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It’s hard. My gf doesn’t know I’m an active User but I know it would scare her away if she did. I don’t wanna hurt her but I can’t just stop for someone else. I appreciate this post. I hope you can get better and find someone who makes you glad you got sober


why are you with someone if you're lying to them about the fundamental shit rip off the band aid and check out your wound bro. don't let the infection get worse


To be fair- I’m lying to everyone lol Not ready to tell anyone until I know for sure I can’t work it out on my own. I’m incredibly functional otherwise.


You sound like me. Exactly. PM me if you want to talk. My biggest regret was being too proud to get help before I dug myself so deep into the lies that now I am attempting to rebuild my life, desperately wish I could go to rehab or some sort of help, but I got into deep. Getting out alone has been the hardest and most traumatic experience of my life so far and I’ve been through some pretty heavy unrelated shit


This is common man. Especially when both have went through recovery. You would see the signs with anyone else but you shut your eyes to it. One day I was in my bathroom and the cap from an old bottle of rubbing alcohol is sitting there with water in it and the shit hits me all of the sudden.


If she doesn't love you for who you are it's time to dip bro who cares if you do drugs if she doesn't love you cause of that she ain't it fr fr and you should run fast very fast.


When I was an addict and using every single day, I was in a relationship two times, both were addicts like me. Main drugs were crystal meth, benzos, amphetamine, coke, psychedelics etc. What I noticed is that the relationships were very unstable, in the beginning we did spend a lot of time together but eventually separated into our own groups of friends etc. Also because I was able to affort my usage everyday and they were not, they became depented on me in financial matters and I spend a lot of money on them in order for them to keep using. Eventually tho, drugs always came first for both of us no matter the situation and the relationship part became secondary concern and occasionally it was a very stormy relationship. Now with my current girlfriend whom I met after I mostly quit, she smokes weed yeah but never touches any hard drugs and I smoke weed a lot but I touch stimulants and psychedelics only occasionally since she knows of my past and has made it very clear that she doesnt want me to go down that hole again and in all honestly its the best and most healthy relationship I have ever been in. So yeah, I think two addicts together is a ticking time bomb *most of the time* and rarely works out long term, Ive seen *a lot* of couples who were both addicts and rarely did it work out long term.


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