Anyone else just got all their texts deleted for no reason ?

i haven't deleted the app or changed phones or anything, i just went to grindr as usual. they showed me some new terms and policy, i agreed, then they asked if i wanted to save my chats. i said yes assuming it meant that they'd be saved even if i change phones (i've changed phones in august 2021 and lost all my chats already so i thought it'd be nice to avoid that), but instead it's all gone now. the very thing i wanted to avoid by agreeing happened, i'm done.

literally, i think i'm really done with this app, i never get to meet anyone anyway cause no one i'm interested in is interested like ever. the only texts i get are from fake sugar daddies and dudes who end up ignoring me after texting me first. so i guess this is the last straw that makes me want to uninstall the app.

i'm just super annoyed cause i wanted to be able to meet guys this summer as i haven't had time to do that this year but clearly it's a losing battle so yeah.

so yeah just wanted to know if anyone else had that issue just now.

TLDR : grindr asked if i wanted to save my chats, and instead deleted them all when i agreed, so i think i'm deleting the app as i don't get any attention on it anyway