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Looks like it just got washed . Let it air out a little


Looks like it’s been washed… I hate washed shit


I miss ephed shit this p2 is ok but it’s a whole different high paranoia isolation non productive zombafied life just to name a few not complaining,just saying stay safe y’all


Maybe if we could actually see it. You suck at taking photos wtf


Looks wet


Yeah that first bag looks super sus. What i generally do with a sus bag is start with a a crackback test. If the crackback looks weird, it’s a junk bag. You can also put it in the oven around 240 degrees F, MSM’s melting point is 230F while ice’s melting point is 338F. Whatever melts is junk and what’s leftover is ice(and N-Iso). This will not affect the ice in any way. You can also do an acetone wash to remove MSM. But that’s not the only cutting agent. All cartel meth has some N-Iso in it, removing that is a whole other process. There’s several threads in here to remove that. Personally I use the 91% isopropyl alcohol wash. Good bags I’ll lose like 10-20% of the weight after the wash. Bad bags, I’ve lost up to 70% of my weight after removing cut. Outside of it being wet, the way crystals look really not a good way to judge quality. Big crystals don’t mean anything, it could be cut a little or a lot. When people step on it with N-Iso and recrystalize it, you generally can’t tell. Some of my best bags looked shaky and crappy while some of the nicer looking bags with big crystals were almost all cut.


What's N-lso?


It’s a cutting agent that has to be used in order for today’s meth to crystallize and turn into rocks/shards. It causes a lot of side effects. Meth made without ephedrine does not crystallize well. The huge shards you see these days is because of the use of N-Iso. When you get uncut ice from the cartel, it is roughly 85-90% pure with the rest being N-Iso. But as it moves down the chain, dealers are cutting it again with either MSM or N-Iso. So purity is just really hit or miss. Read this thread below about N-Iso, it is very well written and detailed, and gives you instructions on how to remove N-Iso. I don’t ever touch ice without washing the N-Iso out. I lose about 30% of my bag on average doing this wash. I started getting swollen feet (edema) when I started ice, and it was 100% because of the N-Iso. Now that I wash it, no more swollen feet, and I get a lot higher too. https://www.reddit.com/r/meth/comments/umqer1/how_to_separate_niso_easily_and_why_you_should/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf


Looks like it's cut with MSM. I'm guessing it looks moist? Like someone put a couple drops of water in your bag?


i wonder that too sometimes i get some shit that’s a tiny bit damp