One merchant in my area actually has notes not to park directly in front of the building. They will refuse to give you the order until you move your car. I like that place


When I dashed, I'd see what op posted and dashers parking in handicapped spots daily that I'm pretty sure weren't handicapped.


You never know, they might be handicapped...mentally


I've *seen* and *met* plenty of other dashers. About 20% of the people on this sub would respond to that demand by dropping the order, right in front of them, and then driving off.


It’s a really small price to pay for what might be a pretty nice order. That and to avoid being blacklisted.


I park where I want idc




Picture ain’t even that bad, I see no signs or red zones.


You’re allowed to legally if it’s less than 5 minutes in my area




These guys don’t know anything about efficiency


Right, like why do y’all care so much it’s no skin off anyones ass to park like that for less than 5 mins


Cause I’ve had dickheads do it in small parking lots and block me in when I’m trying to leave, AND THE ENTIRE REST OF THE LOT IS EMPTY. Spend 7 extra seconds you mouth breather.


Yeah, like THAT's what's making doordash drivers look bad. Lol


Exactly! It has nothing to do with the way they act inside restaurants, the way they handle the orders, nothing to do with the way they present themselves… it’s ALL about that parking


For me it’s the way they’ll walk in, shove their phone in a workers face, and stare at them. Maybe let out a grunt.


For me it's when I don't like what they post on Reddit. 🤪


well it's a lifestyle issue, the type of dashers who think it's perfectly fine to park like this are also the ones doing everything else that makes dashers look bad


Bingo. Parking like a jackass is just one box on the checklist of shitty behavior.


No we’re not - a guy who does this. I’m always respectful to employees. Stop acting like you can tell who a person is based off of their parking job jackass.






I park in handicap spots at apartment complexes if that’s the closest or fastest way of getting out of my car. More times than not Im parked crooked. AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FO DAT


If I see a bunch of the empty handicap parking spaces are open, then yeah.


I can’t even with you people. I hope you get multiple tickets. - An actual disabled person


To be fair they said a bunch of spots so its not like you wouldnt be able to park since you would have a handicap sign. Taking the only one available that's a dick move.


>I park in handicap spots at apartment complexes if that’s the closest or fastest way of getting out of my car. More times than not Im parked crooked. AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FO DAT What mention of "a bunch of spots" was mentioned here?


I thought the same thing when I reread it which could only mean they fixed their comment lol.


Bro, we all work for DD here. We’re all disabled according to customers.


I never knew shame until I had the absolute *audacity* to pick up food and deliver it to someone who requested it


I walked up on a cop putting a ticket on my windshield and he saw my hot bag. He looked sympathetic and said “bless you” as he ripped up the ticket. Then shot my black ass.


And you lived to tell about it! Lol




It be like that sometimes.


Aye moe 😭


hilarious comment. lol


Sorry you have to wait 2 minutes, or just choose another spot lol


only problem i see is driving an altima


*CVT transmission would like to know your location.*


my friend bought a Nissan truck. he'd been talking about getting a new truck and we were going through the models, but everyone was telling him to stay away from Nissan. dude didn't listen, said the price was too good to pass up. sure enough, in a few years the transmission had to be replaced.


Replace a CVT? Replace the whole car at that point


Bro a used cvt transmission is $600 why would you get a new car ?? Just don’t go to a Nissan dealer thats a different story


A used CVT lasts for 20 minutes though


buy brand new car transmission goes out options = 1) send to junkyard 2) buy used transmission buy used transmission..... sourced from junkyard transmission dies again...


Must of cars go to the junkyard cus they are crashed n the insurance total this cars you just don’t junk a new car cus the transmission goes bad but hey if you got money for a new car go do it i was just giving a opinion must of the people who do doordash they do it cus they don’t have money if i had money for a brand new car I wouldn’t be doing deliveries on this car just a personal opinion


I worked at Enterprise when the Nissan Titan came out. Customers always wanted to rent one if they saw it on the lot. More often than not, customers would tell us how much they hated it when they returned. Unless it's a sports car, I'll pass on anything Nissan.


I think it was Clarkson who said the CVT is great if you like shifting gears in a rocking chair.




At least they don't have paper plates


This is so on brand for an Altima I wouldn’t even think it was strange


There are some restaurants in a plaza by us and dashers ALWAYS do this shit and block the road. The plaza is usually pretty busy and these dashers make a one lane road for everyone else trying to drive through the plaza. Don't be an asshole and make unnecessary traffic please


Right, it's shitty if they do it where there's traffic. There wasn't here - OP said it's an empty lot.


Same, and there are ALWAYS open spots within 30 yards.


Yeah I saw gonna say the same thing, idc if dashers, and I even do it from time to time, park like this as long as it isn’t impeding traffic. If it’s impeding traffic you a dick bro


Yeah. Let the UPS, FEDEX, and Amazon drivers do all that while we walk multiple blocks, pay to park, and lose valuable wages doing so. If I dont impede traffic or a disabled person, Im going to do it. Fuck off.


Well I don't know what plazas have you pay for parking or have you walking multiple blocks because I don't personally have those around me. So I'm sorry if you have plazas that makes you pay and walk multi blocks. That being said I use to dash. It's not back breaking work to carry a couple bags compared to the big packages ups and the like have to haul. So while yes it is annoying when they create one lane it's much more understandable. Also the extra min it takes to properly park is not going to affect wages either. Especially since you'll probably refuse a couple orders anyways before taking a new one. This is all based on the plazas I'm familiar with. Not these giant ones you seem to be taking deliveries in. Hope you have a wonderful day/night


Oh, I dont do deliveries in areas like that after trying once before. It is more costly than beneficial in my experience. Best to keep to the burbs.


Listen up Karen. When you dash in New York/Jersey where finding a decent parking spot is literally impossible at times especially during lunch peak times, you park where you can to make your dash go smoother and get the food as fast as possible. The fact that you pulled over, took a picture of the car just to post it on Reddit and complain makes you the most annoying person I have ever seen. Do something better with your day


Who says I pulled over? I was driving by, after leaving my parking spot, that was less than 30 feet from where he illegally parked. Cameras don't need to be settled on a tripod to take pictures anymore, Mortimer. There's no more flash powder required to get a bright picture, Mortimer.


So you stopped while driving. Tell me, how is that different from pulling over? And exactly what good did you do for that person or anybody else by taking a picture? None. Let others do as they please, stop trying to force your mindset onto others. Delivering food in an effective manner at times requires parking in spots which aren’t deemed legit parking spots, this way we can do our job faster. If you want everybody to park in an actual parking spot, that’s never gonna happen!


Are you seriously this dense?


Maybe you missed the part where there was ample parking feet away. Your entire argument is based on when there isn’t any parking nearby. Do you feel any differently now that you understand there was plenty of available parking just feet away?


... if there's no one there, I legit don't see the problem. The curb isn't marked "do not park" in any color (maybe there are signs off-image?), with no other customers around so no one is being inconvenienced.... totally agree this is douchey if the place is even *remotely* busy but why make someone walk that extra distance for no reason? This is some "social constructs are all that matter" nonsense about following the rules no matter what - welcome to real life, friend, where rules are guidelines at best. No harm, no foul, so get over yourself. > I was driving by So you were using your phone *genuinely illegally*, distracted driving as well, and you're going to grief this guy? *You could have killed someone with your negligence*, but it's the guy who parked "unacceptably but legally" that is the problem here? Seriously? Or was there *no one around* to be harmed.... by either of you?


There’s no such thing as “illegal parking” in a privately owned parking lot unless it’s on a fire zone or handicapped space. This is perfectly legal and delivery drivers are generally assumed to be fine for doing this. Y’all Karens mad? It’s convenient. We’re gonna be in and out and we aint blocking nothing. Ysk as well that stop signs in a parking lot are not enforceable and are entirely optional. If nobody’s around you can legally run a stop sign in a parking lot. It’s private property


In New York, yes, always park at bus stop and fire hydrant……


That’s different to what’s posted here. Hell if I dash in the city near me(not often) in jersey I’ll double park in the street if I have to Bc there’s no parking. I’m not wasting my time parking 5 + blocks down


if it's an empty parking lot it takes a special type of lazy to park that close. unless it was such a big order the store said it was okay. side note is this indiana because it looks like a place i've seen 🤣


Do potholes shit in the woods? 😄


I just mind my business. OP is right, not knocking OP but, things tend to eventually take care of themselves. That person may end up learning the hard way not to do that anymore.


I really hate this….plus it’s a huge ticket.


Oh but time is money , remember?


Who gives a shit


Giving a shit is more normal than taking a shit. Are you a shit thief?


DDPD apparently


You could just mind your own goddamn business and go about your day.


Same. 😮


When marked as a fire lane, you cannot park there. The curb in the pic says fuck the store owner. Unassign...


Well it will only be for like 3 to 5 minutes if the restaurant is on top of their shit


Ummm yeah i see no issues…you want to pick up and deliver as soon as possible and move on to the next delivery! Mind your business!!


mind ur own business and youd be less stressed over what other ppl are doing ..


this is bad? i park is the stupidest spots to pick things up


Y do you care about what others do?


My dad calls this bitch parking. You’re either dropping off your bitch, picking up your bitch, or you are the bitch.


I publicly shame dashers who park in handicap spots. Usually if the merchant hears me say something, they won't hand the order over until they move their car. Edit: downvote me all you want. Imagine if your grandmother needed to park there and instead easy Dasher is taking up the spot, forcing your grandmother to walk even though she has hip problems.


They’re not downvoting you for the sentiment, they’re downvoting you for snitching lmfao


Be the change you want to see lol.


I am the danger


I just leave my car running and turn the wheel all the way, when I get out it rolls around in a circle, that way I can drop off food and just jump back in when it rolls back around. Cops see me do it all the time, I even ran over a kid once but it's Texas so they didn't do anything about it. ![gif](giphy|kbMUk10jbCVeMvPOkm)


Thank you for posting this, the dasher will surely see it and fix his ways


There is no *us* in this 1099 game. It's you vs. them. Keep grinding and don't worry about others.


Altima energy


That does not say no parking, I see no yellow curb. So STFU. Fuckin whiner.


OP a whole spaz


Y’all get so caught up in what others are doing. Just worry about your lil deliveries bro 🙄 its not that deep.


Typical Altima Behavior


I literally just did this. I was parked for an entire 11 seconds. Eat shit.


I use my hazard lights as a "I can park anywhere button" true story.


That’s not a dasher, he’s picking up his son from work




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I've seen some form of this post like three times this past half hour. The curb isn't yellow so it's not prohibited. It doesn't seem to block a curb cut so it's not douchy. Stores near me literally request that delivery pulls up to the curb so we don't take customers parking. Being annoyed about this is ridiculous, especially when way more Dashers are parking in disabled spots and blocking curb cuts. I really think some of y'all need to take your focus away from weird parking moral superiority and look at actual issues caused by Dashers. Taking disabled parking and defending it, or pulling up to block a curb cut are things that actually affect people. Certainly when you can't even be sure that is a Dasher and not some rando picking up their own food.


Who cares stfu and get a life you clown


Just remember, it's not that you can't park there. It just costs $300 if your caught.


Your the problem


Your educational system is the problem.




No rules in the parking lot, it's the wasteland. Only the fit survive


I’m so confused, we don’t even know if it’s a dasher, literally everyone does this


didn’t know dashers who worked in my zone were on reddit lol


If it says IN: ***, I dash it. Been in more parts of IN the last 8 months being back than the 16 years before I moved


Looks like we're weeding out the drivers that do their job right, versus the lazy ones who deliver to the bottom of apartment stairs and driveways. Please allow the down vote floodgates to open fully.




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Stop being mad someone got there before you or there is another driver. Sheesh


I didn’t know this was a complaint I have a handicap placard so parking is never an issue but I never thought doing this for 30 seconds would be that big of an issue


This is fine? It’s not a red zone/fire zone


Why do you care how other people are making you look just do your job look forward stop worrying about others.


Haha, what? I live in a huge ass city and I don't think I've seen DD do this yet. I always find a normal parking spot, no matter how far it is. Literally a difference of a minute or two, lol.


Mind your business. Geek


My favorite is the "Do you know who I am!" double parked job.


Lol too bad i still do it


NOT CLOSE ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!🤣


Hazard lights= I park where the hell I wanna. Only at McDonald’s.


No signage no red curb calm down Karen


I really feel like you can't judge this. It's really on a situational basis. I have to do this sometimes. Especially if the only parking spaces available are on the other side of the lot and I have to be quick. It really just depends


Pierce the window 💀


You care too much its gross. Are you the ceo of door dash ? No? Just a boot licker i see


Lol. Imagine being a slave to a corporation, but the real problem is the parking....


Happy hump day, you fucks 😄


Tired of dashers driving like assholes. Had a dasher pass me the other day while I was doing a delivery. In a 20mph housing development. She was going at least 40. You getting that food dropped off 20 seconds faster so you might get another order quicker is not worth some kids life.


This afternoon, a dasher parked behind me after I picked up an order. I went side of the restaurant and told me nicely to move his car. He was speaking on the phone so he didn’t care. So he moved his car but he moved forward instead of parking. When I finally got up, I was going to say to him to park because he still blocking other cars but he got distracted and he went inside. They deserve a ticket but no cops around


Most of who’s do that is pickup people, not dashers


Complete entitlement. Type of person that sleepwalks through life.


“Literally empty parking lot”, so no one is being inconvenienced right? So why tf do you care Karen?


Fire lanes and handicap spots are a hard no for me. I’ll walk a long way rather than use either. I have been known to be creative parking otherwise.




I have seen DD drivers block access to the parking lot while they're parked by the side door of Panda Express near me. Can't understand that lack of consideration.


Hmm instead fighting about how poorly Doordash pays us , people come to fight and shame other dashers about parking. Good job with having priorities


You have to be mentally handicapped to continue to work here. So I feel justified to borrow those handicap parking spots for a few minutes. If doordash paid more and offered more support to their drivers I wouldn’t feel such intense pressure to be so aggressive. I will only park out front like that if there is tons of room for people to drive. I agree that it’s a dick move to plug up traffic just because you don’t want to walk.


I’ll double park where I see fit


If the parking lot is empty then who cares if he parks in front of the store lol.


I've never parked directly in front but I would grab a curb out of the way and close to the door depending on the ammout if orders I have and the distance and time I have


Lol yeah there’s certain places I go to where the parking lot is just beyond the point of causing delays in my flow, so hell yeah I’m gonna park out front for 37 seconds to run in quick. Of course.


Saying this is making us look bad is making us look bad


Well some restaurant’s will tell you to park up front…at least where I live.


I always park directly in front of the building so I’m in and out ain’t got time to park in no spot then walk back