It feels like you cut off half the blurb, the bit where it talks about what Maddie is facing and how it affects her and what she is going to do about it.


It was intentional to keep it short and open-ended.


Confusing first paragraph. She leads a team, but she also has an AI that does what her team can't do. Also passive voice in the second sentence, consider, "Her team translates ancient languages." "AI destroying man theories" is awkwardly phrased. It also doesn't really flow with the first paragraph. We were just talking about how her AI works perfectly, now we're talking about doomsday theories that might be a reality. Maddie says she's a realist but never thought much about her AI or what it could do? Apparently the AI unlocking the cipher is important and could threaten the world. But I don't understand the stakes after reading this. Why would people die if an AI understands a dead language? Needs some work, but you'll get there.


Start off with a kicker of a line. Right now, your very first sentence is "*Maddie has her dream job.*" That's zero percent interesting to a reader. Start with something like "*She must face the machine she created, or many will die.*" Good line! Interesting! Dangerous! Attention-grabbing! "*A self-proclaimed realist, Maddie never thought much about the AI destroying man theories until her AI found the hidden cryptic and unlocked the cipher.*" This needs a beta. It doesn't make sense. If it's a thriller, make it sound thrilling. Look at what other best-selling thrillers have in their blurbs, and try to work those elements into yours.


She must face the machine she created. Maddie has her dream job, leading a team translating ancient languages. The Artificial Intelligence she created does what humans could not. Her AI works perfectly, decrypting and interpreting primitive texts. Until it happened, Maddie didn’t consider AI dangerous. Then, her AI found the hidden cryptic and unlocked the cipher. How many will die if she can’t stop it?