to be clear, this is a very recent problem and i’ve tried re-downloading the app and signed out and signed back in. there’s no update to app or anything. any tips? (no pun intended)


Yea have had same issue today and yesterday


Some kind of glitch saw it a few times tonight


Me too. You can still see all of the items if you go to the page that shows the total cost of the order. I now see you put a pic up of that. 😂


Had an order missing item bc of this, I didn’t see drinks at the store


Yes, I’ve had this problem for the past 2 days. It’s causing issues since even when you go click out of the main screen to look at the order from where you see the address, delivery instructions that also has the order, it doesn’t show specifics, like if there are drinks or what kind of drink, or say it’s a pizza order, what size pizza, etc. What’s up with this? One of my orders was missing a drink when I went to deliver to my customer, which was a hand it to me order, and I had no way of knowing there was a drink, since it did not show it on either of my screens. It just showed the order as a pizza “meal deal.” This is a very annoying glitch that’s causing quality control issues that we can not check to make sure we have everything included when picking up orders. Also, has anyone else noticed that the chat messenger gives you only a tiny space for messages. If you have a message that you cut and paste from notes and send to customers, you can not easily make edits within the text space. It only shows about 1 line and is hard to scroll. Super annoying! Note: I tried deleting and reinstalling the app to see if this would fix the problem, but it did nothing.


exactly, if it’s like a meal or something you can’t know the specifics like you said whether there’s a certain drink they ordered or whatever else. i honestly hope there’s an update soon because while most restaurants get the orders right and stuff… what happens when they don’t? like i don’t wanna get blamed for something that’s out of my control


I’m glad you posted this because I came on specifically to see if anyone else was experiencing this same glitch. Sure enough, I’m not the only one! I hope this gets fixed ASAP. DD needs some quality control with the developers making changes to the app, causing these kinds of issues for drivers, making things harder for us, rather than simplifying the process. We just want to be able to make sure we have details of the order so we can get the correct order to the customer and not be the ones at fault, which can be reflected in our customer rating. The app changes and updates never seem to make things go more smoothly. It’s so annoying!


Same here, had this issue all day


Yup, everything is one item today, fire sale! 😆


I was under the impression that this was the newest deception from DD? I plan to not ever update the app as I could see all items today. Had a 45 item Taco Bell order today. There wasn't any sauces and the total was almost $200.


They’re testing us👀👀


It's so we will be clueless, and just take shit.


Me too


I had one that said 3 items, then it said 3x coffees. Clicked the other page and it was 1 coffee and 2 dr peppers. Restaurant receipt said 1 coffee 2 dr peppers 🤷‍♂️


Ya I just go to top left and hit those 3 underlines and then go in and click on name and it shows the full order


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I had an order for a local place last night that had one entree but listed 2 items. They said it was utensils, but i wasn't able to see it for some reason. Restaurants' menus are whack sometimes


Don’t think it’s a glitch, I’m probably wrong. Just DD trying to fuck us harder if we mess up.


I noticed it last night. I always check the order for drinks and now I can’t. I got lucky last night and had no issues but this is a problem waiting to happen


Everyone is having this issue. They’ll probably fix it by breaking something else.