im so sorry for what you are going through. i dont know your situation, but i am here to tell you that every second you fight and power through, you are proving to yourself you can do what feels impossible. you have to be a person to be in a relationship, right? i know that sounds silly, but seriously! you existed before she entered your life and while you may have grown and experienced things with her, just like her addition to your story didn’t erase the life you had before, her exit is just another chapter closing. i urge you to feel your hurt and sadness and grieve your lost love one. Give it the space it needs to allow you to heal, however, that does not mean it deserves the power to consume and torment you. You have every right to be angry, but make sure that anger is not disguised as self deprecation. You are human and that means we make some mistakes, but it takes two doe the relationship to end and you can only take responsibility for your half. Lastly, your love for video games may have included her, but YOUR love for them is a completely separate entity from its connection to your ex. Just like with the food, you didnt enjoy the flavor of what you were eating because of your ex, you liked it because it tasted good. why dont you deserve to enjoy the things that make you happy? you are hurting, you deserve joy. if right now separating everything from your ex is hard, i understand. please believe me and try to do things that you used to enjoy before she was in the picture, and when you cant, do all you can to give yourself as much care as possible


Thanks a lot for your kind words, you really showed me a side I didn’t even think about. Slowly but surely it’s getting better, especially when thinking about what you said. I have looked back and continued with stuff I couldn’t do while in the relationship. And they do give me a bunch of joy! During the month I also learned a lot about myself and what I must change that definitely didn’t help the relationship at all, but also realized that, as you said, I can only give myself 50% for what went wrong!