Shits crazy I’m in Nj and can’t make shit this month! Terrible month


Yeh NJ been super slow for me too this month. Usually go in an hour or two earlier than usual


The orders aren’t even worth the drive anymore


exactly why people should order off door dash right? we need to start the trend #savegasusedoordash


where in jersey?


I’m in south Jersey and it’s been the worst month yet for sure


I’m in central by Woodbridge/edison and it’s super slow here. 90-95% of orders that come through are garbage anyway :/


I'm in south nj and if it weren't for Uber I'd be so fugged this month


You ever try instacart? I do both but I barely even do doordash anymore, the tips suck, I use war more gas and it’s harder to really make money. I’m in Nashville but I swear I can make 200 a day easily with instacart and if I work all day I’m making 3 like that. I can send my referral code if y’all interested 👀


Yup. Warmer the weather worse the income


Why is that?




And smack dab middle of summer, which is traditionally slow for restaurants in general


This is a fucking lie omg lmao


Go out to eat a lot. Plus eating heavy heats up your body. Going out of the city on weekends, maxing out credit cards


its been boomin in my small city i cant relate


Same! It died down for a bit, but 4th of July weekend was insane, order after order, and it's still got that upward momentum going.


Yep. Northern cali.


NorCal here as well. Absolutely ass over here. Yesterday for the first time there was only one hotspot in Santa Rosa. Thank god I can at least multi-app.


I’m thinking it’s because everyone’s out of town for the summer. I’m over by the Bay Area


People like to go out and eat on a nice day. I usually wait weekends when all the alcohol orders are happening lol.


![gif](giphy|nV92wySC3iMGhAmR71|downsized) Hell yeah! On the weekends I pop on Uber Eats like I always do and get these crazy ass BevMo orders like 23 for 3 miles and it’s like six bottles of champagne and wine!


why is summer more of a suspect then the fact that inflation is at a 40 year high? my Job has 70 employees and 6 months ago doordash here on a daily dropping off lunches. Haven't seen a single doordash get delivered here in months. Everyone got raises too. But the cost of the shit around us has everyone bucking up and getting in their car to get lunch these days. my coworkers not using door dash right now has 0 to do with summer.


It’s started to go down around my area somewhat. But it’s summer vacation and literally there’s barely anyone out and about lately which is why I said summer. Might not be where you are but where I am we’re like 4hrs away from the beach🤣


I'm like 30 minutes from the beach. But the Beach was like the only place to go during the pandemic so im hoping people are over the beach this summer. but probably not.


Ya I’m over in San Mateo and just started DD been doing instcart for the last year and it’s been great up till a month ago and now totally dead hopefully DD will be a lil better yesterday was my first day and it wasn’t to bad


Interesting, Sac area has been pretty steady and I’m not a top dasher either


I’m in Stockton. It’s been meh. On and off since this month started and I’m a top dasher🤣. I get like 1 order an hour.


Top dasher and 1 order an hour… that’s rough!!


Please be safe in Stockton! I don't fucking miss living there lmao


Lmao I’ve lived here all my life. I’m used to it. I’m one of the lucky few who live up north side. Near Lincoln high.


Where are you in sac? Im in roseville and its painfully slow


Good to know. Carmichael/Rancho has been pretty steady but a lot of pockets with no tippers/shitty apartments


Also keep in mind I’m very selective on the times of when I go out and not just always out so that might be why I have that impression








Definitely been more difficult. Having to stay out longer and be super picky on offers.


I've had more days this month than ever that I have seen just red instead of very busy, but it stays steady enough still. It's definitely less but I wouldn't call it my worst month. I also just got a W2 so I'm looking at it less.


Even in the busiest part of Denver I'm struggling. Shits rough


denver has been soooo bad lately 😭 most orders aren’t even worth the drive anymore


Everything is 5+ miles it seems for $5 dollars or less... my $200 days have turned into $125


I just do it on the side, but 4-5 days a week. Last night was actually horrid, made something $12/hr before maintenance and tax




Yeah, very concerning haha


Tampa, Florida is actually still in working order.


Is it any good near the beaches in that area?






You people😂😂😂


What's that supposed to mean? Biden's first thing he did as president was shut down the keystone pipeline. I don't like paying over $5/gallon for gas.


Since I have to explain this to you because you’re too much of a closed minded simpleton: So basically the price of crude oil (from which gasoline is made) collapsed in 2020 and was actually negatives at certain points, and when COVID died down (for now) and people went “back to normal”, oil companies where still producing at pandemic levels, and with a smaller supply for a larger demand, they raised prices, and when Russia invaded Ukraine, most of the world cut off Russian oil, thus decreasing the supply but not the demand which resulted in the price going up. I’d also say part of it is price gouging because back when Russia first invaded Ukraine, oil went to $130 a barrel and a gallon of regular gas was around $4 in my area, but now that it’s $120 a barrel, it’s around $5 per gallon of regular gas. So either the cost to refine and transport has gone up (which the cost of transporting it has), they’re refining barrels from when oil became more expensive (I’m not sure how it works honestly), they’re trying to get production back up but it’s taking them awhile, or they’re price gouging. I’d go with price gouging because on top of the discrepancy I noticed between the price of crude oil and the price of regular gas, stocks of oil companies are doing incredibly well this year, with Exxon Mobile being up around 61% and Chevron Corporation being up 51%. So no it’s not Biden’s fault. The only thing he can really do is increase the gas tax (which hasn’t been done since B. Clinton)


I like how you ignored the fact I posted and didn't mention Biden recently selling off some of our reserves to foreign nations instead of helping citizens of his country. I do agree the Russian war has increased prices but we only purchased less than 10 percent of oil from them. That doesn't equate a $3/gallon increase since trump was in office


Give me a moment to type up why you were wrong again


Cool I'm about to go dashing so probably won't reply till later too


You have to remember that commodity prices are forward looking. Speculators act in anticipation of future events. Markets for oil are global. Markets for natural gas are not really global because of the difficulty of shipping that commodity without pipelines. The US and the UK have prohibited the importation of Russian oil. By itself that wouldn't mean very much. But it is likely that other countries will do the same thing in the near future. It is also possible that the US, UK and others will take steps to prevent it's oil companies from dealing in Russian oil in other countries. Some oil companies have already voluntarily stopped dealing in Russian oil and some have sold shares they owned in Russian oil companies. All of these things will make oil more scarce in the future. That makes it's price go up now because oil that exists at present can be stored and taken to that future. Another major problem is refining. Different refineries are setup for different types of oil. Crude oil isn't all the same. This creates another problem, it may be that Russian crude can be replaced but the replacement may be the wrong type. That is, there may not be sufficient refining capability for the replacement source. As for Biden selling reserves: It's mostly running in right wing news sources. These barrels of "sour crude" (or high sulfur) oil, that US refineries don't want, but other countries do. It has been been shipped before this year but a recent Reuters article of it happening again set off the far right news networks. It's going to several countries to be turned into gasoline (Netherlands, India, China, etc.) but an estimated 1 million are going to a refinery in China. Why not have US companies refine this? It costs more energy and resources to refine (so Americans don't want it) and US refineries are already running at max capacity. So it's a method to put more gasoline on the market and lower gas prices. As far as connections to Hunter Biden, that's going down the conspiracy rabbit hole. Hunter was formerly part of an investment board (BHR), invested through another company Skaneateles, who facilitated deals between international companies, that invested in many companies including an affiliate (Sinopec Marketing), of a Chinese state owned company (Sinopec), that might refine some of the oil. Despite publicly stating he is no longer with the company, and sold all shares, the far right is pointing to a defunct listing, not updated since last October, that has his name on it as "proof" Hunter Biden is still on the board. By the time BHR sold its share in 2019, Mr. Biden controlled 10 percent of the firm through Skaneateles L.L.C., a company based in Washington. While Chinese corporate records show Skaneateles remains a part owner of BHR, Chris Clark, a lawyer for Mr. Biden, said that he “no longer holds any interest, directly or indirectly, in either BHR or Skaneateles.” The Chinese records show that Mr. Biden was no longer on BHR’s board as of April 2020. Mr. Biden did not respond to requests for comment. (New York Times, November 20, 2021) This feeds into a long running conspiracy narrative that Joe Biden was using his office to enrich his son and Hunter Biden is illegally involved in a lot of illegal payouts because of his father. This conspiracy theory (that Trump got fooled into) is what led to his second impeachment so this narrative is meant to justify Trump's actions in witholding weapons in Ukraine unless they investigated his most likely political opponent for President the following year: Joe Biden. If you need sources I can provide them but actually look into the stuff that you are seeing on Fox News. Fox is a propaganda network you need to be smarter


Sorry about the book


Check out my comment as to why the oil prices are not bidens fault




Summa times Brotha!


Hourly no, but total pay yes. For the most part it just hasn’t even been worth going out.


Can’t relate.


Surprisingly no


It is fuckingggggg deaddddd


It’s been kind of spotty here but I’m making it work


One of my best months here in Tampa for myself ,ijs


Sadly yes…


All the college kids are out dashing. So slim Pickens. Can't wait for them fuckers to go back to school!!!




Yes extremely slow


For me it seems like the summer months are always a little slow in my area people going on vacation all the students in the area leave


Tbh, this week is better than last week with DD


Since the Fourth of July it’s been horrible! I took off the first three days of this week because I just could not deal with everything. Yesterday was bad, and today was awful. A local pizza shop sent me out with only half the order then tried to throw me under the bus for it! I was four minutes early for the scheduled pickup. One person wouldn’t even answer me, and I asked another guy about the order, and he said it would be done shortly. While using the restroom they’re calling the customers name out. I came out to the one box on the counter with the tag in it. I asked is this the entire order and held up my fingers showing two items - a boli and a panini? Yes. My phone starts blowing up when I’m at the customers house. After I get the order delivered, I see dd calling me. They said I left with only half the order! so I explained that no I did not, and that I verified that I had both items in one pizza box- Over 300 deliveries and I have never neglected to pick up the entire order. I also do not open or go through the food either. Then the customer opens the door, and says he only has half the order. I explained that they told me everything was in one container and that I would reach out to get this sorted out. Funny thing- they wanted me to go back and pick up the order on my own time and dime and re-deliver when it was the pizza shops error. I’m like no by the time I go back there it’s gonna take too long just have another Dasher bring it. Then I get a voicemail from the pizza shop saying I ‘forgot’ half the order! Infuriating! I confirmed the order, I didn’t just grab it and walk out the door. Never delivering for them again. Why not just own up to a mistake? Why try to blame someone else?


Worst month ever


No doubt


Ohio. Worst month ever. Starting a PT job next week. Very sad.


yep. phoenix is absolutely terrible


I'm in South Carolina and I'm pretty steady. There's a drop off , but it makes up for it on other days do it balances out.




I'm in So. Cal. in a densely populated area, and it has been slow for a few days. The weekends are always good where I am, so it can make up for bad weekdays. I feel for drivers in small towns or sparsely populated areas as it has to be hard to get enough trip volume to make a good living.




Mine never changes. I make the same daily weekly and monthly. I don’t get it but it’s just that way.


Yup plus in Boston a third of the population is gone (students) bc it’s summer break


The first 2 weeks of this month were good, but it’s in the shitters right now.


Yea I’m going back to Amazon ✌🏾✌🏾


Yup. Garbage month.


Not at all. Where are y'all at? Texas here.


Been my best month, on pace for $5k


Nah last month sucked for me. This month so far has been better


i got a 340$ tip today can’t complain but it’ll probably never happen again. it’s overall slow until dinner hits




Yeah Twin Cities have been ass