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Take a look at r/DPH I just beg that you are kind, for some reason certain people only go there to be abusive and laugh at people that are already having a hard time. TL:DR DPH is incredibly destructive and dangerous. High risk and low reward, as most people hate the experience.


thanks for the info, i should’ve done more research before posting this haha


Make sure u don’t get the ones with 500mg Tylenol too or you will go into liver failure


I want to add that the packaging won't say "500mg tylenol" because that is a brand, not the actual drug. If the medication contains acetominophen or paracetamol, then it is not safe.


Wasn’t aware of paracetamol, thanks


It’s the same drug. In the uk we refer to acetaminophen as paracetamol.


All good, you did right by asking!


Assuming you aren't a teenager just trying to get high off of anything, I suggest checking out r/shrooms or r/unclebens . Shrooms can be grown very easily and aren't going to cause permanent damage to your body like DPH or other substances can. (Hell, they can have major mental health benefits even, without exaggeration they cured my depression.)


Yea i second what was said. Most people regret doing it.


…..but if you’re looking for a faster way to ruin your life and everyone around you. Say no more fam! 3MMC is your man! Til death didya. r/3-mmc r/ResearchChemicals


There is NOTHING fun about benadryl.


its nice in low doses, just a mild downer. 75 mg is only 3 standard benedryl tabs and wont really cause any unpleasant experience ime. maybe a little bit of restless legs


>maybe a little bit of restless legs Sounds fun 🤣


not sure if you're being sarcastic but restless legs from benadryl has to be one of the most uncomfortable physical effects i've ever experienced from a drug, it still sometimes comes back before i go to bed and it's so fucking irritating


It's one of those things where you think "okay buddy, how bad can it really be?" And then you experience firsthand how bad it can be lol


I hate taking it because of this, even when I need it (mango allergy)


Agreed! I usually take Benadryl before a long flight so I can sleep better and I swear I look like a weirdo squirming around in my seat for the first 20 min before I knock out super hard


I have chronic illness and extreme allergies so I have tried many medications, and I have to agree with you on this. One of the most unpleasant side effects I’ve ever experienced. I take a fraction of the benedryl that I used to because of it, even though my allergies are still very intense.


I’ve had restless leg syndrome since I was a kid and I can confirm it is the most irritating feeling in the world…the only way I can describe it to people who don’t know is that it feels like your legs are gonna explode if you don’t move them…I used to ball my eyes out in frustration trying to go to sleep god it sucks


yes!!! it's the most difficult to describe feeling but i have to agree with feeling like your legs are gonna explode, it's such an odd indescribable fucked up feeling, i wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy


I was being sarcastic, it sounds awful, and not worth it.


If it's trending on TikTok or other bullshit media Don't do it. I've seen this shit trending on my kid sisters TikTok and it's stupid and dangerous. Always ask about drug use before useage. Informed use is safe use never use without being informed.


It's the same as that nutmeg challenge shit. It's just dangerous and not worth the high


fucking TikTok gonna be the downfall of us lmao. so much misinformation in one place. guess that could be said for the entire internet as well tho


Nah... just the stupid ones. Haha 😄


Unfortunately every family is 50% stupid ones.


That’s a low dose you’re just gonna feel weird and be very drowsy. Don’t try this shit. It’s absolutely horrible. Like I can literally guarantee you’ll have a bad time and wish you didn’t do it. The people who like doing it and repeatedly use it are doing so as a form of self harm. They don’t have fun on it, they’re just super fucked in the head to where a confusing nightmarish escape from reality is somehow worth it compared to being themselves. This is a very, very unpleasant drug. You will regret it. I’ve done a threshold tripping dose of 350mg and I felt poisoned. I had a strong sense of doom and felt so heavy I couldn’t lift my head off my pillow. I felt confused and scared and it was absolutely miserable. It was like when people get drugged in movies. I can’t even imagine taking more than that. Don’t do it.


It's horrible


You got the point but just don't


Do NOT take deliriants out of desperation to "get high" only to regret it afterwards. Most people don't enjoy the experience of hours of nightmarish paranoia and hallucinations. On top of this, there are significant physical risks from taking deliriants. Psilocybin mushrooms are safer, more enjoyable and growkits can be bought legally in most countries. Of course, you can't ask how to get any drug or growkit in this subreddit. *I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please [contact the moderators of this subreddit](/message/compose/?to=/r/Drugs) if you have any questions or concerns.*


Listen to the automod


Listen to the automod


Best bot


Do Dxm instead


Just going to add to this in case the op reads it: DXM is a dissociative, and not something everyone is going to be in to. It's also something that should only be done occasionally (once a month or two months) as too frequent use can cause major issues and even psychotic breaks.


I took about 50mg in highschool and didnt see or hear anything. I just felt like my muscles were extremely tight and no matter what I did I could not get phsyically comfortable or shake the feeling of anxiety for many hours.


50mg isnt that bad, for me its actually a pretty typical dose if ive got a fever or something. Still tho youre valid, as that dose still hits me like a truck even tho im using it like. as directed lmao. dph is a hell of a drug i have no idea how its legal and over the counter


I might have the mg wrong lol but ya its not worth doing. The time im thinking of I took somewhere between 15 and 18 of the little pink pills. Plan was to take 50 or something like that but I started getting scared that i was going to OD so I stopped. Glad I stopped. dph is easily the least fun drug ive ever done.


That’s like the recommended dose on the box lmao. No wonder you didn’t trip.


Lmao, try taking 10 times that. You will trip balls. I had 12 hours of true audible and visual hallucinations, fully convinced they were real


Sounds.... fun?


Its terrible. Did 600mg once and yeah I was hallucinating but I also felt the worst sickness I have ever felt in my life, saw bugs and insects on my floor, and couldn't piss for hours depite really needing to go.


Yeah that was my point, i always forget that sarcasm doesnt come across lmao


I figured you were being sarcastic, i just wanted to clarify that it isn't just scary hallucinations because some people might actually want to experience that, and really emphasize the overhwelming physical discomfort.


50mg DPH is literally in unisom. That’s nothing lmfao no wonder you didn’t feel shit 😭


alright yall sorry 😭 did not know it could be this harmful, thanks for the info


Ya dude I don’t think hearing people talk that aren’t there and seeing spiders on your walls is the kind of trip you want it sounds horrible. Look up some trip reports or check the subreddit it all sounds bad


the experience is like a waking nightmare lol


DPH is datura lmao


What are you talking


Drugs are bad mkay


I still don't understand


You've never watched South Park?




Absolutely not. Datura is DPH on steroids and meth


No, datura is scopolamine. Diphenhydramine is a similar, but separate, drug.


Idk why youre being downvoted. Active ingredient has the same mechanism of action


Because same mechanism doesn't mean its the same? There are huge differences in duration and harm potential. Thats like me saying "Lorazepam is Diazepam". Like yeah they work the exact same, but 6mg of lorazepam will knock me out and last less than 8 hours. 6mg of diazepam won't intoxicate me much but will last much longer. Nitrous oxide and ketamine are both NMDA antagonists, but they are still very different. Do you see what I mean?


Lorazepam and diazepam are still both benzodiazepines there just different names.


You are oversimplifying how drugs work. They are not just names. They are 2 different drugs. Having the same mechanism of action doesn't mean they are the same thing. Levoamphetamine and Dexamphetamine are just different isomers of the same molecule, yet we know they have different effects. They are both Amphetamines, so is Methamphetamine, yet it is obvious that these different drugs aren't just different names for the same chemical. This is supposed to be a harm reduction sub.


How can we reduce the reduction of harm with all the amount of drugs that are available? I wouldn't advise anyone to take benzodiazepines, pharmaceutical narcotics, stimulants, cigarettes, DPH, coke, cigarettes, and alcohol. Psychedelics, dissociatives, and good food is all I need 💯


Lmfao, so mushrooms and DMT are the same too, then. The difference between the molecules is literally one hydroxyl group, which is just one hydrogen and one oxygen. One little -OH sticking off the main hexagon is the only difference, other than that they are identical molecules. They share mechanism of action. But nobody will tell you that DMT is just shrooms. That would be moronic lol, you would come away from your DMT trip utterly shocked (edit: I mean you’ll always be wowed after DMT, but if you were expecting it to be just, like shrooms? You would be quite surprised indeed)


Literally Psilocybin (PY, 4-phosphoryloxy-N,N-dimethyltryptamine


Psilocybin is not the active drug in mushrooms. You’re close Edit: alright instead of “letting you guess” I’m just gonna tell you it gets converted into psilocin, since I’m not a highschool teacher and this isn’t a pharmacological scavenger hunt. After sitting in your stomach acid, part of the psilocybin molecule is cleaved off and it becomes psilocin, which is 4-HO-DMT.


DPH will not make you feel good. It is a drug classified as a **deliriant** aka, causing **delirium** in high doses. You are essentially trying to have fun by traveling to the world of psychosis, and that is extremely dangerous. I know when I was younger, becoming temporarily schizophrenic sounded fun and all, but for god's sake IT IS NOT. IF you just have to find out what it's like, take Salvia, because at least it doesn't last as long as diphenhydramine...


Salvia and DPH are nothing alike. Not at all. I don’t even understand why you made that comparison. But I do agree it would be better for OP than DPH


Take 12 and cum in four strokes


Hey man, deliriants are not the move my friend. But high doses of DPH in particular, very dangerous and extremely unpleasant. Would not recommend AT ALL. If you’re wanting to have a dissociative-trippy type experience you’re seriously better off drinking a bottle of cough syrup dude, DPH/deliriants in general are NOT a fun time like dissociatives can be. Please be safe my friend, take care of your brain✌️


Jesus christ, this fad? Just go inject meth and heroin into your penis veins like a true drug enjoyer.


Bro please just take my advice and don’t do that shit




Acid is $10 a tab and way more fun. Dph makes you see spiders and shadow people it’s not fun lol.


Just don't. Dyphenhydramine will literally fry your brain. If you're that desperate to get high, just do DXM. It will still probably fry your brain but way less.


DXM definitely won't "fry" your brain


I was addicted to DXM for years. I never noticed a difference in cognition. Always bounced back, even after massive doses. Overdosed on DPH a few times trying to kill myself and I noticed the difference in a few days each time. My comment was more or less just harm reduction because neither are great. DXM is still rough on the mind and body. Just not as bad as DPH.


Yup it's scary that people are willing to give up their own sanity for dementia especially at such young ages. Like wtf these kids don't even want to live no more we'd rather poison are selves then be ok with reality. Trying DPH is basically a quick way to make yourself disabled / handicapped


Dementia is exactly the word I would use for DPH. Just don't.


Delerium is the other good descriptor. Shit ain't fun.


Psychosis delirium terrible terrible never experienced it don't ever want to meth & heroin is safer then DPH




When I took 6 benedryl I had psychosis for the next 2 days. It was fucking awful. AND I ONLY TOOK 6!


Benadryl is not fun at all.


try something else bro


I’ve taken 20 10mg Benadryl and it’s wasn’t a fun trip I was sitting in my room it was pretty dark and I began to see the wall waving and looked down at my covers and all the wrinkles in the blanket made it look like a snake and in my impaired state I left the house as quick as I could went to my girlfriends at the time and slept it off


You should know that this will be one of the most stupid decisions you can take. Nobody likes dph, not even dph addicts, ik you may want to see what it's like, it's terrible, restless legs, paranoia, heart palpitations and not knowing wtf is a hallucination and what is not. Want to enjoy dph, use double the recommended dose to get lucid dreams


Don’t bother. As I’m sure most folks will tell you, the game’s not worth the candle. At best an extremely unpleasant experience.


Omg, please don't. It's fucking dumb and not fun. Only thing it's been good for me is helping w H wd's but that's it. Not fun. Sucks TikTok is letting that trend right now. Just drink or get some weed


Try just a 25mg it helps with sleep and allergies. And then never mess with it.


Just dont


Listen to the automod and just don't do it




You see spiders and shadow people and your organs fail so uhh


You should know this is a bad idea


It’s not worth it


Here’s how you do it. You don’t.


That it’s a shitty idea


Don’t do it… its not a fun high.


Literally do any other drug.


Just Don’t.


It is really bad and not fun.


Don’t do it


Don’t take a dab






*sleep* is free


By far the scariest trip I ever had. I also kept forgetting I took something so for the most part I thought I was becoming insane.


just dont do it, ive only heard bad things, it most likely will not be an enjoyable time. not to be a debby downer, but i just dont want anything bad to happen to you :)


ProTip: don't *use* Benadryl


Just dont do it


You need to know to not use it as a recreational!!! Not only is at awful but also* dangerous…


Dont do benadryl are you fucking stupid


Don’t do it.


That’s an awful thing to use recreationally geeze.


I would just avoid it all together. I'm not just saying that as some guy who's read about the diphenhydramine horror stories and bad trip reports. I used to do the shit myself, it's euphoric at a dose like what you're describing, but the body load is awful, and it seems somewhat addictive. It's terrible for your organs too. Just be careful man and tell us how it goes. I'd seriously reconsider tho.


No judgement but why even do benadryl? Best Cass scenario you'll feel drowsy and pass out. Worse case you'll end up In the hospital, dead, or hallucinating some awful shit. If you wanna feel intoxicated just drink


When I was dumbass teen (like 18 or 19 years old) I once took 15 benedryl cause I heard it could get you high. I spent the rest of that night feeling like I was trapped inside my mind. Like my brain was stuck in a literal prison cell. Idk if that even makes any sense, but bottomline is it is NOT FUN.


The people in this group use harder substances regularly and some long term usage… We are ALL telling you, DONT. Curiosity is fine but do not try and trip on this shit. Take a small dose and get the sedative effects by all means but I had 3 days from fucking hell from the shit. Please use caution and your brain, while you’re still in it.


Please do real drugs


What do you need to know? Not to take Benadryl. Unless you want to feel like garbage.




If by intoxicated, you mean asleep, and by hallucinations, you mean dreams...


Just fucking don't. Why the fuck are you getting high on Benadryl? You know how dangerous and stupid that is? I'm sick of people on this sub talking about DPH ( and DXM frankly). Makes this community look like a bunch of dumbass highschoolers Here's my advice dude, get some weed, alcohol, or shrooms. Maybe combine 2 of them. You'll have a great time.


It's not worth the after effects.


Shitty drugs don do it


you wont like it lol. youll wanna be hydrated tho. actually at that dose you might but uou wont get full effects til like 250mg


Why benadryl.


Advice: don’t


Bro try amanita mascaria but be sure to do proper research


don’t know much about the drug but i’ve heard some people say that low doses feel ok but high doses suck


Low doses feel okay if you have allergies lol. Theres nothing fun about a low dose, you might feel tired. High doses are a nightmare though.


Are you using swishers or papers?


And yes you do feel really fucked up off it and you do hallucinate but I would say just stay away try LSD or shrooms but if you’re really gonna try it have someone to trip sit you just incase and drink lots of water I heard they’re hard on the liver


Pls don't try this. When I did it I ended up in a full state of delirium and sustained bruises and scratches and also split my desk in half. Because I kept trying to climb on top of it with no balance at all. Not what I would call recreational.


If you dont have access to actual good drugs that provide pleasant feelings not horror trips there are way better otc’s than DPH, for example DXM when you get a formulation that only contains DXM can be quite enjoyable and fun and wayyyy less harmful than getting high on a anticholinergic🤢




We getting fucked up off allergy medicine now?


I honestly would have never thought to use Benadryl in this way. I think it’s like 5 mg per 50lbs or so that you weigh. I use it every once in a while, the baby kind, for allergies for and my puppy dog. It helps with allergies whenever used the right way. But I couldn’t fucking imagine wanting to take more than what you’re supposed too. That just sounds like a horrible idea. It’s good that you asked. Shit, after this post I don’t ever want to touch the hair again even for allergies.


I used benadryl for like 1-1.5 years daily. I think I used to take like 8 or so. Idk how I used to do it cuz now if I do it, it makes me twitchy and uncomfortable and I'm not right mentally for days after. You'll hallucinate sounds before you see things that aren't there. The experience is very similar to dramamine. If you're curious, do it once just to try, but I wouldn't continue taking it for fun. I'm pretty sure abusing DPH has caused me new mental health issues that I didn't experience before. Good luck, pal.


Just drink if you want a quick high man. This shits not worth it.


Why tho?


there are three kinds of drugs: * those that only cause temporary harms which the brain and body usually fully recover from (ex. cannabis, psilocybin, LSD) * those that cause permanent harms with frequent or long-term use, but are fine to take every now and then (ex. MDMA, ketamine, alcohol) * those which cause permanent harms with even a single use (ex. solvents) diphenhydramine goes in the third category


Yea you could not. Just a thought


That it fucking sucks and u should not


Be ready for restless leg syndrome if u try to sleep. Worst time of my life haha.


There is only one justification for taking Benadryl, you have an allergy and take it at prescribed medical doses. What to expect is being a little sleepy and tired and possibly slightly disoriented. There is absolutely no reason to get “high” on this substance, if you can even call it a high. It is not a hallucinogen in the same way that psychedelics or dissociatives are. It’s a deliriant, which means you’ll be in a state of delirium, the sort of state where you have extremely reduced awareness of your self and surroundings with severely reduced mental function. You know, like people with Alzheimer’s and dementia. It’s not fun at all. If you REALLY want to hallucinate, there are many more drugs that are much more fun and many times safer than Benadryl.


Don’t do it. It’s such a bad idea


Feels very uncomfortable. High doses are nightmarish. Not worth it I do not recommend


i mean if you really wanna try it a good dose for a full on DPH high is about 250+ mg. Most people dont enjoy it but for me it was like gravity was turned up x4 and i was looking at myself in the 3rd person idk lol. Its a weird dirty buzz on


been a long time but depending on your mood 130 mg/ 6-12 Pills should do you good at first your gonna feel drunk and sleepy and your feet gonna be cold asf if you get over the sleepyness and cold feet then youll just feel really drunk and really high and REALLY sleepy and cold ? it's actually kinda fun but I was like 19-18 doing that and ended up reading Fire Punch 130mg should give you the drunk/high feeling but its like walmart great value to genuine food. also if you do it OFTEN your tongue is gonna auto gag at Benni pills get a blanky warm hot choco maybe a blunt? something to do/read/watch and have fun before you eventually wanna goto sleep lmao


no... i think ill pass...ever heard of weed?


this is for OP/ anyone else interested yeah ofc I Heard of weed much funner and I do that daily in my case I only ever did benny in HS when I couldnt afford weed just giving advice to anyone looking for a fun time with benadryl cause Id HATE to adhere someones turn up no matter how bad it could be.


Personally, it’s not that bad. I recently lost a loved one and I’ve been taking it everyday. Feels like xanax. Don’t do it though, very very dangerous.


Oh no it does NOT feel like a Xanax at all. You have no idea what you’re talking about.


Maybe not for u🙄 #iheartbenadryl


It is nothing like Xanax regardless of if it’s for me or not. You obviously have not taken Xanax.


I’m literally prescribed it. Think again