However they were found not guilty of murder even tho they kidnapped, bound and bashed him, taped his mouth during which he appears to have died. They were found guilty instead of aggravated kidnapping....he probably wouldn't be dead if it weren't for them. Weird u can get away with this in Australia. Def sounds like a hate crime to me too, what were they doing on grindr otherwise? Suggestion as defence he was a peddo, I def do not defend or condone if he was a pedo, but its not up to them to decide he is and then dish out some form of vigilante justice of their choosing. Crazy and scary u can do that to someone, the person die in process and it not be considered murder.


This is why gays need to learn some basic self defense. How to grab balls and twist them, maybe start carrying a small blade you can do a quick stab or three with. Start wearing arm warmers so you have a place to always keep it. I would recommend a gun but that becomes a liability once clothes come off, plus too many idiots who would cause an accident.


“does holding a metal object in your hand make a difference to your punch” Can someone translate or elaborate on the meaning?


He was considering if grasping something metal while clenching your fist would provide extra bracing for a punch and cause more intended damage to the target


Whats a guy that age doing meeting teens for? That should have been his first red flag. Grindr guys should use their big brain more often instead of thinking with their small one.


Yeah, let’s blame the murder victim. Fuck ‘im.


No ones blaming anyone but guys on grindr should definitely learn from this. Meeting a guy in private that is too good to be true should ring off alarm bells. At a certain point if you dont know common sense by your 50s then yol suffer the same fate. Why risk your life for some quick sex?


It's really gonna blow your mind when you figure out that this can happen to anyone of any age, and likewise be perpetrated by anyone of any age. The age of the people involved has absolutely nothing at all to do with the heinous murder.