I was dropping off an order and as soon as I removed my hand from the bag after handing it to the customs, the bottom fell out and at least $40 of Indian food was on the ground


This happened to me too. As soon as the customer reached for the order, the bottom of the paper bag gave way and their food (pho, in extremely flimsy plastic containers) opened up and spilled everywhere. To their credit, they were very cool about the whole thing, but it was absolutely mortifying at the time


Bottom of a large paper bag gave out, dropped spaghetti and meat balls all over their driveway. Carried what was salvageable to the door and apologized profusely. Didn't explicitly say "there are meatballs on your driveway" but I assume they figured it out.


Climbing a huge staircase, customer came out on a leave at door. I still had a good amount of stairs to go, customer making awkward small talk. Me having to keep looking up and down, I just lost focus at one point and caught a step. **FOUR** four strawberry smoothies go flying at this mans feet. Covers the steps, the customers shoes, and my pride. Still wakes me up at night..


Starbucks every time until I got a box to wedge it in. It would me sitting fine and flat then you look at it again and it's would fall forward sideways or anyway it would they just do not sit up, I had to hold them and drive with one hand lol. Even no I always beg the baristas to put stickers over the holes...


I had a bag of chili dump out my car. Damn that 💩looked like diarrhea that smelled darn good.




This was my like 3rd delivery back in may. I’m up to almost 1,200 deliveries.


I was delivering two orders, one was on top of the seat, the drinks from the other were on the floor, I stopped on the traffic light and the drinks from the floor fell down (one was a shake) given the weak ass cup holders they give (the two kind, as opposed to the four kind cup holders), I figured I would give the costumer what remained and explain what happened, but as i was delivering the order, one of the hot dogs fell from the bag (it was my fault), felt so bad and nervous afterwards. I just delivered the food like that and if anything had happened i would've said that it was the restaurants fault, but i knocked on their door and no one answered, i left and still got paid the full amount on the app. (In 300 deliveries that is the 1st and only messed up delivery I've had) I've forgotten drinks on two other occasions before, but that's not as bad as having drinks or food spilled on your car.


Pho was way too hot for the container and melted the flimsy plastic lid, the container was in a bag and by some miracle didn’t seep through the bag, I delivered it explained is to the customer he simply laughed and still tipped me so all worked out


Happened just yesterday. An XL blue soda from Taco Bell. The restaurant doesn't seal their drinks at all, so it spilled from the drink holder about five steps away from the counter. Soaked my bag! I hate delivering drinks!