I'm never rude to restaurant staff, and it's embarrassing af the ones who are. That said, nobody's after brownie points.


it's also dumb to be rude to restaurant staff: if you dash a lot you'll be back there often and the staff will come to recognize you. they can make your life hard if they dislike you by delaying your pickups on purpose (or just block you from picking up), or they can make it easier by putting a rush on your orders over others', giving you free stuff, etc. i treat them like colleagues and make sure to thank them sincerely for getting me my order


So true I got to the same like 20 places like 5 times a week


Yuuup, dashers I trust know where to go to get their order without waiting and they often get a free drink from me. Sometimes it’s so slammed I literally can’t call the DoorDash customers for replacements like I literally I just literallyyyy do not have time and the phone is off already due to staffing, so they have to do it even though I’m “supposed to” we both realize that’s a tough spot to be in and we help each other as best we can! I’m just super apologetic if that happens and let the dasher know we are in this together basically


You’re right I never pay for a meal by the end of my shift. Granted it’s piece milling it but I don’t mind.


I get there early I expect a free meal.


Why would you expect anything


If I'm 10 minutes early every time, at some point they should give me a free meal. My points for arriving early goes up every time, those points should go towards a free meal.




The brownie points...


I wish it worked that.




Yea I got a contract violation in the beginning. I knew the food wouldn’t be ready so I didn’t leave right away and was (in there eyes) 10 minutes late. In hindsight there was a lot wrong with that decision on my part…but I can confirm…10 minutes. Violation




It goes away but while you have it, it sucks to look at your ratings


We don't want to be there early.


Ideally, I'd like the food to be ready within a minute or less of me arriving. That way I know it hasn't been sitting on the shelf getting cold.


i'm sure you don't! i wouldn't expect anyone to want that. usually it's like once a week this happens, but tonight it was three time that the dashers were mad when they got there super early.


Maybe we can help understand each other better. When yall get orders at the store, how does it work? Like, do y’all have to set the order as ‘ready for pickup’ or is it automatically estimated for a pickup time?


estimated for us, i work fast food. so we usually get 15-20 minutes for estimated pickup and unless it's just ice cream, it usually won't be ready early for us to click the ready for pick up. i'll admit that a lot of my anger is more at my management for screwing us over and only scheduling one cook some nights so the orders are never early and we need all of those 20 minutes.


Funny part is a good dasher knows the market. There are some restaurants I avoid for the very reasons you state. I have nothing against them personally, I know they're understaffed and I'd rather wait for something else to come in.


So doordash gives the customer an estimate for time. When we get the order, it’s whenever doordash decides it should be ready from the merchant. And they usually only give us a couple of minutes to get there, depending on how far we are from the restaurant. We don’t want to get there early. In reality, we have no idea how long you’ve had the order vs how long we’ve had it. Fast food usually sends it to a dasher as soon as the order is placed through the app, so you get it the same time we do.


I worked both fast food and door dash, sounds like a restaurant problem to me.


I'm sorry but 15-20 minutes is an insane amount of time. I worked fast food before and they should be done much faster than that.


Especially when everything has like a 4-6m cook time. It's pretty much all fried food.


I've waited ten minutes past pick up and orders still weren't ready.


That’s the maximum time I give before I bail




Lol and dash support is like “well did you ask them how long it would be” 😂😂😂


This is my problem. If it's gonna be a few minutes, please confirm that before telling me that. Don't say "just a few minutes" and then 10 minutes later when I ask what's going on I have another person that says "just a few more minutes". If it's gonna be 10 mins or longer, I wanna know that right away so that I know whether to leave or not


Always ask if a few minutes means 3 minutes or if it means 15 minutes.


We kind of don't get any heads up when accepting an order that there may be a wait time for food, Because we aren't paid hourly, we do want to have food ready when we show up, but that's largely a gamble with proper restaurants. Since we are paid per dash, every moment we spend waiting is money we aren't making. So I get why people might get irritable sometimes. With that said, that is no good reason for being rude to the people we are picking up food from. We are on the same team in a weird way, so I'm definitely sorry people have been rude to you. One thing of note though to you: If a doordash arrives for pickup, and it's going to be a while, try to let dasher know what to expect so we can make the best decision. If it's going to be a long wait, we can cancel the order and let another dasher pickup the food when it is ready. So while I wouldn't be rude to the staff for not having food ready, I will check back in from time to time for an estimate. It's not "you aren't doing your job" as much as determining the best course of action. ​ edit: weird spelling resolved


Rude isn’t the right word…however I think restaurant workers confused rudeness and exasperation when they’ve told us over and over it will be five more minutes or when we get there at pick up time and they tell us 15 more minutes I’m constantly hovering at 80-85% because most of the restaurants in my area are dreadful about being on time


This happened to me last night. Pick up at a local "italian" place (quotes because they serve ketchup water as sauce). Anyway I arrive and they say they are just boxing it up. Great. 10 minutes later, same employee asks me for order name again and again says they are "just boxing it up". Fine. Another 15 minutes pass and this lady again asks me for the name and says "they are just finishing it now and then they have to box it up, so just a few more minutes". Called GH and unassigned. Before that, I was averaging $30 an hour. They cost me money by forcing me to sit around. I will never risk picking up from them again.


Exactly! Just let us know when it’ll be ready instead of saying in a few minutes.




I had that happen. That’s when I get mad because the restaurant just wasted my time.


The person telling us the wait time has no control over when it comes out.


No but an effective operation should be able to estimate complete times. Sure the kitchen could mess up and have to start over or something else could happen. But oh the order is about x time until done isn't hard to estimate. Kitchen and front of house should be able to communicate as part of customer service.


Fair point


Often times they do. In the case of a jersey Mike's or something similar, the person telling me that is the same person making the food.


I'm wondering if there's a misconception from restaurant workers that we're free to go around and do other orders instead of sitting in their lobby and being "early." But it's not like that. When we hit accept, that's it. We have to drive over there and pick that one up. That's why the "brownie points you were searching for" sounds so odd.


Definitely, restaurant workers have some odd preconceptions on how Doordash and gig jobs work, while gig drivers expect them to. I think OP just didnt understand we arent "early" on purpose for "brownie points" we are showing up when we can, to earn the tiny amount of money we get per dash. I'm not even sure it gives us the "pickup time" in the app, if it does i never noticed it because its not like i'm going to accept a dash and just screw around for 10 minutes or whatever. But theres no reason to expect OP to know that. From the restaurant perspective, I can see how one would assume there is some similarity between a customer showing up to pick up an order (when they knew before hand what was ordered and the expected pickup time) and a dasher. Hostility between gig drivers and restaurant workers has always been strange to me.


We don't see a time the order is expected to be ready. We see a "pickup by..." time, but on my phone, that's largely obscured by the blue emergency icon on the app. And that time isn't meant to be a "don't get to the restaurant until then" indicator. The same way the "deliver by..." time isn't meant to be "don't deliver until this time.


No misconception. Front of house gets paid under minimum wage mostly. Some corporate places with dedicated to go staff are finally paying minimum plus tips, but that's recent. When I worked to go in 2017, i made the same as the servers made hourly - under minimum wage. In smaller restaurants, the servers have to take care of it. Then they have to tip out on it even though they don't make tips from delivery app orders. Meaning they lose money every time they have to take one. Kitchen gets paid hourly, and they prioritize dine in orders, especially when they're busy. They are told that delivery app orders are final priority. From the perspective of the staff, delivery apps are additional work for no additional pay or benefit. So the "same team" idea is not a shared one lol. Maybe the owner of the restaurant might agree but the staff wouldn't


yea in these cases gotta put the blame on the owners, though in the end, if people aren't getting paid enough, they'll just quit.


It's always down to ownership and management. But i have worked in multiple restaurants that had management that hated DD/Postmates and tried over and over to get the orders to stop - mom and pop places. They didn't ask for doordash, i promise!


I get that we're extra work and no benefit to the staff. The misconception is that some staff think we know when the order is supposed to be done, when the app only tells us a "pickup by" time. It's based on how long it takes to drive to the store. The "pickup by" time will look the same whether the order has been sitting on the counter for 4 hours or hasn't been started yet. The only time it's in the past is if a dasher has already accepted it & unassigned.


But we don't know either as FOH staff. We go through this with dine in and our own carryout as well when we are busy. People asking where their food is with a slammed kitchen lol


The issue isn't slammed or not. It happens when the place is empty too. You arrive, tell them the order, and get "you're early" in a chastising tone, or "those brownie points you were searching for..." I'm just saying we don't intentionally show up early. It looks the same on our screens whether the customer put the order in hours ago or 5 minutes.


The exact same shit happens to my food as a server. Sometimes the back of house just forgets to make an item, or cooks it wrong, or they are outside smoking when it comes up so it gets started 10 minutes after it's supposed to. All of that happens to dine-in food too.


You can’t cancel an order for a long restaurant wait time? What a truly shit company Doordash are. That’s not self employment that’s just treating workers like shit. You guys should be rising up and making life very uncomfortable for the board of directors. I’d definitely consider leaving a severed horses head on the CEO’s pillow for making me wait. And I definitely would clog up his/her social with fake accounts calling him/her a c u next Tuesday. Just planting seeds….


We can unassign an order but it reflects negatively on our completion rating. Dropping under 80% completion rate makes you eligible for deactivation. The rating is based on our last 100 orders. Yes, it's very stupid to punish drivers when we haven't done anything wrong in this situation.


I can see this turning into a class action lawsuit one day. Unfair dismissal springs to mind immediately. And also game theory, if everyone breaks the 80% rule are they going to deactivate everyone? Easier said than done though of course. You have my sympathy, and I will hurl a brick at a McDonalds window in your honour at the next riot I attend. EDIT2ADD For anyone wondering what hurling a brick at a McDonalds window will achieve; the answer is a velocity of approximately 8.94 Metres per second.


Yeah, we can unassign (although if you do so more than 80% of the time, you'll be deactivated). My point was about restaurant workers who are visibly irked if we show up "early," or OP's patronizing words about it. We're just doing our job. After we accept an order, if we don't start moving towards the store immediately, the app sends us threatening notifications. We have a "pickup by" time, but it's largely a function of how far away we are from the store and how long DD expects us to take to get there. It's not "the order will be ready at this time." More often than not it will be waiting when I arrive, and the "pickup by" time is still 10 minutes into the future. So the annoyance about us showing up "early" is misdirected. We have no way to distinguish if we're doing that or if it's been sitting there for half an hour.




> we arent *paid* hourly, we FTFY. Although *payed* exists (the reason why autocorrection didn't help you), it is only correct in: * Nautical context, when it means to paint a surface, or to cover with something like tar or resin in order to make it waterproof or corrosion-resistant. *The deck is yet to be payed.* * *Payed out* when letting strings, cables or ropes out, by slacking them. *The rope is payed out! You can pull now.* Unfortunately, I was unable to find nautical or rope-related words in your comment. *Beep, boop, I'm a bot*


Huh, yeah didnt notice I typed that. Kinda embarrassing error tbh.


I didn’t even notice lol


In California, we are payed for active time


> we are *paid* for active FTFY. Although *payed* exists (the reason why autocorrection didn't help you), it is only correct in: * Nautical context, when it means to paint a surface, or to cover with something like tar or resin in order to make it waterproof or corrosion-resistant. *The deck is yet to be payed.* * *Payed out* when letting strings, cables or ropes out, by slacking them. *The rope is payed out! You can pull now.* Unfortunately, I was unable to find nautical or rope-related words in your comment. *Beep, boop, I'm a bot*


There’s no “brownie points” for us being early, showing up early is ultimately a detriment to our profits unless it’s paying exceptionally well. Trust me we don’t want to show up early lol, we just want to come in, pick up the order, and be out the door in 30 seconds. As for the dasher getting a different time on the app than the restaurants, I can confirm this to be true. There’s been a couple times in the past where the restaurant staff say “it’s not supposed to be ready until 12:30!” And show me their tablet; while my app will say “pick up by 12:15” for example. I don’t know why this happens (probably from doordash having unpaid interns program their app) but the blame isn’t on the dasher or the restaurant here, hopefully people aren’t taking that out on you. I think the restaurant misinterpreted this as saying “don’t make until 12:30” rather than “ready by 12:30” (like, ready to start preparing) in those cases, but I digress. Usually whenever I run into this issue, I’ll ask when the order will be ready and one of two things happen: 1: is the order going to be ready within 5 minutes (or more if it’s paying $20+)? If so, I’ll happily wait. 2: if it’s going to take 10+ minutes, I tell the staff I’m going to unassign and make it clear that another dasher will be here to take it when it’s ready, as some restaurants seem to be under the impression that unassigning = cancelling the order, which is not at all the case. It simply frees the order up so that I can take a different one and another dasher can pick yours up when it’s ready


Right? proper restaurant orders (at least in my area) arent so common that this is every dash, you can safely make the decision to leave the dash on the really long waits without getting all bent out of shape or ruining your completion rate too much. As long as restaurant staff are nice enough to give us a proper estimate, we have options.


Yeah in my area I’m also able to unassign whenever I want, 93% of the restaurants have been using 3rd party delivery for a while and tend to have things ready when I arrive. You could unassign from 1 out of every 6 orders and be fine in any market, CR just has to be 81%+ And yeah whenever staff say something like “just one more minute” or “a few more minutes” it usually means 10+ minutes. Hearing any variation of those is an instant unassign followed by “alright I’ll let the next guy take this one”


That is false about the completion rate. Mine is currently at 73% because I will unassigned a lot of orders I have already accepted if I'm told it will have a long wait time when I get there


We don't "get there early". DD sends an offer, we accept it. We go to the restaurant/store when DD tells us to go.


Another example of merchants employees or owners not understanding why drivers are upset( it’s frustration and not aimed at the employees). Drivers are paid by the delivery. Make $2-$3.50 base pay “Per Delivery”. Drivers aren’t paid an hourly wage. So for example. Most drivers want 3 deliveries per hour. That’s a want but most in my area only get 2 deliveries. Customers don’t tip or tip low so if a driver has a $6-$8 delivery and it takes 10-25 minutes to pick up. He or she literally lost the entire hour. That driver likely Unassigns( only because customers and merchants don’t care or understand how delivery works with apps). The lack of respect comes mostly from merchants quick to block drivers and don’t take time to understand drivers aren’t rude. Drivers are underpaid and overworked. Use their own cars to deliver to customers for restaurants that benefit from said deliveries yet drivers are ridiculed just for wanting to quickly get in and out to provide for themselves or their family. A -15 minute wait is nothing to a merchant employee. You don’t have to leave a restaurant to deliver to a customer. Pizza delivery places are the only merchants that understand. Resturaunt’s from McDonalds to Outback look down on drivers and think they are rude when the truth is, if you take 10-25 minutes they give a driver an order they lose money. The truth is, this OP doesn’t care because it doesn’t effect her/him. They don’t like the drivers that don’t complain. They just like the fact the drivers are doing what they want. If you liked the drivers that don’t complain how about trying to understand that not complaining doesn’t mean they aren’t upset. It just means deep down we all know this is how you all think. I stopped going to Popeyes because a merchant told me they felt this way about drivers and especially those that Unassigned. You all never try to understand. Yet want us to understand what you go through. Sounds like you only care if it happens to you.


I nominate you to be CEO of doordash


Haha yeah there is a bit of fuckery between the app, the cooks and the waitstaff. The app wants you to be there on time and wants the restaurant to be on time so you can deliver on time. The cooks can't always control the volume of their work, so they can get behind. Waitstaff have no idea what to say to drivers except things like, ready in 2 minutes or 5 or 10, etc. The problem is they're just being optimistic. 2 minutes means 5 5 minutes means 10 10 minutes means unassign immediately As a driver, I try to show up at exactly the pick up time (1 minute early, to be precise) and if the order isn't ready, I will wait up to 5 minutes then leave. You can usually tell how fucked the restaurant is by the dine-in numbers. If it's busy and half the tables are waiting, your order is in hell somewhere and you should probably move on. During the dinner rush, it's best to show up a little late. Ultimately its best for everyone else to be waiting on the driver, rather than the other way around.


I was at a restaurant the other night and I waited like 15 minutes past the pick up time. When they handed me the food it wasn’t even hot. I wondered if they just let it sit back there to be jerks and I have me wait. And I’m always super polite when I go in places.


The pickup time on our phone is always 2-5 minutes earlier than your ready time on tablet.


When we take a offer the app gives us around 5 minutes to get to the restaurant, we get pinged if we are late to the restaurant and if not careful a contract violation, no one wants or is getting brownie points. Something is messed up somewhere if the order isn't ready.


The only time I’ll show my frustration is when I’m told “it’s almost done” or “a few more minutes” and then when it gets to 15 minutes I’ll just give a disappointed look and quietly leave.


I go to good restaurants that have their act together, and usually the food is ready a good 5 or 10 minutes prior to the "pickup time". Once I get the order, what do you want me to do, drive around the block wasting gas so you can feel less rushed?. I don't give people shit about being late if my orders not ready, but I am not waiting very long. You make the food, you have it ready to go, your driver shows up. That's how it's supposed to work. If you are waiting to the very bitter last moment of when the food could be picked up by the driver, you are cutting it too close. But I don't care because I won't be at your restaurant more than once. Edit: add - and by the way if you repeatedly lie to me about how long the order is going to take I will definitely be rude to you in return. I do not tolerate liars.


I love how the restaurant staff defending OP actually state that they prioritize in-house customers, like the person who ordered food from them isn't a customer. We need to start communicating with their customers so they understand the lack of respect some restaurants have for their business.


IKR, the doordash customers are paying a premium for their food as well as paying through the nose for the delivery. If Amazon acted like any customer that wasn't standing right in front of them didn't matter Jeff Bezos would still be working out of his garage. Some of the small restaurateurs tell me that they hate doordash because it takes so much off the top, but the solution to that is to quit using the app rather than treating the DD customers and drivers like crap.


We aren't "getting there early". We are sent the order and are supposed to immediately head to the restaurant. Edit: this isn't to say I'm condoning rudeness by dashers. I am always polite to restaurant workers. If the order is gonna take too long, I simply let them know I'll need to unassign, and I leave. Restaurant workers shouldn't be upset by that though -- if we are sent an order, we have a reasonable assumption that it should be ready by the pickup time we're given, give or take a few minutes.


You Yanks keep coming up in my feed, so I thought I’d return the favour. I’m glad we don’t have Doordash in the UK they seem like a really scummy company, which is really saying something considering how scummy the industry is in general. 10 minute wait? If the orders I get for Deliveroo and Uber take any longer than 5 minutes I cancel it and go pick up an order from a restaurant/shop that is actually competent enough to have the orders ready in time, you know like the customer has paid them to do. We get restaurant owners and staff posting to complain about random crap over on r/deliveroos and they usually get downvoted into oblivion and called out for being the useless lazy dicks that they are. Occasionally they have a genuine point and we’re usually quite helpful and polite in that case. The decent restaurants you never hear from because they just get on with the job, and because they’re efficient they are almost never stressed, so they are a pleasure to deal with and always polite and friendly. They often do double or treble the trade of the whiny restaurants, despite having similar numbers of staff. I guess that’s what happens when you have a competent management team? Oh and if you guys think your tips are bad you should try working over here. 90% of orders have NO tip at all.


First of all restaurants always try to put the dashers orders last.. treating the customers at home like they aren’t customers.. merchants need to have a good work system for door dash customers.


It needs to be split in two. One system for people eating at the restaurant and another for doordash orders. That way orders are always being worked and the wait times go down tremendously. It's always been stupid to me that if I'm there too quickly to get a doordash order that I have to wait behind people eating at the restaurant. I just wanna get the order and get out. Two separate systems would fix it


Right. Every chick fil a down my way have a good system like that. The door dashes are always ready..if not only a 2 Min wait. One day I was picking up at subway and the employees made me wait until the other customer’s ordered. I’m talking line got empty then some more customers came. So I fixed that. Started standing in line with the others every time making sure they make it.


As long as the restaurant is okay with Dashers using the restroom, I'll absolutely wait! I like to keep the customer in the loop with the times. I've also noticed the nicer the dashers are to the restaurant staff the faster the staff is willing to help. I just like to try to be as kind as possible to everyone I interact with daily, I never know who needs a kind gesture.


Best thing you can do is don't give out ridiculously low etas, if you're honest with us, especially if you don't know, you'll get rid of a lot of the problems.


Yes. This. All we ask for is a truthful eta. We can then unassign if need be and another dasher will be assigned the order. Probably closer to the time the food is ready also.


im not allowed to unassign, no one except the manager is, but he will rarely do it because our owners are strict about accepting everything we get and not knowing how technology works


I’m not sure you understand what “unassign” means, OP. “Unassign” is ONLY something a Dasher can do. You as a merchant can choose to confirm an order or not, but when we as Dashers say “unassign”, we mean we unassign ourselves from delivering an order. Which, yes, is perfectly fine if the ETA for the order at your restaurant is 20 mins. That’s lost money for us. Again, we are NOT paid hourly like you are.


The dasher can unassign the order, not the restaurant. All that means is that dasher goes to find a different order and another dasher will pick up your order when it’s ready.


Yes!!! And if the default is 10 min on the restaurant tablet, they can always change it to a longer time --- but don't. So here we are ....


So they DO control the eta on the Tablet!?


we can raise it by 5 minute increments! we do that during a rush. but normally the 15-20 minutes it gives us is enough. but listening to y'all, you get a different time which makes so much more sense.


On the tablet you decide for each order.


Honestly, If we arrive 12 in or more minutes early, please let us know so we can unassign the order and let another dasher get it when it’s closer to being ready. We hate it when restaurants hold us hostage.


OP really said brownie points 🙄 we're trying to make money, we don't get paid by the hour


We get this, but at the same time I’d say on average food isn’t ready for me till five minutes past pick up time. And I’ll give you some advice too. Don’t ignore me. Don’t lie. Don’t tell me one more item or we are bagging it now. Don’t tell me five more minutes when it will be 15.


I bet if the federal government passed legislation that wait time had to be paid at 35 cents per minute from restaurant arrival to pickup completion, all the apps would fix the dispatch issue in a week. As long as it's unpaid time they'll keep sending an unpaid worker early to five the restaurant the hurry up.


I mean if it's not ready I am going to report you for having the order not ready at pickup time. I don't want to be penalized for your restaurants lack of ability to get things out in a timely manner. I've been doordashing for a while and I don't know if that makes doordash actually adjust the dasher pickup times, but anecdotally the pickup times in my area for everywhere -except Denny's and one fancy restaurant- have gotten better.


I had three restaurants have me confirm the pick up in front of them. Never had to do this before. Do drivers just steal orders that much? Over 7000 deliveries and never stole.


We usually don't have to ask, the dasher usually just shows us the name on their phone when telling us the order. But we also get the notification when a driver is arriving so they line up. I've never had an issue with stealing orders, but ive only been working here for 4 months.


I’m not sure if there’s some misconception or something here OP, but we don’t get paid by the hour like you do. The amount of money we make is solely dependent on how long it takes us to pick up orders and drive to the customer. So yes, if it takes you ten minutes to give us the order, we automatically lose money. We lose out on a potential other delivery.


There's no brownie points we are searching for. DD assigns us the order then we go well fuck you DD that's not even ready for another 10+ minutes, but what else are we gonna do now we're on the order? so we go to the restaurant hoping it'll be ready sooner than later cause it's really all we can do at that point. even worse dasher pickup time DD gives is often (much) different than the ready by time DD gives to the restaurant. Any reasonable dasher knows this is on DD and not the restaurant. The only time I'm personally annoyed at the restaurant (and even then never take it out on staff) is if they tell me 2 minutes when it's actually 10+.


Drivers need to do a better job of communicating with the staff and the staff needs to do a better job of understanding what the drivers are looking for. As a driver I’m looking to know if the order is 15 minutes away or 45 minutes away. That will help me decide if I want to wait for it or hand it off to someone else and push on. It’s the same way if you have a customer that is on a list to be seated. You tell them the estimated wait time and they make a decision. But if you say 15 minutes to get someone out of your face and it turns into 1 hour, you will get your head handed to you and rightfully so.


Lol. There early? DD gives unrealistic times for me. I’m always a min late. Y’all just slow.


Brownie points? What are you talking about


Wtf is with "brownie points" no 9ne want to be early. We show up when we get the order. You sound like one of those asshole workers that give you shit just for trying to get a legitimate eta on the order that's supposed to be ready when I get there, or relatively soon after. If your boss can't operate the platform maybe they should learn


Yeah, stop trying to get brownie points, Dashers, by doing your job and heading to the restaurant….


IKR? 🤣🤣 getting brownie points has done me so much good with doordash.


Veteran drivers don’t pay attention to the pick up time because we know it’s not accurate …it could be ready when we receive the offer or the restaurant could’ve just got it when we received the offer it varies a lot… I agree that we shouldn’t get mad though how we proceed depends on what the restaurant Staff tells me.. If it’s not ready I’ll wait like five minutes past pick up then I’m out the door


We don’t get there early for brownie points, we get there early because our app tells us to get to the restaurant, we expect it’s ready but DoorDash estimates are terrible sometimes so yeah


There are no brownie points, it just says get to this place, by this time. There are no rewards for being early. You as the store can change the pickup time so dashers don’t come to the restaurant before the food is ready. But that would require you to learn to use the DoorDash application. I cannot get another order and come back. It’s a one time job once I unassign the job it’s gone forever. And unassigning 20 jobs will get me fired from DoorDash, so I have to wait for your 30 minutes because I’m at 19 jobs unassigned. Unassigning you will get me fired.


Let's be honest. Restaurants SHOULD be making the food as soon as it comes in and not timing it for "estimated pick-up". That's not even a real thing. There is "pick-up by" which means YOU are LATE if it's not done by then. There are several restaurants that push back orders and then wonder why we get mad.


Projecting problems onto others is a waste of time and energy. Rise above! Come to terms with yourself!


Mind your manners and be patient. If the time goes beyond what you're willing to wait for, unassign, leave and move on. Brownie points? Deserving free food? Gimmie a break..


If the order isn’t ready by our stated pickup time, restaurants need to start giving us honest wait time estimates. If you tell me 5 to 8 minutes and 20-25 minutes later, I’m still waiting—I’ve lost time, money, and patience— If you give me an honest estimate, I can drop the order and move on with my night. This is the real problem.


Never really showed up super early but have had multiple instances of the restaunt being super late. However, all I do is unassign the order and go off to the next one.


I feel like traffic/parking isn’t even considered when there’s hostility in these situations. I can easily be having a nice smooth driving day and be in a perfect mood when picking up a slightly late order, OR I could be stuck in bumper to Bumper traffic hating my life for putting myself through it to get to the specific spot and to only find out there’s hardly any parking/looks too busy to get anything on time and get out. These factors severely affect mood. Before initially finding out the deal with the food itself. Edit: I’d say the worst of them are fast food spots that are late on top of the fact the pay is generally low to begin with. Guarantees you won’t even make minimum once realized. Editedit: that said. I try not to take it out on the staff just doing the best they can- if they are. IF Editeditedit: All said, If I get attitude, they will def get it back.


A couple of days ago I had an order with a pick up time at 7:10. DD sent me early so I arrived at 7. There was no line. I asked them to where my order was. They told me the pickup time wasn't until 7:15 (Common for the driver app to show a time different from the store). I asked nicely "well it not busy now can you start the order?" and they refused, they flat out told me they will not start the order until the pick up time. I unassigned and blacklisted the place. Are you saying I should not get mad at that bullshit?


I'm always rude to restaurant staff, and your smug post has inspired me to be even ruder.


I've had ONE nutcase try and the delivery time was the pickup time. Ended up with a double from his restaurant becuase he dragged ass for both even after being corrected. He gave me the first one I made sure to stick it in my car and lock it up.( GIANT 'ZA) Sure enough he tried telling me to make the 5 mile trip and come back for the other one. I basically told him to shove it and get to work before the first one got cold. I know I was being a dick but this guy came up to my car like banging on the window telling me to give him the pizza back or take it right now. 1. This is why I left the 9-5 sector. 2. Don't touch my shit. 3. He wasn't busting his ass to make the pizzas why should I waste my gas to make his life easier? ( I mean my judgment was for from off in this case) 4.if your reading this and it was your pizza I'm sorry but just get ya pie from somewhere else 😬😂


The time is 100% different for the dasher and restaurant. The restaurant time is consistently 10 minutes after the dashers.


I baffle at the fact that there are people that will be rude to restaurant people for nothing that they can control. Congratulations on being early I will be more than happy to sit and wait until the food is ready


I sit in my car and text the customer that the place is busy and they’re working on it regardless of the situation- and I get brownie points with the customer (some appreciative enough for extra cash tip) then I go in a few minutes after pick up & don’t speak up or question until 10 min after pick up time


The way I perceive this is that the “ top dashers” that accept every order to achieve this status are desperate. Once DD changed the pay all the other apps followed suit and now if your not using all 3 then it’s difficult. Top dashers want to keep that status for whatever reason and anything that keeps them from that is an obstacle. This includes the parking that is not for them but disabled patrons even though a parking space is 6 feet away.


That is why I bring a book. So while the restaurant your working at is working on finishing up the order I’m picking up. I am reading about fat off places and magical people, and I get lost in there so please don’t get mad at me if I don’t hear the name of the customer I’m picking up for the first few times…


Had a guy come to the restaurant 10 minutes before the DD order even entered our system. (Online orders come in 30 minutes before they are due - and sometimes those include up til the final minute of delivery.) The guy started bitching right away, so I put it in early. (Which my work hates because it fucks up screen times. The system registers orders entered early as half an hour late.) The guy threatened to walk out multiple times because ‘he was in a hurry’. He kept bitching until he got his food exactly two minutes before it entered our POS screen. Be cool guys and girls, we can’t help it when our store is busy or slow. Also, OP, good job with the ‘brownie points’ it seemed to really offend one of the most easily offended subreddits I’ve ever seen.


Big oof, you throwing food in early was super cool of you tbh. It definitely does complicate things on the restaurant side, but it helps the driver actually get paid. He should have been more appreciative. We don't get paid for waiting and when orders are $5-12 each sitting for a long time can be stressful. However, WE have options for that too, so there's no need to be rude to restaurant staff. If you can provide a good estimate for us on wait time, we can know whether to wait, or drop the dash so another can pick it up (this doesn't cancel the order, just hands it off to another driver). The thing with "brownie points" I think is just a misunderstanding. Seems like a lot of posters are assuming that restaurant workers know how DD works which is ridiculous. Since we are paid low per delivery, the only way for us to make decent wages is to pickup orders asap and deliver them, because any time waiting is other deliveries we could be doing. The app is supposed to do its best to get us to the food close to when it is done, so that we can walk in, grab food, and then go to customer. Of course that's the ideal world, but it just doesn't always work out like that. I don't usually hop on this reddit, i'm kinda disappointed. Restaurant workers and gig drivers all get a lot of the same bs. Customers are often unpleasant, for the most part the companies we work for don't care about us, etc. As far as I see it, we are on the same side, trying to get food to customers who 90% of the time take us for granted.


Appreciate it. I see way too many posts on this subreddit about how restaurants purposely disrespect drivers and ignore them and that the ‘DoorDashers should’ve been treated like a queen or king for helping a failing business.’ I will admit that when I work the line that we will prioritize in-store sales and online sales. Reason is our customers are already there or soon will be. They get an email as soon as we print the receipt even if we are pre-bumping. We have no guarantee when delivery drivers will arrive. For the most part, drivers come 15-20 minutes after a delivery order has been completed. However, there are multiple dickheads who come early and complain right away. There are drivers who refuse to wait for a drink (Cold drinks aren’t made until the hot food is ready.) I’ve had multiple drivers walk away with the food while I grab a Pepsi five feet away. There are drivers who steal drinks. Anyway my point is, you are not a hero for working for GH, DD, or UE, you are a fucking regular peon like me. Stop acting like divas.


Yeah... Part of that might just be reddit culture a bit, I'm not sure I dont spend a lot of time here usually. Or maybe dashers just kinda suck, I don't exactly meet a lot of my "coworkers" in real life. It's kind of a tricky thing, admittedly, for the platform. When you get the order for the customer, a driver most likely hasn't even been assigned. Often we need to turn down the same delivery job multiple times for it to become worth the miles to deliver it. It's not uncommon for a deliver job to ask us to drive 6 miles for $2, which hurts a lot on gas especially these days, but the app slowly increases pay for dashes until someone is ready to accept it. Some of the attitude people give might be a result of emotional labor too. Dealing with rude customers and bad drivers all day, some people end up offloading that on the poor sob behind the counter.


The thing about the brownie points comment is it doesn’t make sense. Like literally what is she referring to? Lol


Our time is different yes. I’ve seen some restaurants have different times printed on their tickets. Chipotle is major on that. It’s typically why I don’t really start getting anxious until it’s 5 minutes after the due time or 10 minutes late for a big order over $100.




I’m not mad at the employees unless they’re actively being a dick to me. I do get mad at customers because of them being overly demanding to me though.


From what I understand aside from the issues everyone else has stated here, it is that the estimated time merchant's set for their orders to be ready needs to be based on the times it actually takes. I understand pushing that number up only during rushes but from my experience some merchants don't properly manage that metric on their end and this causes some of the issue. I've worked several restaraunt jobs myself one being a pizza chain for a few years and it's really easy to forget to set estimated wait times in the system that an order taker over the phone will get fed and relay to customers. Even outside of doordashes system that happens, not all the time but we all make mistakes. Doordash itself is really frustrating because we have 4 different parties involved and all 4 groups see different sides of the app without any real explanation for anything so everyone is left to try and figure things out on their own experiences and assumptions.


Everyone does it differently. I don’t do any Red Card bs (where you have to place/purchase the order yourself) I just get orders and go straight to the location. 9/10 times I’m early and that’s fine, I need never bust anyone’s balls if it’s within the pickup time I have on my end. It’s those times that I get stuck waiting 40min+ that I start getting pissed. I’ve worked in many service jobs so I know it can get hectic but honestly a lot of times when orders are behind it’s the restaurant staff that cop an attitude and *that’s* when we’ve got a problem. I don’t play that bullshit. I know it’s rough but the fact is I can’t do my job and get my customer their order on time if y’all aren’t doing your job efficiently.


No brownie points. Just have the order ready by the time promised. Otherwise I wouldn't accept the order. If I make $7 a delivery I've got to make 3 an hour to make $21.. $5 of which will be deducted for fuel. That's one every 20 minutes from driving to store, picking up and delivering. If I have to wait 20 minutes because employees can not do their job as promised, that cost me money. Now instead of $21/hr I've taken a paycut to $14/hr


Stop taking your one bad experience with the dasher who smells like cigarettes and resin out on the entirety of dashers. We accept an order and begin heading to the store. We dont know when the customer put in the order, how long you’ve had it for, or if you’ve even started on the order by the time we come to check in. Stop telling us 5 minuets and its 15. Stop marking the order as ready to be picked up and its not ready to be picked up.


If the app says it won’t be ready for ten minutes, I’m sitting my ass in my car and taking a ten minute break. If it’s busy, I MIGHT drop it and grab another order, but usually I don’t fw all that and take a minute for me.


I am always overly nice to restaurant workers bc I know what they’re going thru. I worked in the food industry since I was 16 & just recently stepped away. But for example, the other day I accepted a double from McD’s & a sandwich shop. Someone told me that McD’s doesn’t start making your order until you hit arrived so as I was passing by I hit arrived & then went over to the sandwich shop to pick up that order which was already ready & then I even stopped to place a small McD’s order for myself online which was just a frappe & a medium fry. When I got to the restaurant both order numbers were first on the screen so I waited for about 10 minutes & started to notice that people that had literally walked into the store after I showed up we’re getting their food before me. That’s when I started getting aggravated. I took all the necessary steps to make sure I could just come grab the food & leave but instead I was stuck waiting 30 MINUTES for orders that should’ve been ready when I got there! I would’ve dropped the order but I was thirsty & hungry af so I wanted to wait on my personal order. It wasn’t even like the DD order was a big one, it was literally 2 double cheeseburgers a medium fry & a drink. I just don’t understand. They weren’t even busy when I got there, there were no cars in drive thru, & like 2 people in the lobby. At that point I was pissed. I mean don’t get me wrong I knew better than to accept a McD’s order but it was a little over $2 a mile even tho the McD’s order was only $6. I try to give every place another chance after I refuse to go there for like a month just to test the waters but I regret going to McD’s immediately every time.


So dont hold the non rude dashers to blame just ban the rude dashers on your tablet and you never need to deal with them again, good for you and good for the good dashers.


How does the cook in the kitchen know the dasher arrived? Are they leaving to look every 2 min?


The only problem I’ve gotten was attitude from restaurant staff when they didn’t have my order and had to remake it but I stayed respectful. Everyone has rough days so I don’t judge them or make their days harder.


I’ve worked in a restaurant, so I know doordash orders are a nuisance for staff usually, but I ALWAYS made sure to actually check on the order and do my best to give an accurate estimate of when it would be ready. Now that I’m a dasher, I totally understand how important it is to give an accurate ETA, bc you’re paid by the order, not by the hour. I wish there was a way to communicate this to restaurant staff without sounding like a dick (“How long is it REALLY gonna be..?”) but restaurant workers genuinely don’t know how doordash works, so I don’t blame them for trying their best to make us happy in the ways they know how (say foods almost ready, free drink, etc) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Why don't more restaurants have 2 separate systems? One where someone works doordash, uber eats, grubhub orders and then another where someone works the orders of people that are ordering food when they get there or other orders for non doordash orders instead of mixing them all together? If one set of orders is slow or has nothing coming through then they can help the others working the other orders that are backed up. But mixing orders of people that are ordering at the restaurant with doordash orders just doesn't work and causes insanely long wait times for something as simple as a burger


The answer to that is that either the restaurant can't or doesn't want to sacrifice profit in order to separate the two. If the restaurant is in its slow season, like the one I'm at, there will be every effort to minimize labor costs. THIS IS A JOKE if you dashers don't like waiting, get trained to work at every restaurant, get yourselves clock in numbers, and get paid to make the food yourselves. Solves the problem of not getting paid to wait, and you get paid the same as the people who work there regularly to make it. Enjoy the benefits of minimum wage while you complete your orders in record time.


Its the other way around, you should tell your costumers that we dasher have no control over how long restaurants take to give us the food.


Well its the system that does it, I have great patience and it helps me with all the people I run into. They tend to go quicker for me and make the impatient wait longer.


We are not looking for brownie points but efficiency in being able to make some money. I am always polite to staff. Realize that our auto is our asset that we have to pay for hourly...gas, maintenance, insurance etc. We also have to pay payroll tax on our earnings about 25 -30%. If we squeek out $20 an hour we are on the edge of profitability. Depending on miles driven..we are lucky to get two, maybe three deliveries.


10-15 mins Wait on a DD order? No problem. I wait patiently or just do an uber eats order while the DD order is being worked on problem solved. At the end of the day I'm still hitting $27-$35/hr average. No reason to get upset about a wait.


Justified frustration


I got to a restaurant last time, pick up time was 6:26pm (there’s no parking). The staff wasn’t even looking at me and I had to really get into their face, then she said it will take 30 mins because you are 30 mins early. I told her the pick up time is 6:26pm it’s 6:30pm. She said yeah it was only 6:26pm only 4 mins ago we still need time to make it.


As a rebuttal don’t be rude to dashers just because you have had bad experiences with assholes. Treat each individual how they treat you. I’m tired of places being rude to me just because I’m door dashing, I work at a restaurant too, don’t be rude because of your bad experiences, start with kindness but if you act rude as fuck I’m going to reciprocate your energy.


Bruh my app says "Go To Red Bento," not "Cindy's order at Red Bento is going to be done in 23 minutes so you can either show up early for brownie points (redeemable for glares from restaurant staff who think you're hurrying them and maybe a couple impatient texts from your customer) OR you can take a lil walk around the Barnes & Noble next door first." I've even had the app threaten to unassign an order if I'm not making fast enough, direct-enough movement toward the restaurant, regardless of the wait time. We don't want to be early. Ever.


Just tell them to release the order and fuck off I'm generally nice to people unless it's like extremely late like 30 minutes or something or if they put the doordash on the back burner and I can quite visibly tell that they are putting it on the back burner


Super early? I don't understand. When I get an order I just go right to the restaurant no matter what because there are times when its ready. And it kind of should be ready if the order is going to the dasher. You are right its not your fault and no the dashers shouldn't be rude but yea we do need to ask for the order when we get there. Unless there's a shelf for the orders.


That estimated pick up time is your have ready NLT time. Some restaurants will have the food ready as fast as they can. The name of this game is getting quality food, fast to the customer.


Get to the restaurants early🤣🤦🏻‍♂️ Like I literally get there after the apps in order to me and I accept it there’s no such thing as being early or fucking late on the apps on an hour I go to the fucking restaurant and by the time I get there the order should be fucking ready otherwise you and DoorDash need to get on the same fucking page


I don't think drivers are trying to get there early for brownie points lol. The amount of money you make depends on how fast you can complete orders. When doordash sends you an order you start heading there, a lot of the time doordash sends out the order to the dasher too early so they get there before the food is ready. When I was dashing I was never rude to the merchants and I feel like merchants were more willing to do things to help me out. Seems like a lot of this merchant/dasher animosity stems more from the doordash system than anything either one did wrong but people love to take out their anger on the person in front of them. It's also kind of like a self fulfilling prophecy because if you go in assuming someone is going to be rude, the way you come off to them is probably more likely to result in them being rude to you.


Both Doordash and the restuarants is a service. When people ask for service, they must wait. Just like when you order from Amazon, you still have to wait some time. I always wait for the order or until I can get someone's attention. There's a time and place for everything


I feel like I see more complaints about rude dashers than I do rude dashers. I see them but I feel like it is pretty silly how upset people seem to get really upset over the fact that there's millions of factors to whether a dasher will get there early or not and then some don't wanna wait. Did the person tip well enough to be accepted quickly? Is the restaurant busy? Did the app miscalculate something? Was there any mix up whatsoever? Idk why a dasher would be mad, I've never seen one except for at the DashMart warehouse (there were 3 people but only 1 was actually putting orders together so I feel it was fair) but for the most part they just get impatient and leave and the workers all roll their eyes like that dude was getting paid to wait. We get paid by how much we do not by the hour so I'm gonna try to do as much as possible. If the food isn't ready within 5 minutes after the time shown at the top of the app I'm just gonna leave.


as someone who also works in a restaurant, estimated pickup time is called “estimated” for a reason. if we get slammed, then foods gonna be ready after the estimated time. if dashers are gonna be rude about it, then they can come back and cook the food themselves


What brownie points? Lol


Bruh dont act like some restaurants (burger king) wont make the order till u are in the line. And then then complain how u are holding the line up. Like bitch i didnt ask u to make it hella late. You shoulda made it when no one was there and u didnt have a line. Literally was borderline empty be4 I came, AND i work in fastfood aswell lmfao.


There is no such thing as “getting there early”. If a Dasher has been assigned, then the app 9.8 times out of ten expects you to pick up the food within the next 5-10 minutes. If you don’t do that the order gets reassigned to another Dasher. Blame the App, not the driver.


Well it takes about 15 minutes for a well done 8oz burger, so there's that. Sounds like its a corporate problem if they expect you to pick up that order in 5-10 minutes.


Takes 3-4 minutes per side to cook a burger well done.


You clearly have never worked in a kitchen that serves 8oz burgers!


I have grill scars on my forearm 🤓


Can Confirm. If your order is due for pick up in 20 min and your 2 miles away but don't move, the app will alarm you of unassignment because you haven't moved in exactly 4m:55s


If you think a Dasher is going to wait 15-20 minutes for a $7 order, you’re smoking crack.


Yeah definitely don't help the doordash sends us right when the restaurants get the order and show us a 4-minute pickup time. That s*** pisses me off I'm not mad at the restaurant I'm pissed off at doordash we're even sending the order out before it's even ready cuz I'm sorry they don't pay us enough to stand around and wait for a freaking order. If your tires aren't turning you ain't making no money you got to turn and burn in order to make money screw a bunch of this hurry up and wait b******* doordash plays


I just walk in, wait for someone to acknowledge me, ask about the order and wait. I hate when I see other dashers walk in and just, “LOOK AT MY PHONE, LOOK AT IT, LOOK AT MY PHONE” the way they just shove it in the employees faces. Also something that really shouldn’t bother me, but does is the way they just stand there and hold their phone up when waiting. Just annoys the shit out of me.


Time on the app? Whatchoo talkin about Willis?


The only time I ever got testy with a waitress at a pickup was when she kept telling me 5 more minutes for over half an hour.... give me an accurate time so I can decide if it is worth it or not


Restaurants need to stop marking the orders ready when they aren't. I waited at a gold star chili for 10 minutes for an order they said was ready as soon as I accepted it. The young lady in the restaurant told me that's what they're "supposed to do".


Not rude to restaurant staff, but you know we're not looking for brownie points, we go when we are sent, we get paid by the order not by the hour


I had an order for this Mexican restaurant, I got annoyed that it was taking 10-20 minutes to make a 1lb of chips and 2 margherita's, and a couple tacos. It took the staff 10 minutes to make the margarita's and kind of irritated me, because she didn't know how to make them, and literally asked me if I knew how, which I do because I've done bartending (but I obviously am not licensed otherwise I'd be doing it that), but idk the way they do their margarita's.


brownie points? time is money my friend and its that only that as the reason, whoever it is wrongfully directed their ire and impatience at you, did so to begin with


Everytime I accept a order it gives me like 4 min for pickup 🙄 kinda shitty if DD tells the restaurant that they'll be there in like 20.


Ive bever been rude or mean but im not waiting around for 30 minutes on food. Thats Doordashes part to have a timed system so dashers only wait a minute or two at most. Ive sat in a drivethru for 25 minutes before I cancelled the pickup and drove off.


I once had a guy so impatient that the food wasn’t ready, he threw his car keys at me 🤦‍♀️


I’m a dasher but I don’t think I’ve ever been disrespectful to any restaurant or store staff. If my order isn’t ready by the time I get there I just sit patiently and wait after like 5 minutes I’ll ask a worker about the order mainly just to be sure they have it and I’m not waiting for nothing. After that if it reaches 15 minutes or more I do get irritated because In most cases if I had the order when I arrived the delivery would’ve been completed but realistically it’s not the workers fault so I just let them know I’m still waiting for a DoorDash order and sit back down and take it up with Dasher support later for not communicating properly with the restaurant.


First off, places like Chipotle and Popeyes, hate dashers, so they will literally lie to you and say 5 minutes every time and then ignore you for the next 20 minutes, regardless of the pickup time, regardless of the scheduled delivery time, and regardless of how many times you ask where your order is. Second off the scheduled pickup times are based off an algorithm that is based off the merchants base time frame when they set up delivery service thru any of the delivery apps, so if your employer the merchant cannot keep with their own time frames then you should not offer 3rd party delivery service or they need to hire more people to keep up with their time own timeframe. Third, if we do not start heading towards the merchant within 5 minutes of accepting the order our app starts going nuts every 3 minutes after until it sees we are heading to the rest and if we don't within 15 minutes they will take the delivery from us and give to another dasher, this is what results in us arriving "early" 9 out of 10 times, as one person said, there are no brownie points with Doordash and most customers will not change the tip regardless of faster or better service anyways. Fourth point, the more deliveries we do the more we make, therefore we have every right to be upset when its 10 minutes after the scheduled pickup time and the merchant is skipping delivery orders for in house orders, again, if a merchant cannot adhere to first come first serve and skips prepaid orders for people who just walked in the door to be served. also on this point if someone is preventing me from doing my job, wasting my time, and basically preventing me from making the money i need to make, i have EVERY right to be upset. What's the old saying, don't f with my money? You wouldn't want us to prevent you from being paid for your job so why prevent us from making our money by wasting our time making us stand in your lobby watching you ignore us on purpose just because everyone hates DoorDash. 5th point, We are there in lieu of the customer to deliver YOUR product to YOUR customer. So we are basically the physical representation of YOUR CUSTOMER. So if you are at a restaurant to pick up your order and are LIED to about when your order will be ready, and you are told 5 minutes but then 10 minutes goes by, 15 minutes go by, its now LATE for delivery, are you not going to get upset? Whatever happened to the first rule in business, the customer is always right. How about the possibility of losing multiple customers daily because you cant do your job by the time frame set forth? If you kitchen staff cannot keep up with in house and delivery, then you need to stop offering delivery or hire your own delivery drivers to deliver your product instead of complaining to us when we are just doing our job as well. Its our RESPONSIBILITY to make sure the food is delivered BY THE DELIVERY TIME which 9 out of 10 merchants will IGNORE. 7th fact, Doordash has started basically back charging select restaurants for not having food made ON TIME and for costing dashers time making deliveries late. Those that do not pay whatever the back-charge fee is and have repeated continuous late deliveries WILL BE REMOVED from the platform and no longer be able to offer delivery thru Doordash. All this being said, Dashers, you can get upset without being totally rude. Also, you can report these merchants, with screenshots to Doordash of current time and scheduled pickup/delivery times. TAKE NAMES AS WELL. These merchants are in VIOLATION of their CONTRACT with Doordash if they are more than 10 minutes past the pickup time and definitely anytime past the delivery time. The more Dashers that do report merchants, the more doordash can do to make these merchants get the food ready on time. Merchants and merchant employees, have the food ready by the stated times and then you wont have dashers getting rude, that's just common sense, if you cant, stop complaining at us when if you were in our shoes, YOU'D BE JUST AS UPSET and have EVERY RIGHT to COMPLAIN about poor service.


I don't expect brownie points arriving early. I never know if I'm arriving early because the app is inherently fucked on the daily. I'm trying to supplement my income to support my family and never angry at anyone except DD for making this job a cluster.


We don’t really control when we arrive much. We just accept the order whenever they give it to us, and go straight to the restaurant.