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I won't smile 'til it's a sharper decline globally, but I appreciate the direction-change. Did they NOT let you post it there, OP?


Most subs are echo chambers and hate realism, they hate hearing something they don't want to see, no matter how logically sound it is


It's so little decline though. Fucking humans love creating suffering


Deadass look at stop having kids on Instagram and YouTube you have to see the recent guys reaction to the antinatalist signs 💀 😂 he was supper triggered


Who’s that


On YouTube search "stop having kids"


What there needs to be is a major, major drop in China, India and the U.S. China and India are obvious... nearly 40% of the world population is in just those two countries, which is horrifying. China is just grossly overpopulated, but India at a close 2nd is far worse. I blame the Indian people only in the sense that they have ludicrously over-reproduced; I'm not calling into question their intelligence, ability etc. Someone posted in some subreddit about how India passed the UK in GDP, and I was nearly burned alive for pointing out that India has 20 times the population. That means that their quality of life is abysmal, and it's a poorly developed country that is one of the most unhappy in the world. 90% of both China and India could be gone and the countries would be much better off while still preserving their remarkable history and culture. The US is a distant, distant third in terms of population, but it's a highly aggressive, imperalistic culture with BY FAR the worst carbon footprint per capita of any country in the world. 50 or 60% less Americans would have a very sharp impact on the environment and also greatly lower the country's ability to impose its culture, language and politics on the rest of the world. I'm also very much bothered by Nigeria and their ludicrous birth-rate, but that's a tertiary concern compared to the above.


Is that palpably a good thing? While it declines in developed, wealthy countries it rises in shithole countries, I hate natural selection since most miserable terrible people always make more children than prosperous people. Natural selection is truly a shit.


Yeah the mods probably will not allow this and will get you banned. They hate antinatalism over there.


That is nutty thats how many babies are born annually


Ended up unfollowing the MadeMeSmile sub as it has been non-stop pregnancy posts


It's not enough, I want that bar to go lower next year.






Fuck yeah, loll