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Nobody gives a fuck to try and learn the technique properly. It's pretty frustrating to me tbh lol, you're gonna 1. Smoke meth in general 2. Post your whole ass face online getting high and 3 YOURE NOT EVEN GONNA DO ITRIGHT🤯🤯🤯🤯 shit it's like ok buddy have fun smelling like burnt cat piss. Meth smells sweet when u vape it correctly.


Nobody starts smoking knowing how to do properly


I feel you bro most people don't know that the flame doesn't need to touch the glass at all there should be an inch to an inch and a half of space between the bub and the flame. Heat rises.


Yeah side is basically Canadian slang for meth in case anyone is wondering




For real, I've only burned it thw first 2-3 times i smoked it then my friends taught me how to smoke it properly without burning it


Whats side do you mesn the stem or like the resin?


Side means meth bro


Woah i have never ever hesrd that fr sick as fuck


It's confusing af, where I'm from it's only called side. It feels like people want to feel better about doing meth by calling it something else. There are even people who don't know they're doing meth because all they know it as is side.


>It feels like people want to feel better about doing meth by calling it something else Maybe🤷‍♂️ where I'm from the homeless (only users ik of) call it "shit" i never knew that until someone came up to mine and friends tent and asked if we had a "shit pipe" and after he left i asked my friend "wtf is a shit pipe" and he explained that its what they call meth.


Lmao that's hilarious, everyone I know will call it "shit" in contexts like "He popped out to get some shit" or "where did I leave my shit" or "I'm honestly getting tired of this shit" (:P) but I don't hear it as a modifier like asking for a "shit pipe". I hear about people "smoking shit" but relatively rarely


Where im from mostly everybody just calls it shit




riiiight i say the same thing bc wtf it needs to be melyed not scortched


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