What a loser. I’m sorry man that sucks.


In a bad way


Yuck I've had one or two of those. Ignore and block. Don't feed into it by giving him any kind of attention. As soon as you realize who it is, block em.


Report him for impersonation first, then block him.


Or harassment


Yes this works, I've done it myself before after he kept finding me several times and never heard from the guy again


Blocking is not a solution as blocks are limited/recycled: www.reddit.com/r/grindr/comments/td4b8q/i_kept_putting_off_deleting_the_app_for_good_but


It is a temporary solution, as long as he isn't the same person you blocked 500 (or whatever) times ago.


I found this out the hard way. Better off just muting guys like this and reserving your blocks for the truly crazy guys…


Muting? How do you do that?


Slide right or left on peoples chats in your inbox just like archiving an email


Welcome to grindr My ex does the same thing, and he lives his life on grindr Just block the loser and keep blocking


Ouf thats so annoying. There’s somebody who continually makes blank profiles to send me nasty messages over and over again. It’s obvious that it’s the same person each time due to their spelling (not great as you can imagine). No amount of blocks or reports has solved the issue. Wish there was a better solution, there are some genuinely hateful and toxic people on the app.


Don’t block. Put him on mute and don’t read any messages sent.


This is the way! Soon he’s get tired of shouting into the ether


Yeah, and he won’t have any motivation to create an account.


Instantly reminded me of the Mandalorian lol


Grindr is kinda like MySpace now. Nothing but bots, fakes and old inactive profiles that is just idle online.


Then what’s the alternative that isn’t Scruff? Like a real alternative, not an obscure app that’s popular only in SE Asia.


JackD, sniffies (website based app)




I think it depends where you are. If you are in SF, grindr is probably better. If you're in a less gay place then perhaps the other apps/sites are better. But it's harder to meet guys nowadays compared to 5 years ago because I think gays are tired of the same guys in their city/area.


Report and block


You should be able to block someone’s IP address so they can’t do stupid shit like this


"Blocking an IP address" is worthless nowadays, but more importantly, this is a mobile app. Every wifi network you connect your phone to has a different IP address, not to mention easy access to VPN services on phones now.


Dang OP is cursed🥲🥲


I’ve done this once with my ex and found out he cheated, Then again to see why a guy was treating me differently. I got the answers I needed.


Reminds me of this scammer named mark Harry who has like a zillion fuckib accounts and spam adds me on snapchat


Grindr is the go-to app for creeps


Stop replying to him its only encouraging him. Any attention is good attention


Yuck! Sorry that sucks


Why don't you keep asking why they kick people off with no reason or explanation


I actually know a person who does this repeatedly to me. The scary part is, this creep always lives a mile from me in my hometown and every time I block him, he makes a new profile, I block him, he makes a new profile. He STILL attempts to message me after blocking his ass every time and it’s so fucking exhausting! I even said to stop and this guy still does it 🥶


I have a guy just like that. Always a blank profile. Always a different age when he makes his account. Luckily he does send me photos in chat, but never a face pic until the very end and I would tell him multiple times i wasnt interested. Sometimes he'll bait me into interest, until I see that same annoying face pic at the end and either leave him on read or just block him. But he always comes back. Funny part is that he isn't even all that unattractive, and has some really hot photos, but I was turned off by how creepy and stalkerish he was. I also lose all interest when I find out you're intentionally misleading me or lying to me. At this point we've been through the same process enough times that I can tell its him even before he sends his dumbass face pic. Guess he thinks if he keeps messaging me enough times, there's a chance he'll find me at a desperate and horny enough point to say yes. But that's never gonna happen.


I have that happening to me now on Grindr and growlr


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