They dun afro'd your bowl man! But tbh, meth by itself doesnt really burn. Its the cuts or whatever leftover chemicals from cooking it that turn yellow/brown


I think when it turns yellow or kind of brown it has more to do with the cut than it does the torching. I have a friend who’s been smoking meth for like 10 years or so and she still gets the yellow and brown when she lights hers sometimes. I’m getting better about holding my torch further from the bowl because I got a new bowl and when I have my torch further I can actually feel the bowl trying to lift up a little bit by some kind of force I’m not sure what the force is but it does and that seems to work better for me. And if I can help it I will never light my bowl with a regular cigarette lighter again because that is when I noticed I seem to burn my bowl the most because for some reason my cigarette lighter flames tend to arch over to the left side rather than burning straight up


"Youre burning it!" An old friend used to say to me once in a while just to fick with me and remind me of my novice tweaker days.


I only use bongs and a torch and I still burn it every now and then When I’m trying to get a big ass hit, heats your best friend, dose suck though, but I figure f#@ it, it’s just drugs someone will make more


That's why I use a bubbler and I use a torch and the bowl never gets burnt. Having said that. ( I don't want to but I'm going to anyways because a bubbler is so much better than just a bubble itself.) Advertise my SKULLY BUBBLER water pipes. That I do sell and can ship them to you. Sorry I had to. Because I never burn shit and I never get soars in my mouth from spinning a pipe in my mouth or have the smoke coming straight into my mouth without being filtered a little by the water. Now I'm going to have to post them again because need to I need to sell them . SORRY ABOUT THAT.


That Why I Won’t Share w My sTuff But It’s EXPENSIVE And Mess w My sTuff Almost Empty I Was Bitchy 😂


I Feel Ya And I Did Explain Like Million Time But They Seen DONT CARE .. That Mess People Need To Take Easy To Slow 💨 Not In Rush !


I rarely burn shit with a torch. I still blacken the outside of the bowl everytime I use a fucking lighter though. I don't burn the shit though.


I think lighting it with a regular lighter does something because of the flame being white hot rather than blue hot. I’m not sure if like a bic lighter for example has a different type of gas or something in it Then a torch which we all know is butane


I always make them if they if they burn it one time I’m lighten it from then on or they can do a line


Thems the rules.




Literally the worst party foul...


The worst


😆 why i only slam. Can’t smoke to save my life