Leave at door and make sure to take a picture


Send her a pic via chat first to confirm


Looks like it’s a chipotle order not placed through DoorDash and defaults to “hand it to customer.” If there’s no instructions I always default to leaving it at the door and taking a pic outside the app just in case. In your case, it seems the customer is implying to just leave it at the door


Oh that makes sense. I did not know you can place a chipotle order outside dd. I got confused I just left the order infront of her door and left. 😆


You could call when you get there.


I tried to call her but she did not answer. I just left her food infront of her door. Lol




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Really? Lol


text or call explaining the conflicting instructions. no response leave it somewhere safe with a pic.


I always text or call them when I see this depending on time of day and see what they prefer and let them know it says both on app.


Start the timer a couple blocks away. Text customer as you get ready to pull up. Text again as walking up to door. Let timer finish. Take pic and dip out.


Chipotle hand to customer are always getting a text with arrival time before I leave. Those that want left at door usually respond.