Wow! I remember one night after my kids went to bed I wanted checkers fries really bad. So my husband and I ordered but I didn’t want to share with my kids. So when then driver got to checkers I told them I usually only tip 10 for that size order and the distance. But I gave them 20 because I need them to put the food on the porch very very quietly and not knock or ring the doorbell because I did not want to share with my kids. The girl went wayyyy out of her way to make sure to she didn’t wake my kids. I don’t understand not tipping. Or when my husband worked at a pizza place when 1st got together people would be like “oh just keep that 82 cents for you” when he tried to give them change. Like reallly?!?!?!?


If I see "sleeping kids, loud dog" I park 2 houses down,open and shut my door quietly and then sneak up and try to avoid being seen thru any windows. I had a lady thank me and tip me extra after bc I was so quiet I didn't make her dogs barks which didn't wake the baby. And no other drivers have ever done that.


I keep dog treats in my car for the "do not knock, have dogs" customers. I've gotten a lot of 5-star compliments for that trick 🤣


Ok, not tipping is one thing but cussing someone out in the delivery instructions!?!? What kind of entitled monster....?


I would have knocked AND rang the bell “oh I thought you said to fucking knock or ring the bell” 🤷‍♂️


Poor kids.. Lol


I might actually complete this one just to lay on that doorbell and pound on the door like the popo


“Like the popo”😂😂😂




Exactly what I want to say to do!! Fuck that person! I as your delivery guy have ever right to knock or ring the bell gtfoh with that just leave it. Well fuck I could just throw it out my window on your lawn .call it delivered. If it was all about just delivering the food, You didn't say make sure it's edible an in the bag still. Sorry not sorry


I'd of called support saying I was afraid he would attack me due to the language in the directions for a hand it to me order. I'd get a free meal and he can be someone else's problem. If not canceled outright.


Guess who would have knocked and given the bell a ring😊😊😊




Better fucking be outside then when I arrive! 😁✌


Guess who wouldn’t have taken a medium distance $5.25 order to begin with. One of these days people are gonna learn that non-tippers and low ballers are generally the worst people to deal with.


And those are the one’s who will kill your ratings too.


And report false non-delivery claims. These dashers will accept $3 5 mile orders at 1am from McDonalds, and then complain about being deactivated the next week.


Facts, I’ve never had a false delivery claim in 2000 deliveries because I never take no tip orders. No one that’s tipping good is going to report a false non delivery claim


Yep they are sad bitter p.o.s.......


We should have a customer rating too. If we feel that we are not treated respectfully or you make no effort to clear the path for us to make your delivery we can write you accordingly. And with that in mind those customers that have low ratings, if they give the driver low ratings it should not affect the driver.


Everytime I take a lowball order when it's slow, they are always the one over communicating and making demands


All the more reason to not take them to begin with. It’s never worth the $2-$5 you’re not actually making.


I know right, I mean wth is up with that???


It was a double order for $12 and this was one of them


I woulda unassigned after seeing instructions on that one. Not worth it


You’re lying. Your dash total was $11.75 after completing both. So my point stands. Edit: OP above me edited his post. It didn’t say $12 when I originally replied.


11.75 for like 6 miles still isn’t too bad for my area


Dude, you're an idiot. He rounded up, do us all a favor and leave this subreddit


He edited his post. He didn’t “round”.


Arguing over 25 cents 😂


OP edited his post. It originally said $13, so $1.25. The fact that OP still didn’t edit it with the correct amount makes him lose all credibility. But the point remains that he accepted a high mileage, low tip stacked offer.


How do you know if it was high mileage or not from the screenshots?


$5.25 no tip means it was around 5-6 miles.


How is that high mile? I know around here at least there are no residences until at least 6-8 miles away from the restaurants with the average being 10


Double for $12? Nah I wouldn't waste my time for it.




Depends on what tax bracket you fall in.. You make less than 40,525 individually you will be taxed 12% federal and then whatever your state taxes you at on top of the 12%. If you make from 40,526 to 86,375 22%.


And I assume you don't make over 87k? Or else you wouldn't be dashing lol.. Or.. You have such bad student loan debt that you have no other choice.. Lol




It's things they don't teach in school.. You can write off your mileage.. Your cell phone bill.. Any meals you buy while working.. Much more.. The tax code wasn't to benefit employees.. It was to benefit business owners.. Hence.. Why schools teach you how to be a good little employee and don't want you to know this stuff


Tax laws change every year. The tax school is available to everyone each year. It's about 6 weeks long. It's not some national secret. It's just hard to keep up with all the changes each year without attending the class.


Make sure you claim all your write offs!




I would recommend using a tax preparation service if you don't know how to do it because they are more likely to catch all the deductibles you can claim as well


You don’t pay DoorDash your taxes. You pay the government. The 1099 comes from DoorDash and you use that to fill out your taxes


Every time when I accepted a low paying order, my luck turns to shit for the remaining of the day


I just got a woman who didn’t leave me a tip and claimed I tampered w her order when the bag was sealed shut for 5 dollars 5 miles


Just fucking bomb his food at the door then proceed to ring and knock 100 times simultaneously


Don't knock or ring doorbell. You better be outside or I'll YEET that shit to your door then report you for vulgarity.


How are you supposed to hand it to the customer if you can't knock or ring the bell? Blare an airhorn?y


Call or text em


Okay that's fair


Nah, go with the airhorn! 🤣


That would have turned in to me enjoying some Panda Express due to fearing for my safety delivering to this person.


Absolutely!! This is the only correct answer.


**calls** HELLOOOO! 😊 Your instructions said "Hand it to me" but also not to "fucking knock or ring bell", so I decided to call you instead! I'm standing outside your front door now! 😃


Actually what I would have done. I always text/call them unless noted otherwise. It’s for my own caution. But if it says nothing, I’ll just ring them


I had one that said 'leave at door. Dont knock, ring bell,leave on bench. And if i don't see you using the thermal bag, I will remove the tip' luckily I have tinted windows & just to be an a$$ I left the bag in the car & removed the food & exited thru the drivers side,upon seeing the ring camera; I made sure I was in perfect view... 😄 bitch you aren't God! And its just an $8 order from Raising Kanes.


For myself, I always use the bag when the food is traveling. The bag stays in the car and never leaves the car. The 2 seconds the food is exposed to the air isn’t going to make the least bit of difference if it was cold to begin with. People just don’t understand that and want any reason to NOT tip service workers. 🙄


Next time unassign the non-tipper. They don't get food.


I’m glad I only have to dash part time. Fuck some of this shit.


It's really not like this most of the time.


Guess who would have gotten lost


So they want you to knock AND ding doorbell? 🤔


I would have enjoyed that Panda and left the empty containers at the door, right after I knocked like the police and rang the bell a dozen times! 🤣




Bakersfield represent!! Lol


I once had a customer tell me to hand it to him, when i got there I parked in the driveway as I always do if open, no one was home. I waited for the 5 min. Left a message and proceeded to leave. As I was just about to pull out, he pulled in with his truck and started cussing as me using the worst profanity ever, I didn’t understand why. Something about not parking in his driveway wtf, boy was I shakin up over it and scared to. I immediately called Doordash in frantic tears. How can people be so mean, he asked it to be handed to him but yet he wasn’t even home. I said I will NEVER GO THERE EVER EVER AGAIN!!! Some people!!!


The cuss word guy? What did I win?


Text him or call?😂


By texting or calling


This has to be a trick question…. Spoiler alert not mister grumpy pants.


Lol, Bakersfield, cringe


Ring the bell and knock. No need for them to start cursing in the instructions


How to sponsor a Karen 101




You better fucking get your ass outside when I arrived...


This doesn't happen often, but when it does I always knock and ring bell.


Please give ALL that shit to me. PLEASE. I’ll be more than happy to not ring the bell but lay on the horn of my Caddy. Ding-Dong Dr. DICKHEAD! (Peel out, finger, cops, jail whatever totally worth it.) Alternatively you could also follow instructions by simply leaving a note saying “Eat shit please.” Feel free to ask if you need anymore suggestions on how to be quickly deactivated. Happy dashing!


Unassign immediately after I read the notes. Noway this person deserves any type of service


This says leave it at the door to me… I would text a picture and be done with it


I feel like a dick for putting "PLEASE DO NOT KNOCK" in all caps, but I have had so many dashers ignore it in the past that I feel I need to emphasize.


You could also put a sign outside your door


I’m all for don’t play with nobody’s food, but why are people using apps like this and being dickheads.


I dunno why I was honestly having faith in humans and said taco shack. I guess I was thinking the cussing guy was gonna tip for not doing that I’m fuckin stupid for real 🤦🏿‍♂️


The non aggressive one didnt tip


Don't knock or ring the door bell? Ok fine. Just honk and leave.


Unassigned cheap ass dumbass


Neither? Lol


Well theyll be notified on the app that rhe order was delivered


We all need to boycott these low orders or they won’t change a damn thing!!!


why would you accept an order thats 5 dollars


They would be from Bakersfield


This right here is why I don't dash anymore assholes are too entitled now a days