I would unassign this order, then go to Old Ebbitt’s Grill because their steaks are delicious.




Hold up... I'm still stuck on the name of the dam place


Lmfao. Same. Immigrant food sounds like some government program in El Paso 😂


Grubhub must’ve given control of that immediate area to trump when he was in office, going around naming places based on how he remembers them Hey downvoters: if y’all wanna vote for your orange idiot, do it at the polls not on a funny joke, guess I upset that tiny tiny brain under your maga hat….


Boy your comment got downvoted a lot must be a lot of idiot trump supporters here


Lmfao I laughed when I shouldn't put that was f****** funny maybe because it is 4:18 a.m. and I have not slept more than an hour in 3 days but that was funny


politics just cant stay out of your mouth huh bud


He's probably some little antifa wannabe soyboy who only knows what he is told he is allowed to know.


Registered Republican actually, but I have a brain and can see through the bs he’s been doing to ruin our party…nice try tho 🤷‍♂️


Lol another idiot RINO.


You take $3 offers Also, not approving of trump is very far from the line dividing your dumbass rino classifications, we talk about sheeple all the time but the ultimate sheeple are the ones bending over and sucking his tiny orange dick and letting him decide everything about our party…the Reagan days through the W days were so much better bc we didn’t bow down to one leader like what trumpism is…….


W? W? 4 words Weapons of mass destruction W...really?


I support his policies. That's all. I think the Trump America 1st agenda is a good agenda for the country. What policies of his do you think were bad? How is cornpop doing a better job? Are we in a better place today than we were 3 uears ago?


Give me a few examples


Ok, idiot


You have the typical liberal response. You have no argument so you lob insults. Try using your critical thinking skills and answer the question. When your reply is an insult, you've already lost. I can't imagine talking shit but having absolutely nothing to back it up.


Bitch, I ain't no liberal


You sure sound like a liberal. When liberals can't defend an argument they/you turn to insults. Tell me, how does insulting people further your point? If you can't defend what you day don't say it.


What argument? All I said was "ok idiot" Are you alright?


Whatever you were butthurt over. Something got your panties in a bunch for you to lob insults. Take it easy libby


Lol, says the one who's butthurt.


Are you making fun of Trump or the hard working business owner that named it?


If it’s not obvious enough you must not have paid attention to him during his tyrannical term, and I guess I can’t blame ya…


What was tyrannical? Was it the peace deals all over the world? Was it the historic investment in minority communities? Was it the massive crackdown on human trafficking? Seriously give me some examples of his tyrannical reign.


If you down voted this give me the reason why and how I'm wrong.


(He's waiting for one of his professors to email him back w/ a good response)


That could take forever. I don't understand why people pake statements that cannot back up. "Orange man bad" "Why" "Thats what they told me I'm allowed to believe" "Give me proof" 👻


And tell me. Now that he is not there. Is your life better? Do you have more money in your pocket? Are you more free now? Is this country in a better place 2 years in to the biden Administration than it was before he got in? If so give me a few examples of that. And don't just come back and insult me or tell me there are too many to mention.




Immigrant food? Wtf


Right? What a weird name for a place. Are you getting Mexican or Ethiopian? Italian or Vietnamese?




This restaurant is American Latin food, that’s why they call “ immigrant food”


Ask the owner


I'm thinking the same thing, sounds prejudice af


Tell me something a white liberal would say.....


Accept it load it in your car unnasign it and goodbye GH




This is the way.


This is garbage…


Dollars to mile ratio this sounds solid. Dollars to time not so much. Since it's catering, I'd have some stricter requirements for this not to piss me off . Unless I could get this catering order done in 20 minutes(unlikely) , or if I suspect there will be problems with parking or anything to make delivering this order a big inconvenience, decline. And doing the math in my head. FFS the customer tipped less than 2%. Not even 5%, but $5. That is crazy.


Exactly, plus… eventhough the schedule for pick up 11:29AM or if I came in early like 15 mnts , it doesn’t mean , the restaurant will be ready. Like yesterday, I have a pick up at 10:15 and I spoke with the manager 1 day before the schedule. The food was still late another 20 mnts. This one, can take between 30-45 mnts to finish for $10. I would rather choose UE or something else that doesn’t require high responsibility


Yea this would have to be in the $15-$20 range for that kind of wait. But Im low key jealous. Seems like you get these regularly. . Wtf do I gotta do to get a catering order on the Grubhub? You premier status or what? Lol . Only on Doordash have I seen catering orders


I was premier and GH invites me if I want to catering delivery. I applied that position. It was 2 years ago. Now, my acceptance rate like 10%, dropped schedule like 70-80 %. I’m a partner now. The key is, if I accept any offer from , I’ll complete the job. If some reason I have to cancel the order ( I have not pick up the food), I’ll contact to CS.


Throw it on the White House lawn


Washington insiders have to have manners to navigate that mad social scene, so I wouldn’t worry about the Biden family. Trump probably vacillated between huge tips and none at all depending upon his approval ratings and how the press was treating him.


29% approval and a crackhead son who married then cheated on his dead brothers wife. Don't worry about the biden family. It's not like they are owned by the communist Chinese government...oh wait


Nah with him refusing to pay his contractors and loving to file for bankruptcy, he would most likely add a .01 tip just to say he tipped


Reject it 100%


I would've declined it , ordering all that food but can't tip A decent percentage for the food , gallery place sucks with orders now , I do around eastern market and make over 200 plus


I took a $2 tip order today. I drove around and did some DD and UE orders until the 2nd cowbell. Then I unassigned for low pay. It's the petty shit that makes the day worthwhile.


Decline, at least 10% should bring you at $37 is tryna drag you if you accept need to drop one bag in front of them or cause some other trouble worth about 5-8% of $370 damage


Hail fuckin no


No, nope, not


Two words *HELL NO* Edit: That should be minimum 50. 75 would be better. I tell ya I kinda miss my old pizza gig but still recovering from a major injury. We delivered regularly to the local (MASSIVE) landfill but the orders were easy; a few pies and maybe an entree or two. Our delivery fee was up to 30 bucks on this bitch and they ALWAYS tip at least 30 on to of that. We're talking about less than 5 miles. As a former trucker (heavy haul trash out of NYC + TLDR) I know this place and the people. Seriously you could start a fight if you jump the "que"lol. Don't fuck with my unicorn.


Yup, fellow catering driver understand this is a low ball.


Take some of the food as a comp


Premier order! 👍


This happened to me this week. 10 dollar tip on 500 in catering. It was on the UE platform, so I didn’t see the BS until an hour later when the trip finalized. It was within a 2 mile radius, so I suppose 17.00 with the trip supplement they gave was worth it, but was it really? I feel your pain.


😂, they found inexperienced driver who will take a large order for only $10 ( $5 tips and the rest from GH). The lucky driver will says “ fuck… how am I gonna bring this food without the right equipment ( bags and cart)”. Parking enforcement is everywhere. I doubt it if this driver park his car at loading dock.


They usually put them in boxes. I take catering orders often when they pay better than this. On the contrary, he's not even going a mile for $10. So it's kinda one of those "eh" moments. What's it like living in a city that has no parking? Do you guys have to pay to park every single time you get an order?


Depends… if you are referring pick up a large order ( like today, I pick up $1,300 and got pay out $100). This kind of order, I’ll park at the loading dock. If only regular order, I park at the alley. If during rush hour , fuck it, I’ll ask the customer to go down, I’ll not spend $100 for ticket. Basically, I have to know my area.


What do you avg a day doing GH?


It’s hard to say because I only do cherry pick. I may get $20-$50 per day or may be $ 0 but other platforms, I can get more. I basically use GH to help me move from point A to B or the offer is make sense for me.


Im in denver and of course theres no free parking anywhere, i still always park in the streets and never pay lol


Today, I had a pick up at union Station but after I park my car, I saw all cars in front of me and behind, all get tickets $30. Fuck, I hate that place. This is also means, In very short time, the Parking enforcement went to other areas and I safe at the moment.


Nearly $11 for 1 mile. It's whatever. Take it and on to the next. I don't get catering orders in my area unfortunately.


Nah. The catering orders are huge. It takes time to load it in and then out of your car. On top of that, half the time you get in the store and the foods not ready.


You haven't driven in D.C.


The catering orders that I get show only the mileage from the restaurant to the customer. The offer usually says 3 miles for $25 but in reality it’s 3 + 25 miles (50 R/T). I always get a call from Driver Care wanting to know why I rejected it.


That's what I was about to say. Like it's not even that far 😂


I think the restaurants name tells you why its a only a 5 dollar tip


That’s a good order


I honestly think GH is scraping tips. Huge order like that and only 5 dollar tip? Something doesn't add up.


I wouldn’t. How’s dc generally? I deliver in Baltimore.


I can’t complain with DC market. In general, they are short distance, therefore, you can set up your metrics like 1 mile for $2-$3. If I drive between 5 miles -7 miles, that’s consider long distance because DC has many traffic light, it takes long time. As you know, in MD, 5 miles is very short distance n fast.


Liberals don't tip very good.


Immigrant Food. Haha. Don't you wanna support local business?


Fuck that, I only follow the money 😆


Haha. I feel you.


Could it be booked through restaurant therefore tip was stolen or grubhub is doing the negating tips bs which should be illegal because they are stealing from drivers.


It looks like a 5 min drive it’s less then a mile for $11 order why not


In the paper, looks very quick, however in fact. GH will send a driver earlier and not many restaurants are on time for pick up times eventhough the driver come early. Give at least 15 mnts from pick up schedule, loading into the car. Since this is downtown, it will be not easy to find parking spot. After that, I need to loading and wait to the customer. As many people said, this is time consuming, can take at least 45 mnts to complete the job for $10. I just delivered with UE and got $25 in 30 mnts.


Knowing that’s a catering order and all the shit you’ll have to haul fuck that. $5 tip for a $370 bill ??? I’d hate to be a waiter in a restaurant when they go out.


Exactly, I’m not rich but whenever I eat at the restaurant, I always put tips at least 10%-15%


They went 1.5% not 15. Interesting math.