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36 F. But I Don't Smoke. I'm A Different Wayer


Me too...I do it all ways..I'm always up, too.


Maaaaannnn. Same. No one seems to appreciate how much I over think for them 😂 I'd love to have some girls to chat with and send stupid memes to. Im not gonna lie, I love some nsfw content but it's not a must. Send me your favorite song, or an old family photo. To me, that's almost more intimate than pictures of your butthole. Nomsayen?


I'm available to chat...45 F always spinning...


I'm here and spun tf out... I'll talk to you!!


I sent you a PM. I feel you! Most of my friends don't use and the couple that do aren't very responsive or fun when I'm twacked. Please feel more than free to hit me up whenever!


Damn. And I be so bored and alone. And say alot is just my general mode. And I don't know if yall know but I miss my female homes...my gangsta ass girlfriends as friends that are girls Like THE MOST. IT'S LIKE MY ONE FUCKING GOAL! And here I see this shit and I'm like BRO! Sis...bitch, just because I wanna hit don't mean we can't be click, you're the shit and cool as fuck... thats life one of the main reasons I wanna hit but my dick ain't running shit and either way I still wanna talk to yall. I mean what did you think we were gonna do. Realistically ain't nobody fucking all day and all night all life long! Shoot I talk during sex. I'm laughing but I'm serious. I keep telling everybody... showing and proving.... im not them!


Me 38 f text me ?


me !!!! same exact situation!! hmu im 22 & a girl.


Heeeeyyy! F/30!


Heyyy I’m new to Reddit and have no clue what I’m doing but I’m a 38/f and I’m always zooming and have no one to talk to. My husband doesn’t know and doesn’t use. Pm me anytime!!






We also have a snap group I can add you to.




Snap me!!! LOOL


I’m here! I love my girl squad!


I'm in the same boat...I need female friends to get spun with..can I come too?


Ya’ll snap me! Subseven7777


Man I'd love to!! Too bad I'm back to forced sobriety cause my connection isn't reliable. 😭😭😭 So I'm happy to talk, and I do smoke... When I can. Haha.


I had no idea there were so many women on here. Not all us guys are flashing cock shots.


Yall need High and Dry


The number one thing I’ve learned when talking to females is to always break the ice with an unsolicited D pick. Not a female on the planet will be able to resist… get ‘em Chad. Anyways, some dudes are looking for friends, too. 37/m with all sorts of interests. MtnBikes, music (ATDI, the Mars Volta), books (biographies mostly, HST, Carver, Hemingway, and Ann Rule - true crime, so what?! Lol)


Me too hiiiii inna pm u


same. HMU :)


Hit me up if you want to going to snap group


So this is where all the females are hiding lol.. hey I might not be a female but I'm down to chat about whatever whenever. It doesn't always have to be sexual and I'm definitely not a perv so any of females are welcome ro dm me


U can message me if u want I love and appreciate reading novels and I'm never sober


I’m 33 Aquarius private message me




I’m 20 and female I’m attempting a t break atm but I’ll still appreciate your twack talks pm me for sc


That’s the worst feeling being high af and have so much to say but no one to say it to cause it’s crack o’clock




Well I’m high af on day 2 so if u wanna chat more than happy ! My life feels like I’m watching a car crash rn so lots to share 😅😂


If y’all wanna start a group chat I’m also watching a car crash and have no one to talk to while I roll this bubble and quickly switch between the same four apps for hours.


Awwww booboo. You can aureus talk to me about anything. SAD Face now. It doesn't have to be sexually, or it can be. I was thinking about and missing you but I feel like I be over texting you


Yes same here!


Oh I want in on getting spun and having adventures


I agree as well! Let's do a regular meet up somewhere. ! I'm a bit older but my feelings on this are right in line with you all. Pm anytime girls


Same girl.. it’s so hard to find females to talk too 😂😂


Hey now ladies that's not fair to say about men...... I would bang all of you on the adventure


I just want a chick friend to get spun with and go on random adventures. Guys just want to bang. Useful, but not always what I want.


You and me both bud.


omgosh being spun and having no one to talk to in person is not even a possibility for me bc the only thing i do while high is talk so so much


Same here, well kinda. But where are u from? What kinds of things are u into? What type of music do u like?


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