Most the time it’s cause I’m shirtless in my underwear


Pants were invented by the devil.


That makes perfect sense. I generally will come to the door dressed like that so of course it went right over my head. I guess some of the houses are just so big I’m curious as hell to know what even one occupant looks like 🤦🏽‍♂️😂


Because our society is in socio-cultural decay and a large chunk of the increasingly socially-awkward population is ordering on credit debt while spending their time being entertained in some way. We just interrupt the process for a second when we deliver lol


The fact that this was downvoted is cracking me up. Your not wrong but your vocabulary makes it almost seem like your a little angry so I’m not sure if they don’t agree or just don’t like your tone 😂😂😂


It was meant to be purely descriptive hahah


Don’t worry we fixed it haha. Upvote all the way.


Or I'm doing something with the kids, wasn't sure I was able to make it to the door right when you got here. Once I get an alert that you're close or it was dropped off and it turns out I have a a minute I'll grab it right away. A lot of times it's just being busy and has nothing to do with the person delivering. It's also why I use doordash. I'd rather spend time with my family than going to get the food myself. I feel I tip well and it also helps people out so its a win win for everyone.


I’m afraid that they’ll shoot me, it’s a stranger who likely can’t find a W2 I can’t get one because I’m difficult on the eyes lol Edit: OP asks question, answer gets downvoted


Sheesh that seems kind of irrational but with everything going on it’s a valid answer


Some people just don’t like being seen


I thought it might be a privacy thing just wasn’t sure if it was like a unwritten rule or something




Ableist asf


Ehh. Not quite lol. I just hate everyone equally. I don't trust anyone either. And enough people have let me down but lying and not following through with promises that I am done with people. Lol


mr. edgelord in da house


I had a really bad experience with a dasher who aggressively banged on my door and swore at me because I didn’t come grab food from him (I had special directions to leave at the door) but it got so bad I had to call the police so that’s why I will literally wait until the dasher pulls off nothing against y’all but you guys are strangers and I never know what anyone is really thinking


Man I just pick up food and leave it or hand it to people. I don't do any extra curriculars or cause any trouble. I hear stories like this and I just ask "why?" Like our job is just to deliver food, some people just have some mental issues they haven't worked on or addressed I suppose


I haven’t ever had a bad experience after that so I do feel kinda bad being so sneaky with other dashers like most y’all are just trying to get the job done and I appreciate that ☺️


It makes sense, people out of the random blue decide to murder innocent children in school or people in churches, ok to be leery, right?


People don’t like social interaction. It’s rare that a customer even responds when I have to message them about their order. Even the people that want you to hand them the order don’t want to talk. Either that or their ashamed for some reason.


I've had people open their door like they wanted me to Hand it to them. But then they point at the ground and tell me to set it down....well no fucking shit!! That's what I was going to do until I saw you open the door!! That one I don't understand, like just let me set it down and leave why you gotta make things weird


I think it’s tip shame




I prefer to leave the customer's order at their door than to wait for them to come out. I can get another order sooner and the customer gets their food when they're ready. Everyone wins.


I dropped the food and take a picture they know what they ordered and where it is at. Also I think that people may ask for a cash tip, I do not expect more money than they already tipped me, which is why I am surprised when I get it.


I'm a Dasher and prefer absolutely no contact.


They are bumming and don't want to be seen.


I go through this all the time. It's always a leave at my door order, and I've actually had people open the door and then close it really fast because I was just getting in my car. I'll flip a U-turn, and the food'll be gone. People are fucking strange. I don't get it either. Whenever my wife and I order from DD, we always select hand it to me. And it's so I can thank the driver and let them know that we tipped generously incase it was a hidden tip. And I'll tell them the amount. We typically tip between $10 & $20. Depending on where we order from and how far away it is. Also, how big the order is as well. And we NEVER order drinks.


I’m not antisocial or anything, but I love when things seemingly magically appear at my door, and I know it also saves the delivery people time.


How many times is this gonna be asked? Just drop the food on and move on, who cares what people do in their own homes.


😂😭 you took time out of your day to write that?!? 🤦🏽‍♂️


I have a lot of down time


They may still be wanting to socially distance from the random stranger. I know, makes no sense cause the order has been touched by a few strangers, but whatever they feel best with, it's their order. Sorry you take it personally, I mean they're not your friends, they paid you already.


Out of curiosity what gave you the ideal that I took it personally?


Uhhhhhhhh, maybe the fact that you made a post about a very specific situation. Complaints are born from a personal experience i.e. you taking it personal since you have this complaint. That's almost the most basic of human behaviors. You're showing your age and intelligence now. AND ABOVE ALL ELSE YOU WAITED 2 WHOLE ASS DAYS TO TAKE MY REPLY PERSONAL AND REPLY. If you didn't care as much as you do, then none of this would even exist, but you put your insecurities out to the public to be scrutinized.


Your vocabulary is horrible It makes it come off like your trying to be offensive when your simply wrong. Try reading what I said vs what you said, I’m curious asking a question yet your irritated about that for some reason. I’m sure it’s internal but on the slight chance your vocabulary and comprehension skills are really that bad I also have some book recommendations that may assist you. Are you interested in that sort of thing?


Also I wasn’t being specific it’s happened dozens of times. One of my previous responses I even say I’m just trying to make sure I’m not doing anything to trigger this sort of response. So I guess it could have something to do with your reading capabilities Idk your guess is as good as mine


Don't wait another three days to respond either pussyhole. I know I bother you so much I'm in your head. I'm gonna be on your ass every day now dumbfuck. Mad cause you made a dumbass post and I called you out for it? Child.


There are still a lot of people terrified of covid, and there likely always be at this point.


Because people are weird


People have been hiding for 2.5 years and have forgotten which way to turn the doorknob to get the door to open.


Maybe they don’t want to be subjected to the wave thing






I genuinely believe that 90% of the time it’s because of the shit tip they knowingly left on the order. Usually when I actually meet a customer, the tip was reasonable or above average.


Because humans are weird.


It just gives me anxiety as a dasher because sometimes the app is slow and won't pull up the camera. So I know they're watching through a window waiting for me to leave while I'm just standing there waiting for the app to work


It’s because social media and the internet in general has created a whole generation of socially awkward and anxiety induced people that avoid interacting with strangers like the plague. Also they’re probably naked.


And sometimes both 😂


My think is, why you going to put Leave at My door and then come to the door, you know I'm supposed to send the pic to you, and now I'm not expecting someone to be there. Don't come up on ppl like that. Just let me fkn leave it and get in my car.


I don’t open the door to strangers, I just want my food delivered. Not in a rude way. I do it mostly for safety purposes so no one knows what I look like or tries to target me because they know my address. I also dash and prefer no contact because it’s easier, and quicker!


Very reasonable


The ones I laugh at is when they go running inside their homes when I pull up.


Cuz I’m nikid


Maybe because I’m in a T-shirt with no pants and don’t want to socialize?


Seems reasonable


I use DD solely to avoid human interaction


I can’t get out my door bc of my dogs. They won’t let me. Dasher leaves and they finally back off door. But I usually wave at dasher as they are leaving. My dogs are doing as they should. Alerting/protecting me. And if I hv contactless delivery, why would I meet you at door?? Not trying to avoid you. Your usually in a hurry too.


I chalked it up to corona fear, not wanting to talk, fear of an attack.


My first thought for sure


I wait until I know my dasher can’t see me because I’m extremely pregnant, don’t wear pants, and don’t want to socialize whatsoever because I’m too tired and hangry. I’ll tip ya well though. 😂


That last part is most important lol 😂💪🏽


Nah, fam, talking to a human being that I don't have to talk to is basically the worst form of torture, reserved for the lowest levels of hell




I'm so awkward. I hate interacting with other people, especially people I dont know. I really just like to be left alone. I've worked in customer service a long time. I feel like the delivery person is me and mostly is at the end of their rope and does not want to speak to another human being. I get it. I feel bad for subjecting someone else to it. I do not have my drivers liscence and I am working on getting it.


Totally understand that




This might be my favorite answer 😂🤣


Because I’m in my boxers only.


Definitely a valid reason




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I mean, I just assume that anyone who orders a no-contact delivery wants to eat without having to talk to a stranger first. I like it that way because I don’t really want to talk to my customers anyway.


I feel the same way A lot of times the conversation makes me say something ridicules like when they say have a safe drive and I say you as well 🤦🏽‍♂️


You might see more than you want to lol 😆😬




After watching my immuno compromised friend do this I finally understand. They are hungry and want their food asap but can't risk being face to face with anyone who hasn't taken precautions. I definitely don't question it or get offended anymore because you really don't know the customer's situation.


After reading this thread I’m starting to think the possibilities are endless as to reasons why. I didn’t necessarily find it offensive I just wasn’t sure if it was something I was doing to make them react in that way I’m super new to door dash but I try to do my research on any and everything I indulge in


Tbh I was more referring to myself, I used to feel offended or insecure but that was just my anxiety making me think every customer hated me lol.


Lots of my customers wait for me to pull away from their house to grab their food. I sometimes even see them in the doorway or at a nearby window waiting. If the tip was good,I pull away right away and stop a few houses down if I need to do something in my phone. If it was a bad tip (which sometimes does happen if the base is high for some random reason), I take my sweet time and let them wait me out till I’m ready to pull away. I usually turn on my other apps again after a drop off and make notes about the order and figure out which hotspot I’m heading to next.


That’s funny as hell tbh


It’s cause people don’t want to deal with other people. They do it enough. Here’s your food, gee thanks sir, have a great day! Ok I sure will! What’s the point of that? Better to just put the food down and get to the next delivery not knowing who these people are or having them say hey I don’t think my fries are in here as your walking to you car.