Nahyuta is Ace Attorney’s Umbridge

Ok, so I was thinking a bit and I’ve realized one of the main reasons Nahyuta is so hated in the fandom, and for good reason. He is the Ace Attorney version of Delores Umbridge from Harry Potter. Now, what does this mean exactly? Well, Umbridge is a villain in Harry Potter. She’s far from the most evil as she never works for Voldemort nor does she kill anyone. However, she is most certainly wicked and does terrible things. She never gets redeemed and never should be. Her story is revealed to end in prison for her many crimes. People hate Umbridge because she personally attacks the heroes far more than Voldemort. Old Voldy is a much worse person, but his evil feels much less personal. He desires power and conflict but aside from killing Harry, it’s not really personal. Umbridge has a strong personal hatred for Harry and in her time in the spotlight does all she can to impede him and his friends. People hate her more than Voldemort because of this. Nahyuta is in a similar boat. He personally attacks and insults all the defense attorneys and the defendants. Even some of the other witnesses. Similarly to Umbridge he also tries to take the moral high ground despite having none and tends to grow enraged when the tables are turned. Some may be saying that the other prosecutors are the same, but I disagree. None of the other prosecutors aside from Godot really had much personal beef. It’s their job to prosecute criminals, and they all had reasons to suspect and try the defendants. They rarely insulted the defendants personally. They sometimes mocked witnesses, but mostly out of frustration. Even though Godot insulted Phoenix a lot, he never went to the depths Nahyuta did. While I grant Nahyuta did get redeemed, many have agreed his turnaround is poorly paced. And I agree. A character who makes slings many vile and vicious insults against our favorite characters practically has to become someone else for his redemption, and it shows why characters like that should stay unredeemed. This is why Umbridge works better. She’s horrible and awful but she stays that way and gets punished. Nahyuta instead gets excuses made for him and a personality 180. He needed to be toned down to help his turnaround. Anyway, let me know what you think of the the comparison. I do agree Nahyuta is a much better person than Umbridge, but that personal attacking the main characters despite being a lesser evil in the series is their tie.


Recurrent BV and Yeast Infections (let me put the ladies on)

Hi Ladies let me put you ladies on really quick so right now it’s almost December back in August I’ve experienced my first case of BV and had my first ever Yeast Infection. It was random and sudden and just sucked so bad. it was months of going to obgyns and months of medication that just wasn’t working. metronidazole gel, fluconazole, metronidazole pills, a gel for yeast, clindamycin, and then got a uti for the first time in my life which I believe led to a kidney infection I had a little later in life. I seen a post before that said Boric Acid helped a lot. so recently I’ve decided to try and take my health into my own hands because I feel the doctors weren’t helping. I used boric acid suppositories until my symptoms felt better, but they weren’t gone, then I used the boric acid along with leftover metronidazole gel every night before bed for five nights, and then kept using the boric acid. then I went to CVS and bought more suppositories called “Prebiotic VH Vaginal Suppositories PH balanced” used those along with the boric acid, then just used the suppositories from CVS then changed to vagisil soap for my girly parts. as of right now I’m experiencing no symptoms and my wetness has returned and I feel good again. I also am continuing to use the Vagisil soap and then the Vagisil wipes whenever I feel I need to. I also take some AZO cranberry for urinary tract health when I feel I need to as well. I know it’s a lot but it worked for me. I’ve also been taking vitamins and increasing my water intake to about 5 water bottles a day. TMI but it’s nice to be able to be intimate again and feel womanly.


Improving training and quality idea

As everyone knows a common issue with AI is that it often screws things up, whether that is faces at an angle or people/objects at a distance. So had this idea that I would like to hear whether people think could work or not. The overall idea is to improve on these issues, while at the same time being able to do this using fairly low-quality training data and especially videos for training without ruining the image quality. The idea is to have a separate model containing only perspective information, so as you train the AI using a video, let's say a random movie, the AI will analyze each frame and create a mesh by identifying key features, like distance between eyes, mouth and nose etc. ![img](ahqdu82c6c3c1) The idea would then be that this information could be used with any human as these features don't really change that much between humans. Obviously, it should allow for deviation. And this could be done for any identified object in the movie, like cars etc. The important thing here is not quality, but purely information about what objects look like from all kinds of angles, which is why low-quality videos would work fine. Eventually, one would then use this data for actual creation to guide the AI so it gets angles and distant objects more correct, while also reducing the amount of training data needed, as this could be used on all faces or trained data. Furthermore, the AI would be able to generate people at a distance and could simply scale down the perspective data thereby maintaining the correct proportions. The data could also potentially help the AI identify which features should be hidden, if behind other objects or even where they should be correctly rather than creating a third leg or arm. An obvious question is how would it handle unknown objects, like a robot or science fiction spaceship, which it would still have to generate using whatever perspective data would make the most sense, so if it is a humanoid robot, it could draw on that data etc. Do people think something like that could improve it? or wouldn't it work at all?


Were there professional soldiers in Muhammad's army?

I saw a tweet talking about Muhammad's distinction between combatants and non-combatants during war. OP was making the point that because there were no standing armies in Arabia, and soldiers were essentially regular people who were temporarily enlisted for a particular campaign, that there really was no distinction between civilians and non-civilians, since all combatants were regular civilians for most of the year. OP was speaking mainly from a religious perspective and cited ahadith. *However. I recently read Hoyland's In God's Path*, and one of his central arguments is that a major reason the Arab conquests were possible was because by Muhammad's time, Arabs (both settled and nomadic) had been living within or on the periphery of the two great empires, Rome and Persia, for centuries, and had served in the armies of the highest bidder. While the Qur'an certainly talks about paying the soldiery in war booty, these pre-Islamic tribes earned salaries from the emperor. They were much more sophisticated than the image of them as nomadic barbarians implies, and it was their sophistication and familiarity with the trappings of empire that made the Arabs' victories possible. Is there a contradiction here? What do we know about how professional the Arab armies were? Do we know how many of the soldiers had other occupations, such as shepherding or trading? Or should we think of them as something more like reservists, where your tribe has an agreement with some ruler who wants to rent your force, and even when not on campaign you receive some degree of training so that the chief can raise his forces as soon as possible? And would this have been such a different arrangement than the armies of most other kingdoms and empires at the time?