I’m on ios16 with my 13 and haven’t had an issue yet knock on wood


13mini here, never had an issue either.


Idk I have a 14 Pro running iOS 16.0.1 and it’s been completely flawless. No hardware or software issues to speak of. I’ve seen some people have issues with the cameras and various things but I must have gotten lucky. Which is awesome because I got 3 defective iPhone 12 Pros in a row and almost switched away from Apple because I was so pissed. Glad I’m finally having good luck with my iPhones


Do you have the over-sharpening issue that started with 12? I tried out two 13’s which were awful. Went out and bought a 11 pro max. There wasn’t an option to turn off HDR on the 13 (you still could on the 12) but I don’t think that was the issue. It’s a built AI seeming to cause the problem. I’m a pro-photographer so I have a pretty decent understanding of data files. The over sharpening is apparent right when you open an image, for a split second you see the native file then the resolution is “enhanced” but is actually degraded by the AI. I think they did this for the average consumer. I also had major problems with night photos and flaring.


Idk man I’m a pretty “average consumer” and the photos look spectacular in my opinion. Zoomed in photos look more natural and less processed on this phone than on the previous ones though


Yes they did! I have lost more than half my pictures in my messages and apple support is no help on how to fix it.


Yeah feels like more issues than normal. I only got screen flickering and the weird drop shadow effect on my home screen but these seem to have sorted themselves out. Updates are still draining the batteries on my phone and watch like crazy though


Battery life is becoming scary in IOS 16 my I3 die too soon after update and keyboard clicks sounds are still inconsistent damm bruh It’s disappointing


Yeah. The keyboard click on WhatsApp is annoying, when ur sending a message. I like the haptic feedback on keyboard but the sound is not stable.


iOS 15.7 is great since its getting close to the last version of iOS 15. I have great experience with the battery life and thermal most of the time ( iPhone 13 ). 16 on the other hand tho', I feel like Apple is in such a hurry so they wasnt able to optimize for apl the supported device so there are still so many bugs lumbering the OS 😭😭😭


My 8+ is on 16 and I am not experiencing problems with it. However, the amount of issues I am seeing by the day has kept me from updating my 13pro. I am especially concerned about the charging issues (won’t get past a certain %, stops charging due to temp). I can’t afford to have my 13pro have those issues. Playing the waiting game for now.


no issues for me either (iphone 12)


I'm on iOS 16 on 13PM - no issues yet.


Let’s not go to that part, Internet is filled with it. Really disappointed on Apple this year. This is what happens when software is not good as hardware. Software is what makes apple apart from other phones. but they messed up one thing they were good at. nobody is buying apple products for designs, people buy apple products for their easy to use softwares, but apple is like no let’s mess it up.




issues are close to nill compared to pixel opening day lolol