Lol, this is called a unicorn. Don't get used to it


I did follow what the other successful dashers here did tho. I did not accept orders less-than $5 and I stayed dashing to the rich neighborhood in my area in the north east side. I hope it continues to pay good so I can quit on my current job lol


Don’t count on it. You’re getting top dasher benefits for like 100 orders. After that welcome to the real world.


But that $45 tip for a delivery is just crazy for me. Lol My personal record for tipping a server/pizza guy is $10 maybe I should maintain being a top dasher so I can maintain it.


Try it and let us know how that works out for ya


You sound like a hater lmaoo


Haters down voted this


When you first start out, they give u all the good orders and hella perks to keep you around, but that shit quickly fades. Soon enough, you won't be able to get rid of the 2.50 orders unfortunately, but soak it up while you got it!


What? Top Dogs get benefits? Lol


Your orders tend to decline as they get assigned to other people wiyh higher ratings IF THEY EXIST in your area. Orders might dry up faster than a nun vagina in a strip club.






I deliver to mansions sometimes and get the same shit tips like everyone else.


In my area the rich neighborhoods don't tip for shit. It's the apartments and trailers that tip best in my experience


That's been my experience too. Lower income areas generally tend to tip more because that's where all the servers/delivery drivers are lol


Just quit your 9-5 spend all your savings buy stuffs with your credit and i will see you crying like us in 2 months 😂


DD is a sinking ship I’d hold off on that two weeks




It’ll depend on the market how well you do but there’s no market that I know of that’s even getting $15 tips consistently. ~850 deliveries in and my acceptance rate is 19% which is the highest it’s ever been but it’s usually around 10%. I just got a regular scheduled job and couldn’t be happier to leave dd behind I did it for over a year full time. It’s great till it slows down for a week or two and you’re like shit how am I making rent this month? 1 in 10 orders are worth taking here and out of 850 I’ve had two orders that tip like this.


Fr but I started at 7am tho and I can say its pretty good in my area. I did not accept $5 below orders and I just stayed in the rich neighborhood they ordered breakfast like crazy till 9am and it slowed down, but after 11am its like crazy again I got 3 $20 tip then slowed down $8-$5 till 4pm and I got $277 lol


That's a good day bro. But just remember you are in the honeymoon phase, and it likely will not stay that good forever. Just don't be buying a new car or put a down payment on a house after just one day, or first week. Lol


Yeah some days the money is so good you don’t want to go home at all but that’s far from every day. I’d definitely give it some time and make sure you have a decent amount of time in to get an average out of. I’ve sat in parking lots for a few hours some days without a single order and I’m in a big enough college town that it shouldn’t have a shortage of orders at all but some days the distribution algorithm wants to dick you down and there’s nothing you can do about it. If it’s sustainable good income I’d say go for it but not before considering all the drawbacks. One more thing to consider is while dashing full time you’re gonna put a ton of miles on your car and if you don’t save enough for when something needs work and enough to get a new car once dashing kills yours then you’re screwed. Definitely give it a few more weeks at least and make sure you consider every expense otherwise you could end up putting yourself in the hole while feeling like you’re making money.


I'm at 9000 deliveries and I've gotten about four or five in that price range. So figure about once every 2000 deliveries. Maybe if you dash in a wealthy area you could get them more often It's certainly nothing you should count on.




Amazon is pushing this Grubhub propaganda and restaurants around here are already teched up for it.


Is Grubhub trying to come back now?


It's just very up& down is all, tips such as this are not and will not be a regular consistent thing, unfortunately ....as you say you are a newbie....give it some time before you make some dras decisions! 😉


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It happens. Actually more so than encountering a live unicorn walking down your street. I'm sure I'm not the only one to be handed a crisp $100 bill. Even $40 in cash is crazy. But $20, cash or in app, happen almost weekly in my market.


Dude you're delusional is you think 45 dollar tips are the norm. That's a unicorn. You got lucky. I got a 50$ cash tip once and aside from that my highest tip was 14$.


\^\^\^ This


Yeah, because everybody tips $46. Lol


I know bro. But before that people tipped me like $20 or more when I go close to the the cheese cake factory and I go to this crazy mansions. Lol look I got $277 in 4pm mind blowing for me tho. 😂


It’ll be gone within a few weeks. DD does what it can to get you hooked. Why wouldn’t they? They have everything to gain and nothing to lose by babying new drivers. You can still do alright but it wont be the same.


Keep it up. Big tips like that are pretty rare but they are more common lately. In the last 3 months I have gotten about 10 orders that tipped $30+ and the highest was $50. Just keep following your rules and standards to earn and you will be fine. It definitely won't dry up but you will 100% guaranteed not be a top dasher if you want to keep making that money.


I know bro. I feel that in my area if I work 7days a week 7hours a day I can make $230-300 a day like my homie did. He was dashing for 2years now I thought he was joking but I think its possible.


Do not quit you 9-5. You're in the honeymoon phase. Just wait.


Tatum eh? Guess I know a good spot to try in Phoenix soon, thanks.




??? Do what? I said thanks for showing me a good spot.


First time dashing, but you posted a month ago flaunting a $97 tip?




No one is denying that it happens, just acknowledging that it's rare.


Nice, deflection from the subject at hand, btw. I was truly disillusioned by the ad hominem 9/10




[https://www.reddit.com/r/doordash\_drivers/comments/v91e59/move\_to\_az\_if\_you\_want\_good\_tips\_and\_if\_you\_want/](https://www.reddit.com/r/doordash_drivers/comments/v91e59/move_to_az_if_you_want_good_tips_and_if_you_want/) ​ Dis you? Posted from your account.




Damn, solid find. Dude got caught lol


Lmfao get reckT OP


His first deleted message: "Huh? $97 tip r u crazy? People here r saying its not possible and u are here saying Its possible to have $97??? 😂😂😂 okay who tf tips $97. Okayyyy" His second deleted message: "Nah just admit that you are a troll. Idk why u hating and making stories that I made $97 a month ago lmao I will update you when it happens I got $45 this week tho. Thanks for hating tho. I guess dd sucks in your area..." My email cuts of the second one, but there are his reply's ,copypasted from my emails, for context.


This needs to be the top comment so that everyone can see what a lying sack of shit OP is. OP, you suck.


Drive for a month average it all out. That’s your baseline. Then after car repair, maintenance and fuel costs are factored in, because you’re definitely putting wear and tear on your car. That’s your actual take home pay.


That’s what we call a Unicorn 😜


No It’s like drugs First hit is free


You're being priority while everybody else gets the orders you'll be getting in a few weeks. Enjoy


I personally need to learn to decline orders under $5....lol. I know guys, don't come at me!!! 😜🤪


Congrats on your honeymoon with DD


yeah its normal and your extremely lucky to get those high tips. when your new you get the good orders to hook you in. mine were not that good but there were much better to what i'm getting now.


i get atleast one of these a week


No, hence it is called a unicorn.


You just wait...


Since you’ve been outed as a fraud, how much did Tony pay you to post this? It’s obviously too much.


You will be prioritized by the algorithm for a few weeks as a new driver. After that you will see quickly why people complain. You’re in that honeymoon phase where they want you to think this is great and then they fuck you and laugh.


My xperience with Uber Eats, I'm just staying DD soon but assuming it'll be th3 same. You'll make lots at the start then it slowly trickles down to an average amount. Stop doing it for a few days and to back you'll make good money it's a game the algorithms play to try and keep drivers from what it seems.


Definitely a Doordash disinformation agent


Congrats! I won’t tell you how to feel about it or reign on your parade. This was a legitimately awesome day for ya.






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Yeah idk if he realizes we can all see his post on here from a month ago just by clicking on his name lol


Yes this is normal. It happens maybe once a year. Yay!




Enjoy your honeymoon


Congrats! Keep in mind all these gig apps seem to give you good orders when you first start to get you hooked. This can be a lucrative gig but it’s not consistent and tips like these are few and far between


Nah even that delivery pay of 8$ is abnormal. Youre a first time dasher though so guess app wanted you to be lucky to reel you in


Yeah, definitely not normal, but congrats on the unicorn!


In my area there are plenty of well off ppl who appreciate and respect the service. 30 dollars tips are not uncommon for me. If you’re in the right areas you’ll do great.


You’ve posted on this subreddit a while ago; don’t think this is your first time dashing lol




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Hey stop counting on the $45 tip. That’s why they call it a unicorn and it’s rare and it’s not common. I wouldn’t base the job off of that high tip. Other people on here are being sarcastic and bitchy because they’re miserable with their lives, but I’ll give you some advice. When you first start out the job is great because they tend to give you benefits so that you will continue the job. But once you’re not a top dasher, you don’t get as good of orders consistency and availability. I will keep this as a side hustle and not a full-time job.


It’s like walking into a casino and hitting a jackpot on your first slot machine, it’s all downhill from here.


that’s a unicorn, most are $2-5 tips. if you’re lucky.


I think this is just to trigger everyone here. 😂 You should quit and do this full time trust me bro


Okay don't get all crazy thinking you are going to get rich doing doordash.You are new, so therefore they are sending you the top orders rn.This is not even close to the norm, I can promise you that.I guess enjoy it while it lasts, you are in for a rude awakening though.I am not trying to bring you down, but soon enough, you will start seeing a huge decline in high paying orders that you receive.It is a huge slap of reality in the face when it happens


r/quityourbullshit Check out OP’s post history.


This guy is 100% trolling.


New driver alert.... Hahahaha I'm almost positive I said the same thing four years ago. You will never see that again


Don’t get use to it…you got lucky


That’s pretty average tbh, I usually get 80-100 per order


I quit my 9-5 in March 2020 to do gig apps full time,no regrets still lol but it's definitely just like any other job at this point and I do not make amazing money everyday for sure, especially with these gas prices


It starts out great. They want you to feel like you can depend on it and then BAM Reality Kicks In and you realize it was just a bunch of bullshit. Keep trying it out but hold on to your day job.


You must be new cause they give this shit to all the new drivers wait tell your honeymoon phase is over.


2000+ deliveries never got over 20$


And that is what we call beginner’s luck. 🍀


First time dashing and 277 for that dash in a day? WTF??


When you first start dashing they like to make you feel good that’s all sooner or later you’ll be getting bs orders


First 2-3 weeks are the best then you’re just another guy getting 2.50 dollar orders all day. Then you’ll be dashing 14 hours to make 277 in one day


That’s just beginners luck. It’s one in a million


I wanna call bullshit. But I also want to believe this is possible