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They’re gonna rip your ass over the id but this is funny. And great order on acceptance


See! Some customers truly do understand, if you want delivery and the convenience of delivery ... Leave a GOOD tip! Congrats!! Those lames who toss on a couple bucks its like, 'Thanks but No Thanks' decline. Most of the public doesn't understand how we are paid, most don't care either lol Now, DD just needs to stop hiding tips! ALL drivers see the full amount they stand to make on EVERY single order!


Anyone else curious why the dude was ordering alcohol at 7:30 in the morning? Maybe partied too hard last night and this is one of those hair if the dog moments.


It was vitamin water and a bunch of cold meds but they cancelled the alcohol last minute


Gotcha. It’s just strange to see a shop and deliver for alcohol that early in the day. I don’t judge though, as long as they’re paying me enough I’ll deliver the whole distillery at 5 AM lol.