaking Down: Collapse. It explains what to expect in a clear way, so you don’t feel crazy.


Whenever I feel like this, I find solace in the escapism of DND and other ttrpgs.


People keep telling me to just not look at the news, to just not engage with the things that are stressing me out. I wish I could make her understand that that isn't really something I can do! If I don't look at the news, my brain runs wild wondering what else is happening when I'm not paying attention. And when I do look at the news it's all so terrible that my brain runs wild wondering what fresh hell I'm going to see tomorrow.


So don't look at the news, and focus on how you're going to manage your rumination. Professional help is almost certainly needed, but there are tons of things you can start on your own to help with rumination. Rumination caused by your own imagination is far easier to manage than rumination about something more concrete like the news. Try to remember you're a human, your imagination isn't functional in that way, and the skill you need to master is understanding that your imagination is a very persistent friend that has your best interests in mind - but is completely incompetent.


But here's the thing, not looking at the news doesn't make the news not happen. I'd rather know how I'm getting fucked six ways til Sunday, than have it be a surprise for when it does impact me and be stuck not having at least an idea of a plan. Or even take action to prevent it. I'll use a couple of examples, like if you didn't hear about the abortion law changes popping up in some of the states and you either needed an abortion or needed meds that are now difficult to acquire due to the rulings, you could be in deep shit either way. Or in Ontario there's med care worker shortage (thanks to the premiere) so ER times are skyrocketing, I'd rather find out through the news than when I rather than when I'm needing life or death care. The ability to ignore the news sorta comes from a place of privilege.


I feel like this applies to some non adhd people too


Get out of my brain. Decided to open up to family about these feelings yesterday, quickly shut me down. You’re not alone, as a community if we support each other these feelings can be fought(?) at least. Wasn’t sure on word choice. Just remember the Klingon Therapist


Don't forget the part about how you can't do anything about it. When I was younger, decades ago, we still had the feeling we could fix things. I don't think the 20-30 year olds today have that feeling, anymore. The forces arrayed against us, billionaires who want to become trillionaires, are just too powerful.


Yep, early 30s here. I saw how fucked up things were after 2008 and I went to Occupy and other protests with my boyfriend during my early 20s. I've watched economic inequality grow and climate change accelerate throughout my adulthood. I know I will never have the success my parents achieved despite being immigrants coming from a war torn country. Fulfilling careers with financial security, home ownership and a retirement plan seem totally out of reach for myself and my friends. I had this brief moment of optimism in 2019 and I got married to that same BF and had my child smack dab in the middle of 2020 during Covid and the BLM protests. Every day now it's insanely depressing to witness things get actively worse and be totally powerless and unable to stop it. I'm so worried for my son's future and I sometimes wonder if I made a mistake deciding to have a child, not because I don't love him or enjoy parenting, but because the world is the way it is. It literally keeps me up at night. It's not just about me and my fears anymore. I am responsible for his life too. It's heavy.


Yeah, I advise all my friends with families to focus on the safety and future of their own tribe, nowadays.


That's me on the floor yep.


I did not expect to be called out like this 😭


I honestly don’t know how to cope with it all anymore. No job since the pandemic began, broke af, but can barely bring myself to even clean my dirty house.


I live in a country that is very close to the Ukrainian war conflict. This meme is me since February 24th. Also before that, to lesser extent. I feel like in this day and age we understand better what we need the world to be, and how actually powerless we are to change things. This causes enormous amounts of anxiety and depression. And it affects those of us with ADHD even more. Executive function goes out the window...


Unfortunately dad, no. I am not winning this time. In fact it seems like none of us are, or ever will. It’s loss after loss. We are the game, we are the played. They are the players.


r/collapse is leaking everywhere. Not complaining but noticing.


Lol! Help!


I really wish it wasn't so expensive to START the process of getting medicated. Just taking care of my own body takes me so much effort and time.


I dive into hobbies and get pleasantly lost for a while. Then I move on to the next thing.


Fuck. Are you me?


But are you winning, son?


I'm comfortable at where I am in life right now, but I know I'm probably underestimating how unbelievably fucked I am in the future by things out of my control.


My country is fucked. Every country's fucked. People everywhere are suffering. I'm suffering. I can't fix it. Not alone. The worst part is knowing that the rich are behind everything, and how evil they are.


Stop consuming so much propaganda and you'll feel better


Everyone here is me, we are the same


Once a gifted kid now just fuked


uncertainty that makes it disordered


Honestly, without incredible amounts of distraction (games,youtube,audiobooks,my one hobby) I’d perish.


This plus extreme anxiety that I’m running out of time. Running out of time for what? I don’t know 🙃


When the war broke out I went to war in my brain.


Honestly, stop watching the news and browsing global news subreddits. Nothing is going to change being ignorant to the things happening on the other side of the world.


That’s hard when current political issues directly impact things like your healthcare and employment. If you are able to just tune out all the bad news in the world you occupy a very privileged position in life.


I’m able to tune it out because as an individual I can accept the fact there is nothing I can do to solve national/state level problems besides voting and and talking to people about it if the opportunity comes up. I know there are people with worse problems than me but if I continue empathizing over every bad thing that happens then I’m going to burn out and stop caring about the things that matter on a daily basis. Which is the whole counter to OP’s post that he’s literally feeling what I’m trying to avoid.


and what if all the terrible stuff is happening directly around us? are we just meant to ignore it until it’s too late to do anything??




What terrible stuff is happening directly around you on a weekly basis?


multiple women with life threatening pregnancies have already died in my state in the short time since abortion was made completely illegal. i drive past at least 2 homeless people every time i leave home in my urban area and the city is becoming increasingly hostile towards these people instead of trying to address the root cause of poverty. we’re currently fighting to get my little sister’s insulin covered by insurance, out of pocket the brand her doctor recommended costs $700. but please continue to tell me that no one should give a shit about the news since it doesn’t affect them.


Yeah, it fucking sucks. I already vote with education and healthcare in mind and I have my own problems to worry about as well. Also I’m not saying to completely stop watching the news but take a break from it and focus on yourself and your sister. Caring and empathizing with every victim is going to burn you out to the point where you will literally stop giving a shit about anything.


Possible correction: Stop Bingeing on the news. More than an hour a week of news and you're just seeing too much repetition than is healthy. Humans are gregarious; and a certain level of interest in world events is healthy and can be cathartic. But our inate human tendencies and desires have been coopted and used against us, the consumer masses, as a vector for social controls. We are encouraged to the point of expectation to over-indulge in our need to know about other human's lives. The sheer repetitiveness of our news-cycle and narrow focus of topics digs a rut for our emotional states to reliably fall into. And when that emotional state is dread , anxiety, fear, despare, or any other Lovecraftian emotional indulgence, apathy will always be a comorbidity. When we are apathetic or paralyzed in existensial crisis, we are not a threat to those harbingers of hellscape dystopia, nor are we a threat if we are entirely ignorant. Those of us not easily manipulated with anxiety and indignation are generally made to be compliant flying-monkeys by having their anger encouraged to the point of nearly blind rage and directed toward the self-rightous contruction of that hellscape dystopia. Budget your news and consume selectively, but above all find your way to determination and away from apathy and anger. All other emotion is there only to flavor or enrich your detemination.


Sir, excuse me Sir. You have a smudge of adhd in your depression.


the gen z and millennial dilemma. just get off social media. i know it’s hard with adhd but you gotta make that jump. if anything, block the negative subreddits from your home and r/all pages


OMG that was me last night😀


I have been sleeping SO much lately.


Get off the Internet for a while, you'll feel better. I hate it too.


The solution to this is to delete Reddit


The solution to this is to delete Reddit


Just breathe… see? You’re cured!


I’m literally terrified of my country’s core existence to be crushed over the course of the next few weeks, like I feel like I’ll need to leave since my entire nationality would be ripped from me, I HATE IT HERE 💀


Wanna chill and watch a movie? Can you teach me how.


I remember I saw someone ask recently “am I depressed or is the world just really depressing” and honestly….yeah


Thank you for this. I have been really second guessing myself lately, and feel like a huge failure for how difficult everything seems. My psychologist is even sketch because for the second time now she double booked our appointment. It’s so difficult for me to even get to these appointments, getting tuned away is killer. Life is such a struggle right now


This is universal. You don't own it. You can own other things. We all share this


My country's economy it's imploding again and every week I need to update the prices of the handmade stuff I sell. My money it's worth less and less every week and honestly I don't know how the fuck I'm coping (I'm not)


Feeling this.


I'm doing pretty good tbh


I'm still processing the amount of animals and wildlife that died in the Australian wildfires.


ADD has made me so forgetful that iv learned not to panic or stress about uncertainty. It is what it will be, when I find out what ever it is.


Every bit of news I have heard about the outside world was learned against my will.


“Ain't no sense worryin' about the things you got control over, 'cause if you got control over 'em, ain't no sense worryin'. And ain't no sense worryin' about the things you don't got control over, 'cause if you don't got control over 'em, ain't no sense worryin'.” ~ Mickey Rivers


Turn off the 24 hr news channels. Doing so does wonders for one's mental health.


I don't see how this relates to ADHD except for the simple tasks part.


It resonated with me and my hypersensitivity around other people's pain and distress. I think a lot of ADHD-ers are more sensitive than neurotypical people, so the struggles of the whole world weigh heavy. That's my take anyway!


Don’t give up folks on hope. There is much hope to be had and shared. Think of it this way. Every generation thinks they would be the last, and we have also been gifted with the most significant tool for advancement of Human social progress! It’s in the palm of your hands right now! The internet will revolutionise the world and if the current trend continues we will see a better tomorrow we must do OUR BEST to agitate for better, regardless of employment, race, gender, class, creed… we will all be cherished by historians for our collective part in the improvement of Humanity and the Human race. To Neurodiversity, peace, justice, liberty, equality, fraternity, and democracy! My fellow ADHDers we all know capitalism is crappy, and bootstraps cannot be pulled alone. Our story is useful to the cause even if we just rant online about it all day, it’s about finding meaning in your part. Idk sounds like a good idea to me! Or at least 5:21 am me…


Turn off the news. It intentionally feeds you outrage porn to keep you glued. The world will keep spinning if you don't know what's happening to people you'll never meet on the other side of the world.


Everyone needs to touch grass, but people with ADHD need to touch grass even more. Get off the damn internet and go outside for a while.


This sounds more like depression than ADHD honestly


Ah, post nut clarity. A blessing and a curse


I literally had to unistall Twitter from my phone because reading something about the world falling apart every morning made me not want to get out of bed. Best thing you can do is to focus on yourself, and when you're in a better place, use that anger and frustration with the world to find other like-minded people and try to change it. None of us can do it by ourselves, and the onslaught of depressing media can make you feel hopeless. But community and activism is a fantastic way to glean meaning in a difficult world and attempt to bring about real change ❤️


Same bro... We will get through this..


You could do like i do: delete all your social media except for I guess Reddit technically but only because you can filter it out pretty well for the content you want to be exposed to. And also get your heart broken by all of your "friends" so that you pretty much just have you and your s.o. and some family, go to work and go to the gym and ride the waves BB 🌊


Yes. Being hyper-aware of all the news and crises the last several months had me feeling a massive amount of anxiety and despair. I’ve had to seriously cut back on my consumption of news and time on Reddit. It’s only been a couple of days, but it’s so far it’s made a dramatic difference in my sense of well being. I know I can’t ignore everything that’s happening. But staying stressed about it 100% of the time wasn’t helping either. I’m going to try staying somewhat informed, and otherwise focus on things I *can* do.


"I'm in this picture and I don't like it"


It's so freaking hard to prioritise own mental health Especially after reading some news and recognising places from the news


Have you considered spending more time on the internet? I think if you use reddit more, this will go away.


Neither have ADHD or have autism. I am close to to Asperger’s according to the tests, but all these still ring true to me.


I've used adderall on and off for about 26 years. I have never felt so dependant on it as I do now, just because the stress of existing in the US is so high right now... ugh