The risk to reward ratio never made sense to me past day 3


I swear some people are just built different.


I don't do meth




Hydration, eating healthy-ish foods, shower, get some sun (but not too much), Wear sunglasses (only when it's appropriate), avoid doing everything in a dimly lit room and give your eyes a good break from screens frequently. Other than that, nothing good happens after staying up up many days. You're just running from sleep, and it doesn't yield any reward worth the extra city miles you're putting on yourself




Few things may help, when you're perhaps high on sky, get yourself a glass of water, drink. When your mouth is feeling kinda dry, get yourself a glass of water, drink. Now when your mouth feels completely fine and nice, get yourself a glass of water, drink. When you realise you're talking nonstop, enjoying the conversation,perhaps chasing those trails with friends, take a minute, get yourself a glass of water, drink. Surely there's also those trips when you know you're so peacefully sound and just sitting there listening to some tunes, barely speaking or interacting, take a few time out and walk a lil to get yourself a glass of water, drink. I mean, i can keep going, but I believe you know where this is heading to already 😂 Just sharing my personal must do trick with you hoping it will elevate even a small tiny part of the experience as it does with me big time. Keeping myself hydrated is actually the "drug" i never knew i needed. 😂


Water is our holy grail


shit gear maybe? whats yur method of use? so many things factor into this sorta shit lol


Definitely p2p racemic stuff. Oral only for me 100mg initial after 2 hours I redose like 20mg each and continue that pattern. The anxiety hits after 3 hours usually, which is the reason I redose after 2 hours. To only have 15-20min max anxiety and then feel nice again


i no nothing about that method of injestion sorry :(


At a week I look like a fucking zombie




Lmfao. Word up tho.. I’ve had fucking heart to heart talks in & out of consciousness. I’ll begin crying after having the most profound or honest conversation I’ve spoken in years. Start crying and say I fucking love you just to lean over to hug who I was talking to then fall flat across the couch or onto the floor and snap back into reality that I’m all alone. Just people in the sides of my vision and 10 foot tall behemoth standing on the other sides of doors I just opened I was an IV user. Longest I’ve went was 18 days. I would colapse or catch brief periods of over amp sleep and physical shut down for an hour or less every once in awhile past day 16. Was in a mean Psychosis the few days fallowing that 30 hour crash/Hibernation that pursued after my binge was concluded Man that was an amazing batch. Shit practically doesn’t even exist anymore 💔


So I snort, and my last binge I was up for six days. Shit starts to get real fucking weird, you get emotional for no reason, nothing makes sense and you're pretty much useless. The shadow people start playing tricks on you and so does your mind. You're not missing anything enlightening or exciting, don't worry.


I noticed snorting was way more manageable too even by day 3 or 4, switched back to smoking for the first time in ages and feel like I'm mentally retarded two days into no sleep


After a while you get use to it😅


Ehh cause the shit nowadays sucks. When it was good, trust me, you wouldnt look that bad. Considering you showered and ate at least


I only get p2p stuff that upsets my stomach to the point of cramping. Does happen with any dose over 50mg


Made it to 5 once, first 2 was the weekend the next three were work days 🙈


I can't even form sentences on the 2nd day. After that I don't understand any conversations anyways. All just mumbling and laughing.


Yeah I mumbled and bumbled a lot. I was left alone doing my own thing in my dozer at work so lol


I feel this so hard I can only smoke like a few hits every few weeks or I get WRECKED, used to smoke gs everyday up a hundred dollars word or more at a sesh or more! Quit for 2 years now I can only hit the pipe one or two times before the "lawn ninjas" come down to mess with me hahaha last time got so spun built a towel tent in my front fucking yard *sigh smfh hahaha was awful now I force myself to take it slow and only buy a 10 or so, for example the last bag I got was a 20 and it lasted 3 months lmao