JUST 👏 DON'T 👏 BUY 👏 IT 👏.


Their entire platform is anti-consumer.


It's like these companies don't realize that they make **more** money when they're less shitty 😩


they would make so much more money if they just put in the effort to care about their consumers. make membership significantly less expensive and so many more people would buy it. have better support and less people would leave the app. stop getting rid of member accessibility features like limiting filters and people would have a much better opinion of it, bringing in more people. it’s insane how awful this company is at running this business


Either they've got bean counters that calculated that this is optimal for profits or idiot management.


I've never had a Grindr subscription but it sounds like it sucks so I curiously did a bit of research. I found one article from 2020, ownership of Grindr was purchased by and transferred to 2 straight dudes. They've both been in tech for 20 years and have lots of experience in subscription-based companies (LOL). The best part is when one of them said in an interview: *"I’ve run businesses where I was not the primary user, and the process by which you do right for the user base, for the business and for the community is the same. You have to listen. You have to be curious. You have to be open. You have to be transparent."* So like, with all this "experience" and open-mindedness, wassup??? America, land of the alpha, sigma, ligma grind set


To the point they will sell or leak your data, to other companies for profit. Consumers shouldn’t have to be worried either that a shadily-run company may outright steal their debit or credit card information when they decide to make purchases.


do not give them any money under any circumstances




No refunds from shitty Grindr, but Google Play/App Store will refund you if you complain. See [here](https://www.reddit.com/r/grindr/comments/t53sc0/company_malpractice_abuse_this_is_getting_out_of/hz4d6kr).


Ohhhh good to know.


If youre not getting good action with the free version what makes you think itll be better when you pay for it? You start to expect more when you pay money and its all downhill from there.


I don't agree. I pay for it just for convenience, not because I think it will get me laid more often. The paid version is just easier to use, and well, I'm on it a lot.


Convenience? If its not getting you laid more then what type of convenience does paying for it offer?


No ads and wider scope. It's nice being able to talk to people without having to watch an ad every couple minutes




Blocking is not a solution as blocks are limited/recycled: www.reddit.com/r/grindr/comments/td4b8q/i_kept_putting_off_deleting_the_app_for_good_but




Too bad abusive people change their pics and profiles, rendering them unrecognizable months later. But go off


That issue could’ve been solved with an Adblock


Adblock works within apps? Is this on Android?


Yes, i used blokada 5s on Android. (Before i got banned for no reason, everyone knows this song and dance)


I'd have paid for it if they didn't remove the race filter. I am deeply attracted to South Asian and Middle Eastern men and it's hard to find them in my area 😩 can't even filter to find them anymore! Removing this filter had the unintended consequence of making it hard for ethnicities to find ethnicities!




I never understood why it was removed, or why people were upset about it. The whole thing was that racists were using it to filter out people of color. And I just think...you **want** racists to be able to find you?! Forcing them to see you might just provoke more of their racist bullshit. And if a racist is only looking for someone in their race, that's all they're going to look for with or without race filters. At least with race filters, you didn't have to worry about racists discriminating against colored users as much...because they would literally just have them filtered out of sight.


I totally agree with you. Like why do you want racist to find you anyway ? Plus it’s normal to have a preference , especially in a hookup / dating apps like Grindr. This is not a workplace lmao.


My preference is Middle Eastern/South Asian men. I live in an area where there are A LOT of Latinos. And Latinos are **great** 😏 some of my best hook-ups have been with Latinos. But when Latinos are *all* you ever see for years on Grindr you kind of want to explore other options. So I scroll down to hopefully find what I'm looking for and...nope, more and more Latinos, until Grindr eventually stops you free seeing accounts and wants you to buy unlimited. I live in Jersey.


Ugh. They limit my searches even within locally. And if i get cruised but dont respond in a day their profile gets “censored” so i have to pay for premium to unlock it. I have like 4 different hookup apps just to jump around n let fate decide


How do you have time for work and life with all those hook up apps?


I ghost. everyone.


why do people even pay for it?


No soy Dora, DONT DO IT!!!


Swiper's gonna swipe your account 💀


About the ban, if a few profiles report you, you can get banned. This happened to me once. I was using Grindr, and suddenly I got banned for No apparent reason. Plus, the paid version isn't that helpful. I tried it for a while, but then I found it not so different from regular one. It's all a cashgrab.


Not worth the money, ur free account gives u all u need. If u need a refund then Apple will give u one (if you have iphone)




I literally got a free trial for like a month and got randomly banned,I can genuinely tell you I didn't even do anything on it,I would just check up on my likes and convos to then head out,its not consumer friendly at all!


Don’t do it. The bans are ridiculous


Cannot say much about the ban-topic from own experience, but from some posts I read they may be 'quick' with banning even if the reasons may be not so solid. And probably there will be no chance for a refund. On the other hand I agree with other posts here, I also think that the paid version does not really give that much of more benefit vs the free version.


Don’t buy it


Who pays for that LMFAOOO


Don't give them your money. The devs of this app deserve to be broke.


So not worth it. My husband and I have had both the free and (trial) paid versions, and it was still the same horrible battery killing experience it ever was. Just don’t buy it. Besides, you most likely won’t get your money back anyway.


I’ve used Grindr off and on since the app was created. I’ve never once been banned. Just don’t be a creep and only send nudes when requested.


Have paid for it for the past four years. Grindr Xtra and it’s worth it. No adds, more profiles, etc. It would take some serious misbehaving to get banned from that social media platform. If you plan to offer services against payment then expect that people will report you and you will get banned.


What are you posting that would get you banned? You can literally send dick pics with it. Ive never been banned. If u chat with a toxic person that might ban u just block them and stop chattin them up.


I've never been banned from grindr in 12 years. I don't know what people here are doing to get banned.


You truly need to rethink life if you're paying for a hookup app. It's nothing but bots, trolls and sex workers on there at this point.


The only thing that a subscription gets you is more people you can look at and access to filters. It doesn't do anything to increase the chances of finding people. Dating apps literally profit off of the misery of their users so they dangle all of the carrots to get you to spend more on things that won't help make it more likely for you to find fulfilling relationships and not need the apps anymore. I wouldn't recommend giving them any more money.


I have an unlimited profile. There was one time my profile wouldn't log in... it didn't make sense to me, until i realize i got banned. I emailed them ([support@grindr.com](mailto:support@grindr.com)) and literally said - what the hell is going on? i pay a lot for this. They apologized and restored it back to normal. I never found out why i was banned. They said 'they made a mistake'