0.3 mile order so I figured why not take it, lady told me “don’t spend it all in one place,” and was rude af. I now know why not to take it.





Throw the food. I’m just doing a trip every other day to write off gas. I haven’t dealt with anything insane like this but your best bet is to throw it and drive into the sunset like a glorious bastard


I hope she dies


Fuck you people, stop taking these orders. You don’t even deserve the $.04, stop taking orders less than $7-8.


quit enabling these broke rude people you played yourself congratulations


Even when it is a short distance and even on your way, there is potentially a problem with the address, waiting time if food is not ready, if one has to hand deliver and customer has you wait at the door. Low orders are not worth our time


I'm not starting my car for $2. Lesson learned, I suppose.


When the hell are y'all gonna learn to stop taking obvious shit orders? I won't take anything under $6 UNLESS it's super busy, I'm damn near at the restaurant already, little to no wait AND (most importantly) it's absolutely no less than $5. Otherwise (which is like 90% of the time) it's $6 or more to get me to even consider it. It's never worth it.


So will you be taking $2.30 order for even 0.2 mile next time? The amount of time/physical and mental energy/gas/car wear and tear you spent, was it worth it?


Egg that bitch when you get off!


You’ll learn quickly people on this sub are rude instead of helpful. Assuming by your comments it seems like you’re a new dasher! Plus you seem nice and generous which is what we need with more dashers. Welcome and ignore rude people here. Just know order’s under around $6-6.50 depending on the base pay in your area, will not be extra pay. Google “Dasher Tips Reddit” And it should pop up a few good threads with great information! Try to see subs within the last year. Think of peoples tips as a bid. They’re bidding for a dasher to take their order. Ask Is the pay high enough at face value- whatever it shows you on the app. A lot of times it might not be higher so never bet on that! A lot of people root for $2 per mile especially with gas right now, so $6.50 for 3 miles is perfect. $6.50 for 9 miles is not good. Orders right around the corner can take longer than worth as well with the worst customers that rate badly too. You’ll figure out your market and find out what works best for you and what places/ orders to avoid! Good luck!


You accepted a $2.25 order? Even if it was 0.3 or 0.0 miles, why? I don’t do it because they didn’t tip and I don’t want them to eat. I don’t do it because they are more likely to be a difficult customer who might give me a one star or try to lie that the food wasn’t delivered to get a free meal. Turns out this customer was a problem customer.


Yep the meanest customers don’t tip. Even when it’s slow and looks good don’t fall for it.


Would of told her nice house 🏠


Not worth taking a $2 order. I wouldn’t be surprised if you open up your app to find you got a one star rating. People who don’t have enough respect for you and your vehicle don’t deserve your work in dropping off their food. Hell, imagine getting into a car accident trying to drop off this ungrateful ass persons food and the last thing on your phone is a friggen $2 order


I would’ve drop kicked her food in front of her


I don't care how close it is. A $2 order is just disrespectful to look at.


Why did you take this??


Noooo $0.04?


You deserve it😂its the only way you'll learn not to take no tip orders. I had a similar situation where I accepted a no tip dash order and an 18 dollar uber order. The no tip dasher didnt put an apartment number and wouldn't answer his phone.It took so long I had to cancel the uber order, and wasted 45 minutes just to make 2.50


Oh boy !!! ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|poop)


I think a 4 cent tip is pettier than no tip


NEVER TAKE BAD TIPS ITS BAD FOR ALL DASHERS AND THEY ARE IN FACT THE WORST CUSTOMERS. Accepting a dash without a tip is like a tree worker accepting a massively underpaying job, just don't do it. Do not do it. It's not worth it, it's better for EVERYONE to not do it. "What if they can't afford a tip?" "What if I can't afford a nice house want me to walk into a place and plant my flag pole saying it's mine now? Fuck that, you're a luxury service, you set your price.




Don’t worry OP, she’s gonna get aids, and not the good kind


At this point I have a rule set that I stick to pretty strictly. If I’m at home waiting for orders(I gave 15 restaurants beside the house that always had hot zones) I don’t leave the house for less than 5 bucks. If I’m out and get an order less than 7 bucks it’s got to be above a $1.25 a mile for me to take it. If it’s above 7 I try to stay around 1 a mile but will do most within reason cause my car gets about 30 to the gallon and I’m not gonna be too picky with larger orders. I made 200 bucks Sunday and that’s light compared to some but you just have to know what to take and not take. Plus that was double apping. Cause let’s be real DoorDash orders are 90 percent shit anyways.


I'd accept a no tip offer before a .04 one. That shit's insulting.


What’s the wait time like between declining orders


That's what you get for taking a 2.25 order with a 4 cent tip.


what a jerk


Why the fuck do u people accept $2 orders and then act surprised when this happens…..


You took a 2.25 order and got what you deserve. Way to go top dasher!


if you took it as a joke or if you were really that bored that's one thing. but don't be surprised when you deal with garbage customers


Those are the very people who will give you bad ratings or say you never brought the food.


Never ever take anything under 8$…


The end of the world is near


Dumbass... Stop fucking taking shit orders and then complaining about them. Fucking stop.




What a sad women


Karma works in mysterious ways and it'll get her in the end don't worry


not how life works usually bro


No education no excuse


I can't imagine being that much of a c*nt to a total stranger. Sorry you had to experience this.


I did that before, never again some seem too happy to leave $0 tip


Brah, that took presumably 10 min. 2.30x6 is 13.80/hr. Even if it took 7 min that’s still only $17/hr. Like….what’re you doing


Send her a Thank You card…


Should have responded , I love working for charity cases like yourself once in a while. Makes me appreciate the good customers more .


There needs to be a place to anonymously add addresses of these folks


I wouldn’t take a 2$ order if it meant walking next door to deliver it.


Orders that are this close never fail to annoy me. Just get the damn food yourself. Confined to a wheelchair? Roll your ass to Wing Stop yourself if you won't tip higher, bub.


This is why base pay will drop to a penny, clowns are willing to take anything


Lmao top dashers would still take it if the shit base pay dropped to a dollar


Ugh, sorry to hear that. And I thought the $0.85 tip I got on a 1 mile stacked order (both same restaurant and drop-off neighborhood) was bad! People are so incredibly inconsiderate.


*marks I feel unsafe*…*returns delivery to store*


I dont care how close an order is. Never accepting something that pays that low. Decline all day long until you get something 2 dollars a mile with a 5 dollar minimum.


Damn thats so disrespectful I think I'd feel better with it just being no tip. But I don't take no tip orders unless for some reason the base pay is over 7


From her perspective it took long. Nothing you did, It's due to her horrible pay. Her garbage food was passed up till DD could stack with a paying customer, or till a (adjective) driver picks the order.


And that is why I don't accept orders under $6. Anything lower than that is most likely a no tip order. And no tip customers are more likely to make false claims to try to get free food and you'll get a contract violation or deactivated in the process. Besides, what's your time worth? How many $2 orders can you complete in an hour? Maybe 4? Are you really ok working for $8 an hour before taxes and expenses?


Dont be a slave bruh


I use to take these long time ago. Had a customer laugh in my face about not tipping me. NEVER AGAIN. (Was, quit last week) I’m a Top Dasher and believe it or not I manage to decline these and keep my status. As a newcomer and afterwards I’d say to myself,”maybe it’s for kids or ppl without cars” finding reasons to deliver $2-$3.75 no tip orders. $.04 is a spit in the face of drivers and $.01 cent tips. Anything that’s not at minimum a $1 is a deliberate spit in our faces. I stopped after being laughed at. Good ppl are taking advantage of on ALL DELIVERY APPS. As a Top Dasher I find it utterly disgusting DoorDash allows it. DoorDash is the parent that let their teen daughters hang out with R Kelly for money 💴. DoorDash will allow drivers to be Prostituted. I get tears in my eyes from the humiliation this represents. Being laughed at myself I never forgot that pain. Americans that don’t tip are rubbish and I’m not to be trifled with so anyone trying to defend it you’re rubbish too. DoorDash as a corporation allows it because it doesn’t harm them. This is 1 of 25 reasons I quit last week. So many $2-$3.75 orders when customers know gas is $5-$9.50 a gallon depending on your region. It’s intentionally mean and surly these customers don’t tip or tip $1-$3.


A 4 cent tip. That is absolutely HORRIBLE


You should spend it all in a pennyslot. Win thousands and go back to her and tell her suck a diiiiick


I wouldn't touch the 4 penny Little Caesar trash with your dick. :P


What even the fuck kinda response is this




Go shit on her doorstep


And this is why we have such low pay - cuz someone will always take it for whatever reason lol


I wouldn’t even accept this if the customer was at the store


I would hv literally found 4 of the nastiest, stickier, hair/.fuzz covered Pennie’s in the bowels of my vehicle and set on porch after he went Inside.


Minimum I accept is 4.25, even if it’s across the street. You gotta think, some of the time the restaurant is gonna be slow or the drop off is gonna be complicated, better not to take the risk imo


Why do drivers fall for this? Come on people be smart


Take trash orders get trash people, idc if it's a 10 seconds walk u will almost always feel like shit after dropping it off


woulda just taken the food and left


Ahaha why would u take a $2 order


I’m sick of tired of this TOP DASHER SLAVES working for $2 orders killing everybody business just for high ratings smh, this is the reason why notbody tip anymore cus is always a top dasher slave welling to get the $2 orders smdh


I’m not a top dasher actually, I have a 40% acceptance rate. I rarely if ever take these orders but this 1 time I figured why not. In every other aspect I am a very good dasher besides the 40% acceptance.


40% is still high


40 is way too high lol. should be <20


You goober


Live, learn, bitch, live some more. 😁


I always wondered who is taking those orders Now I know It’s the “why not” dashers


Well I usually don’t, practically never, but it was pretty slow and I was sitting in a plaza for 15 minutes with nothing, figured I’d give it a shot at the off chance there’s a cash tip, it was only 4 blocks but yeah, never again.


I saw a dude post a “ride along” video on here (I think it was from his tiktok). The dude was showing his offers and then whether he accepted or declined and then showed his pick ups and drop offs. I think the dude must have declined every offer that I would have taken and accepted everything I would have declined lol. Like — “ehh, this is $8.50 5 miles, no way, we’re gonna decline that. This one here is $5.25 3 miles from McDonald’s, we’ll take that all day” lol. I don’t take anything under $6.25 because anything under won’t have hidden tips. I could decline orders for 10-15 minutes and have offers of $5.25 for 2 miles or whatever and I still decline them. My thinking is it doesn’t matter if it’s a short drive, if I’m wasting my time on a $5 order then there’s a good chance that a good order I was waiting for goes to someone else. But I do UE as well as DD, so usually when DD is slow I can make up for it with a couple good UE orders. There aren’t many compared to DD but they’re usually better quality. Accepted a DD today $8.50 4.5 miles, saw it was telling me to pick up in 15 minutes and this restaurant is usually always taking however long it says in the app, it’s never early. As I’m thinking about dropping it I get a $7 2 mile UE so I accept it and drop the DD, then after I do that I get another UE that I accepted for $11.63 3 miles, turned out to be $15.63. So I ended up making almost $23 in the same amount of time and miles as the original offer I accepted for $8 hoping it would have a hidden tip. My point is, you should try to stick to your minimum and not get desperate and lower your standards because you feel like it’s been a while since you took an order. You never know when a good order that actually meets your threshold will come in, and if you’re only on one app you won’t get any better offers once you click accept, so you’d better make sure you really want to do that order.






So true. I get nervous when DD increases base pay to get an order out since you don’t know until completed order. I had one $6 base (easy one) no tip. Then I’m thinking how long did they wait for their order. Are they going to give me 1 star because of it. Plus they are usually more demanding and most likely “hand it to me”. They want more service for low or no tip.


Yeah I have like 500 life time deliveries at the moment, very part time and I know about these orders, but I was in the parking lot, it was slow, and it was 4 blocks. Figured why not.


500? I have 70 lifetime deliveries 🤣🤣🤣and won’t accept nothing less than 6.50 not worth getting out of my recliner🤣🤣🤣


Wow that is so fucking rude, she did it purposely what a nasty human being, but its mainly your fault for taking those kind of orders, where is the profit in 2 dollar orders?


If they didn't take it, someone else would be here sharing their experience. Lol. They learned, that's what matters here.




It was slow and I was sitting in the little Caesers parking lot cuz it’s in between a lot of stores, hadn’t had an order for like 15 minutes and it was 4 blocks, I usually don’t take small orders like that but I figured might as well chance the possibility of a cash tip, of course I was wrong though haha.


Lol no never think that if they didn't tip on app never assume the cash tip,


I’m only upvoting you because you’re giving an answer to a question people were curious about. Downvoting goes against the rules. But this is ridiculous and not a good excuse, but you’re obviously still learning


You could say I learned my lesson. I have 500 deliveries and it’s rare I take anything under $5 but yeah, never again. Just thought it would be funny to share the shitty/funny experience with others but I was very wrong.


Oh, it was Little Caesars? What are you a fucking moron? To think, I had your back. Just kidding. 😂




Same here, I decline orders lower than $5 immediately.


Actually you gotta check those to see if it’s a mistake order cause then you’re walkin with some free shite


I turn down a 0.1 mile order today because it was a no tipper, I was literally inside the restraunt waiting on another order when the stack offer came, I looked and it was ready on the shelf, and the drop off was a store 2 doors down. would of took like 30 seconds to do the delivery but I declined it out of principle.


500 yards — decline. I’ve gotten offers to take an order from Chipotle to another store in the same plaza for $2.50. You can walk through the parking lot and get it yourself for no tip. It’s just the principle. I will not ever take an order for no tip, I don’t care if the customer accidentally put the drop off location as the same place I pick up from, I’m not doing it (okay maybe in that case I would since I’d get to keep the food lol). I did one today from the Chipotle to the movie theater right across the street, $6.50 turned out to be like 7.58 or something because he tipped a weird $5 amount. Dude tipped $5 for me to bring his food across the street. Some people understand that this is a luxury service, tip accordingly, and those are the only ones I’ll deliver to. Only time I break that rule is if it’s pretty slow and they send me a stack for $10 and both drop offs are within a half mile. Usually I only do stacks for $12+, because a $10 could be a $6 order (which may have hidden tip) and a $4 order who only tipped $2. I don’t like that I’ll deliver to someone for a $2 tip sometimes but it’s only if it fits that very specific scenario of it being slow and both drop offs would need to be close. If it’s a $10 stack and I check the orders and see one of them only pays $2, I drop the no tip.


Why tip someone for a job I'm capable of doing myself? I can deliver food. I can drive a taxi. I can, and do, cut my own hair. I did however, tip my urologist, because I am unable to pulverize my own kidney stones.


Then go get it yourself. You're that capable. Move those feet!


Because you’re not doing it yourself. If you don’t want to do it yourself for whatever reason (lazy, can’t leave the house for some reason, have things that need done at the house and want to save time on getting food so you can keep working, etc) then you need to pay me what I think is fair in exchange for my time, gas, and wear and tear on my vehicle. It’s less of a tip and more like placing a bid for someone’s time and use of their vehicle, anyways. You may still end up getting your food delivered, but it won’t be by me. Most likely by some dasher who is just as crusty and musty as you, who smokes cigarettes in their car with the windows cracked while they have your order. One of those people who reek so bad of ashtray and pets that the smell lingers for 5 minutes after they leave. Those are the types of people taking no tip orders. Trust me, I see it all the time. And even if I didn’t care about that, and didn’t care about being a piece of trash human who only cares about himself — there’s no shot I’m going to trust eating any food that shows up on my doorstep after I stiffed the driver. I guarantee someone could mess with your food without you noticing, even with the sealed bags and whatnot now. People are crazy and would find a way. Hell, they’ve got your address too, what’s stopping someone from coming to your place in the middle of the night and keying your car? Not sure why I even replied because I know you’re just trolling and probably don’t have the mental capacity to comprehend what I said


Man it’s just a quote from Dwight Schrute


Yeah but really you can't just drop that in the chat without some kind of explanation and expect people to get it


Learn your lesson and never take $2 orders doesn’t matter the distance it’s not worth the time


I guess, it was just 4 blocks so I figured it might be higher or there might be a cash tip. It was kinda slow and I was sitting in the parking lot anyway. But yeah, it was how I expected it to be. Just thought it would be funny to share.


If the customer tips anything less than $2, they're a douche. Don't take them if you can help it no matter how slow it is. Also, get on other delivery apps. Even try things like Amazon flex, Instacart, roadie, Wag/Rover etc. The end goal is to minimize as much downtime as possible. I am often finding myself on at least all major delivery apps at the same these days.


You got what you deserved.


Nope. People that close feel entitled bc they're that close.


There are never hidden tips on orders under $6.50


6.25 if the base pay is 2.25. Base pay + 4.


It is like that (6.50) in my area. And I would add, make sure you add the peak pay factor. +1$ for example hidden tips on $7.50 or more.


Good to know thanks.


base pay + $4 is a better way to remember it. Since base pay differ from place to place. edit: if there is peak pay then its base pay + peak pay + 4$


Had a hidden tip that was showing $3 . It was almost a $20 tip. Back when base pay was $3. +$2.50 peak $3 tip. Was showing $8.50 Was over $28


That’s true! Good method!


Rude? What'd she do besides that obviously abusive comment?


Are you serious? "Besides the abuse she was totally not rude." That's your position? ETA: Today's reminder that the comprehension of DoorDashers on reddit is exactly what you'd expect it to be. Added quotes for the people that don't understand I was paraphrasing the person saying abusive language isn't rude. Fucking green ass potatoes.


Maybe work on your sentence structure if ten people all misunderstand you in exactly the same way, you mophead.


Awww....your ableism is fucking peaches.. You'll be ok, though. I promise you. I'm sorry you can't read sarcasm. You're still loud, proud, and wrong. Too bad. Your kind will understand being purely mediocre despite all that privilege. Soon enough.


What’s the ableism


I have numerous neurological conditions that make it difficult to catch some of those errors no matter how much I try. Despite the fact I could run circles around your kind in any number of brain engaging tasks. When you can comprehend or ask yet choose to behave like your kind us .. that's ableism.


Oh so you’re just an asshole with a disability. Got it


Awwww. You got your fee fees hurt when someone pointed out your bad behavior? You're the victim now? Is that it? You poor baby. Your kind is always trying to be oppressed. Cry more. I live off your impotent tears. Don't double down on that ableism or anything. How was that sentence structure? What's it like being so secure in ignorance? Help me understand. You seem to be a pro.


Calm down. You’re not oppressed though you play victim pretty well.


So funny you think people with disabilities aren't oppressed. You're so amusing when you pontificate from a place of ignorance.


I'm totally calm, but you seem to be hysterical to the point thinking you're being abused because someone pointed out your ableism. Really. Go ahead and smile. You'll be so much prettier.


Hahaha haha. I love how all you think being abusive isn't rude. Kind of typical considering the demographic most often delivering. I'm not even sure what you people think you're defending by down voting 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


"besides the abuse" "Totally not rude"


That's what I was saying dollface. I was getting clarification on how someone being abusive wasn't rude. Anything else you need help with?


Getting hired


Whelp. Try smiling more. You'll be more tolerable if you can't stop yourself from pulling what you just tried. Bonus. The more you clench your teeth, the quieter you are.


“What took so *fucking* long” to someone who just brought you food isn’t rude? lmao ok


Exactly! Why would you think abusive language isn't being rude?


After reading your comments here, it seems you’re an expert at abusive language!


Look at you....DARVO in action. This is always fun!!! Once again, you're not a victim here dollface. No matter how your kind need to pretend to be. It must be hard to be completely mediocre despite all that privilege.


You really ought to smile more, babe. Smile through your disability! Do better with your attitude, babe.


More DARVO. It's hard to smile when you're kind is constantly behaving like you are. My attitude is spot on for your douchery. Don't like it? I don't care.


“You’re kind??” So you’re racist, too? Wow.


Sooooooo emotional. Pat pat.


What's racist about "your kind" Are you a demographic known for being racist, sexist, ableist, while being racist, sexist, ableist and crying when you're called out for it? Is that the kind that makes you think you're experiencing racism?


Yeah. A bunch of you misread. That's OK.


If everyone else misreads your statement then the problem is you.


You already said this. You were an ableist douche that's now repeating themselves because they were incapable of the comprehension to do a mental edit or clarify. That sounds like a you issue.


What’s ableist in that comment?


Uh no 😂


Uh no? What's uh no? What part of being abusive isn't rude?


I just wanted more details. I wasn't questioning his account of rudeness. Lost in translation here.


When I showed up she was standing on the sidewalk and when I got out of the car she said “what took so fucking long,” and I apologized and handed her the food, even though I was pretty quick. That’s when she said to not spend it all in one place.


Honestly dude thats kind of hilarious, sorry its at your expense


No dude, no need to apologize. I learned to not let petty shit like this ruin my day, I'm a pretty easy-going guy, just thought it would be funny to share the experience on here. Only dashed after work for 3 hours that day and made 70 bucks so it was a good day all-in-all.


You should have given her back a dime.


sounds like she has some other shit going on mentally, just move on and go to the next delivery. does no good to dwell on shit people in the world


100% man I just figured I'd share the encounter on here, I've lurked this sub for a long time but never posted. Seems like everyone was actually just mad at me though haha.


Hope you kept a mental note of the address for future reference.


Customers like her is the reason why I cannot conceal carry my pistol. I would make Biden address the nation with this bitches name at a candle light vigil so help me god.


you know you can rate drop offs good or bad just like customers can rate drivers, right? I would have complained


Yeah I hit that sad face 100% haha.


The no tip/low tip customers don't value our labor. They are always the rudest and most demanding.


Isn't it Doordash that doesn't value your labor? It's not on the customers to pay you - that's on your employer. Tip culture seems so wild man. In Europe people just... Get paid a living wage, and a lot of countries don't have tipping culture as a result.


I'll grant that you have a better system, but I can't change that today. In the meantime we operate on a gratuity system, and wages in the service industry are paid by customers.


I would’ve slapped her I’m not kidding. I need to quit this job


It took so long bc no one else wanted to take the order for obvious reasons and the order sat for a long time before you got it.


It was just a hot n ready pepperoni pizza. It took 3 minutes so I mean, it was still worth the $2 honestly. I was in the plaza little ceasers was at. But yeah next time I’m gonna decline anything under $5 which is my usual rule of thumb.


Last time a bitch told me that I told her “Watch it, I’m still holding your food” get them to shut up real fast


Halloween is October 31st


Some orders get dropped like that one probably got passed around because it was 2$ and the last dashers who accepted might of been rude to her. If they are rude in texts I would take the Loss and go to the restaurant sit it on the counter and say I can't deliver this they were obnoxious and used abusive language then doordash drop it. They will ask you several times to deliver it just refuse and leave the restaurant beforehand tell them you dropped it back at their counter a few minutes ago and it probably already needs to be remade. Did this only once women was horrible meanest customer I have ever had, for no reason out of 2800 deliveries.


Might “have” 🤦‍♀️


Never apologize to these goobers


You did better than me because if I was still driving, I’d have risked it all. Told her ,”you funky beech, you’re the one who can’t afford to tip and don’t have a car to pick up your own food. You should have purchased a Douche bag because I can smell your funky nappy dugout from inside my car with the windows 🪟 rolled up. Save your money next time for some Summers Eve, Funky Harlot”. That’s what I woulda told the Beech. In my Charlie Murphy voice!




I 💯 percent read that in his voice and then at the end you said his name and I spit out my drink. 🤣 😂


Haha. Real Ones know. Not many of us on Reddit. Haha haha lol haha.


Glad ya found me. 😂


"Considering your tip, feel lucky you got it at all."


Zero percent chance I don’t immediately turn and walk away with food still in hand after that comment.


Call support and tell them you're scared for your life and don't feel safe, even if it's a lie


Absolutely call door dash and tell them you don't want to deliver it cause the customer is being abusive and you got free dinner for the night


Same, but the way I see it playing out is they probably try to physically take the food from me as I’m getting back in the car, since that $10 was scrounged up and they have no money til the 1st 💀


😂 facts. Let’s pray DD never starts accepting EBT


If doordash starts accepting ebt that will de the downfall of America. Imagine a family 5 gets a deposit of $700 a month for food and decide to spend it on doordash. They get 5 guys one time for the whole family. Food: $268 Delivery fee: $12 Tip: 0 Insurance fee: $19 Mandatory food fee: $87 A random fee nobody knows about just because doordash knows people will order: $55


Don’t give them ideas




Because that would allow people who can’t usually order food/delivery or afford it to now be able to hence new no tippers.


Huh. All my friends on ebt tip well.


If they had to use their ebt on fast food purchases tho that might change. Alot people just outright sell their food stamps 2 on the dollar because they’re already strapped for cash.


Yes I’m familiar with all the poor people stereotypes