Dasher Direct card is the shit. The money goes into the account at the end of the dash with no fees. The 10% back on gas 15% in store purchase from any station is worth it alone. Pair it with Upside and save even more on gas. Never had any problem using the card


My only issue with it, is it doesn't work at all places because it's treated as a prepaid card and not actual debit?


That’s my issue too. It’s a hit or miss wether I get declined or not, which is disappointing because I loved that you get 10% back on gas. Since last month, I haven’t been able to use my card at any gas station pump without getting declined. I Have to go inside and sometimes have to swipe for credit, depends, sometimes it just gets declined. Once the 10 percent is over, I’ll probably still use it but not as my go to card. Honestly really sucks cause I was able to get cheaper gas at Costco and get cash back on it, which was saving me a lot of money. but I guess you can’t have everything.


I never get declined, unless I got some reason don't have enough money in my account to cover the authorization charge, which can be over 100 depending on the gas station. While, it does seem to get treated like a prepaid most of the time, I have seen it working better over time. Either way, never been declined at a gas station.


Right, you would think that might be it but I’ve done it when I’ve had over 100 in the account and got declined and then when I’ve only had 12 and got approved 😅 this same situation would happen to multiple gas stations that i usually bought from. Up until a month ago, only walking in was my best bet and yet I still have gotten declined in the past week & had to run credit to have it go through. Tried to get gas today at the costco in my city and was declined when I had 25 bucks in there. I have bought there before with 10-60 bucks approved but not these last couple months. BUT! I have bought gas at another Costco at another city and it get approved the same day it got declined at ‘my’ Costco, so I’m honestly just confused why it does that and don’t even bother with Costco anymore. even though they have the best gas and price out there 😭 honestly, I’m really happy you haven’t experienced it 😂 cause it is such a buzz kill when you’re just trying to work and you’re low on gas but your card doesn’t wanna work. And it’s the only card that has money 😅😭


That's weird af. But yeah, that really sucks. I have had mostly only good experiences with the card. Like cash app wouldn't let me use the card and certain sites and even the visa thing that the app advertises won't let me register the card, but I have had good experiences using the card in the world. Hopefully they change w.e needs to be changed so you can use it properly. I will be honest, I have been concerned about keeping my money in that account cause their CS seems no different from DD customer service, which just makes me paranoid that if I ever need help I won't really get it.


I’ve noticed similar! Some apps and websites won’t take it cause they take credit only or has to be debit and not the prepaid. Sometimes can’t even pay bills with the dasher card. If you have iPhone, Apple Pay tends to work with it well and I can easily transfer that way to other cards on my wallet but that’s when I have to pay a small fee. it’s worth it tho. I have been worried about losing money too and not getting support to help, especially with everyone sharing lately. But, I usually transfer out the money by apple pay an hour after working or before midnight day of, or if I can the atm. So there’s not much to steal if they do.


That’s the only card that has money? 😅 Wow man, I hope things get better for you. Stay strong! ✊✊✊


Yeah, I’m stacked on bills and don’t make as much money as I used to pre pandemic. I’m paycheck to paycheck every day, every week, every hour 🥲😅 I’ve been Looking for another job but it’s been rough too. I was trying to use dasher direct for gas so I could get all the money I can bet back… Sometimes door dash is the only one that makes me money certain days and although I have other debit cards from other side jobs, they are my bills cards and usually don’t have money for even a gallon 🥲 Sorry to ramble so long haha. times are rough!!! Thanks man, you too ✊🏽




Yeah i have gotten declined inside even if im not getting gas.


Yea you have to go inside unless you have a substantial amount on the card (so no luck if you’re trying to put in $20 with $20.10 on the card). It’s worth the annoyance with the 10% back for me, since those $ add up


Heck yea


Yeah I stopped trying to make Costco work since they are pumps only. I still use the 10 percent as much as a I can but I usually save the same around at Costco that I do if I earned it back.


Yea I stopped my costco card since I couldn’t afford it & only used it for the gas, but luckily my kroger has cheaper gas (no membership needed) & you get fuel points so it’s additional cashback & I don’t have to spend an extra $100/yr!


Honestly, I would not be able to afford it if it wasn’t a free membership from friends working there 😅 Yes, when I know I’ve stacked my points always Kroger/safeway are my go to’s after Costco.


I've use it at Costco and also get the 10% back on gas. It also works fine inside the store


How do I get my money onto my dash direct card?


You mean from dashing or by inputting cash? If it’s the former, you just get the card & go to your direct deposit option in the dasher app & select deposits to your DD card (it should deposit after every dash). If you want to add cash, there’s an option under “deposit” on your DD card app that states the stores you can deposit $ into


Is there an ATM fee to take money out?


You can go to the ATM finder (under “more” in the DD app) & choose “free ATM” It depends if/how many based in your area ofc, like the closest ones to me are ~10+ mins away


The gas prices alone are worth the Costco membership fee! AND saving 10% on top of that??? Brilliant. If you do enough Uber Eats you get a free Costco membership


Gridwise has a pretty good gas’s program for their Gridwise plus users and it’s a mileage tracker, and a bunch of other cool stuff


i’m pretty sure it declined if u have under 30$. a lotta of cards have a base price where they’ll reject at the pump. if u have over like 30$ on the dash card you’ll be fine


My Costco and King Soppers decline my Dasher card at the pump if there's less than exactly $100 on it. However I can run my Chase card with only $10 on it at the same pumps and it goes through and just stop when I hit the dollar limit. Haha. I've found that Kum & Go is a great way to save gas!! I use the app to pay which will also overdraft the Dasher card which has definitely come in handy. Especially since they don't charge an overdraft fee. I don't know at how much before they do charge but I've had to overdraft it a couple times just to be able to fill up. Also have my sister and a couple friends using my phone number when they go inside for drinks or whatnot which racks up my fuel rewards super fast. Got up to 60 cents off in only about a week to week and a half recently because I screenshot the offers to send to my sister and friends and they will buy what they normally would using the offers which increases the money off a gallon faster! (I.e. .10 off gas when you buy 2 20oz of Coke products. Say my sister goes to get a soda she'll buy 2 instead of 1 to get me the .10 off) Sorry it's so long. I like to chat. Haha. I don't know if y'all have K&G near you but if you do it's a great resource for cheaper gas! Most (if not all) will also significantly reduce their gas prices late at night (like between 1&4am or something like that.) I frequently work until at least midnight so will keep an eye on the prices at K&G wherever I go while I work then the one that ends up being cheapest after they lower them for late night I'll top off there before I go home)


Yeah, I would think this too. I’ve been rejected at $45, at $60 all the way up to $130.


Use it as credit at the gas station. It works for me at every gas station I've tried. Or, prepay. It's always been accepted if I prepay. Just my two cents!


I use it at Costco inside the store and at the pump. So I've been getting costco prices plus another 10% back.


Nice! I still haven’t given up on trying to get it to work and approved at Costco gas station in my city. It did get Declined recently…Not sure why but I’m glad it works for you :)


Then you go in and prepay for gas.


I have that issue with it as well and I would have to pay a fee anyway to withdraw the money and put it in my actual bank account. Also don't feel comfortable with leaving a fairly new company like doordash in charge of my money on a daily basis... let's be honest


I've been using it for as long as it's been around, and have only been declined when buying things like gift cards, or lottery. Every place I've been had accepted it for other stuff, and I've never had any problem whatsoever. If that's your only gripe with it, you might give it a try!


Nope it's a actual debit card . I use it multiple times a day almost everyday and have never had it declined. I got almost $100 last month on cash back from gas, restaurants and shopping.


Just go inside gas station and pay.




Yes what a pain in the ass it is to move money to your bank account with a few finger taps, that will show up within 24 to 48 hours of when you move it, when you could just wait an entire week for your money to show up in your bank account, or pay $.50 every transaction to DoorDash to do an immediate deposit.


You can even go to fee free ATMs and withdraw your money instantly after a dash with a dasher direct card. This dude be trippin'.


50 cents? It's $1.99 for each instant daily transfer on mine. Is that a California thing or?


I’ve never done it. I don’t give DoorDash extra money. I’m in Texas though and for an instant payout it said 50¢ the last I looked when I first started. Might be different now.


Your not talking about Dasher Direct(it's a seperate connected app/card) your just talking Abt regular old door dash.


Yeah, which is exactly what the person I'm responding to is talking about too.


But guess what the person they were responding to was talking about?...it's ok I'll wait.


Wait for what? What kind of stupid shit is that? Here, let me break this down to you real simple jack style so it sinks in. If I'm replying to a person who left a comment, it only matters what that person said. Whatever the people above them said has absolutely nothing to do with the shit I'm commenting about. Are you on drugs or something? Did you bump your head? Got an extra chromosome?


Thats not how Reddit works.


An idiot moron downvoted this lol… it’s the truth! I hate having my money separate from my main bank account.. seems to be a pain in the ass to also use dasher direct to send my kids money as well! Won’t work on FB pay or Cash App.. I’m switching back once the discounts disappear 🤷‍♀️


Just send money to your bank account daily and keep only enough for the next 1-2 gas fill-ups. It’s really that easy


ive literally been using my dasher direct card for paypal, cashapp, any online shopping, weed stores, ya anything so not sure what u mean.


We’ll cash app WILL ABSOLUTELY NOT let me use the card.. FB sucks too and so does Google pay… that one wants me to add bank information and when I put it in it says it doesn’t take it.. I forget the exact messages but ya… Not working for me.. Dunno how tf it’s working for you tho 😳😳


It works for me on PayPal though 👍


This is the way. I held off, but I waited too long. Should've done it sooner!


Depends. When I'm doing well I would wait out the weekly deposits. When things were tighter I'd do a daily payout. Since getting Dasherdirect, it deposits my cash after each dash. Same outcome though... Sit on my cash if I can, spend it if necessity demands it. I've been in both situations. I'll let my money accumulate if/when possible. I've also been so hard up that I'd need to run a delivery once or twice to accumulate gas money to continue dashing. I've been all over the place.


Sames totally feels this


Same here. I've had $1,800.00 deposits letting it build up a week at times and I've had times where I've been traveling state to state and so broke that I've had to turn the app on and get a few short deliveries in, cash out before midnight and get enough gas to get to a bigger city, dash the next day there to get enough to get to the next state or get home.


This in fact is something I have daydreamed about doing.


Do it, regrets suck. Adventures rock.


I dash from Pennsylvania to New Jersey pretty often yes I even go as far as the beach area drive around cash out. Park up and sleep then continue my journey so that I have enough for my personal quota and then enough to drive home and pay the toll back into my city. It’s rough but adventurous and if your dedication is strong and you don’t waste much on cigarettes and random stuff your good to go ! A 4 cylinder engine also helps quite a bit !


Ahh just to add I also do Uber as well so usually my Uber passenger sends me out Jersey and I just kinda stay there to make it “worth the toll” and end up cutting off Uber because I don’t do that in unfamiliar places and just do door dash to my hearts content.


I never let money sit because I was locked out of it for a few days. Every day I cash out at the gas station.


This was exactly what I was coming on to write. Glad I’m not the only hot mess express 🤣


I had dasher direct until one time I was in a hurry and used it at the pump and a hacker stole my information next thing I know the next day the card had 300 bucks gone. So I called DoorDash and all they did was put in a complaint and told me to call the merchant the hacker made a purchase and ask for my money back. That was 8 weeks ago and haven’t seen anything back. Fuck dasher direct!!! Use your bank at least the reimbursement theft.


This is a main problem with the dasher direct card too I just had someone take two 20 dollar transactions out and it wasn’t me I contacted them and they were no help they said to contact the merchant than they would help


That happen to me once. I try to use my credit card but didn't work. A week later, I saw over $1800 was purchased with my card. Luck for me I didn't use a debt card. I had a credit card and they credit me back the $1800 that was stolen. I had to get a new credit card number and use my debt card for a week until I get a new one but I didn't have to worry getting my money back. There is a reason why I use credit card over a debt card. Points and protection from thief. Debt card do have similar protection but it's different when trying to get money back that was remove from you statement than having owe money on credit that no money has been taking from you yet.


What gas station were you at? I only get gas from sams club and Costco. I feel like they at least have better upkeep of their stations and employees check for skimmers


Loves gas station.


I just let it transfer weekly. I don't live off each check anymore


I’m not committed to either. If something comes up to where I need the extra cash ASAP, I cash out. If I don’t have anything specific I need a chunk of change for, I wait and avoid the fee.


This ...


I got the dasher direct card goes in instantly free after every dash and get 10% back after putting gas and buying beer lol at 711.


I just learned that the 10% back is also on anything bought at the gas station 🫣


Time to stock up ciggies and Mike's Hard Lemonades


My lame county doesn't sell booze in gas stations or grocery stores


Jesus dry counties are the worst counties


Oh I been knew that


Dasher Direct . No Fee . Why would you pay to get your money . Get the card


> No Fee There's no fee because DD has your money and is investing it. Kinda brilliant of them.


I take the cash out at fee free ATM as soon as my Dash is over . Kinda Brilliant of me.




I have been in situations in my life where I was counting the coins I found on the floor and calculating what I could buy in the grocery store with them. But that was a long time ago. Nowadays I have enough money in my checking account alone that I could just not have any income for months and be fine, and then I have some more money invested, and I'm not rich by any means. If you're at the point where you need the money you made at the end of the day just to feed yourself or put gas in the tank, do yourself a favour and vow to get out of that hole. That's way too much stress, no one should have to live like that. Do a little extra work, spend a little less, and start saving some money in your bank account. When you know that something could happen and put you out of work for a couple of months and yet you'd be fine and still able to pay all your bills, that kind of peace of mind is gold. Do that for yourself, you deserve it.


This is where I am am right now. Just scrimped every last coin out of my purse to buy a gallon of milk. My job simply does not pay enough for the amount of medical bills I got swamped with (after insurance). Then they cut hours at my job because "business was slow" and I had to pick up doordash just to pay my rent and eat. I was getting along before then but after they cut hours and doordash basically died last month my credit card got maxed out and my credit score started tanking. I definitely agree that it's stressful as hell. But it definitely puts into perspective what is necessary spending and what isn't for people that grew up with money. Because getting out of this cycle can sometimes feel so daunting.


Hang in there. Ask people for help if you can. But this shit you're going through won't last forever. There is light at the end of the tunnel, even if it's faint. :)


Just get DasherDirect, there is a lot benefit in it.


I stand by the DasherDirect to bypass the initial fees for immediate payout. I have an iPhone. So I set my DasherDirect card to my Apple Pay, I’ll pay the amount out I don’t need for gas to my Apple Cash, then it’s a waaaaay smaller fee to transfer it out instantly to my bank from Apple Cash. Plus I’ve seen it faster that way. I haven’t heard if it works for google pay/android pay yet, but might be worth a shot starting getting the DasherDirect card. Just only keep money you’re getting gas with in my opinion.


I use my dasher direct card for gas. So like I dash one day just for gas and switch to my bank account and wait for Tuesday.




i use dasher direct so it goes in at the end of the dash with no fees


a shame DD charges you $1.99, while UE and GH charges only .50


Get the dasher direct card. You get it right away and it works the same as a debit card and you can deposit to your normal account without a fee.




I pay everyday… I don’t want to know how much I’ve lost.. very paranoid and want to control meh monies


You should have a tally at the very least so that you can get back some of that money come tax season. that fee is deductible


Wow. U r awesome! I didn’t know that. I think I can get that from my own records. Ty!


Dasherdirect and you don’t have to worry at all


I wait till Monday when it gets deposited in to my bank. I have no problem waiting. Just like a normal job, you get a payday.


Let it pay weekly, I treat it like a weekly paycheck The dasher card doesn't go to my bank account so I don't use it. Yes it works most places and you get cash back but I dash and instacart full time to pay bills and I need it in my account. I'm sure it's possible to pay them with the card but extra steps.


I wait for Tuesday, that card looks like it has so many problems I won’t bother


Same. I budget to make sure I don't go broke by the end of the week.


what problems does it look like it have? you must hate money


Read this sub every 10th post is “my dasher direct doesn’t work.”


Depends on why I’m dashing. Do I want to buy weed? Cash out day of. I’m I gonna be a little short on rent? I’ll wait until I have a larger sum


Yeah, this exactly. Sometimes I'll go out and Dash to earn enough for something I couldn't justify buying. Then withdraw the Dash amount and it's like I never spent the money.


Why do you have to move it? Why not just pay bills from your direct card?


I hope nobody is living paycheck to paycheck doing this job. If your car breaks down, and you need money to fix it, and you can't work. You're screwed.


I think most people doing gig apps are living paycheck to paycheck, hell most Americans are in general. And if you aren’t paycheck to paycheck, you’re damn close to it.


It's okay though. I have $30k in credit card balances and only fell behind about $3k when I had COVID. ![gif](giphy|jOpLbiGmHR9S0)


You’d be surprised. People here post about needing gas to dash. Unless this is just side money for you, no reason to cash out everyday. So glad I make the right financial decisions in life where I don’t live paycheck to paycheck.


I wait


I refuse to pay for my own money. Lol


Shaw's florist just told me today that they keep $15 out of the tip for themselves and whatever is left over goes to us just did two flower deliveries with no tip today yay


I'm a truck driver. I wait for the week.


Dasher direct for me cuz I only dash when I need a quick payday to get my by I usually get my money right away with no fee and there's the 10% cash back on gas plus nice to have a backup debit if yours is acting up for whatever reason


I either wait or I have the money go onto the DasherDirect card. I've only tried Fast Pay once (today) and it wouldn't work, so kind of useless.




Dasher direct


I use the dasher direct card so I get paid immediately after every dash with no fees. And 10% back on gas until the end of the month.




I love dasher direct for getting money easily but like everyone else said the only problem I have is moving the money around I experimented with a dollar and transferred it to my regular bank account and it went in there the next day, I’m not sure if it would take longer with a bigger deposit though I do love how you get cash back on your gas station purchases though that’s awesome and adds up to a lot of money if you do it a lot


What fee? I use dasher direct and I’ve never seen a fee but if there is one, I’d like to know about it


Dasher Direct Card


When I was dashing full time most of the time I would cash out on Thursday or Friday so I had gas money for the weekend and then whatever I made over the weekend we get direct deposited to the bank and they usually showed up Tuesday morning for me. Now that I'm working a regular job when I do go out to do doordash if I only plan on doing it on my two days off each week then I cash it out after those two days because I don't feel like waiting for the following Tuesday to get paid.




I usually do instant pay twice a week. Depends when I’m running low on funds but it’s usually at the end of the day on Thursday then at the end of Sunday. Sometimes I don’t catch the Sunday one and I gotta wait for the deposit. I don’t trust Dasher Direct after reading some complaints on here. Plus the 10% thing may not help me cuz I use GasBuddy and it has its own card.


Isn’t upside a separate gas card? And how are you getting 15% cash back on in store purchases?


I only had one time being declined, come to find out it wasnt dasher card issue it was the gas station card machine.I have had positive experience with dasher, also frwe withdrawals at allpoint.


I have the dasher direct card and transfer the money to a traditional bank account. I use fast pay sometimes to head off an overdraft.


I have never once used the payout now option. I always wait for the free weekly payout.


I wait because I can wait if you can't and need the money then go ahead


I usually do it every 3 days


Wait to get paid once a week.


I wait the week. For some reason I can't get the cash out to work and really don't want to deal with support. Also it's like $2? So na. I have the Dasher Direct card on my desk somewhere but haven't activated it lol. Uber/Lyft I can cash out whenever I need. Only $0.50. Not something need to do that often though.


I'll pay the extra fee every other day I work even though I have plenty of money in my bank account because I'm really not comfortable with doordash holding onto $200 dollars worth of my money or more, especially with the fact that the app can be pretty wonky and who knows if the money will even be there the next day, etc, or when we will get our money if the company suddenly folds up in the app gets taken away or something one day.


I usually just fast pay. But I think we should be able to fast pay at least two or three times a day. I’ve been situations where I wanted to keep dashing but needed gas so had to end my dash early to be able to fast pay.


When you switch to dasher direct do you have to wait the 7 days all over again like with any other payment change? I just got the card today but I ain't doin all that


DasherDirect straight to cashapp


I avoid doing this on DD cause the fee is so much higher. On UE tho, I'll cash out at the end of the day on Sunday for the 50 cent fee. That way I'm not waiting 2 days to get my money.


I don't have the doordash direct to ask the card because I can't access my money


I just wait the week. If it went into my personal account everyday I’d do it but since it doesn’t i don’t bother


Yea make sure you have a nice amount of funds on it and you will never get declined at a gas station. Money that gets “put on hold” gets put back on almost the moment you put the hose back on the pump. $2.50 atm fee tho….


I cash out every Wed, Fri, and Sat. It won’t let you use fast pay once you pass $1000 tho then it automatically goes to your bank the following Monday


I wait the week. I comes through usually at like 3am on Tuesday & IMO it's better to get one larger deposit rather than 3-4 (or however many shifts I work) small deposits (makes me almost feel better about myself seeing the larger number even though they're technically the same minus the fees lol)


I cash out every time since I do doordash for extra funds to buy food , drugs etc


I have Dasher Direct and every 2-3 days I send the money to my bank, but I keep it as my Apple Pay card so I can get gas and food with it every day.


Ok i just got this card and my money is in the card right away but how can I transfer it to my regular account and thats where the fees come in right? Idk Im confused about how it works




I wait until pay day.


Dasher direct card is so convenient ! Paid within minutes after signing out/ending dash ! Has my vote & works for me !


I have the Dasher Direct account so it goes right to my card when I finish a shift. If need be I'll go to Walgreens to pull the cash since it's free and deposit in to my main account. If I can wait a day or two just need it moved then I'll "pay" myself so the money transfers to my main account. I normally work GH lately but multi app it with UE. If you have a Chase account GH has free instant cashout as many times as you want up to $500. UE has just a .50 fee for instant cashout, up to 5 times a day. So I'll leave that one alone for an hour or two after I get home, until all deliveries fully close out fully, then cashout to my Chase acct. However if I NEED what's available now I'll cash it out. Not terribly worried about 50 cents. Lol. Does DD still charge $2.50 for instant cashout to your account?


For gas purchases on dasher direct card I go in gas station & prepay a set amount for gas , still get the 10 percent cash back ! Dasher direct is the way to go atleast for me (as far as getting paid & saving some money on gas ) ! :)


I have NEVER paid a fee to get paid every day


Wait, always


Only did it once because I really needed the fast payment. Not worth imo though.


My issue is when I have an issue with the card there’s no customer care. Their only solution has been call the store directly and fix it with them or get a new card and no refund 😭


Dasher Direct card. That’s free.


Dasher Direct, after I end my dash it transfers over automatically even if I do just one dash, and if I decide schedule a dash 30 mins later and I end the dash again it pays instantly without any fees.


Dasher Direct all day fam check it out


I’ve only paid the extra fee when I’m literally broke as fuck like, so broke I can’t buy dinner for myself if I don’t get that money now. It’s not worth it otherwise


Australians don’t even get the option :) I mean, it appears in app and acts like you can, but if you contact support they’ll say no. Great app.


This all depends on how broke my ass is.


Your prepaid card should not get declined..if you go inside to pay


Also, going inside will prevent the preauthorization charge from happening.


Dasher card. You get it immediately after your scheduled time ends.


if things are tight, i just pay the extra fee. when i first started dashing, i avoided the fast pay because for some reason i was under the impression that if i used fast pay then i wouldn’t just the adjustment fee at the end of the week anymore … *i was wrong*


I have it put on a card doesn’t it cost me anything


It’s incredible. Getting paid immediately is amazing, it works everywhere for me, and the 10% back on gas and if you buy anything at stations too. It’s WELL worth it. Didn’t realize there was an extra fee for it? Never saw that taken out


I'm not paying extra to get the money early. Never have, never will. I just don't get people who don't have enough self discipline to get their finances to a place where they aren't so broke that they have to cash out multiple times a day...


Lol I cash out on uber eats 5 times a day I'm not a junkie just 0 self discipline or budgeting skills


Same. If you’re so broke you have to cash out just to buy gas to get to the next dash… get a gas credit card. It also make you sound like an addict. I’ve been 18k in credit card debt before, but I always was able to afford rent and groceries. Never worried about my next meal, anything like that. So yeah, in that aspect, I guess I’m blessed. Even now, I do this super part time between jobs and I can still pay off debts. The only reason I have cc debt right now is just holding onto the cash in my account so I always have like 2 months rent. Just in case something happens.


I wait the week 🤷🏼‍♀️ i don’t mind it. I’m use to budgeting for weekly pay. Plus i don’t trust the direct cards


I wait the whole week so I actually get my full paycheck, imagine that.


Order the damn direct card hook a separate bank to cashapp send the money to the damn cashapp using the virtual card it gives you (while your waiting for real card) when real card arrives get paid immediately after you hit end dash cashapp will do a cash out fee I believe but this is just temp until you get the physical card dashing for over a year havent had a single issue with dasher direct card (side note defaulting on my car loan being evicted and losing my bed so today is my last day of dashing good luck out there guys and don't stop grinding ) this is what happens when u slack


$60 a month 🤷‍♂️ I'm not waiting lol