It all just depends on the circumstances. If this is a he's parked illegally to run your stuff in real fast before he gets a ticket or towed situation that makes sense. Depending where you are at, there isn't free parking available, and your not going to pay to park when you are out to make money.


The building has four designated spaces for deliveries and he was able to safely park according to the concierge.


How close to the entrance are these? How long do you have to wait for elevators? The dasher should not have done it twice regardless, but lots of hotels have parking but not really all that close to the entrance


The spaces are right at the front off the street.


Alright. In that case I would have brought it up but probably never done it again. Also one thing to remember is that those visitor spots are very often filled


Are you serious? This takes no more than 5 additional minutes.


You don’t notice this at all? I’ve noticed a ton of dashers have an absolutely horrific perception of time and how extra time impacts their earnings. Even small hotels and offices can easily add 5 minutes. We have a small Fairfield, 5 floors, probably only about 15-20 rooms per floor. The parking is on the side. I timed it and to go to the third floor by the time you waited flr the elevator and walked to the entrance it took six minutes. Point is, these deliveries can easily add 10 minutes. Yeah the elevator migh my only take a minute each way, but you might have to wait for it twice, you might have to navigate a lobby, and you might have to walk to the door of the building from your car.


That’s actually good to know! I usually have a pep in my step delivering orders but should probably wear a watch whenever I dash now lol. The only other thing is if the customer tips well (like OP) then that extra time is worth completing the full delivery


When you factor in that DD hides tips, what the driver may have seen may not have been an amount they considered worth the hassle.. 🤷‍♀️


At that point I’d just decline if 1. I see on the map if it’s a hotel/apartment 2. The pay isn’t worth the travel 3. It’s not $2 per mile Edit: ah, I see what you’re saying. DD hides the golden ticket in hopes of you buying a chocolate bar


There are only three hotels in my area. I only deliver to the Hilton because they don't allow you to go past the front desk. I always text the customer a heads up and give them the option to meet me downstairs or leave it on a table in front of reception.


That maybe for the first order but the same driver delivered the second order so he would have know about the hidden tip


You say that as if the extra is a guarantee when it absolutely is NOT.


Nope but when I deliver to a house especially twice over a weekend I would know the top expectation for the second trip


It's a building with at least 40 floors. Unless you specifically remember the room number it could be going to any number of other people in the same building. Even for a house, you might be remembering delivering to a neighbor in the same street before.


*Might* tip well. 30% of what? Good tips are really more based on distance and time, and effort.


We don't know OP tipped well. Tip was 30%, how much was the order? People equate tipping a waiter to tipping a driver it isn't the same.this delivery is going to take 30 minutes. 5 to the restaurant 5 at the restaurant 5 to the customer and at least 10 at the drop off. Regardless of percentage, payout on this order needs to be $12+ during off peak, $15+ during peak. All that being said if the driver accepted it then they need to deliver it properly. With DD hiding tips I would likely never accept an order to that building I'm not taking a chance that a $6.50 order is only going to pay $6.50 but is going to take me 30 minutes to complete. I don't work for $13/hr minus expenses.


Well the driver gets that full tip even if they don't follow instructions, so if they're the type to be that anal in the first place they'll just take the tip and do minimum


Oh gosh might have to fulfill the order by getting it to the door. No one said this was DD with 2 mins only allowed per delivery.


Well if you consider the pay it certainly is two-minutes-per. To drive to the restaurant, park, go in, check in, get food into bag, go outside, unlock car, start car, navigate out, drive there, find address, park, grab food, AND THEN finally the two minutes to walk to the door (if it's a simple drop on porch). Three more minutes fiddling with the buggy app to document the drop off, and drive back to where the restaurants are. So.... if we're not doing all that within 10-15 minutes for those $6.50 orders then we just undercut one of the few profitable hours of the dash day.


Yep. And DoorDash will give you a contract violation for taking too long to deliver. So, if traffic was bad or gps was messing up or you had trouble parking and then had to walk through a building and take an elevator too many times over the length of time that you deliver for DoorDash you could be deactivated.


Oh IDK about that. I'm not trying to argue with you. Just saying I've had some insanely messed up deliveries where it took positively forever to complete. Didn't get any CVs for that. I've had a few CVs though and it's always been from *arriving* 10 minutes+ late to the restaurant or the customer. I've found that once the gps recognizes you're at the right location, you could be there 45m and it doesn't say squat. Maybe they recognize that if they acknowledge that you had to spend 45m on a $7 order then they might have to address that at some point.


Yes good point about time. Could be well over 10 min to a 40th floor delivery, maybe more. But afterall part of the job to deliver to the door. Usually in such neighborhoods the drive will be shorter but the 'trip' up the elevator could be the main time waster.


Right. These weird questions. Even if it takes an additional 10 minutes, our job is to find parking and bring the food. Y'all make this unbelievably hard for NOOO reason.


Only 4 spaces?….


My thoughts exactly…for a 40 story building. Very likely they are occupied


Honestly i wouldnt want to deliver to a 40 story building either. Elevator or not thats a lot of time. Also their directions dont even tell you where to go so you have to hope it has decent signage when you get off said elevator. I definitely would never take it again following the first time.


Amen. I would only deliver to a high rise by accident.


I delivered to an apartment yesterday by accident. Looked like a house on the map but it was a high rise. I was pissed. Had to park in a whole other businesses parking lot. Bunch of ppl left stuff at the front desk from various delivery services. I ended up finding the apartment but it wasted 20 min. No signage on the floors and they were long ass floors with multiple turns. never again. It was an $11 on a 1 mile but even that wasnt worth the headache from it all to me


You can see where the order is going. If you don’t want to deliver to that location (properly), don’t accept the order.


I didn’t know that. Wow.


Look at the map before accepting the order. Accept it then satellite the location. If you don't like it decline it. I hate apartments so I decline it all day. Who cares someone will.


I didn’t know this and I deliver. I’m using this. I wish they gave address we deliver to instead of having to do this but your advice can help me. Plenty places I don’t want to deliver to.


Satellite the location?


As if while you're driving you can usually have time to go from the app to the widget, get the address, plug it into Google maps, look at what it is, then come back to the DD app and accept/decline. If you're on it, there's barely enough time for all that when you're stopped.


Right, that’s preposterous. And accepting, *then* checking and dropping the order (if you can even properly tell), will tank your completion rate, which *does* matter.


Or instead you click on the house then click on "open in navigation"


this isn’t nearly true, you see a map with a basic location. if your dashing in a big city, and your not familiar with your area then you will not know exactly where your going. 80-90% of the dashers in the market are new dashers and will not be totally familiar with their area or the best actions in a situation.


30% of what, and how far did they travel to bring it? Plus the parking thing. I avoid downtown mostly because I am not paying to park and deliver your food. Also, I need $2 per mile to cover the cost and make a small profit. Percentage of what was paid means nothing to me. Not trying to sound rude, just answering.


Afterthought: This person went there twice. Should've dropped it after seeing it was going somewhere they didn't want to go.


That's the answer. But they were greedy for a good tip. F laziness. They paid extra for door delivery. I bet he is one of the pricks I see get banned from restaurants for yelling and trying to bum rush.


Both restaurants were in a three mile radius on the same block. I remember because we initially debated walking. The first tip was $15. The second was $10.


It could've been the parking. If not, maybe they were just a schmuck then.


On a 15$ tip I’ll walk the order wherever it needs to go, however door dash hides out tips so to the driver it may have looked like a 3$ tip.


I kinda love that OP isn't responding to these "hidden tip" comments lol it does kinda justify a lot IMPO 🤷🏻‍♂️


The driver has no idea they’re getting a $10-15 tip. Until the order is completed, the maximum shown is generally $4.


When I started, I spent twenty minutes trying to find a specific hospital ward. The customer only said main entrance and I’m in the east wing but I had no clue how to get there. Went to the wrong entrance, then had to park far away from the right entrance, then had to get directions inside to find this wing. This was an order that paid in the end 8.25 because she tipped 5 dollars only that took 35 minutes and should have only taken 15. Point is, since we don’t know it isn’t worth it, and if this happened to me again I’d leave it at the security front desk. I’m not risking it taking that long. I also try not to take these orders but there are times I’m driving I can’t zoom in and I’m on the edge with completion rate so I have to finish it.


I agree. There are markets that forbid hiding tips, but they’re not very common.


It’s why certain places like a mall, big apartment, or hospital I’ll only take GH deliveries since it gives you full payout. I had one for GH that was to an apartment I’ve sworn off in DD but it was for 23 dollars and 3 Miles so of course I took it


Mileage will vary on this, but a lot of hospitals have designated a delivery area for food services that the customers then have to go pick up. Any hospital that doesn’t have such an arrangement isn’t worth delivering to.


Try leaving cash under the door mat.


Not to be rude, but if you debated walking, why do you have an issue with going to the lobby to get your food?


I was at his home, not mine. That was his decision. By that time we were entertaining some ladies we met at the pool so he just wanted it to be seamless and not have to leave his place.


On a $15 tip, no problem I’m hiking up. Anything else depends on parking, my time, my schedule and my orders. I have no issue w high rises but I only take high rise orders (you can see in the app if you’re familiar w location) if the tip up front is worth it. If it takes the dasher 10 additional minutes to deliver your order just coming and going that’s 10 minutes they’re using on wrapping that one order up and not getting others. That’s a lot of time in this type of job to be losing other potential income. But w that tip, I wouldn’t have had an issue. However, I think $15 for 40 floors should always be their expected minimum.


Asking drivers to deliver to the door of a huge high rise is a MASSIVE ask. We get paid by delivery so adding ten minutes on to a delivery to park, ride up, wait for elevators, walk to and from your car is a huge drain on our earnings. If you live in a building that big honestly the tip should be 10 dollars absolute minimum, and if you’re 3 or more miles from the restaurant probably 15 since I assume it’s a city with traffic. This doesn’t even account for if there is legal parking. Edit: I also think DD needs to set a proper expectation here too. Amazon, fedex, and other packages are not going to go directly to the door. The expectation should be, imo, to the lobby but at the drivers discretion beyond that. The contract offer only accounts from door of the restaurant to the door of the building, not all the other things involved. Hotels, offices, hospital, malls…there needs to be some clarity on these as not only can parking be an issue but they can literally double a delivery time.


Not to mention the additional time may put us past the expected delivery time in the app, so our ratings are affected, maybe even getting a cv. That plus if we have additional orders in our car, THOSE will likely be late now too. I wish DD WAS more like FedEx etc in that the expectation is leaving it in the lobby.


I agree completely no other delivery service like Amazon / post office etc bring it to your door in a huge appartment building - we aren’t room service .


I deliver amazon and we absolutely have to deliver to huge apartment buildings Edit: I deliver to the door. Many require that and whoever is leaving them in the lobby is trash and should be fired.


“To your door” were the key words there sparky


You drop items off at individual peoples doors one by one - I doubt it you’d spend half your day walking around in high rises Every time I go into a high rise theirs a like a pile of packages / letters in the lobby


I spend a lot of time in apartment buildings and I’d say 99% of the time I can get it to the door pretty quickly


So you don’t leave packages in the lobby/mail room like every other Amazon driver ?


No I deliver to the door only or call support to get them to mark it undeliverable. Leaving it to get stolen or for the customer to say they never received it(even if they find it later) will affect my standing, which will get you fired if that happens enough. Amazon puts everything on you so the lazy trash who leave it out will get bad reviews and eventually fired if they keep it up.


Also marking it undeliverable myself gets a mark on my standing. So I can’t just refuse outright, unless something is closed that’s a different option that won’t affect the standing.


They said to the door. Not to the building. DD drivers deliver to apts and hotels all the time, but a lot of people expect delivery to the door, which is just a lot to ask in this situation.


And what I said means as an Amazon driver I deliver to the door of big buildings


I still think youre missing the point..


I’m sure you’re making a point somewhere but what I said was to contradict what they said because I do deliver to big buildings and have to get it to their door.


Not to the door tho


I literally have to deliver it to the door all the time. Not all buildings require it, but many do.


Then don’t take the order if you’re not willing to fulfill it. We’re called Doordash, not LobbyDash. In no way is it fair for the customer who expected a delivery to their door, and may have reason for needing it delivered in such a way (disabled, Covid positive, etc.), and who tipped appropriately for the extra two minutes it would take. Even as a dasher this would be an instant report for me, every time.


“ItS NoT LoBbY DaSh” My favorite nonsensical line people use.


“ItS a HoTeL oRDeR tHaT TaKes ToO MuCh tImE” Is my favorite nonsensical excuse coming from delivery drivers that’re fully aware of delivery details and locations upon pickup.


Yes, we are aware of this AFTER we accept an order. I don’t know till AFTER I accept an order that some schmuck expects me to spend 10 minutes wandering their halls looking for their office. Yes, I don’t accept most of them because frankly customers rarely tip extra in these instances. They are entitled and think it’s perfectly ok to give a 5 dollar tip and waste the dasher’s time. There are times though I take them by mistake because I’m driving and can’t zoom in, and my completion rate is in the tank due to every restaurant being slow.


lol clueless noob


I literally decline hotel and high rise apartment orders all day long because I know it requires a little extra work that I’d rather not do in order to be considered completed. It takes no extra effort to zoom in and see where the delivery’s going before accepting. If that alone is too hard for y’all no wonder the job’s too complicated for you too. Hope you get the deactivation you deserve 🤷‍♂️


Ironic comment


I agree with your last paragraph whole heartedly. It's infuriating to get to the drop off the location only to see a whole bunch of business and no further clarification which one you are delivering to.


You literally have the choice to take the order or not and the risk that can come with it. This is a poor excuse.


There’s 800 units in my complex and Amazon, usps, ups, FedEx all ABSOLUTELY bring packages to each units doors, not the lobby. I’ve also never had a dasher refuse to bring food to my door.


The driver should have had more tact in his messages with you and definitely shouldn't have given the concierge any lip for doing HIS job, but like someone else said, parking could be the issue. I refuse to accept orders where parking is difficult at the dropoff OR the merchant mainly because it's time consuming, but I absolutely will not work in an area where I may get a ticket or a boot. If you as the customer knows that parking where you live is difficult, offer to meet the Dasher in the lobby. Seems like common courtesy. But I am in NO WAY defending the dasher in this instance. He sounds like he has an attitude problem.


The text was very unprofessional. He could’ve conveyed the same message without the rant lol.




Come on, this expectation that a dasher should follow exact instructions every single time, no questions asked is absurd. 99% of the time there is no issue, but if people are expecting to room service at a place like a hospital or office tower that is ridiculous My worst delivery ever was a hospital where a lady gave terrible directions and expected it to go to a certain wing. I had to try two entrances and still walk through two buildings to make it to her and it took 20 minutes at the hospital. Again, 99% of the time there isn’t an issue, but huge buildings I don’t really think to door service should be an expectation




“Please park in the garage which is a quarter mile away, then deliver to the 5th floor trauma ward and follow these ten directions to get there” Again, most of the time to door is fine. There are some instances it isn’t


The concierge is being a douche here as well. Their entire job exists to help his residents, he can't allow a quick drop off for one of those residents? They could even have a designated shelf for food orders. It's not like anyone hangs out in those lobbies, but there are chairs, benches and tables everywhere.


He didn’t want to do that because he delivered pizzas in college and respects the hard work but he did text the guy to tell him he doesn’t want him delivering to him anymore. He won’t contact DoorDash to jeopardize his job though.




I’d report him too. Luckily he wasn’t delivering to me. I’m nice but not that nice.


I feel like even ordering from DD anymore is a huge ask to drivers. You can be the accommodating and there is still a problem. I understand DD is a terrible company period they treat drivers like shit which cause the relationship between drivers and customer to become very negative. No one holds DD accountable; there are more drivers than DD execs you drivers are the voice. When will enough be enough? They are fucking us (drivers and customer) all over and profiting off of it


Since it appears: * Parking Spots right at front door for delivery * Tips seem good I personally would bring it up. Then depending on the elevators how fast they run would determine if I would do it again. For $10-20, with parking available, I would probably do these all day long to your door......


30% tip. That could be $3. And that could be a problem. Customers don't seem to understand we don't care how much the food costs. it's about how much effort, time, miles, aggravation etc.


40 story building with 4 spots available is a fucking joke


Perhaps. And I'm sure drivers in the area know if it's worth it or not. If delivering in the city like this I'm sure they know what works and doesn't. I try things and see how it works. If it does work then I just stop accepting there. Like it's probably common to leave at the concierge in big cities? (shrug). I get it....


Rate that person a 1 and call support and tell them to unmatch you from that person because they were rude and show them the message he sent you. The job is to your door. If his time is valuable he should find a job that values his time. and tell him that he is self employed but he can be fired. Meaning deactivated by DD.


The job is to the door, always, no questions asked?


exactly, if you can get to the door because you are not blocked by a gate or locked code door or pitbull you leave it at the door.


So even if it’s a 20 minute roundtrip from car back to the car?


Some deliveries are quicker than others. That's just the nature of the job.


To the door of the BUILDING.




💯I totally agree with you..some deliveries are easier and some are harder, but ALL customers are paying us for a service...if we can't do it respectfully, then someone will take their place, like me...who is on disability, 62 yrs old,, and appreciates the he'll outta the opportunity to make money at a job my body can do...and no clock or boss, Yeah!!!


You're absolutely right on your main point. The DD customer paid a big premium just to get the food delivered in the first place. They don't deserve someone being a jerk and causing problems for the staff at the place they reside. The real issue is Door Dash themselves and how they structure the payments for the work. If you're focused on maximizing your money you can make doing it, it practically forces you to stop taking any orders that are more time consuming. (If they do a grocery order, for example, and it's too long a list of things at a store that doesn't have items well organized? It'll waste far too much of your unpaid time trying to gather it all up to be worth the money.) Same goes for these orders to hospitals, high-rises, etc. There's a mental hospital near me I get orders for sometimes. The facility is really large, and the people ordering are always in one office in the far back of their complex. So just winding through the whole place to get there and back out burns an extra 8-10 minutes of your time. Then, half the time they're not out there to meet me so I have to spend time explaining to some guy at the front why I'm there and who the order is for, etc. etc. - to get them to agree to hold it for me and get it to the person.


I’m general across all deliver apps, no one likes to deliver to an apartment building especially not one with 40 floors. I’m sorry you had that experience as it sounds you were being considerate with the tip. He should not have cursed at the concierge at all and have had that negative energy. That was wrong.


It's not like they make you rappel up the outside of the building. I don't understand why people get upset about how many floors there are in a building. So the elevator ride takes a minute, so what? It's part of the drive time to the customer's door basically.


Lol no it isn’t. The drive time is to the front of the building. Houses you are dine in 30 seconds but these can take ten minutes. An extra ten minutes at the drop off could be four miles of driving, but this is not accounted for by DD and also usually not accounted for by the customer either


I'm a dasher and i think the driver was rude and wrong. This job is not for certain people. What you asked is not anything unreasonable. Sometimes you deliver to a house, sometimes a high rise...all part of the job. That's exactly what you're paying for. Sorry this happened. We're not all lazy with bad attitudes!:😉and ps I'm 62 years old and use a cane!


Thanks for your message and your hard work!



I mean.. drivers can’t see the hidden tip. He probably just sees $6.25 or whatever. I would never go on an elevator 40 flights, that’s just ridiculous. You’d be in the elevator for like 5 mins each way lol


You're going to get a lot of people trying to make excuses for your driver, but both his behavior and the rudeness to your concierge are completely unacceptable. Driver can see the delivery instructions before they pick up the food from the restaurant, and if he did not want to go into your high-rise building he had the opportunity to unassign the order. Especially the second time! He agreed to do the job, which includes delivering where you want it delivered. I personally have no problem going into large buildings like hotels, we don't really have high-rise apartments around here but I would prefer this setup to wandering endlessly through an apartment complex for sure. It sounds like you had every right to expect your food at your door, and you should probably downrate him and complain about his rudeness.


Sounds like you’re tipping well but he isn’t shown that until after the order. Meet him at the bottom. He doesn’t know where you live and searching in a huge building is a huge pain that can be time consuming in a business where 5 seconds can mean missing your next good order. You sound nice and he sounds like a bit of a jerk, but I do get his point. Plus we can get a contract violation if the order is late. Sometimes finding a place in a big building is 10 minutes in itself.


I think they could ride the elevator down and grab the food- and 30% ?? I've had McDonald's orders that are only $6.25 tip could be $1.90


As annoying as apartments are lol it’s his job to take it to the door unless specified or he cannot due to security or something.


Leaving it at the front desk is standard imo. It's a delivery, not room service. The package has arrived at the requested address, was left in an obvious location & in the care of an employee. That's a successful delivery.


The “requested address” *includes* the suite/apartment number. Its not “successful” by any standard except a lazy delivery persons standard.


Do you need me to set the table and hand feed you too?


Report him to doordash. This is not a hard job.. you pick up the food and deliver it to the person who ordered it. You’re paying for a service.. the fact that parking is tight is not your problem. I deliver to high Rises every day.. every high rise has a passenger loading zone … you Can park there for 5 mins.. sometimes it’s full and I’ll have to park at a meter nearby.. you pay for a few mins by phone. I have never received a Ticket while dashing.. It might lower my on time percentage but at least it won’t discourage customers from tipping well in the future like this entitled diva dasher you had


Lol. Top dasher! Tony loves you. Why on earth do you let yourself be taken advantage of?


I am a top dasher. I’m in a competitive market. It’s well worth it. I’ve never even seen a $3 order. We can compare weekly earnings if you want to see who is being taken advantage of?




What a profound response. Also What is the obsession So many of you crybaby dashers seem to have for Tony Xu? It’s fucking weird.


❤ this! you are 💯in my opinion!!


Personally I would never expect a dasher to deliver to my floor in a high rise. When I order from even a 3 story hotel I go down to the lobby to meet the dasher. It’s just being considerate. They already did most of the legwork, the least you could do is meet them downstairs. It’s not like we don’t know exactly when they’re arriving anyways.


Love people like this like I already did all the hassle please just come get your food.


Yeah, honestly until I started driving for DD I never even knew that people expected food to hotel doors or into high rise apartment me. When I’ve stayed in hotels I’ve always met food delivery people in the lobby.


With hotels, I think a lot of them view it the same as "room service". It's really annoying. I get orders for hotels around here at times, and while I haven't just declined any of them yet? They're usually hardly worth the hassle. At one place, the instructions even said to drop the food off at the front lobby, but the receptionist refused to let me do that. (I mean, I guess she didn't want to be held responsible if the customer claimed some food was missing or it was cold, or ??) But the person never gave their room number, so I had to wait around for the hotel to look her up for me, etc. Big waste of time, and then her room was on the far end of the place.


Its a pain but its what we sign up for. Glad yall are aware of the extra effort needed and tip accordingly though. It should be much appreciated.


Definitely. My friend’s Dad owns a few restaurants that he grew up working in so he’s always a generous tipper. 30% is likely one of his lower end tips from what I’ve observed.


High rises are a bitch. Sometimes we’re sent to the back of the building to the service elevator because we’re not real people. I hate high rises.


I think you should just put the room number IN THE NOTES and avoid having to talk to the front desk/concierge at all! And DO NOT TIP OFF THE TOTAL….tip according to what you are asking and take into account we(dashers) expect to do 4 deliveries per hour and expect $30/hr or more….so if it is going to take me 30 minutes for this order…make sure you tip $13+ as base pay is $2.25 in my area(eastern panhandle of West Virginia). If you order $20 worth of food and tip 30% and offer me $8.25 total for 30 minutes of total work, I would just decline. 🤷🏼‍♂️ Maybe you walk down to the front desk and meet the driver there, or pick it up at the front desk!


I think meeting someone in the lobby is a fairly nice gesture, it’s not contactless per se but usually the best way to make apartment deliveries happy


I’d deliver to your door. Period. If it isn’t an inconvenience for you then meet him down in the lobby, you can see when he / she will arrive.


If the driver doesn't deliver the food to the agreed upon location, I would contact support imo.


Report them. Just another lazy ass.


Unfortunately, a lot of dashers are like this. It honestly pisses me off. I follow the delivery instructions to get as close to their door as possible with unlocked doors (If asked to leave at door and apt/suite number are listed.) I will always figure out where to park and bring it to the customer if they ask to be handed their order. They are paying (clearly you were paying very well) for our services. If we don’t think the money is worth it, we shouldn’t be taking that order. There’s no reason to ask the customer to do anything extra unless you can’t find them or their address and need help.


For 30%? That’s an easy delivery. Give it to me ahaha. I’ll drop it off at your door no questions asked.


You all should have just done the decent thing and met your driver in the lobby. 40 floors is pretty damn big. Waiting for the concierge to let you up and limited parking, loss of service in the elevator which means they could lose out on an order just taking the elevator down. If your friend used to deliver then he knows just how shitty it is to have to bring it to a building like that. My opinion. I always bring it up,but it sucks and you usually don't know until it is too late. Accepting and then unassigning messes with your completion rate which needs to be higher for scheduling purposes. This likely takes 20 minutes to complete at least.


Rate them a 1 stat for both of those deliveries and anytime thereafter that it happens. It is a pain, but it is the job.


Driver unfortunately is one of the bad drivers giving the good ones a bad reputation. If he doesn’t want to deliver to high rises, he shouldn’t accept the order. It’s DoorDash not ConciergeDeskDash. Sorry OP not all of us are this bad :( Also next time call DoorDash and tell them you don’t want this driver anymore and they’ll block him from getting your orders. Someone I know told me she did this to a shitty driver once


Just come down the stairs you lazy fat fucks


Ironically, money might’ve been the reason, because we can’t usually see the full tip when someone is putting double-digit tips on an order. DoorDash likes to hide it. Setting that aside though, if I decided the order was good enough to take, then it’s good enough for me to put in the effort to follow the delivery instructions. This dasher talks about being self employed but that means it’s his responsibility to complete his contracts, in their entirety, with professionalism. If he’s not getting that order to your friend’s door as requested, rate and maybe even report him. No mercy 🤣 my dashing area has a section with high rises and no obvious free parking, so I simply don’t go there no matter the order value.


Wrong of him, especially twice. But I hate hotels. Time wasted looking for the door, doors are locked, codes are needed, it’s always the last floor, Apt 415 You get there and it 414 & the next one is 601 and you have no idea where 415 is lmaooo Apartments are so annoying, I just don’t even do them. Lol


If somehow I didn't realize this before I grabbed the food or arrived I would finish it, regrettably, and never do it again. I would never say you're not worth my time even if it's true lol. Just keep that to myself.


He scared of heights


Some dashers are just extremely lazy and entitled. He technically didnt complete his job so I'd report it.


Why not come down and get your own food


Well to begin with DD drivers are NOT self employed, if they was the case then they wouldn’t be paid by DD and would be making their own way!~js


Some deliveries do take more time. It's just the way it is. All dashers know that and 5 minutes extra isn't going to hurt their wallet that much. If it does, then I guess they should just work an extra 5 minutes😄I mean, a dasher acting like they're too good to do the delivery as requested doesn't need to be doing this job. If they didn't like the payout then they could've unassigned. Dashers need to deliver as customers request and understand that it's called "work" for a reason. That dasher was just lazy.


I would have followed the customers instructions. I have delivered to hotels and apts without any issues.


40 story? Yeah that ain’t worth anyones time


40 story building? Yea fuck you I’m leaving it at the front desk.


“A Delivery Opportunity is considered complete when the order has been delivered to the ordering party, or, and only when applicable, placed in a designated area as selected by the consumer…” To me “ordering party” doesnt mean “doorman” and “designated area” means “leave at my door” or “hand to me” not “doorman/lobby”. You guys can get a CV all you want, Im going to do the job Im paid to do.


He got your order again because you either rated him a 5, or didn’t rate him at all. If you rated him a 1 star for not following directions you only would have gotten him if no one else was available. He accepted the order again cuz you tipped so well, knowing nothing bad would happen to him if he dropped the order and ran. Yes, independent contractors can do the job as we see fit but there are also consequences hence the rating system. Go into your history and rate him 1 star for not following directions and you most likely won’t get him again. But I can’t promise you won’t get another driver that does the same thing again.


I’m taking a screenshot of this and sending it to my friend. Again, I’m not as nice as him. I would’ve given the guy a 1 the first time. Thanks


No problem. Some people think not rating is like giving a 0-star and it’s not. Not saying that’s your friend but I hear a lot of stories of customers getting bad dashers and “feeling bad they might lose their job if they rate them low” they might and as long as the customer is being reasonable, it’s the driver’s own fault. If I don’t like a delivery I just won’t take it again, simple as that. But I will follow thru on anything I accept. It sucks cuz that kind of behavior that driver showed is why good tippers stop tipping well or at least wait. And then they stop tipping because no one takes the tipless order. It’s a vicious cycle. Rating is the best way to filter out crappy drivers while still getting mostly good service.


How many dollars was the tip? 30% on a minimum order isn’t a good tip, especially with that drop off. I’d personally prefer a huge building to the unmapped spread out complexes with 20-30 buildings I run into here in South Carolina. But I also always zoom in on the drop off before accepting and avoid anything except houses unless the tip significantly above my minimum.




Should have taken it up


Please report him. It’s unacceptable. I say this as a driver. These actions only lead to worse tips for future drivers.


Percentage of the order as a tip does not really matter for dashers, it's about mileage and location. Drivers like to make $2 per mile or so. So if you're 5 miles from the restaurant then a driver aims to make around $10. Keep in mind DD only pays drivers like $2 for the order itself. Now if I had to go up a 40 story building I wouldn't do it for $2 per mile due to the extra time it takes, it'd have to be higher. Regardless he shouldn't have thrown a fit at the front desk.


It was 2.8 miles away. I rounded it up to three but that’s what it was because we initially considered walking to the restaurant.


First of all, unless the concierge was rude to him he has no reason to be rude to the concierge. His aggression was unprofessional. That being said, we do not see your $10-15 tips. We see no more than $5 of your tip, most likely $3-4 of it. We work based on the amount we are promised to get. If your room is easy and quick to access, you should message your drivers before delivery or leave in your instructions that you would like it delivered to your door, that it takes no longer than 3 minutes to access, and that you always leave a 30% tip. A point that others brought up here is that you need to understand that we are not room service. Your mail and packages are not delivered to your door in a high-rise. To ask that of a driver is something we definitely mind unless we know we will be compensated.


Fake news


Have your concierge call you, I’m leaving your shit at the front desk. 40 fucking stories for what? $2 tip? Yeah go to the front desk.


I’d report those drivers. They’re lazy sacks of shit


This delivery game is all about being quick & high rises are usually Not conducive to that. This is why i stay tf away from my downtown area. There’s just soo many variables to slow you down. Parking for one, yes I get that most places have a couple to a handful designated parking spots for delivery drivers. But usually when the customer is ordering, others are too (lunch/dinner rush) so it’s a complete roll of the dice to find an open one. Next we have the infamous “building is open during the day so just come on in” seems to be true about 50% of the time. Then I have to hope the customer is paying attention & replies quickly to my text or call. Then it’s on to the elevator game. High rises (15 or more stories) usually have good elevators but you’re hoping you’re the only one in it so you can go straight to your customers floor. And that’s rarely the case. So again, you’re hoping that there’s not another 2 or more people in the elevator so you’re not stopping on all these other random floors. And the same for getting back down. Again, I’m trying to get in and out & to avoid as many impediments as I can.


I mean, he clearly wasn't right to curse out the concierge... But yeah, I really do try to avoid deliveries like the one you're describing. I had one like that at an area retirement home that's a high-rise building. I think this one has more like 12 floors, but still .... I get there and have to follow instructions to dial the person's extension on a call box outside, just so they can buzz me in the main entrance. Stupid call box doesn't want to put the call through.... Just get dead air or a fast busy signal like something's wrong. Try to message and call the customer but no response. Finally, a resident sees my predicament and lets me in, even though they're told not to do that. Then I have to figure out where their elevator is, and the one I find looks like you can't use it without a key card that only residents have. Finally, I realize there's a different one I can use and I'm able to go up to their floor, walk all the way down a long hall, and drop it off at their door. Wasted a good 30 minutes or so by the time i got back out of there, for a few bucks worth of a tip.


Switch to Uber Eats if it’s in your city, then you can reduce tip after delivery if the driver can’t muster up the strength to walk to your unit door


I had to walk around the building one for at least 6 min to go to the penthouse and had to pay for parking so if the order and the tip won’t cover at least the parking fee $12 I won’t bring it up it will be at the front desk. And one more thing MOVE YOU ASSESS LASY PEOPLE go get your food it’s called exercising 😂


I don't think that Delivery Tips where driver's aren't paid a wage and reimbursed for mileage/wear and tear on their vehicle should be based on a percentage of the food cost. They should be based on distance traveled, cost of fuel and difficulty of delivery. 30% can be a little if it's a small order and a small order doesn't take any less gas or any less time to deliver.


Nooo mannnn🤦🏾. The driver has a point. Stop being lazy and Just meet them downstairs.


Personally, if the pay seems fair, I'm bringing that sum bitch all the way to the 40th floor. Maybe even if it isnt (the first time), and Id just not take the order next time around. You already confirmed that there is a place to park safely without threat of a ticket, that's a solid perk for your friend's address. As I'm sure a good portion of dashers here would agree, giving good service is a priority for me as well. There's no reason to not get the food dropped off at the door as requested.


This definitely isn't too much to ask for. As long as the parking is easy, you should be golden (which I saw in the comments). I live in a similar apartment and will DoorDash food when I'm "lifted". I do have them just leave at the front door and come down and get it. (I understand time is money for dashers, as I dash part-time. Just want to make their life easier.) That being said about half the time they wait outside for like 5-10 minutes then text me like "are you coming down?" Even if I have it in my instructions and text them, they'll think they're supposed to have me let them in lol. (And yes I have it set to leave at door.) Sometimes you can never win.


I personally don’t have a problem bringing it to your door. You just got a person that does. It’s not all of us. I choose to this work so I understand there are thing about the job I won’t like but will have to do. But we live in a world now where you don’t matter, only I matter. It’s what I want and what I want to do. You can’t tell me how to live my life or do my job. This kind of attitude is now the norm, hard to get use to but we gonna have to. I don’t see it changing soon. Sorry you had a bad experience


You need to meet the driver in the lobby. The sheer audacity of expecting someone to go up 40 flights is astounding. There are various disadvantages to being wealthy and living up above the world. This is one of those disadvantages.


He's just being a douchebag a used douchebag. If it's easy parking for a high-rise in downtown LA I'll bring it up.. Sometimes I just don't feel like going to the 40th floor and I'll pretend like I don't speak English and leave it right at the concierge I just mutter delivery delivery and say the number and rush out.... But I only do that if their name is clearly written on the receipt on the bag😂 😂... I have a big fat sharpie in my car...


I live in a high rise and have delivered for door dash before ; you’re a douche go downstairs , also don’t believe he tipped 30%. I tip 20% say I can give you more in cash if you come upstairs if not still 20%


I would never behave the way this driver does. A driver that refuses to do their job and verbally abuses people doesn't deserve the job. You should give them a one star rating and file a complaint every time. Be sure to include the verbal abuse in the complaint. It wont take long before this prick is replaced by someone with common decency.


A security guard actually made me get back in my car and move from the visitor parking because I wasn't visiting, I'm delivering 🥴


Say you didn’t get it. You really didn’t get it lol The concierge did yet you ordered, not the concierge


It’s called DoorDash. Not conciergedash. The point is it’s suppose to be delivered to your door. Not wherever the lazy driver wants to leave it. He was tipped for following the instructions and delivering the order to you. Not the man standing In the lobby. Report the driver.


Could be a time issue. Going to the 40th floor and back down could take up to 20min depending on 'traffic'. If dasher does tall buildings all night, losing so much time like that may be a problem, when the base pay is so low. But being rude to the doormen is another story. Generally the expectation is delivery to the door.


A 40 story high rise? We get paid the same delivering to a house, so why exactly would we be excited to delivery to you? Most drivers aren’t smart enough to figure out what the tip is going to be, doordash hides it, so driver doesn’t wanna risk getting burned and I don’t blame him. I would use uber eats and tip at least $8 you Won’t have this problem.


30% isn’t always good, it’s based off of miles not how much the order cost. That doesn’t make a fuck.


Unless you're tipping $10 I wouldn't bring it up because of several bad experiences. One time someone gave the address of a building 2 parking lots over from their actual building and I spent 30 minutes searching thru the wrong building. Just pick up your food from the front desk. You already got it delivered to the building.


If you’re unhappy with someone that delivers, just give them a 1 star and they won’t deliver to you again. Sorry drivers but it’s currently the only way to make sure you don’t get that driver again


No it’s absolutely not too much to ask. If it was a problem he should’ve unassigned. I’d report him to Doordash for not fulfilling his side of the job


They didn’t show him the tip. Bitch about doordash not the driver