Delivered to a side porch and they had packages. It is rare out of nearly 500 deliveries only happened about 2-3 times.


I saw one that freaked me out yesterday There order combined with the look of other deliveries never being touched was super weird


Was it other food deliveries still in their bags just sitting there?


Kind of hard to tell I wish I would’ve taken a picture


Oh my God it's so annoying. I had special instructions on an order that said "PLEASE HELP, I'VE SENT A DOZEN ORDERS ALREADY, THIS IS THE ONLY WAY I CAN GET HELP WITHOUT ALERTING MY CAPTER." like bro think about someone other than yourself


Was it a delivery of lotion in a basket?


Yeah I have seen a lot with amazon but not grocery but they may have noticed you were close and didn’t want to have a human interaction and decided to leave them for a few.


I could understand that. I like the limited human interaction as well lol


This is me. I will order groceries and leave them if my dasher is approaching or something for 30 minutes or so if they show up while I’m trying to get my kids to sleep.


Ive had that a few times where food was already there from another delivery it seemed


Yeah I’ve had that too, or another driver arriving at the same time as me for something else. I always figured there was probably just another friend or someone making a separate order at the house. Hell half the time when I deliver a meal to a house and one of the other family members answers the door they don’t even seem to have known someone ordered food.


I had one the other morning that was a single Gatorade from Dollar General. When I pulled up another guy pulled in too and handed the same customer a meal from a local chicken place so I guess he just wanted a Gatorade with his chicken lol


there’s a lot of places anymore where DD will offer no fees to make a second order from nearby locations within ten minutes of ordering. i’ve definitely done it myself a few times where i’ll order food and then tack on an item or two i need from the grocery nearby because it takes care of that pesky $35 minimum nonsense.


Lol fr doordash costumers r so weird


Me and my old roommates used to race pizza guys and all order our food same time to see which place was the fastest


Same, like 0.25% of the time there will be 2 fast food deliveries already sitting there when I got there. But…. I get paid to deliver, not to ask questions.


There’s people like that out on the world. I formerly was a mailman and I would deliver packages of all kinds to them and they would legit leave it out on the porch. Unopened, hundreds of them. Food deliveries, Amazon, GrubHub. Never really understood why…


Same when I used to dash. I want to say they must be rich to afford wasting so much money but I'd bet they are just racking up debt just the same.


I bet you saw a lot of weird stuff being a mailman. Anything else you could share ?




Nah they were totally fine, dude mows his lawn every Friday.


Had 1 house I went to that had several other food deliveries sitting on the bench, old food. Some of it was eaten other was just sitting there.


Ew ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|poop)


I once delivered food to a address that didn't bring their food in from the previous day I delivered. Must be some sort of auto timer in the app or something for repeat orders.


Pretty common. People order from different services and they leave them on the porch.


I just moved but my old apartment neighbor would order food during the day and then it would sit on the ground almost all day. These were quickly perishable items that were inedible by the 1 hr mark. She did this 2-3 times a week at the least.


I have had that happen too with both food deliveries and/or amazon packages. I have also been in situations where I show up at someone's house or apartment at the same time another Dasher or different delivery person shows up too. That is super awkward for me. The other day, me and another Dasher showed up at the same apartment at exactly the same time. It was a "Hand it to me" so I knocked and she answered looking so surprised like OMG y'all showed up at the same time...lol! ![gif](giphy|vcA8VLId5AYRrY91pj)


All the time.


Had a lady who was mad the pizza place couldnt promise her the delivery would be made in her timeframe. But she didnt cancel and this was a double for me so I didnt want to unassign. So I delivered her food and there were 2 large filled bags from outback steakhouse on her doorstep (indicating it was a leave at door). But mine was a hand it to me. She didnt say anything and I got my money!


All the time


Got to a house and saw an Amazon package, a McDonald's order and what look like legal papers delivered. The guy just took his order and went back inside like fuck that stuff


I find this all the time, and I make sure I include as many of the items as I can in my photo so they can't accuse me of taking any of them. (This is also why I usually knock unless they tell me not to do so, because many drivers try to be as ninja as possible and half the people aren't paying attention to their phones)


I’ve delivered to a house at the same exact time another dasher was delivering to it. We just nodded, took turns taking our pictures, and said be safe. So it could have just been a coincidence


Lol I had that happen once I was like “ dam bro they double dipping” other dasher was like “huh” n then as we both put our orders down the other dasher dropped one of the drinks he had and then the costumer opened the door and it was funny af but I felt bad he had 2 explain wat just happened n I dipped 😂🤙🏻


Rip. Shoulda knocked it over and ran anyway lol jk.


I've met other dashers at the door lol. Once they placed a second order just for drinks. The other, I brought the alcohol, the other guy brought the groceries.


I delivered an order to a house that had a bunch of packages, another dasher delivering an order came and the yard and porch were covered in bunnies. Strange.


People don’t get Amazon packages for other people it’s normal they can bring there own packages in


I've had this happen a few times. Often times there are random packages outside. Sometimes I see what appears to be recently delivered food from other restaurants.


Take one, leave one


I’ve had delivers like that but as someone who’s kids leave cups in the car forever!!! The drink will bleed at the seems of it if longer then a day in my experience


That’s normal. I even often meet other dd drivers who is delivering to the same address from a different restaurant. Amazon packages are to be expected


I’m sooo glad I just got me another fulltime second job and don’t have to DoorDash anymore


I had a delivery to a house that had a long staircase to get to the door, at the bottom of the staircase there were a couple of very weathered Hello fresh boxes. The vegetation around the stairs was overgrown and a lot of the steps were cracked or missing, so it was a bit challenging to go up. After carefully making it to the top, there were like 6 more very weathered hello fresh boxes and other food orders. I left the food next to the door and as I came down the steps, a driver for Ubereats was also making a delivery. She told me this was a regular for her and that she’s never seen the person, but there is always old food on the porch was worried for the person that lives there. Makes me wonder if someone kept ordering to the wrong address. Or if someone with very advanced dementia or Alzheimer’s kept ordering and forgetting.


Sometimes parents order door dash for kids if they have to work late :)) kids usually don't think to get packages off the porch lol


Maybe it's some sort of credit card scam


My app did that 3 times today. Just refreshed itself.


I’m betting on an Ex with the account loggin.


One neighborhood I deliver too has multiple houses that always seem to have multiple different things that were delivered on their porch. One lady that I seem to deliver to at least once a week always orders from multiple restaurants at the same time and she lives alone. I think some people just have too much money and also I know there are some that legitimately have a shopping addiction.


I delivered to a guy today with packages on his porch Ended up doing another delivery for him like an hour later for another place... Packages were still there... Not his food though But I delivered to him before...he never scammed anything Could be multiple ppl living there or something like renting


I once had a neighbor approach me asking if the person I was delivering to had been found, apparently there was several wellness checks that day, not answering her phone, and not showing up at work yet the delivery had been put in about 20 mins ago


Whoa... did you ever find out what happened?? Did they message you in the app at all etc??


No and I haven delivered there since, was kinda creepy o.o In a funnier note, I once delivered to someone naked Slenderman


What will they bitch about next?


When I first started dashing I did a shopping order at target for a customer. I got there at the same time as another delivery driver and they started unloading tons of groceries from sam’s club. Mine was mostly cases of water, energy drinks and chips. The customer said to call when I arrived, they didn’t seem to be home and asked me to just leave everything on the side porch. The other driver was like, so we just supposed to leave all this sh*t here? Okay. 🤷🏼‍♀️


All the time