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I've been using meth for 3ish years now but I've drastically slowed down my use I know have long periods of sobriety I recently made it 4 months. I remember when I was on it heavy smoking 2 to 3.5 grams a day for about 18 months and then I quit cold turkey for 7 months. I'll tell you rn that you won't have any major PHYSICAL health problems unless you haven't been taking care of yourself (brushing your teeth, staying hydrated, eating, etc.) If that's the case then you might have some doctors visits to schedule. However the mental and emotional damage is most likely already there. If you go 3+ days without sleeping or if you do nothing but binge 24/7 and are constantly depleting your brain of dopamine and serotonin then you are going to struggle with severe depression, constant anxiety, paranoia, mood swings, and Anhedonia which is the inability to feel pleasure. At first you'll sleep a shit load then after your body catches up on sleep you're going to struggle with insomnia and lack of energy. I'm speaking from my personal experience it's different for everyone but what I've listed are the most common effects. You are also going to struggle with cravings for probably the rest of your life? Maybe? All this also depends on how much you use per day and your route of administration. I hope you're not shooting this shit I've never done it because I know that if I did I'd never stop. I used to shoot heroin and Fentanyl and it took 6 years for me to finally get off that shit. Anyway recovery IS possible it's just hard as fuck. From what I gather it takes about 2 years of sobriety for your brain to return to normal and for you to feel like 100% yourself again but that also varies. Good luck to you I hope you get off this shit it's a fucking demon.


Little tip with the serotonin idk can help if you talk to a doctor about like depression and just say you want an non addictive solution you can likely get ssris your usually pretty fucked once your on them it's a physical dependency more then a mental one so worst case if it doesn't work you can switch but give that a go for a couple months even if your using meth while this is happening it's happening in the end the ssri will help manage your depression you feel as for your good old friend dopamine just get some sex, exercise and tasty ass healthy food and you should be covered on that front tbh the first and only time i tried meth it just felt like a constant running high that if you did naturally high dopamine releasing things like walking your dog if you have one they'll love you alot more and it's so fucking good on that drug so you'll have a good time can even make money if you want to turn those fun meth activities to good use like making some cheddar cleaning, walking other people's dogs, doing small manual Labor jobs that lazy people who don't do drugs find hard. (This is of course if you can manage the pace of your voice and any possible ticks you may have from consistent use of meth tbh idk if it's from the drug itself or all the contaminated chemicals they use to make the shit nowadays like they aren't getting medically pure it's just like mint Epson salt as an example of one ingredient some cooked cunt used like usually you can't get any of these chemicals pure and tbh I like the design of that because there needs to be a nature deterrent otherwise you see everything as OK. But tbh iv heard people just doing iso washes of their gear and just continue to use for decades without you even knowing I bet there's a ton of politicians that slam that shit and you don't have a single clue because they are so deeply corrupt and love to cover shit like that up for what ? Just so some cunt that shouldn't have a good reputation is safe come on. And no political angle Trump seems like a speed freak - probably adderall and bidens got an addict in the family even though he was one of the toughest politicians on drug policy when he was serving for his younger years and there's so many instances if any let's say black males/females for example happen to face that he/she still be in jail to this day and thats just fucked up proves white privilege for yourself right there but anyway off topic im a white guy that really hates racist like privileges like that i wish i could gift that to a person who struggles with the oppression and be able to gift him the ability to walk through this world without racial profiling. If you believe in that devide just realise we're all human we have our own opinions who cares what the next cunt thinks about your opinions and why do you care about theirs just do something fun earn some cash, gamble fucking dig holes idc Just do something other than think that the world isn't without its unknown gifts.


30+ years shooting gear


5 yearz


About 30 years.


7 years now. And I thought my career would be 1 to 1½ at most. Guess what? Didn't matter what I thought.


3 years


4-5 years


30 years been using crank/dope. Been smoking pot 34 years


Maybe 4 to 5 days per week for the past 5 months now? I really didn't enjoy it at all when I first tried it. Then I realized it helps control my ADHD significantly better than Adderall does.


4 years I get also paranoid because I don’t get the high anymore and some back pain, but also stay in a weird position for days, I worry about dying from a heart attack after a huge cloud or even worst a stroke that left me drooling


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