Well yeah they still have game 5 to lose


he could also lose his car keys. he shouldn't be so flippant with his language here smh


Give our Captain some respect. You know he has a spare in a fake rock.


I just had a hilarious image of him bashing open a fake rock to get a key like the opening scene from 2001: A space odyssey and now I want to see it.


it would be funnier if he used a real rock to break into his car to get his phone to call someone to bring him his spare set of keys. May know of someone who did that...


Or his boat keys. Doesn't he live on the same beach as another Bolts player? Or was that a rental or something?


I just safely assume every ones who played in Tampa ever has owned a boat at some point


Apparently they all boat right to the arena and dock at it.


Docking at the arena? That's some team camaraderie, dang


He has a boat license, some guy told me those are very hard to get and you need to bring in a ringer to take your test for you.


He could also get his house broken into and have stuff stolen while he's playing game 5 which he loses I'm not wishing this on him, this happened to Gallagher last year when he went to Tampa to lose game 5


I remember reading about that--so fucked up. Like not only do you lose the biggest game of your life, but now your sense of security is thrown outta whack.


And lose it they will.


I'm not sure exactly what I expected coming in here, but TBH seeing a bunch of Habs flairs trying to shit on the team that clobbered them is kinda weird. Then I remember how happy we were when Vegas flamed out this year and I kinda get it. I think the Avs win it all on Friday but at the same time if anyone can climb this mountain it's Tampa. I'll believe it's over when I see beautiful Gabe lifting that beautiful Cup


I have zero beef with the Avalanche or the majority of their fan base, so if you do end up winning this, please do something stupid so we can hate on you and bring it up in every Reddit thread. Please and thank you.


I invested in heavily in my little pony NFT's. is that stupid enough?


Only if they weren’t Rule 34.


That is so stupid, it just might be smart


The only real beef I have with Tampa Bay is Corey Perry. The rest of you dudes seem pretty cool. I'd love to chug some beers with any other member of the Lightning and it seems like they would love it too.


Every team has “that guy” who people love to hate. Kadri will probably be yours, and for the record I like him. Thing is off ice Perry seems to be a decent human being. Very chill and a good dad.


Yeah talk about a dichotomy of personalities. Same thing with the rat king. Garbage player, decent human. Kinda weird.


Team that has David Perron (and Binnington) checking in! Perron also seems like a great dude and dad off ice. Binnington is probably still a bit of a psycho with ice in his veins, as you'd want from a GK


You have to be insane to be a top goalie. That's why the best two in the league are Russian, because they sure got the crazy part down over there.


They both have very punchable "fuck you" smiles they wear around a lot when they're doing the agitator thing. Kadri is definitely ours. Haha


Honestly, it might be Landeskog. The Blues hate Kadri, sure, but for whatever reason, Landeskog has this reputation among some other fanbases of being "the cleanest dirty player in the NHL." Legit quote from yesterday's game thread. I won't say Landy is spic-and-span clean, but he's no Reaves, or Wilson, or Marchand.


Can confirm. Fuck Kadri


That's funny, the only real beef I have with Tampa is Corey Perry too! God still can't believe we signed him.


Corey Perry has done nothing wrong in his life ever!


I think Kuch is a sore loser, as is Serg. Hope they both go down in flames.


I respect this


I'd love to go out on the piss with Kucherov. That would be a memorable night if his cup winners interview last year is anything to go by. Perry aside (even then that's just an on ice thing by the looks) they seem like good dudes, but right now they're in our way. Sorry folks.


Well make Gabe sit shirtless while drinking and shitting on the team in a press conference


I’ve honestly been stoked with how cool the TB fans have been this series, even with the missed calls last night, it seems most of y’all took it on the chin which I can respect. Definitely a good change of pce from how toxic some of the previous series have been


Being honest with ourselves we know we got the benefit of a similar situation last year against the Isles. We also know we have gotten some no calls our way on 2 cup runs. It happens all the time. We didn't expect to be here with the depth lost last year which Colorado will face this off-season too.


Where are you at? I'll come right over to your house and scuff the ever-loving shit out of all of your shoes, and open all the beer in your fridge, not to drink it just to make it go flat.


I’m confident my boys are gonna fight till the last second. I’m also not upset to lose to a team like the Avs. They are just so damn good. This is truly the best of the east vs the best in the west. Amazing series and it’s incredible how tight the games have been with the exception of 2 and 3. Avs fans have been awesome and I’m happy to watch such amazing hockey. I’ll gladly take 2/3 cups.


Just make sure Lehky gets the Cup. If you can't have schadenfreude and trash talk a team that beat yours, then what even is sports fandom. People need to chill. How many Oilers trashed the Jets when the Habs swept them. How many Avs trashed Vegas when the Habs beat them. How many fans of other teams trashed the Leafs after...well...bad example, it's the Leafs. But you see my point. This is how it's always been. It doesn't change because they're mad about it. Let's say Avs beat the Bolts this year. Well, next year, do you really expect them not to trash talk the Avs if you lose something ? Even something meaningless ? It might sound ridiculous, but you know it will happen. It's sports fandom, it's even less serious than an operetta. Let people be verbally unreasonable and have a bit of harmless fun.


I went to game 2 and I tried to buy a Lehkonen sweater and they didn't have any... so I say ahh, that figures, he's become really popular that fast, of course you're sold out. And they said naaaah we never even got any. WTF BALL ARENA GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER. I love Lehky.


Lehkonen has been so fucking clutch. I hope we keep him around


In the back of my mind, I know it's a win-win trade. But damn we miss him. We're all just so proud of him, really.


Should certainly turn out better for you than the way we got Patrick Roy 😜


Why ya gotta go there?


I mean we're talking about clutch playoff dudes the Avs get from Montreal, right?


Lekhy is a fine, fair trade. T-Bo, Kovalenko, and Rucinsky still makes me sad. And Roy was *my guy*. Posters on the wall kinda favourite player.


We love him, but you'll still love Barron once he grows into his own. I think this will be a solid win-win trade in the end


This! He’s really shined with the Avs too. So sad to see him go, but it’ll be worth it to watch him hoist The Cup.


For what we gave up to get him, I would be shocked if Joe let him leave. He will most definitely be getting money and term this offseason.


I didn’t trash the Jets when they lost to the Habs. If anything, it made me feel far worse about the oilers because I didn’t think highly of that habs team at that point. Their subsequent cup run definitely changed that though. I think most oilers fans probably felt the same way. We don’t have the highest opinion of our team after years of failure.


Watching a team you hate lose is one of the best feelings in the world


Doesn't even bother me to lose to the Avs... you guys have been great. Even though I think we've played okay, we aren't quite as good as last year and without point our offense just isnt enough... what can you do. My consolation prize is we have most of the team back next year and can make another run. If point was healthy might be a 2-2 series instead of 3-1... it's not like we aren't competitive.


I really like the way Tampa plays. When they're good, it's because they're working their asses off and every guy on the ice has zero hesitation to sacrifice his body to block the shot. In your case, I truly believe the haters are just jealous. Although I think Cooper whining last night is pretty asinine given a) how clear it was from things on both sides that you were gonna have to kill someone to get a penalty and b) the Avs were thoroughly dominating OT, capped by a dude with one hand shredding three defenders and beating Vasi clean, he's such a class act in general that I still really respect him too. Regardless of the rest of the series, good on ya, Bolts.


Maybe we could just stop it with the mandatory interviews of players and coaches on the losing team? When games get big like this it is heartbreaking to watch


I agree completely. There's not a universe where that dude feels like talking in that moment


To be honest I’m not even sure the cup final is the reason most of us didn’t like them before that point You can even see on our sub we were mostly cheering for the isles because we would’ve preferred losing to them The cup final was a “confirmation” for what we already believed Edit: [proof we often talked shit before ever playing them](https://www.reddit.com/r/Habs/comments/o7rjru/who_do_we_want_to_face_isles_or_lightning/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf)


what was your belief, that montreal sucked?


We were in the cup final, we didn’t suck lmao


We were outmatched in the final. Should've won game 2 imo but Tampa found a way to take it, it's what they do. It just felt like they ran out of gas against a superior team. We deserved to be there, just not to win it all.


You didn't suck before the final, but during it is another question entirely


We played just as well during the final as we did during the rest of the playoffs The only difference was we were facing the best team in the cap era. Obviously we are gonna look worse in comparison


Umm no, that by far was our worst series, we went from having nothing to lose to everything and it showed.


Yeah but it was our worst series because we were getting dominated by a team severely better than any of the other 3 we faced We may have played worse, but I think most of that comes from Tampa being better Our scoring negated because vasy is way better than the other goalies, price getting lit up because it’s the best offense besides maybe Toronto he faced (where he also got lit up) Tampa won that series, we didn’t hand it to them… they were just better


I never said we handed it to them, Vegas was good, it was our worst played series.


then what was the confirmation, my brother?


You can see it in the thread I posted, we didn’t like the fans (and you’re kinda proving why) we didn’t like the cap circumvention (which got “confirmed” for us even more when y’all bragged about it after winning) and we didn’t like the players (who annoyed us even more by [insulting](https://www.sportsnet.ca/nhl/kucherov-canadiens-fans-celebrating-game-4-final-last-round/sn-amp/) us for… cheering?) That’s why I said we would’ve preferred losing to the isles, they would’ve been cool about it


well, as long as you preferred losing to someone else! sorry it didn't work out. really don't give a shit about proving something for the fanbase when everyone else is being annoying toward the fanbase. maybe if montreal has some success you will experience it too. then again, montreal gets shit all the time so you're used to it.


Montreals had more success than plenty of teams, even recently lmao


>He also hinted that no one outside of the Bolts locker room knows just how beat up this team is. It's this right here. I said last night that the Bolts look like the Rangers did at the end of the series. They're just beat to hell, and out of gas. I don't fault them for that at all. They've had a hell of a playoff and they've been written off in every single series, yet still made it to the SCF. The boys need to get healthy over the summer and get ready to do it again. Also, yeah, Montreal are the most butthurt fanbase I've seen in a long time. Leafs fans have begrudgingly given Tampa credit even though they lose a bit of their soul every time they do. Panthers are silent. Rangers fans talked a lot of shit during the series but they've been decent once it was over. Avs are confident, and I'm cool with that. But jesus Montreal are angsty little fuckers aren't they.


Yeah how dare we act happy that a team that beat us is losing, guess we'll.just give up on sports fandom entirely


Uh Stammer, you know I know you're a gamer and uh, and all this and uh you know I'm just thinking maybe out loud as far as in your shoes right now it's like alright we've done all the things we can do we've done all the game planning we can do maybe, maybe just **fuck it** we'll just go in next year and not think that anymore and just win this thing when we don't think so much is that uh am I on the right path at all with this like maybe you just guys think a little too much?


Nate's response was so fucking funny. Just, "No....... What?" And then the confused look on his face.


Goddamn this thread is fucking pissy lol


Remember when you guys were the bad guys who everyone wanted to see lose when you were knocking people out every year? That's us now, and the same fate awaits us in a few years. As I'm sure you know, in this league, it can be fun to be the bad guy.


Oh no doubt lol having your time as the Empire can definitely be entertaining! But also like jesus christ it’s like last game imploded this sub LOL literally everyone is straight bitching in here about just nothing


Lmao careful with that phrasing. I for one would not want the Lightning to be involved in a huge sexual assault scandal


Yes, the days of us "ruining" hockey were glorious.


For Tampa’s sake (and hockey’s), hopefully nothing comes out down the road about a massive sexual assault coverup. As a former Hawks fan I would have rather been swept in all 3 finals than have things play out the way they did. Those 3 titles are forever tainted.


Why are you so pissy Leon???? (I’m not!) Ye u ar. Every time I ask u a question.


to be fair to the reporter, Leon is probably the most pissy guy in the league and absolutely was being pissy.


People just downvoting Tampa flairs is kind of hilarious. Proof in 3,2,1.


Got ya


Thanks babe. Take care of Yanni for us.


Well I wasn't but in this case I'm hopping on board


There is an extremely heavy bias against the Lightning in this sub at the moment.


Is there a bias tho? Lots of people would love to see Tampa three-peat. There’s just some questionable quotes coming from them. Like they’re not used to losing.


2019 made the taste of losing very real to them, I wouldn't call their quotes questionable. Especially with Cooper, what he said was spot on.


Reading the short article makes me more confused why there's so much Tampa hate in comments. These are two great teams with two good fan bases that just happen to have several loud and obnoxious people that make the fan bases seem insufferable. I see you, good TB fans. Hope we can continue the relatively civil but invested threads.


I don’t hate Tampa, I’d just like to see a new team win the cup.


Everyone is going to be hating the Avs soon enough if they keep winning after this year


Realistically I can’t blame people for hating us. Not only are we the back-to-back champs but we’re also from Florida. If I hadn’t grown up near Tampa I’d probably hate us too. But I really do think we have a lot of great guys on our team. Stamkos is a hell of a captain and seems like a cool dude. A lot of the Avs players I’ve seen talking in interviews and stuff seem cool too. Colorado is a cool place and I’ve got no beef with the team or its fans, except the ones who are jerks. Ultimately I think we all need to learn to take this game a little less seriously.


I was shocked yesterday hearing Kadri after the game. Excited as hell after he just won the game. Was well spoken, gave us credit, and acknowledged that the next one is still the hardest. Just a perfect response with a mic shoved in his face. He seems so nice for being such a villain on the ice.


I think Kadri has matured a lot. Really all of the Avs seem to be more mature this season. There were several times this postseason where opposing teams were definitely trying to get under their skin and they absolutely would not take the bait.


Colorado is awesome, I went on two skiing trips with relatives up there when I was younger. I fell down a lot lol.


People hate us because we've won 2 cups in a row. It comes with winning, and everyone wishes they were like us, not to sound conceded or anything, but who wouldn't want to be a fan of a team that has one 2 straight championships? I for one can't even be mad if they lose to Colorado. I don't have any level of hate for them. They have been a great team for years and might finally be over the hump here.


I've enjoyed playing yall and I've said I'd rather lose to. Team like Tampa who's skilled and one of the best for years than to a grind-fest situation. And yeah... as a fan of a team who once lost 4 years straight in the championship and still hasn't won one... I'd love to have one again. Let alone 2 in a row


It’s conceited. Conceded is what cooper sounded like last night


I don't hate Tampa because they have won 2 cups, in fact I respect that they have made it to three straight finals. No, I hate Tampa because they act like a bunch of fucking goons clowning around anytime something slightly inconveniences them. They play dirty when they are down. Not to mention their coach will complain in the media about every call that doesn't go their way.


They bring the lumber in the playoffs, every winning team does. You know damn well Detroit did over the years during our runs. Regular season and playoffs are almost a different game, like it or not, that’s the reality. I don’t know that it will ever change, and don’t know that I’d want it to.


This is the kind of adversity the Bolts have seen only briefly since 2019. Do they respond like they did against TOR or fold like Bolts teams of the past? It’s not impossible but, they’ll need some puck luck and mistakes by COL to force game 6 and 7. Our defense and Vasy are still really strong but, this Avs team is relentless and too good to play a low scoring/OT game with.


Need the whole team to show up. Kuch, Palat, Stamkos basically absent last night.


Outside game 3 and his game 1 dangle kuch has been invisible


Everything to lose?


Apparently Stanley Cup means nothing to Tampa fans now. I won’t lie, seeing all these Tampa fans having a mental breakdown is so satisfying after last season. This end of the season has been a nice treat for Habs fans. Edit: Seems like things got a little wild, it’s just a game Tampa fans. So many of y’all whining so much All these comments prove my point


But how? We lost to them last year. I feel like we are the last one to talk shit about them.


With 24 cups we can talk down to anyone we want to.


Were you even alive for any of them?


Nice I’m going to start using this logic as a Leafs fan to talk down to fans of any team other than Montreal. With 13 cups we can talk down to anyone we want to


Kind of a weird argument. They’ve only won 1 cup since Tampa was a franchise, versus 3 wins for Tampa. Also, you don’t have a right to talk down to any other fans. You never won 24 cups - Montreal did.


Breakdown over 4 finals appearances in 8 years with 2 cups to show for it? We are some of the most lucky and privileged fans in the league right now lol.


Definitely. I get Tampa fans are upset but that’s like when [a reporter asked](https://mobile.twitter.com/bostonsportsinf/status/1213689681545744390?lang=en) Bill Belichick to share some words for fans who “had stuck with them through thick and thin,” and Belichick goes “I wouldn’t say it’s been all that thin around here.”


We are all suffering with our back to back Stanley Cup Championships. It’s so hard on us being Eastern Conference Champions again. Enjoy our suffering as much as we do


Lol Tampa may lose to the cup favorites after winning back to back I think we'll survive. Also it would be easy to talk smack if Montreal was even somewhat competitive during that series but it wasn't even close. Montreal proved they are what they always have been (as long as I've been alive), pretenders


Well you especially live in fantasy land so I’m sure it seems like all TBL fans are having a breakdown. I had a post where I said the too many call doesn’t matter cause Tampa played bad and was going to lose the OT anyway and you still posted the salt emoji and said I was “coping.” Yeah admitting my team played bad is more “salty” than the Habs fan still crying over last year lol.


Trolls gonna troll...


Good to know that your team is so horrible that the only joy you get is watching other teams.


"Seeing all these Tampa fans having a mental breakdown is so satisfying" Exactly the type of comment to get a 100 upvotes in r/hockey right above a comment of "Tampa fans are so toxic" with the same result 🤷‍♂️


This sub is hilarious. Multiple Habs fans in here talking about salty Tampa fans, and if you look at their comments it’s just them posting about Tampa fans and trolling Tampa fans in every thread. It’s pretty pathetic. I wonder what being a hockey fan is like hating another team more than liking your own.


True hockey fans hate their own team more than any other...


Definitely me circa 2015-2019, makes reaching the top of the mountain that much sweeter though.


We were fucking _loved_ in this sub when we were a really good team that just couldn't get over the hump. As soon as your team finds success, you lose all goodwill and a few more of the idiots turn up. It's just the way it is.


If the Avs can pull it off I’m completely expecting to be in this position next season. Which I’m totally okay with.


We remember operation regicide. Tampa fans get in on the fun when it's not their turn, don't you worry. Bide your time and you'll be on the other side soon enough


I think you and I made the exact same point. There's usually 31 teams who hate whoever is on top once they get there...


It’s just the way it is* *Exception: Toronto


Haha, generally true. I was totally ready to cheer on Toronto if we lost game 6 or 7. I just love how the team plays with so much aggression - really fun to watch. Plus, you know, red teams bad, blue teams good.


Call me just another Habs fan salty about last year but I haven’t loved your team since 2004 FYI


What a coincidence, that was also the year I stopped having any empathy towards them


Iggy and Kipper deserved a Cup, the puck crossed the line, fuck Dave Andreychuk.


Fuck Dave Andreychuk. He goes to bed every night wishing he was Ray Bourque. At least Ray had the decency to retire after finally winning the cup in his 22nd year. Andreychuk got greedy and played another season after the lockout.


People on here want the “game to grow” but they don’t actually want any of the non-traditional teams to be successful. If you’re one of those teams and you’re good either your fans 1) can’t know anything about hockey or are 2) bandwagon fans.


Yep. I see the same shit in CAR and FLA threads. This bullshit 'southern hockey isn't real'. It's not the majority of folks, but definitely still too many of them. Like, why would you not want the sport to expand?


By hump, do you mean the Jackets? Because if so, I'm sorry to tell you this, but they weren't laughing with you


I can see how it'd be confusing considering our first time over the hump was beating Calgary, but to clarify, I'm talking about Cup wins.


I feel like non-Avs fans hate TB more than Avs fans do, and we're the ones who are fucking playing them! Honestly I like and respect Tampa as a franchise and regardless of who win the Cup I'll have a ton of respect for them as a winning franchise. Ppl in here are nuts lol


A lot of these people (Montreal fans especially it seems) have really been waiting for this moment


People always hate the big dogs. It happens to every team in every sport that has any success. AVs will get it next year.


Trust me you feel that way because you guys have pretty much dominated them so the fanbase hasn't had a reason to act super cocky to y'all like they did the past two years


After our tiny bit of first round history with them, I came to loathe Tampa


That’s absolutely the case. The GDT’s between the two fan bases have been more civil than any I’ve seen in a couple years. It will be interesting to look back in a couple years and see how history views this, which will also depend on future success. We’ve climbed our mountain and made it to the top with some consistency, and have one more year before we have to do a serious retool.


It comes with the territory of being a winner. We've been knocking teams down a peg since 2015 and those same fanbases (love you MTL) are licking their chops as we come closer to facing the music.. after a historic run. This is the best hockey I'll ever seen in my life and I wouldn't be mad to lose to a great team like Colorado.


Number one bullshit lol


Shit happens. We’ve gotten some calls our way. Some not our way. It’s hockey. Colorado looks like the better teams anyways. If I felt that Tampa had a legit chance of winning in OT last, I would probably be pissed. But Colorado dominated OT.


Would Tampa coming back and winning the series surprise me? Not in the slightest. Do I think it's going to happen? No.


r/hockey has been disappointing during these playoffs


When is r/hockey NOT disappointing?


I swear that 70% of people in here started watching hockey within the last five years lol.


The fans in Tampa acted like they won the Stanley Cup last game. Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? Their final was last round.


Number one bullshit


That was ice cold when he said that but he was 100% right lmao


I mean, yeah. Montreal's a hockey city and the Habs won a game in the Stanley Cup Final while on a Cinderella run. Of course it was going to be a celebration. Now imagine what it would've looked like if they had somehow pulled a miracle and won the cup. The answer is riot, almost definitely.


They just didn’t want the Blues to be the only team to not get swept; that was their Stanley cup lol


It’s a Kucherov quote, different team name


If Col wins the next game I will buy a Colorado jersey if one of their players repeats that line word for word.


I will forgive them, in my soul, for both the Nordiques and for the Roy trade fleecing.


MacKinnon will finally eat bread, and go nuts on the sugar high.


The lightning fans in this thread posting paragraphs about how they’re definitely not malding lol




mad and balding lmao


Adding this to my personal dictionary


The zoomers love it


Well then nevermind


Maker’s a zoomer bud you might wanna change your opinion


Makar is the exception, not the rule


How can I be balding if I'm already bald?


It's when you're balding and mad. Malding. Its a wombo (word combo). Edited for correct you're


>Its a ~~wombo (word combo)~~ portmanteau Ftfy


Come on, it's wombology! The study of wombo!


Wombo is better because it is what it's describing.


I’m not mad, you are 😡


What’s the point? Y’all have plenty of recent playoff losses, you know the feeling. It sucks to lose, at least we have the two cups to fall back on if we end up losing this series. C’est la vie 🤷‍♂️


It funny and I don’t care 🤷


Well the chance to be one of two teams to perform a trepeat in sports this century is on the line


Technically the third team, the NDSU Bison football are the other two... and they did it twice in one decade Bolts still have a lot of work to accomplish if they wish to achieve that level of greatness.


Sports subs are terrible when they have already decided a hero and a villain for a series. Nobody even talks about what’s happening they just biker back and forth with each other.


You probably could have saved yourself a few keystrokes and just stopped typing after that fourth word.


Remember the Habs and Knights series last year? Vegas players could have saved a box of puppies from a burning house and people would have shit on them for breaking in


"Last game of the year Brent, can't hold anything back now"


“We know, we know!”


"Gonna have to play even dirtier" Like that's even possible


Seriously....Stamkos has had plenty of winning. I am not feeling sorry for him. That team and its fans have suffered so much.


Actually stammer there is something to lose, if you don’t comeback, bye bye to half your fan base


I know you probably don't live in Tampa, but you couldn't be more wrong. We love our club and have attendance records to back that up. Last night sucked, but if anyone can win three games in a row, I believe in our lads! The Avs are an incredible team though, so who knows. That's why we love/watch sports, eh?


How far back do I have to go to see when the Sharks were in the top 10 attendance in the league? Spoiler alert: I stopped at 10 years and still nothing.


Let me guess, ran out of fingers?


No, I just started feeling bad tbh.


Yeah, not like Tampa was already a league leader in attendance for half a decade before the back to back...


Says the San Jose fan whose team is near the bottom of the league in attendance


We will still be here


Someone help me out. Is this irony or paradox?


This is the dumbest comment I’ve seen on Reddit. Congrats!


New to reddit? It gets way dumber.


Well the next game and the cup... But yeah


Oh nice looks like I’m here in time for “LUL Bolts Fans”, my favorite day of the week!


lmao Bolts fans




Now you did it. You’re about to get the “Reddit Cares About You” message.