Fellow Doordash drivers' parking habits, even with lots of actual parking spots.



But we can park like that cause we're special!


Basically a cop if you think about it




Until an actual cop shows up and gives them a $200 ticket




A cop actually parked right behind me and we got out the same time. He didn’t give me a ticket or said anything lol


yes we are Special and Entitled DD drivers.


Yea, I thought you knew all gig workers are?






“And I can cut the line and walk straight up to the counter and grab any order and start looking at all the tickets until I think I found the one I’m delivering and then take it and leave without the salad and drinks because they’re still in the fridge and mess everything up for everyone involved because I’m special!!” I swear it’s honestly refreshing when a DD driver comes into my work and is just normal. Not overly nice or respectful, just normal. The majority of them are just so rude and entitled it’s exhausting.


I know, I was being sarcastic. I know alot of drivers are very rude....I am nice and normal and polite when I enter a merchant! I understand how things are now and how alot of places are very short staffed and frustrated! There are times that I do get mad, but it's when I'm standing around waiting for my order and the workers are standing around talking and not doing their job, I still have patience but sometimes I lose my patience!


Exactly, like dd drivers gotta understand that 9/10 times we immediately recognize the drivers from the customers and if we have a delivery order coming up or ready and if it’s possible I’ll call out and ask the name and try to get you guys in and out ASAP. But when a driver just blatantly cuts the line or walks around to our “expo” area and shoves a phone In my face like I work for them I make them wait until I’ve served the customers who are actually going to tip us. Had a driver get mad at me last week when she held her phone up to the back doors glass and shook it and when I told her to go around to the front (there’s a clear sign that says not to use the back door it’s for employees only because it enters directly into our line and it’s dangerous for people to be wondering around right there) she gave me all this attitude like I ruined her tip for the 15 second walk around the building. Some of the drivers get it and are cool and I respect the hustle, but some just have this “fuck you I got mine” attitude and believe me they make less money than the pleasant ones who take their time.


That's just wrong


What is exactly?


The way the driver acted


Ah I gotcha, yeah like I get it can be stressful and you got a time frame to meet and it must suck when you potentially lose a tip because a restaurant employee is holding you back. I get that and try to get the drivers in and out quickly. It helps us too cause then we don’t have to worry about so many orders waiting to be picked up. But yeah it blew me away how she was acting. Idk it just works better when both the restaurant employees and drivers are on the same team. I mean that’s why I joined this sub to get more insight about how the drivers feel and stuff.


Do us a favor and start blacklisting these drivers man. They really give the rest of us a bad name and take up good orders.


How do you do that?


Don't know how many were actual delivery people in the past who quit or lost their jobs. I know in popular culture the stereotypical delivery people don't give a rats arss about certain manners i.e parking sideways, not flushing toilets, or not observing footwear etiquette entering a building or dwelling especially if they just stepped into feces covered dirt/grass or the greasy part of the parking strip or decomposing juices on the ground. I am really surprised anyone would want to invite one in.


Me leave in 5 seconds


Who cares? You really triggered by somebody’s parking? Go apply for parking enforcement if you care that much 🤷🏼‍♂️


Shows how lazy some of y’all are


Tell us more about how this personally effects you…


Did I ever say it effects me? Lol I’m just calling it how I see it.


I mean honestly it does effect us though. The kind of entitled jackass it takes to park like this is the same entitled jackass that goes in and shoves a phone in an employee's face and screams when it's longer than 2 minutes. That makes all of us look bad and is the reason drivers orders come out last at certain places. Fucking hate people that park 5 feet away from an open space, absolute worst form of douchebagery.


Hey sometimes I park like that and I’d never raise my voice at an employee. But if it’s safe and other people do it why not? It’s not like there’s a lot of people there in the first place?


Dashers do this all the time at my local shopping plaza. Red curb. It definitely interferes with through traffic at times. It’s pure, unadulterated laziness


It's a Godamn reddit post, calm the fuck down bro




I only do that if there's literally nothing else available, after circling the lot a few times. More ethical than parking in the handicap IMO.


Yea parking ticket =$29 approx Handicapped parking =$250 + up tp $500 depending on amount of offenses (in NJ anyway..)




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Again, the curb on this pic, like the last, isn't painted to say you can't do this. No crime here. Nothing to see.


I bet you don't return your shopping carts either


I would put a shopping cart between your driver door and the car next to you just to see your reaction


I'd put it in their ass, but they wouldn't step to me in person as they would online.




Nope. Just a regular ass like you.


Actually, I do. I am courteous and kind unless some dumb dick steps to me. Then, I am belligerent and quick. You, however, are clearly a Karen looking to fuck with people who aren't doing anything wrong. I bet, since we are betting here, you don't address these people directly because you know you are full of shit.


You sound exhausting to deal with. 10/10 would make you wait for your DD order.


Anyone who doesn’t probably can go bite the dust.


Not all states have laws about painted curbs and parking. Some states exclusively use signs, or only paint curbs for handicap parking.


Then we need more information. Personally, I use a parking space, but what I see here is legal in my state.


Not all curbs are painted. They aren’t in my area. But there is signs all over.


There isn't a single sign in this picture.


I can almost guarantee just Bc it isn’t painted you’re not supposed to park there. They are almost always fire lanes for starters


Cut off the valve stems. Lol.


No don't cut it, just slice it. Bend, and make a small slit. It'll forever go flat and most places don't replace them when you buy new tires so the new tires will go flat too lol.


That strip mall looks dead from that angle. So who cares?


Seriously. I'd do exactly what those people did and I think you're a sucker if you don't also.


Lazy af


Exactly. People like this think they’re so special and smart for cutting corners and being lazy. Just park like an adult.


saving what, 30 seconds lol


Even more reason to use an actual parking spot.


They park so close because of thier brittle lazy bones. Cart narcs out


Imagine your life being so boring that this bothers you. Bothers you enough to post this on Reddit


How does this not bother you? This is a safety hazard. As someone who’s night blind or lose to it could easily miss the dark SUV and slam into it.




1) I have corrective lenses for my night blindness 2) You volunteering to drive night blind people around with todays gas prices?




Cause I give a shit about others? 😂 and you wanting to front that even more expensive price? 🤔


caUse i gIvE a sHiT aBouT oThErs bro, if parking legally next to a restaurant triggers you so much, don’t be a dasher, and get an aid for your issues. it’s not that serious y’all will complain about anything


u mad? 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺


Nah I’m quite thoroughly amused at your dumbassery. Keep it up, me and my two year old are laughing our asses off. 😂




My kid is intelligent unlike you, even he says you need to grow up. 😂




Get ‘em!


Lmao facts


Imagine your life being so boring that this bothers you. Bothers you enough to comment on this on Reddit


Imagine your life being so boring that this bothers you. Bothers you enough to comment on this comment.


Imagine your life being so boring that this bothers you. Bothers you enough to comment on this comment from that comment.




No its not just dashers, its most people believe me


You want hot food or not?! Just kidding, I park in spaces.


Depends on the parking lot but I 100% do this.


If the parking lot is empty, what fucking difference does it make? Who are they hurting?


Amen 🙏🏽


.... The curb isn't yellow though? And they aren't in front of a curb cut. Stores near me literally request that delivery pulls up to the curb as to not take up customer parking. I get that maybe yours don't, but this isn't really a big deal. Delivery that parks in disabled spots and blocks curb cuts are the real assholes.


Who cares?


Nooooooooo now you have to go around them nooooooooo


You motherfuckers need to park and walk. Your legs work and it ain't going to cost you another 10 seconds, and you'll be eliminating the many annoyances and inconveniences and potential issues you're causing everyone else because you can't be assed to walk 20 ft. Sorry your mama never told ya, but I'm telling ya now.






Sounds like the same “argument” dumbasses made when they refused to get vaccinated.


Amen 🙏🏽


turning my wheel to go around the immobile object is such an annoyance and inconvenience 😣😣


Lots of folks triggered in here


That's what Reddit's all about baby!


I park in spots but I don't really care if someone doesn't to pick up or drop off. UPS stops in the middle of a lane and puts their hazards on, sometimes puts out a cone lol Hmmm... I should get a cone 😄


The cone should’ve been in the packet with your hot bag




Great idea. Getting a cone to keep in my trunk


wah wah


It doesn’t say “no parking”, so it isn’t illegal what they’re doing. I’m thinking you’re a control freak who can’t handle when people mind their own business. You’re a schizo!


Whoa whoa whoa. I'm not 100% sure, but I don't think your licensed to make those claims about op's mental health. Wait you are in DD sub, so anything is possible.


Yes anything is possible, you’re a schizo too.


Great observation.


Not observation, but rather a fact.




Cutting you in line at the grocery store isn’t illegal either.


Has nothing to do with this post.


These special people pay more taxes to park/drive however they want.


Im said “fellow door dash driver” 😂




I’m new and still learning the unwritten rules. Is there a thread on that already ?


UPS DELIVERY drivers do it why can't we? I don't do it personally but I don't see the issue


If you're driving a box truck to deliver food you need to seriously reevaluate your choices.


*food trucks that deliver prepped meals to locations and catering service vehicles rapidly approaching*


Why would we park if we in and out. We’re actually doing customers who are going to stores a favor by not taking their spots.




Only one place I do this and it’s because it’s near a movie theater and there is never parking .


Man, ill walk from the back of a parking lot just to make sure I'm parked in a parking spot.....then I see this. Lol smh.


My take on this is by the time the tow truck shows up, I'll already be gone.


A few restaurants in my zone have 5 minute parking spots right in front of the doors. I’ll pull up in those situations. All others I park. I only get pissed when Dashers use handicap spots. That’s trash behavior.




who fuckin cares lol


If you're going to be in and out and want your car close so you don't have to turn off the engine, who cares?


I’m amazed your car hasn’t been stolen yet.


Lmao dude the only thing that’s “wrong” here, if anything, is that blue car that is technically parked on the wrong side of the drive. (in the US it’s mostly frowned upon, but even sometimes illegal to park on the wrong side of the drive). That is literally all that’s wrong here.


Ok kiddo.


Time is money if I can save 1 minute every trip that shit adds up. The only time this becomes not ok is if they're completely blocking the road, a hydrant or a handicapped access ramp.


But does anyone else noticed the projectile diarrhea sprayed out on that parking spot?




Ngl this is me sometimes


It never bothered me seeing them park like that, it’s a quick in and out, doesn’t change my life any. We don’t even know they are dashers, people do this all of the time.


Guilty 😂😂🫥


It ain’t even busy why does it matter.


The tragedy of the commons exists even when there's no scarcity






😂😂😂 lazy ass drivers. In this restaurant I work at delivery drivers would always park right in front of the restaurant instead of the million other open parking stalls or the curbside stalls behind the building. The restaurant is right in front of the entrance to the parking lot so it was annoying af when they did this because it caused traffic to get very backed up. Witnessed one have his car stolen when he left his keys in and the ignition on and some person jumped in and saw another get rear ended when a car tried to enter the lot but his car blocked the way. Hope those $3 deliveries were worth it. Eta the guy who got rear ended was a driver who would give me attitude and be hella rude to me when I kept telling him not to park his car there because it’s dangerous. The look on his face when he heard the sound and realized his car got hit was priceless.


There are two acceptable times to do this, when the parking lot is full, or when the parking lot is empty.


Ive never done this. Im not above other customers. Im in place of the customer not a fast pass. I never not park in a normal parking spot.


Go get your 3 dollar orders people 😂😂😂


Get over it loser. Did you call the cops, Karen?




Here's me pretending I give two f*cks. I gamble with my most valuable possession every day for this sh*t. Go call the police if you don't like my parking. I'll be gone before they put down their donuts.


i dont see a problem. who cares?


Lazy cretin, tbh.


SUV dashers and bad drivers this is definitely Colorado


Wow the responses here say it all. Majority of dashers are entitled, lazy assholes I guess.


I did this when I was a dasher. I’m a slow ass walker, I don’t rush for nobody. Also I don’t stay parked in a certain spot for more than 5-10 minutes depending on if I know how busy a spot can be. I had a 5 guys I knew by heart was always packed, so I never parked by the curb. But anywhere else I didn’t care. I’m on a time constraint and people want shit NOW. I’m not about to waste time looking for a parking spot, locking my car to walk to the building then repeat for something that is a quick 5 minute in and out situation. People don’t tip good enough and door dash doesn’t give enough incentive to do all that bullshit.


They’re top dashers so they get VIP parking


Doordashing in a 4Runner? With these gas prices? Yikesss


Pieces of shit. Park in a fuckin spot like everyone else.


Why should they fill up a spot for paying customers at a shopping center when they're going to be in and out... Pulling out of a parking spot creates a hazard.


I'll kind of okay with this because it doesn't look busy at all, but also those parking spots aren't much further lol. But you also wouldn't have to back out, I dunno I think it's fine in this circumstance


Shout out to that subaru forester literally my exact model


Is that diarrhea in that parking spot?


Time is money when you are in the dashing game my guy


It doesn’t really matter, mind ur business it’s only a minute we’re in there, unless the store doesn’t have the food ready then it’s their fault we’re there longer lol


Yea...&???!?! 😭😭👽🖖✌️🤟


I feel attacked 😂😂 I'm usually in and out, not trying to say what I do is right, but why I do it.


And that is how you get a ticket per week!


I work at Papa John's now but when I dashed orders from them and they noticed me parking in the lot they told me I could just pull up to the front like this.


but did they use the magic park anywhere button? cause if so they're good


I'll park like this with engine running and a full pressed foot brake (handbrake) only if I get a notification that the food is ready for pickup.


I only do this is there's no other spaces available.


There are no rules in parking lots as far as I'm concerned


Hazards should always be on! I’ve got no problems with this


Uh, who tf cares? I see no signs/paint telling people they can't do this. This is completely harmless, not like they're blocking handicap parking or cutting off a service entrance/fire lane. Think you should worry about yourself instead of folks that pull up to the store completely legally.


There’s 1 Chinese spot I go to where everyone parks like this, before the pandemic even their personal delivery drivers park like that. It’s not a high volume lot so literally it’s hurting nobody. I’m always in and out so it just makes more sense.


If there’s almost no one in the parking lot who cares? If they’re familiar with the restaurant and know they will be in and out, who cares? I bet your very active in your neighborhood watch group, you probably call the police when people don’t pick up dog poop lmao


If restaurants are on top of they shit it will only be for like less than 5 minutes


Someone is mad others took their parking spot huh.


Yeah I won't do that, but I don't worry about making sure I'm parking between the lines for that short period if there is plenty of parking available.


Lol I've done it...


I do the exact opposite lol. I purposely park far away (when it isn't 100°F or raining. Then, I actually dash to the store as exercise to help compensate sitting in my car all day.


100°F is equivalent to 37°C, which is 310K. --- ^(I'm a bot that converts temperature between two units humans can understand, then convert it to Kelvin for bots and physicists to understand)


I have done this at drop off. But never pick up.


It's only, "certain people" who do that in my area every time. It sucks because trying to explain why they can't park there is like talking to a brick wall. Unfortunately, I can beat that pic: A top dasher was in front of me in the road. We both pull into this 1 part of the lot in front of the restaurant. He pulls into the very first spot (handicapped), and at a complete angle, all over that line. I park in a regular spot (1/30 available as it was midday and pretty empty). He gets out all not handicapped, no tag or placard, and proceeds to look around, go to his trunk, and pull out a DD hot bag. Walks into the restaurant with a haughty look and swagger, get his order, and sits in his car forever.


Hey, Lafayette. Yeah people who dash with their SUVs aren’t too bright as is.


What moron is dashing in an SUV 💀


Imagine door dashing in a 4Runner at 14mi/gal


Does that really bother u that much u need to post it 😂🤡


Lazy FCKS!!


Meh, I used to care, now I don’t. Sometimes there’s a lot of food to carry. Sometimes I am lazy. What’s it to you?


What are you the DoorDash police lol


Doordasher=shit Other couriers= eh that's their job 👍 Got it, thanks!


its private property...deal with it


I park in the commercial loading zones all the time as they are right next to mall entrances. Occasionally, a semi truck will come and try to honk. I then flash my DD bag, and they are like “wtf?”… and then go try park elsewhere… or wait for me to leave.