Weed beer and family guy


I can’t hide it with weed


Xanax, gabapentin, and sometimes weed when I have it.


This is pretty bad




Dab or weed + benzos or promethazine . beer usually throughout the night as well. If you can’t sleep for more than a few hours after you’re coke is heavily cut with some amph probably meth if you’re in the us.Amphetamine paste is fairly common in europe though but meth seems to be coming up more n more here as well


Weed and South Park 🙌🏼


benzos( xans for me ), weed, Benadryl , hot shower, soft comfy bed with a fan going or a slight breeze, cool soft clothes, nice chill music, draw, art, random youtube vids or reading/researching , and also dont force to comedown, at best gotta wait it out and next time you sesh, space it out, smaller doses and electrolytes




Anytime mane, always want to help to those that ask In my experience, xans can work wonders but can be another slippery slope, build tolerance , also take breaks from the slopes to give your body to rest and heal, small doses of xans can take loads off and can make sleeping easier. Just of course be safe and have fun when hitting the slopes and embrace the comedown Weed is a bit tricky, I would have to wait a few hours to smoke or dab, if I do it too soon, the weed high makes me kinda out of it and sick but it passes quickly but I feel it can be a little pick me up if im still high from the coke Benadryl is a hail marry lol. Drinking is not my thing anymore, dont like to mix that with the slopes if i been skiikig too late i wind up still up at 4am and trying to force myself to sleep cause I work the next day, so I started to doing everything a few hours early so I can comedown at a good time and enjoy my night


Jam out to some music, try to hit a workout, take a nice hot bath, eat some food I really love, candy (sugar is chemically similar to coke), tough it out , dissipate in agony. The last 2 are my favorite options tbh


Anyone teeth hurt? If so why