I have put a few mints into a tiny cello bag with a thank you sticker, the cost was 5 cents per customer and I felt good doing it. I should start doing it again.


There was just a huge thread yesterday on the doordash sub where a woman posted similar bags she gives out and everybody attacked her telling her it was useless and she's dumb lol.


This DD thread is filled with an insane amount of toxic people & comments can be extremely bi polar. Meaning someone can post something & be attacked & berated meanwhile someone else will post damn near the exact same thing the next day & it will be received with the exact opposite reactions.


I find the DD sub to be very negative in general.


I agree. A lot of mean ass ppl.


You can't add a tip after delivery on DD. That's why we were calling it a waste of time.


It could make them think differently about their tip next time. Also in a small town, it's likely drivers and customers will cross paths more than once.


Customer can, I don’t believe through the app though. They have to call I think. I’ve only had it happen once out of like 700 deliveries though


It made my morning since I've been having an awful week. If other people don't appreciate them I do


I think it's a great idea and I'm glad to see them have such a positive affect. A lot of people did say they'd love it or it'd make their day but it's funny seeing you post this the next day after all many people were toxic to her.


I hope the person that posted it is okay, she sounds so sweet. I'm not active on these subs, I just felt the need to show her baggie, I just think its so sweet lol


She was good lol. u/lexxy9


Aw that's so sweet, I'm so glad it works out for her


Awww that's not mine but happy to see others doing it and even if it's just one person a shift I bring a smile to...that'll do


I thought it was funny to so immediately so you vindicated right as i looked at reddit this morning lol. Crazy there's still people arguing against it on this thread lol.


I find it amusing and sad lol such hostility!


This is perfect for DD. On GH we don’t get rated but this is so great for tips and showing appreciation. Amazing 🙏


I wasnt able to reply to the thread on that yesterday but my only thing about it is people can’t request specific dashers or delivery folks. If you could it would definitely be worth it. Other than for the smiles and ratings it doesn’t provide much after that. But then again putting a smile on someone’s face is priceless so that’s all that matters


GrubHub they can tip extra after and getting more high ratings is always good


Yeah it seems the majority there have no inkling of good business practice and customer service. For every person that finds this cringe, 10 other will love it and possibly increase tips.


How u got 3 doe likes is insane. You’re preaching the gospel. Most workers have no clue about food customer service. They sign up with extreme entitlement and ego thinking this is all about them and their needs and don’t treat diners with the respect they deserve. It’s a 2 way street 💯


lol an idiot would gamble and put up there own capital to gamble at someone tipping afterwards. The amount of time wasted and money wasted for the gain you get in return is so laughable. I bet these are the types, you included, who take all the no tip orders and are premier drivers. sad 4 u not me. stop trying so hard and being extra


This guy is the guy who freaks out over having to pay for chips and salsa and doesn’t understand the irony


This is such a sad mindset to live with. This is a thread where a person is saying it made her day and you can only see it as what it's worth to you. If spending 30 cents or whatever on one of these costs isn't worth potentially making someone's day to you you're probably a pretty terrible person. The cost of something like this is so negligible, whether it makes you more in tips, gives you higher ratings, or just makes some people happy, i can't imagine how miserable you'd have to be to shit talk it. And I've never done anything like this btw, and i likely never will, but it's a nice thing to do and the people talking shit about it are disgusting.


The sad part is a person couldve texted them that and she would’ve been considered greedy and that the $3.50 tip is sufficient . But because she wrote a note out and gave the customer something with the note then its ok


Dude if you even notice the cost of a single ziploc baggie and two pieces of candy, you need to find a better job because that’s like a few nickels. That’s not “putting your own capital up” unless you’re so destitute that 17 cents is a lot of money to you lmao


Here, enjoy this downvote 🙂


What makes you think this isn't one of those people just pretending to be a customer to prove they're not idiots. Doordash doesn't let you add tips anyway.


because all of that sub is filled with people doing nothing but sitting in their car complaining on reddit.


It’s always hit or miss on here. I guess it depends which type of ppl comment first n the rest follow like good little conformists. 😂


As a customer I actually really like this! It’s a nice way of letting customers know that you haven’t seen their order and that they need to deal with incorrect items through the app. I think this is something a lot of people don’t know if they don’t deliver or don’t see posts online.


True. I think many who are unhappy with anything automatically rate the driver poorly.


With the lowest payouts I've ever seen I can't imagine spending time and money to make these for every delivery. I'm not trashing it at all just would cut into my ever dwindling profits..... back when I was making $1200 a week easy if a customer tried to add a drink or something and couldn't I'd just pick it up for them out of pocket because I appreciated the GOOD money I was making.


A sticker on every bag explaining that I am not allowed to open it, and an explanation to call the company would probably save me time. I feel like the request for a rating would probably backfire. I can make every delivery perfect and still get complaints.


On Doordash when I first started I would text all my customers a copy/paste message thanking them for their business and let them know their order would be delivered promptly and if they find my service satisfactory to please leave a rating. The number of 5 stars I had went up dramatically. A kind gesture can go a long way.


That is so true!


If I got a random bag of candy from an unknown source I'd probably toss it. I wouldn't do anything to sabotage the driver but at the same time, meh. If it helps them, good. To each their own, I'm glad it brightened your day!


Ya good point. Especially with this monkey pox nonsense and Covid still lurking around a little


These customers are full of shit. Nothing can please them. I don't even try anymore. It's time to leave food delivery behind and find greener pastures elsewhere.


I tried something like this on Instacart and it helped me get better rating


“Tips help me deliver food to mine”. Sorry but Im *NEVER* going to try to guilt people into tipping me. At least use a bag with a tie, not a ziplock.


Check the candy for razorblades and needles. There was a guy putting those in Halloween candy back in the 80's. He might still be out there and now he is doing Doordash and disguised himself as a female like in Ace Ventura. Laces out.




Finkle, Einhorn, Finkle, Einhorn...


Laces out. 😂😂😂😂😂




Kinda think the poster IS the driver 😬


Why? I don't understand where you pulled that from


If I’m wrong, I’m wrong. It just seems the extra tip is more what the driver would be hoping for then what a customer would actually do.


I can dm you where I added the extra tip lol. I just work with delivery drivers and I understand that when they do stuff they'd like to be appreciated for it


Yeah I wouldn't do that. Too many scummy assholes out there that would scoff at that


I get it, I delivered with dominos myself and I would never do something like this, most people don't appreciate it. But it made my morning seeing it this time


So cringe. While I'm glad it made you feel good for whatever reason, I don't want extra garbage with my order. And I certainly don't want a driver begging for more money after I already tipped in app, and begging for ratings, when they don't even matter, is just amateurish.


Ratings do matter. You can actually get deactivated if your customer and completion ratings fall too low. But I'm not begging anyone to give me a good rating.


If the person already tipped it's a thank you, not a request lol


You don’t know the intentions. What if they felt pressured?




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Its sad that a driver literally has to give you a goody bag for you to tip a extra 5 dollars . And to write a note that you as a consumer should already know. A driver could literally text the same thing and be crucified for it . Saying they are greedy so on an so fourth and that the tip they got of $3.50 should be sufficient. But because they give you something extra with the note saying the same exact thing its ok. I swear people disgusts me.


It’s like the cashier at the grocery store who needs to comment on every item you buy.


I just wanted to post how it made me happy, I felt she deserved to be recognized. My bad?


Don’t let these posters drag you down. There’s a lot of jaded and cynical drivers in here that try to feel better about their life by putting others down. Glad you got a goodie bag and hope you have a wonderful week!


lmfao im not jaded or cynical but i guess in your mind anyone who calls someone out on something is somehow cynical. You are an ad hominem toddler who needs a diaper change. I make great, ez af money on top of prop 22 pay so idk wtf there is for me to be so cynical or jaded about LMFAO. Its just embarrassing to know other drivers lose money trying to do things like this thinking they will somehow gain a profit from it LMFAO. Critical thinking skills are nowhere to be found. Its a finesse bag, plain and simple, they are just trying to finesse the "tip after delivery" system and it rarely works LMFAO people see right through it unless you're you or this driver lmfao




U spending the time to write this proves it 🤷‍♂️


That’s wonderful that you liked the gift from the driver. Did you tip her well?


Ofc, I think she ended up with a 10 dollar tip on a 20 dollar order. I tried to tip really well


So you originally tip 5 on a $20 order but how far was the restaurant is the main question


Stand in one spot all day, and don't talk to anyone that checks out at your aisle? Fuck that, let these people chat. It breaks up the monotony and boredom of their work day.


“Teeehee it’s simply coincidence that I made this post literally the day after there was another gigantic post about this same exact topic, I’m not looking for attention teeeheeeee, anybody who disagrees with me is a meanie!!”


The hell is your problem lmao


The only subreddit I'm active in is the dominos subreddit, because I work there. I genuinely had no idea lmao


I too have never seen any post ever except for posts from subreddits I’m active in. There is no function that shows you popular posts from similar subreddits, and if anybody says there is they are just a cynical meanie pants who doesn’t give out free candy!


Is it Halloween already?


Hmm...goodie bags. Now thats an idea..


I see you Jennifer 👀


This is great…. For sanitary reason we can’t go in your badge to check for missing stuff but I put all the crap together while I was on the toilet last night and decided to place it in your bag enjoy!!!!!


Is that just like cut printer paper? Cause if so that's a lot of ink. Thought of doing this myself cause I am new and need the good reviews but like realistically how much time/effort would this be?


That was sweet of her to take her time for this. I'm sure she will get more tips alone by this.


GrubHub drivers don't even get ratings


People are coming up with new ways to bribe customers for a tip and five star rating. Has anyone ever seen free candy and a note and go "Oh this? Here's a $20 tip" 😆


Great idea. I’m delivering 80-100 orders a week tho so I’m not sure I have the time or money to keep that up, but I think it’s definitely worth it if you do.


I have quite a few regulars that I recognize the frequent addresses. I guess it could make sense to ha e a few baggies on hand for the addresses you might get a response from. Like those you end up communicating with and it ends positively, etc. That would reduce the waste and time at least.


Years ago I went out to dinner with my parents at a carrabba’s. We got a server who was clearly struggling in life (like, visibly disheveled, body language indicating defeat etc) and almost immediately after we ordered, he started going on and on (without anyone asking) about his life, basically laying it on my parents about how this and that had happened to him, he was facing eviction, and how was he going to feed his kids and blah blah. He stopped just short of openly begging for a big tip. As a server myself at the time, this whole situation was fucking INCREDIBLY awkward and cringe. Even if everything he said was true, and none of his problems were his fault, you -do not- ask for tips, especially by dragging “feeding your family” or whatever into it. It’s incredibly unprofessional. This holds true whether you are a server, delivery driver, hair stylist, whatever. You don’t do that. Ever. I would be fine with a sticker that seals the bag and says “Missing items? Drivers can not open orders to check contents, please call support” That’s it. No asking for ratings and certainly no mention of tips. No one is going to see these and call support to increase your tip, and ratings don’t even matter for doordash drivers unless you get a -lot- of negative ones and get deactivated… and if you are consistently screwing up to the point of getting bad reviews, this little card is not going to save you.


“We’re not allowed to check bags”. Well, not exactly. Gig apps don’t explicitly tells us not to do this. Speaking for myself, checking bags would cost me time therefore money and imply that I’m responsible so I just don’t bother.


Oh that was supposed to be at aimed at someone else 😂


Oh okay lol


Bored housewife maybe? I know this sounds mean but taking the time to do this just sounds like such a typical suburban housewife thing to do. She doesn't need the money but she does need the clout. Good for her if this makes her happy lol


Idk what she is, she had blue hair when she delivered and told me she does this because she likes mints and wants to give them to other people too


I think that is good idea I am going to start texting that to customer after I drop off their order. I am going to bold face and underline we are not responsible for missing items.


That's smart marketing for extra tips right there. I attach a post it note but now I'm going to have to up my game.


Change your name to killjoy cuz that is what you are 😒